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Saturday, May 31, 2014

How to overcome life struggles with reiki symbol art Healing struggles and problems. with Reiki Healing Art

A very important use of reiki symbol art is healing struggles and problems. Any problem can be solved with use of reiki art energy . Karmic past live issues that block progress can be healed to make way for a bright future. The intentions have to be clear and pure, again I mention pure and clear because negative feelings, harm to others and jealousy to other will not happen however much you try using this energy.
While you wish for success do not ask for some one else to be going down , the universe has everything in abundance and you just have to tap this. Your mind is the strong powerhouse of thoughts that can work miracles when guided in correct manner.
When one strives hard to achieve success and works with all might but does not get the desired results then it is understood you are at the wrong door. Reiki symbol feng shui healing art can help you to connect to your life goals, realize your true potential, accept your strong and limiting points and thus work towards a better goal. Problems regarding finding true love, maintaining harmony among family members and healing relationships is also another aspect of healing paintings.
Life is meant to go with the flow and never against it, and when the soul finds its true calling the journey may not be easy but exciting it surely becomes.
Reiki Healing Art by Rizwana A. Mundewadi

Spread Your Wings , symbolic  healing painting by Rizwana

Oil Painting on Canvas Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Use reiki energy, it is free and the whole universe will come to help you. Dream big and achieve success in any field. Anyone can with clear mind and pure heart attract this magical energy form the universe. Reiki healing art is one way to actually see and feel the power of these symbols, the symbols direct the mind to focus on certain energies and help to unblock energy that blocks progress. 
Open yourself to pure energy and welcome a great life!
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Buying Paintings in Turquoise color Tips Turquoise Color Abstract Painting Buying Suggestions

Turquoise a beautiful spiritual color having two energies combined and hence a beautiful color is a combination of the cool blue and the green colors. With turquoise being selected as the pantone color of the year turquoise is ruling on walls and in art alike. Always not possible to paint walls turquoise so go in for a turquoise colored artwork to bring in this beautiful turquoise energy. 
Green is considered the best color in any artwork as it falls in the centre of the color spectrum and also represents the heart chakra. The green color achieved is the balance of cool and warm colors on the color scale and hence it falls in the centre of the scale. From red, orange and yellow then comes green which is followed by light blue, dark blue indigo, violet purple.
Turquoise artworks must only be selected when you love the color and some feel the color is cool and recedes, goes back. Only turquoise in art becomes boring but highlights of gold and silver can raise the level of the artwork . In modern art we see a lot of contemporary colors and turquoise is coming up as a beautiful color in art and fashion.
Buying Paintings in Turquoise color

Wall color is of utmost importance for the successful look of any turquoise colored art. A dark dull wall can be brightened up with a bright turquoise and a beautiful colored wall also can be spoiled by the wrong shade of turquoise in art. Turquoise is often termed as dull and boring or quiet color  but in the right shade it can speak volumes for your space. With added white and bright shades of turquoise along with mango colored shaded walls can work wonders to the space.
Usually turquoise is combined with warm colors to create magic and textured effect. Reds oranges and yellows go very well with turquoise and walls that are white or soothing yellow ochre can be perfect for turquoise colored artworks. White walls and off whites create a different ambience to your space with beautiful shades of turquoise. 
Thank You!
Take Care and God Bless you from Rizwana!
check out "Beautiful Healing of the Soul" modern contemporary spiritual art in turquoise color!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Horse Painting Energy Analysis The Horse Named Thunderbolt for Goodluck and Prosperity

Horse paintings are ruling this year with the Chinese Horse year 2014 and artists are busy making and selling art on this theme of horses. Right from Maqbool Fida Hussain, MF Hussain the horses have come to be a prominent subject to paint. While he was inspired by the Horses of Hazrat Ali , Islamic war today we see horses everywhere, just about any artist painting horses, make hay while the sun shines!
 Leaving this aside, lets analyze a horse painting named Thunderbolt which was recently shared for advice.
The client bought the horse painting for good luck and prosperity, as the title of the work suggests,  and have hung this work in the north sector  and paid a fortune for this, and waiting to see some miraculous results in improved opportunities in business and wealth.
The horse painting is really very good, in colors of white as against the background of dark blue , grey waters, both great feng shui enhancers for wealth. The backdrop is also showing sunrise partially with a glow, good sign for new energy.
What went wrong when the person started getting many opportunities but is not happy, the family is confused as to he is getting what he wanted, feng shui is working ,  but showing symptoms of depression and unhappiness, irritability and has spurts of quiet moments at home. Same was observed in his office.
On analyzing the horse painting Thunderbolt, the name is full of energy, thunder symbolizes terror, and strong energy , which may not be easily handled by all individuals, only those young/ old sporting and enthusiastic, focused  can handle strong horse energy in life. 
The dawn shown in the artwork was a bit confusing as to late evening or early morning, as nothing else depicted to show morning like birds or clouds.
Another important aspect in the work of art were the eyes of the horse, while he was named thunderbolt , he must have had the eyes of happiness and lots of enthusiasm fire energy, but they had a glint of sadness, anyone could say this while having a glimpse looking at the horse painting. This horse could even be running with fright and fear.
The energy coming up was not such a good one , and the one looking at this was the sole earner of the family , so while some new opportunities came up he could not complete the tasks at hand on time, and thus viewing the work of horse for a few months brought sudden changes in the environment and affected the mind of the viewers.
They have removed the work from their living room and are hoping for the best. It is really very sad how things sometimes don't work out as required. 
Surround yourself with symbols of hope, love and happiness, buy art that you love and are willing to look at for years and the art that heals. 
Next post look out for more on horse paintings....
Beware of the Horses in Your Paintings Is your Horse Painting Energy  Trampling Your Life
Have a Great Life, All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Understanding of Serene Water Landscape Painting Symbolism in your Sea Landscape Painting

