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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feng Shui Painting Cure to Invite Baby luck and Fertility

Feng Shui painting for Infertility by Rizwana Mundewadi
Infertility treatments and infertility clinics have helped many people in fulfilling their desire to have their own child. With rise in marriage age and both spouses working there is an increase in infertility case seen nowadays. In feng shui we do have simple, cures for infertility and promoting baby luck into your lives. When there are no biological abnormalities or physiological problems with the couple they can try feng shui cures and invite baby luck into their lives. With following feng shui science of living many people have been lucky to invite luck into their lives in all areas of life.
This feng shui painting is to encourage fertility and promote baby luck. To invite heaven luck into your life and see the welcoming of a new baby this painting has been specially made to act as an cure for infertility.
Hanging this feng shui painting above your bed in your bedroom will promote good luck and invite baby luck into your life.
This is a original symbolic painting and with right guidance and hanging suggestions you can invite the grace of baby luck into your life. Do believe in miracles and let grace help you to cure your problems. From karmic blocks to environmental blocks feng shui can be used to clear off bad karma and invite good luck and prosperity into your life.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Feng Shui Cure Painting for Success Fame and Ambition Attract fame and Success with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Cure Painting for Wealth Fame and Ambition by Rizwana Mundewadi
Healing painting for any part of your life, especially for wealth and prosperity corner. This is a feng shui original painting for attracting money luck and clarity in ambition in one's life. When there is no focus and clarity in ambition there is no success as the energy is not focused in one area or career, obviously there is no success seen and as a result the person does not have good income and always in state of poor finances.
Using a feng shui cure one can come out of this state by using the benefit of healing symbols.
The painting will give out positive vibes and which will help the individual to get clarity in his life and this will result in increased career opportunities and growth. The ladder is symbolic of upward growth as also the colour green, which is again my signature style of painting. The symbols for double happiness is indicative of happiness in family and profession which will lead to harmony and peace.
Pure Fame, Contemporary Modern Feng Shui Painting RizwanaM
Placement tips- Hanging this painting where you will look at it most of time, be it your living room where you can view it before leaving your house for any job opportunity or your bedroom where you will have a glimpse at this painting before going to sleep and every morning after rising. I have always suggested that healing paintings act gradually and daily exposure to the symbols is necessary. Hanging this painting in your bedroom south east wall is the best as the metallic colour will also activate your prosperity and wealth corner and green being symbolic colour for wealth will attract money luck in your life.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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The Relationship Feng Shui Cure Painting

Feng Shui Painting for Relationships by Rizwana Mundewadi
There are few people lucky to have a loving and caring family. Those who have know the value of having a supportive and encouraging family. In times of any problems or career the family that is strong will survive all odds and progress in leading a happy life.
Not all are lucky and sometimes even when the family is very caring due to some misunderstandings or problems there is distance developed between family members. For healing relationships this feng shui cure painting will help heal all misunderstandings and attract happy ties.  Maintaining love in your family life between husband and wife and for those who are single to invite marriage luck in their lives this painting is a feng shui cure for attracting marital luck.
This painting is a relationship cure and can also be used to heal relationships between couple who are healing for divorce. If you are suffering from a bad marriage let feng shui help you come out of this. For specific cases it is advisable to communicate your problems to your spiritual healer and healing artist who can suggest an appropriate cure painting or who can customize a painting according to your life source needed.
Placement Suggestions- Since in feng shui we believe that relationships are most important for any individual to progress in his personal and professional life this painting is best and effective when hung on the south west wall of your bedroom.  Most suitable for bedroom wall this painting will act as a feng shui cure to attract marital luck. For those who are single and trying to find the right partner this painting will act to attract good marriage proposals and also make harmony in the bedroom.

The Jade Healing Vase

The Jade Healing Vase by Rizwana Mundewadi
This painting is for healing

Jade is a very lucky colour and in feng shui we consider jade stone as a very auspicious and lucky stone to attract wealth, good luck and harmony. This painting has many symbols used and I have used golden colour to increase the power and effectiveness of these symbols.
My signature vases are seen in most of my artworks as vase represent wealth and abundance and also fertility. This Jade painting has been made with the intention to help to attract positivity, good luck and wealth.
Placement Suggestions- Using the colour green and the symbols in gold this painting is best suited for the living room. The use of Prussian and ultramarine blue and purple also indicates royalty and abundance. This painting can be hung in the east, south, south east and south west according to the problems and feng shui cure required.

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