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Friday, September 2, 2011

Is it Possible to Buy Cheap Paintings Online?

Online art galleries offer various artworks displayed by many artists. Some art websites have paintings of artists from around the world and you can get a wide choice for selection of paintings for buying. If you are searching fro cheap artworks then internet is the best option as many art websites offer discounts and are also ready to cut down on some price.
If you are a first timer and wish to buy simple and cheap artworks then you can visit various art sites that have displayed artworks of new and emerging artists. Since we all know paintings of established artworks go in lakhs and crores one can begin with new artists or prints of artworks that are available cheap. Even famous paintings owned by art collectors are put up sometimes for sale. Prints are definitely cheaper than the original artworks and you get to take away the same painting home, just a print in very less price. Technology nowadays is so advanced that you have to give a closer second look to identify the original from the print. They are also available with authentication certificate and signed and numbered by the artist. One can buy art prints of paintings directly from the artist by visiting their website or purchase this from an reputed online art gallery.
Untitled Cubism Abstract oil on oil sketch paper by Rizwana

Paintings of new and emerging artist are low priced as compared to established artists. For the beginner art collector one can go in for a smaller sized artwork as usually they are less priced. Many artists price their artworks according to measurements of the paintings and here you may get a cheap deal online. Paintings on paper and other material are also less priced as compared to canvas paintings as the materials used are less costly that canvas and oil paints. This is not a general rule and any artist has the freedom to quote their price and wish to price their artworks according to size, materials used or theme and idea behind the artwork. But usually this has been observed that to get a cheap deal in buying paintings the best bet would be to do a good survey of artworks available online and on different art galleries. See how many artworks fall into your budget category and then select the theme of the painting.
Some small online shops also sell paintings for cheap, but many times they may not provide an authentication certificate. And also you do not know if is an fake. You may see a very famous painting of an big artists available at discounted price and grab this offer, only to find out later that it is a fake.  Before buying artworks online consider that if the deal looks too cheap then there may be a question if the artwork is original or not. Buying a fake artwork would be as good as buying a poster and that can be got from any roadside vendor and cheaper that buying a painting. But remember that paintings are original artworks and who knows after few years these simple cheap paintings of some unknown artist, after becoming known and famous, may give very good returns and become one of your best deals!


  1. I agree with you, there are many of the online shops that offer good discount on paintings.

    1. Art Classes Melbourne thanks for coming by my blog Razarts, the helpful link for buying online art materials is sure helpful.
      All the Best!

  2. I have been examinating out some of your stories and i can state pretty nice stuff. I will surely bookmark your blog.

  3. Breathearts, beautiful impressive online art gallery, with a specific approach, thank you so very much for coming by my blog razarts and the lovely comment.

  4. while I have recently sold a painting to US art lover , am sure online sales rock!

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  6. thank you and welcome to razarts! All the Best from Rizwana!


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