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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Why I deleted my Saatchiart online Gallery account after 12 years personal experience sharing? Top Magical Symbol for Power Success Beauty!

 Being an artist has its own struggles which the outside world never understands. making art is just a small part, then presenting, storing, selling art is a totally different subject. then  comes art galleries' who showcase represent our art to global audience and art collectors. With a heavy heart finally I had to delete my Saatchiart online gallery account. I still remember when my husband first made my account in year 2009 with the Saacthi art gallery site. It was a fresh art portal and was linked to the Saatchi Gallery London. There was so much excitement, hope, showing my art to a global audience, art collectors from the world. I have to Thank Saatchiart online for doing so much for artists. the account is free and we have to pay commission of 40% only on sale. My art was featured in Rothko collection and Picasso collection and it was such an honor for an artist like me whose art did not get much exposure in real world. I had applied to so many Indian, Mumbai, galleries' and the rejections were becoming too much when the Saatchiart gallery brought so much exposure to my art, that was visible in the views of every artwork. Till date, September 2021, I had uploaded more than 700 original artworks for sale and even prints were available of my paintings only through the gallery. The process of deleting was not easy. I had to email the support @saatchiart many times and then the team member assisted in deleting my art account. They asked me as it was a very difficult decision for me and them too, but I had to.. years went by, I would upload art images, high resolution, write, describe my art with joy, there were some free apps of interior decor rooms where we could display art photos', it seems so amazing to see art on walls in actual rooms...I would edit, repaint, tear some, make new and add...the process is a beautiful one...The saatchi art online has actual view in your room option ,3D which is amazing! you can actually move your mobile and see the artwork how it will look in your room. Scaling the size according to room was an important  feature, especially as all photos look same, even if the painting is small or large. 

so what happened to the love story.... A sale through Saatchi art had stopped giving me happiness, it was becoming stressful as DHL from here would not allow high shipment value parcels. The gallery also did not have any special accommodations for such cases of sales. Selling art online with cut throat competition of cheap artworks, art prints and forgery copying, downloading with out permission of artist, screen shotting,. shipping art is very stressful with no specific rules with courier agencies. The rules of Saatchiart were not flexible and though actually it was very easy for other artists with all paper work done, labels,  and prepaid shipping and taxes actually there need not be any hassles on the side of artists, but sadly, it happened to me. Even if we try a lot sometimes things don't work out. It was very difficult decision..Saatchiart was my next home..I had spent so much time, energy, and passionately uploaded each artwork with detailed descriptions ,extra images, sharing on social media for so many years, writing about my art on saatchiart, making YouTube videos. However much we wish things don't work accordingly, so here after so many years of showing my art at the Saacthiart Online gallery, I decided to take the step of moving back..It was emotionally stressful and I was on the verge of breakdown...because to sell art is a very big challenge and when you sell you feel so happy lucky, you get some cash to move ahead with your art and maintaining your personal art website costs...but this was not so with me...since year 2009, gradually with cubism, I began and moved towards symbolism, healing and Reiki. I have sold only one original painting through the gallery that too with assistance from their support team with direct shipping from my side. One sale did not complete as the receiver returned the artwork and this time the sale didn't complete as my shipment was off loaded from Mumbai hub DHL for no specific reasons...saying it as high shipment value parcel, inspite of the prepaid stamp of approval from the saatchiart gallery paperwork. I have sold art prints through the gallery, I think 3 or 4 within the span of these 11,12 years being alongside with saatchiart online. I was paid promptly for the art print sales and this one thing was very clear that the Gallery would pay you for the sales taking their commission. I think this is very wonderful for clarity in finances on the Saatchiart online gallery's part. Each sale, each art print sold mattered and still does as I continue to keep buying resources, paper, canvas, paints and continue making art, displaying online through social media and website waiting for connecting with specific art lovers' and Reiki healing art buyers, healing art collectors.. the search...the struggle continues...

