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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The images that turned into reality! How this simple Reiki Cho Ku Rei 6 steps can change your life!

Dreams, we all have. Some have grandiose dreams , some have limited dreams and some have simple dreams. Do not think big, be practical, yes, this is what is taught to us all since childhood. The small toddler who walks by is again and again prompted to be careful, protected and limited in their activities  ,  for the fear of getting hurt. This is what moulds us and our thoughts.
The simple art of images and representing our dreams on paper gives so much energy and it directly confronts the Universe  as to what you want for.
With the energy of Reiki Cho Ku Rei you can add up more power booster to your dreams and wishes.  The Reiki Cho Ku Rei simply means put the power here and whatever you wish for with clarity and clear intentions s brought forthe to you.
While only Reiki Masters who are attuned to this symbols are allowed to use this now even lay people who are fascinated with the Cho Ku Rei symbol are getting this inked or printed on tshirts or merchandise and using the energy.
Reiki never harms, it only does good!
Things changed in my life, little did I know where this journey would take me...innocently made up cubism paintings are evolving into reality. Maybe the inner urge to have and the guts to dream big, that's all that you need! the simple connections that came through email that helped me to submit a few articles and got published in inflight magazines brought forthe journeys to beautiful destinations. What was once a chaos of inner turmoils has unfolded into a beautiful thousand petaled lotus.
How will you work upon this?
1)Write down your dreams , do not hesitate.
2)Write down the date, this helps you to see progress within months and years.
3) Remember life change is gradual. It may began instantly, I assure you, but the complete change is seen in a few years. After all your destiny is about to change!
4) Photographs and Paintings too help with more visual people like me.  symbols and images connect better with my mind.
5) Now the main part, either take a Reiki letter from a Reiki Master for this or if you are attuned to Reiki then you can make the Reiki Cho Ku Rei over your dream wish list.
6) Keep the letter under your pillow, in your wallet, frame it on the wall just opposite to your bed. Or put the painting in your home work space. The more you see and are exposed to it the more faster the results.
The journey will not be easy, but once begun there will be no looking back! and it will keep evolving, things once that were achievable and impossible become your reality and then you jump start with more dreams, the list goes on and on..
Start soon, life is limited!
Dream Wish and You shall receive!
Vistara inflight magazine I wrote a few articles  
Amristasr Golden temple

Nainital Hill Station India
Spice Route Spice Jet Airways Travel
All the Best from Rizwana!For getting your customized dream fulfillment healing painting or Reiki letter please do email me or visit my website

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