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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Step By step preparing a Canvas with photographs Beginning 31 December 2013 Painting One Stroke Patience Healing Painting Embrace the Chaos Till 31 December 2014

Beginning 31 December  2013 Painting  One Stroke Patience Healing Painting "Embrace the Chaos" Till 31 December 2014
This moment the end of the year 31st December 2013 I begin with a fresh canvas one stroke in red!
Each day or in every few days I  will make one stroke, a symbol, a shape or just about anything that comes to my mind.
I promise to be patient and this is a healing painting in patience. Bombarded with so many ideas the mind that never stands still, as I continue to paint with passion, ...
Step by Step preparing for the canvas, frame. The working frame on the wall , a lesson in patience, healing and pure love for colors, painting.
My Favorite Orange Scissors for Cutting Canvas From Canvas Roll

Cutting the Canvas from the Canvas Roll
Staple Gun for Fixing Canvas on Working Frame
Stapled Canvas on Working Frame

Folded Edges of Canvas over Working Frame

Each stroke will be made with lots of love patience and dedication, lets see what God has in store!
I am sure it will be exciting, every day experiences will influence this piece of art.
Choice of colors may be influenced upon moods, maybe how the day has been or also maybe  what new dreams are to be lived! travelling, happiness, sickness or loss all may be poured over on the canvas.
White Pure Fresh Canvas on Working Frame
This day in the next year I hope to display this artwork full of colors, symbols, sacred shapes, geometry, healing symbols, patience and  lots of love!

First Stroke in Red on Blank Canvas 31 December 2013
I do not know how the art work will progress,   what will be the end result. whether I will be able to fulfill this promise towards my art, but am sure will definitely teach me patience, dedication and discipline, be able to embrace the chaos,
and will present a riot of colors!. All the Best to the baby , Painting!
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
Wishing Everyone a Great New Year 2014!
Music Flowing!
Have a Great New Year 2014 from razarts
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to Make Fancy Artistic Paper Weights at Home Step by Step Making of eco friendly paper weights

Colorful Hand made  paper Weights
Paper weights are one thing which we all require, in office at our table to hold the papers in place as well as in our home office or near the telephone desk, paper weights are available in the usual glass round globes and the creative urge (of the red pilgrim), in the year 2000 with painting creatively furniture, trees and then came making of fancy paper weights.
Here  I share a few cherished ones that remain , antique pieces, I have packed and stored carefully,  beautiful,  colorful fancy eco friendly paper weights.
The traditional shapes in paper  weights, crystal colored glass  heavy round balls, look the same everywhere and there is often risk of the glass falling and breaking or chipping and also some one may accidentally get hurt , a child or a pet thinking of using this as a ball!
 making creative colored and different shaped paper weights also makes them look attractive and unique but also serves  the purpose of holding the office desk neat, what more an eco friendly hand made paper weight, doing your bit for the environment.
Different shapes fancy paper weights for gifting
The process  to make paper weights is very easy and here I share simple tips  and guide to make fancy paper weights at home.
Hand made  office paper weights
1) Select moulds  of different shapes, preferable plastic or used cake ice cream cups , moulds of different gift items can also do if they are made of thin plastic.
2) Clean the moulds, dry them well, and arrange oil paints,and cement plaster of Paris mixture along with some glue.
3) Decorating your paper  weights can be done with any fancy materials, colorful cloth flowers, shiny sparkling different shapes mirrors, glitter, colored stones,  fancy buttons, silk,ribbons , plastic flowers or just about anything you wish to stick on to make  the paper weights unique and fancy.
4)  While making Hand made Paper weights , keep one thing in mind, the usable aspect.  Paper weights need to be a bit heavy so that they can serve your purpose and this I have tried with paper machie but the weights become too light and of  no use for the purpose.
5) Consider the size that is comfortable  to keep and use on your table. Very small paper weight or very big one will not look good. Size decided select the mould for pouring the ready mixture.
 6)  See that there  are no lumps formed  in the cement mixture or air bubbles while pouring in the mould. For getting a perfect shape of your wish this step is very important.
Different shape artistic hand made paper weights

Abstract shape hand made eco friendly paper weights
 7) In case you do not have a specific plastic mould you can also form a thick mixture of white cement  and mould it in abstract shape  and let it dry. Here as the mixture feels a bit firm add fancy gemstone, colored stones, plastic flowers, mirrors, colored beads, shiny wires,  or any fancy small tit bits so that they are firm and fit along with the mould of dried  mixture.
8) Once dried off well remove the mould or thin plastic can be cut off  to get a beautiful shaped fancy artwork. Trim off any abnormal extruding parts lightly and make clean shape.
9) Finally paint it using oil paints, first layer as base color, and then any patterns or designs in colorful shapes or floral prints. Cover this with a thin layer of protective varnish.
Mould to make hand made eco friendly paper weights

Fancy paper weights

Shiv ling shaped paper weight religious symbol paper weight

Colorful healing stones hand made paper weight

Fancy shiv ling shaped paper weight

Golden rose eco friendly  hand made paper weight
what more they also act as great art creations and ones that you can display as artefacts , let your imagination go wild!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!
Thank You

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Healing Digital Art My works Year 2005 and 2006 Abstract Computer Art Greeting Cards Posters T Shirt Designs Mugs Duvet cover sets and Tote bags!