My profile at Saatchiart online Gallery(Deleted so you will find error page)

making art for an audience or commissions was never my cup of tea so i have to outpour whatever my mind brain and hearts brings forthe. Thanking the Saatchiart Gallery from my heart and soul for being such an important part of my artists journey, always will have a special place in my heart.. Wishing each one and Team Saatchi all the Best from Rizwana!!The words in this post are in no means to hurt the gallery or any specific person, they are an expression of what goes on in every artists life, as the front remains of making happiness healing art spreading joy to the when you buy a original artwork be assured you are not just buying a piece of paper and paint, it is much more, there is thousands of hours of  painting in their studio, struggles, chaos, family pressures, health issues, priorities, choices to make , ideas, thinking, creativity, originality, it has the heart and soul and a part of the artist that they give you, the world for a tiny reimbursement. Thank you!

In past year I have deleted my FASO account which was for more than 6 and half years, and shifted my website to WIX. I have also deleted my Fine Art America account of more than 13 years which had more than 500 original art prints and art printed products available for sale. 

Fine Art America profile which I deleted

Coming to the Title, sharing beautiful emery symbol for bringing out your hidden power. You will feel like a Goddess. We have a lot of importance for Goddess energy in healing. This does not only refer to feminine energy or for women. Here I am stating that the chi, powerful energy, is the Goddess energy with super powers. Sometimes when you keep continuing the meditations and healings a moment comes when you feel absolutely blissful, things start moving according to your wish and those that don't you know are not meant for you. The powers need to be controlled as Kundalini awakening leads to many people having nervous breakdowns, going and, going delusional, having hallucinations, which the outside world people do not accept. The energy needs to be controlled with guided guru or good teacher. 

Symbols of power especially the Cho Ku Rei is a wild horse energy symbol. You can just go from ashes to success if the symbol gives you love. Reading and researching on power of symbols, there are ancient wiccan symbols, that bring immense power surge. I have written these few symbols with my fingers directly dipped in paint. Ancient healers witches, magic people used to write runes and symbols using blood but that is too much bloody energy for a pure soul healer like me. I choose, I want to go the white light energy way with joy. And of course the symbols have intentions and power to follow the intent put in. 

Sigils are lines written in specific formations. These are of immense energy and writing sigils with clarity brings forthe wishes. Bind runes were used in ancient time's and have resurrected now again with spreading their energies around to those who search for. Special Sigils written, I usually have a combination of symbols, brings the best chi to move ahead, break karmic blocks and open up energy flow. Remember there is an energy cycle, it has to keep moving.. just like our chakras, they have to keep spinning in harmony with proper speed to bring in good health and peace. Here I write Bind runes for personal power.

There are auspicious feng shuii symbols and paintings that brings beautiful harmony energy. When we display such symbols they assist us in our life feng shuii and life journey.  

Inguz, make a way where there is no way Reiki calligraphy art

My personal favorite Symbol is Harth. It brings out power success beauty. The symbol is so so beautiful. It first brings heart healing, self acceptance, you actually no longer pity yourself or your situations and you are made to start working towards a beautiful life. as successful spiritual karmic life. Harth has to be given immense love and dedication for her blessings to open up to you. But trust me, once she does, the blessings keep pouring. Written in a specific manner, watch the correct way to write harth Reiki symbol in this YouTube video. 

sacred codes are numbers that bring luck and transformations

For sacred codes visit my YouTube channel the Red Pilgrim. 

Alchemist The Red Pilgrim

What happens? how do these symbols change your life? firstly they unblock the hurdles, karmic blocks, brains thought self sabotaging thoughts, and open your mind for new experiences. You feel energized, you are guided for beast health practices and best career choices thus brining joy to your life. There is a feeling of bliss, harmony, life doesn't seem flows magically...

Life may not be a bed of roses.. but it will seem beautiful!! The Universe has everything in just have to tap this correctly!!

Much Love Light and Peace to You!

The Red Pilgrim

All the Best from Rizwana!

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