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Sunday, February 24, 2019

When two roads move together...adventures together.. stories begin..symbolism of road paintings and which road artworks to avoid

Two beautiful roads
Two roads, taking the quieter ,less traveled pathways! Life always brings options, every second you are given choices to make decisions. Walking on roads brings out clarity in thoughts. Especially if they are quiet in the woods and other people in your life find it strange behavior on your side, but you know you are not lost!
Life an exciting  beautiful mysterious journey ..has to be traveled. no matter how many rumblers, tumblers, or uphill roads come you keep travelling. The fact that there are roads you continue your journey till the end of transformation of your soul.
Letting the inner chaos be accepted with grace and welcoming the unfolding path of the Universe. 
Facing hurdles, but natural, life gives you trying times, go ahead , make the most of it!
Challenges, change are opportunities to excel!
Today went back to the oldest artworks done innocently on small papers in water colours and it set a soul spark. 
The beautiful road, the boulevard to a mysterious pathway, the fascinating road. I love roads as they are a symbol of hope, exciting journeys and travel luck. (The year 2001, 8x11 inches,water colour on paper) The road I have painted is so pure, clear and beautiful grey. The cherry blossoms indicate a winter or autumn season, with bright green trees on the other side. The road evokes happy feelings. 
New with Reiki in those years, the seat, the empty seat was a welcoming gesture to welcome my spirit guide. Yes, I believed in angels then and even do now, that the Universe assists us in different ways, one of the support it offers is in form of true best friends , spirit guides. 
Serenity, calm, and excitement for the road ahead!
Roads, difficult roads,  lead us to the person we are destined to be.
everyone will say you are on the wrong road, you have to silence the mind and follow your heart..The road may have lonely times, many lonely silent struggles that only you know, but trust the Universe, its a beautiful journey ahead for those who search for it!
Travel unfolds a new life all together! 
Roads in paintings are interesting subjects in every artist's life. Roads are simple symbols of adventures, interesting destinations, travelling. There is a lot of depth in roads, and road paintings. the artist is the question that pops out here. Why does an artist paint roads? the particular painting that has roads, maybe broken, crooked, curved, rough, smooth, with pebbles, with rocks, with mountains , with water, the complete subjects revolving roads in art have interesting and different symbolism. 
You will notice that no two paintings on road theme are similar. they are always different. it all depends upon what the artist is going through in life and what the artist wants to depict.
While clear grey smooth roads bring about happiness and harmony in life and a peaceful family life ahead, similarly rough roads bring hurdles in life. Day in and day out you keep watching the roads painting displayed in your home or office and do not even realize why life and business seems uphill, when all you are doing in giving this message to your sub conscious mind that roads are uphill!
About storms with roads and thundering in art, I have always mentioned to be really careful. especially if there are couple walking in the thunderstorm in rain. Yes, people say love over comes all hurdles, but why do you want to attract hurdles? when you have a choice of happiness art!
In ancient old paintings roads used to be painted with vintage cars, cottages and mountains, most of the old road paintings are clear and beautiful landscape subjects. With the new trend of abstracts in art and creative art, the subject of road has gone creative. So we find colourful roads, mixed roads and geometric roads or over lapping roads. Unending roads, confusing abstract roads and even sudden abrupt ending roads. 
Different roads sometimes lead to the same destination. Silent quiet roads also lead to beautiful destinations, even an empty roads leads you somewhere!
Gateway to the Soul

The Golden Road Cubism geometric
Roads in artworks symbolize life and have a Feng shuii effect on career, family life, adventures, travel, finances and your progress.Then you also have surrealistic roads and spiritual roads. These are roads painted with no direct reference to the colours or shape of roads. Soul roads, inner journey roads, and spiritual pathways that are expressed by the artist in their own symbolic way emerging int heir art has something totally different and not even related to roads. 
How do you choose to buy road paintings? what will you notice?
1) Better to follow your heart in buying art, but take your mind with you! Broken , rough, uphill roads are best avoided !
2) If you are the creative type go for colorful abstract roads, but remember entangled and over lapping roads will lead to confusions about career and goal directions and also self realization, identity crises. Here especially if you are the Zodiac sign Monkey, or Rabbit it will be a most difficult career as you may tend to keep changing professions, jobs and directions. 
3) Along side the road is another important point you will clarify before buying a road subject painting. What are the surrounding objects, subjects, concept behind the artist representation of the road in this artwork. Listen carefully as the art on your walls will be there for years and you may be showered with the energy alongside. 
4) does this mean you buy only grey roads? About only happy roads? No, you can get along and see interesting symbolism in road paintings.An in depth understanding and close observations of different road subject paintings will help you make the decision. 
5) The percentage of road painted in the artwork is important. This directly influences your life and career journey.  So for the family rooms art on happiness traveling luck journey with family you can choose colorful landscapes and other subjects along with roads. For the strong focused career oriented people buying road subject paintings , go in for clarity in art. be as precise and clear as possible, or even get a customized painting made by the artist you love on the subject of roads to get more Feng Shuii healing energy out of your wall art!

Never give up hope, whatever you may be going through today in life, remember even the most difficult roads and the most empty lonely roads or the most roughest terrain roads lead you to somewhere, right!
just an afterthought- interesting quote "straight roads don't make skilled drivers"! so if you don't like the road , start paving, making one of your own, change your wall art and choose the type of road? life you want!finally, where we are going, we don't need roads!fly!

Thank you for coming by Razarts!
Here's Wishing You All the Best from Rizwana!
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