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Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Simple Tips to Overcome Artist's Block.

All artists during sometime or the other in their career face what is termed as an 'Artist's Block'. What is an Artist's Block? it is the feeling when however much you sit to make a painting you are not able to do it.Either the motivation level is low or the environment is very busy and other demands for the mind are more hence the artist is unable to focus on work and thus faced with a mental block. You sit for hours and think with the colours spread out and many images for ideas and a blank canvas but you don't get any ideas.
Tip one RELAX you are not out to win a race. It happens with all artists and after keeping away the materials for some time this relaxation helps. Tip two GET NEW EXPERIENCES go out to a garden, visit family, or just take a pleasant drive towards the seaside. I am sure your mind will be refreshed. Tip three SEARCH FOR NEW IDEAS shuffle and shuttle in your drawers, old magazines, pictures and greetings for inspiration. Tip Four CONTACT ARTIST FRIENDS yes being in company of like minded individuals helps to get new ideas and looking at their art and discussing about their works opens up your mind. Tip five JUST GET UP AND GET GOING well take the brush and attack the canvas!
Blue Dream the Young Guitarist Razarts

White Lillies in Glass vase Rizwana A

The Eye, razarts

This year had been the longest period of artists block in my whole career. I have literally shivering hands whenever I took hold of the brush. The blank canvas was removed , prepared all materials and arranged and many times went back to its place empty. And then the simple approach of attacking the canvas did the trick. Just do some abstract and fill the canvas , like this I got an under painting and base for another artwork and this also helped me to loosen up a bit!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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