Water, sea scapes, landscapes of water and beaches paintings usually have universal appeal and are the most sought after as gifts in art.  Paintings of water may be gifts or  bought by you on a visit to the art gallery.  Every painting in their own have a feng shui a energy and have an identify of their own. Interpreting symbolism behind art began with me after a most loved work of art with huge expanses of fresh bluish green turquoise water with golden sands on the  beach and no individual or life forms, the work definitely was costly and also loved by all.

Imagine a work of art,  place is so beautiful, serene , with large expanse of turquosie clear water everywhere and less human souls moving about, enjoyed the serenity maybe a lone bird or two in the sky, the artist wishes to represent a serene beach landscape emotion or peace. A very good place for plein air artists.
Our own past experiences , beliefs, likes and preferences bring out a totally different emotion for viewing the same piece of art. Each viewer will interpret the art work differently.  loved the peace, colors,  in this artwork. Total calmness, peace, soothing water, turquoise also indicates fresh and the open sky, quietness and of course took the viewers to another realm, fantasy, dream destination.
Another viewer may  jump off viewing this beautiful piece to a more colorful one or an abstract. Why? Just didn’t like it. Why do people not like what is beautiful, each one differs here, while one loves water the other may be scared of water.
Fisher women on beach by Rizwana
Let us analyze the beautiful costly  landscape of vast water-
1) Large expanses of quietness is good for a time but viewing this day and night might some how bring in the energy of total relaxation which is not good if you are the sole earning member of the family.
2) More so if such a silent painting is hung in the south, as feng shui element for south is fire, this energy is diminished by symbolic water resulting in people losing up on work opportunities and also attracting bad name. The enthusiasm to work will gradually fade out , maybe the individuals also beginning to stay at home more.
3) Solitude is good for mediation and relaxation when you visit Port Blair you can enjoy the serene turquoise beaches but in your home when you hang such a artwork especially in relationship area or bedroom this will bring an energy of loneliness and the person may end up being without any friends or colleagues and also affect marital relationships adversely maybe leading to separation.
4) The piece of art may be so quiet the person is exposed to such energy every time for days and months , may end up speaking less and less and may go inward which is not very good for social life as humans we are social animals and not born to live alone.
5) No human life in the landscape, may end up having no humans in real life.
6) Water waves have an energy of their own. While the artist takes pains to bring out as naturalistic paintings as possible putting their heart and soul in the work of art the waves with their energy, either strong or passive have an effect on the emotional feelings of viewers. Imagine large waves of water greeting you as you enter the home, it is like going against the tide and will require a lot of effort for anyone to enter your home, even the family members. Pure white waves in gradual natural motion are best as they bring soothing money luck energy. 
7) If the water is muddy again this has a bad effect on the mind and life of the viewers with confused thoughts and no focus on life goals. Clear mirrors and clear shiny water are good symbols.
8) Single dried trees, eagles or vultures, in fact any single bird is a bad feng shui symbol, especially in the bedroom or relationship areas. In landscape paintings where vultures of lone birds is clear indication of getting stranded or losing direction.
Understanding the feng shui symbolism before purchasing a piece of art is very important as you will spend a lot of many on buying art and the beautiful pieces will share the space in your life for years and years to come. 
Landscapes are beautiful paintings that connect us to nature. Most artists takes pains to bring nature at its closest in their artworks.  But as buyers you have to go in for your personal likes and preferences. This may involve elements in the paintings, like how mush beach part you like, the colro of water and vent he sky above can be orangy or bluish. The beach can be empty or have a few people, the beach painting can also have a few coconut trees to break the barrenness without breaking the silence and beauty of the artwork. 
Some beautiful fresh waves of energy are great to welcome energy of wealth but not violent string waves which may create harm. You can also select the time in your landscapes paintings as most feng shui beneficial are sunrises as they represent glory, hope and positivity of a fresh new start of day!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank You!

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