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Copper pots symbolism RO copper water understanding and Reiki Is it good to drink water from copper pots?

RO has introduced latest trendy copper activated water and every home is now boasting of latest trend sin water filters. RO actually is not needed for everyone from health point of view. We actually need a few elements to remain in water and not completely purified water for drinking. It is still proved that ancient mud matkas are rich in elements and bring earth strength and blessings.  Filters are so many yet people go for advertisements and choose costly RO filters. now with copper we get mixed reactions. many old people and health conscious people have shifted to latest copper RO filter thinking that this is immense benefit for health. Too much purification is required in areas where there is hard water supplied. Most common cities and places we have water that needs only some filtration. Then it is also scientifically proved that strong filtrations treatments to drinking water take away all the essential nutrients also and leave the water so pure that affects our immune system, re

The Bad thing about King Queen Dancers Art and Paintings! Watched Bhulbhulaiya 2! Scientific Proven Symbolism effects

 Sharing bad things about arts crafts and paintings. Watched Bhulbhulaiya 2 movie with the mystical exorcist and mythical lores of ghosts, rituals,  and ancient art. Paintings on walls do have serious effects on your brain. The king portrait in Bhulbhalaiya 2 movie and the Dancer has triggered this symbolism post. Rajasthan palace and the art! While I always keep sharing arts of joy, hope. positivity and manifestations we cannot over rule the fact that there are negative energy artworks, in fact many of them since ages. Ponting towards ancient famous costly art, Kings, queens and dancers artworks effects on you and your life,  here in this post and also why you must be careful of what you display as wall art. Dancer painting Miniature paintings of kings and kinsmen Traditional Rajasthani Queen painting The BhulBhulaiya 2 movie coloured glass shots Britisher Portrait Dancers and King artwork War preparation painting Traditional tribal Queen lady painting Jaipur Hawa mahal  As I have vis

Women Empowerment Reiki Buddhism Green Tara Ashtamangala Symbols Stories

Buddhism culture has immense stories of women empowerment and the Ashtamangala eight auspicious symbols, actually help assist with life journey and hence also known as the victorious eight. Reading extensively sharing Goddess power ,The Green Tara and how to empower yourself to lead a fruitful life of abundance and joy. My Green Tara Buddhism Goddess Artwork displayed for blessings Recent visit to Ajanta And Ellora caves again brought the cultural symbolism and Goddess statues had so much beauty and they still do speak.  Ajanta Ellora caves Aurangabad Ajanta caves meditation Ajanta Ellora Caves White elephant painting  story Ajanta Ellora caves Aurangabad There are mantars, japas and chants to empower yourself to invoke her blessings. She appeared magically in one of my paintings and then I started to read about her. There are so many references of how she magically blesses those who invoke her with love and dedication. Truly I have been blessed with practicing selfless dedication towa

This powerful symbol for manifesting wealth! meaning symbolism of sigil codes for abundance magic

  Attract Money Fast Tiny Sigil Reiki art card The Red Pilgrim Attract money fast, this beautiful Sigil symbol is sacred and powerful. Using Sigils can be a great way to manifest abundance and wishes. There are limitless symbols for manifestations and using symbols with scared energy amplifies the energy put up and brings faster results.  Money sigils work wonders and many people actually get tattoo of sigils for life luck, finding purpose in life, protection from negativity, evil eye protection, career luck symbols and so on. You also can write sigil on left hand or wrist for manifestation with black pen.  Here I write live demonstration in this You Tube video  Sigil for money quickly Sigils and Bind runs are ancient symbols practiced since ages and are very powerful energy symbols. They need to be written correctly with clear intentions and due respect to get their blessings and love. watch videos on my YouTube channel The Red Pilgrim of how to write correctly symbols sigils sacred c

Is it Possible to Buy famous artists Paintings cheap at Online auctions? behind the art auctions what happens in art auction rooms Sotheby's Christies Auction

 Sotheby's and Christie's still rule the art auction site world wide and have great artworks to offer on sale. these are not just about paintings but you can see original gemstones, antiques, jewelry, books, belongings of famous artists offered to buy bidding. What happens in the auction rooms? Frequently we see advertisements and offers coming up for the bidding opening time and though a very high profile occasion we can now see on your tube Instagram Facebook some really hot live shows of how bids are offered and how the auction room is full of excitement pumping adrenaline till the works are sold. Online art galleries offer various artworks displayed by many artists. Some art websites have paintings of artists from around the world and you can get a wide choice for selection of paintings for buying. If you are searching for cheap artworks then internet is the best option as many art websites offer discounts and are also ready to cut down on some price. Many online art galler

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