Computer art by Rizwana
Computer art another very creative field with umpteen possibilities. The year 2005 after doing a short term course on graphic designing and desk top publishing there are quite a number of graphic designs that I have done as computer art.  From making abstract computer paintings to designing posters and greeting cards.
Computer art by raz
Painting over the years using oil paints on canvas and oil sketch paper I had  also dabbled into varied art forms. Learning this was a simple guidance but the inner urge of creativity went on fire with another art outlet in art expression. With a few T shirt designs , catchy captions for T shirts, Tile designing, wall paper designs , bedsheet graphic prints ,  upholstery computer designs, saree computer designs, this was  a creative expression and an extension to my works of canvas painting. Beginning with creative tree painting which I  definitely  will share in another post.
Computer art by Raz 2005
 This is also a very well known art field and computer art requires that you learn and keep upto date with graphic design programs. Desk Top Publishing is one course that you can do which has short term courses as well as long courses  which can help you to make a career in graphic designing fields. Right from advertising to publishing magazines and greeting scared as well as art this field is quite in limelight now as it is very easy to get perfection with shapes, figures, colors and light.
Course of graphic designing can be done and then practice is all that is required. With so many options and selections one can easily forget the programmes when not used over the years.
Photoshop Painting by raz
 There are also one of the aspects to be remembered while opting for this creative field, it has to be updated always regularly over the years as new versions of the same programs come out.
Computer Photoshop Painting by Rizwana
I have mastered the two programs of computer art, Photoshop and Corel Draw but still as newer versions come out there are always some changes with the programmes. 
Blue Birds by Rizwana Mundewadi
 As began computer art, the designs just kept on coming and coming, abstract designs , posters, and many many more. I have then many hundreds of computer art designs on CDs which now have converted to different file format so that it can be easily viewed and shared.
Poster Graphic Designing by Rizwana A. Mundewadi
What more these designs can be easily printed on paper with any colored printer and you have  the ready computer art to be framed. This also falls very much cheaper as compared to canvas paintings and as   the files are stored in files format there is also no problem of space, which we need plenty, every artists knows this, canvas rolls, papers, paints, and paintings need a lot of storage space.
There are so many original greeting card designs , lovely beautiful wordings, each for every occasion and some created by  me for personalized times, like energy cards and mood uplifter greeting cards.
 Abstract Computer Art Greeting Cards  Posters T Shirt Designs Textile and Tile Designs
This is a magical field where you can play with colors without actually getting your hands in color! For my digital healing artworks please do visit my Fine Art America Portfolio for thousands of artworks and Unique healing art collections!

Graphic designing by Rizwana Mundewadi

Poster Designing by Rizwana 2006

Computer art symbolic graphic designing by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The beauty of computer art is they are colorful, vibrant and can be adjusted to nay size you wish as an computer art design can also cover the whole wall! customized patterns, original ideas and original computer art!
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Year Wishes from razarts

While we are just coming to the end of this beautiful year 2013, so many great news, some  losses,some new experiencing and some not so good, we  all have lived this, and I wish from my heart good luck to everyone who have been a part of this spiritual journey and walked along, maybe directly or indirectly influenced my life and my art.
I also take this opportunity to THANK YOU ABSOLUTE ARTS, for being such a wonderful soul friend not just to me but to so many artists around the globe. With so many years with absolute arts, this is HOME.
I also thank all the people in my life, especially my critics, who have brought out the fire in me and made me continue painting with passion.  My family for being so supportive and understanding.  Thanking all other galleries, especially Saatchi Online,  who have encouraged me,in my early  years of art and helped me to put forthe my art to the world. In this journey of understanding myself and my art you have always been a special part, and even though we have never met, I pray and thank you all, wishing you loads of luck.
Thanks when there was no one you were there!
Pink Heart of Love oil painting on paper
A very big THANK YOU to all my readers  and art buyers, who have in some or other way encouraged me and become a part  of this spiritual journey, I cherish them.
The ART Collectors who have showed interest in my art, I thank you from my heart and hope in sometime to have an artful association.
I thank God who has given me this talent to spread cheer, happiness and prosperity through the medium of my healing art.
I AM SORRY if I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt any person, plant , bird or object, I am sorry .
My blog readers, especially on razarts, feng shui and  gardening,  who have a special connection with me.Thank you Google.   The ebooks on kindle have taken my passion of writing  to another level. Thank You Amazon.
Lets begin the new year with a fresh blank canvas and start painting our life!
Do take this opportunity to forgive and forget, make space for progress and watch miracles  of the universe unfold.
Take Care and God Bless!
All the Best!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Color Therapy Abstract oil painting Understanding of Color Symbolism

Color therapy as the name suggests is using colors as healing symbols. Colors have their own meanings and symbolism since olden times and artists have very effectively used colors in paintings to express emotions, environments and beliefs.
Different colors represent emotions and objects with universal meanings and this is also influenced by the experiences of the individual and their cultural beliefs.
Color Therapy Oil painting on Oil Sketch paper
While  artists may look upon white as the most purest color representing peace and harmony, in many religions and cultures, in India,  it is considered the color of mourning where in widows wear white clothes. So also in other culture, Christianity, the bridal wear is a flowy satin lace gown of white color.
Thus color has its own interpretation and as for someone red may indicate danger another individual may call it a color of passion and love. Green with envy was such predominant in early ages and this color was almost avoided in apparels and upholstery, whereas today with feng shui color symbolism theory the color green has been on the top, representing growth and prosperity as for the green fields and vegetation.
The painting color therapy done in different techniques of painting with brush, objects, fingers, and this is a beautiful amalgamation of different chakra colors in this artwork that has loads of positive vibrant energy.
With the concept of Reiki violet fire which I have painted in many paintings, here again I use the purification violet purple fire as againast the backdrop of chakra colors. Also using the traditional fire flame making this painting  a combination of healing energies.
All in all a vibrant effect to the emotions and mind, giving a  message of healing to all chakras.
The oil painting color therapy is done in layering technique with over lapping steps as many of my other paintings and finally the emergence of the small colorful beautiful circles complete the process of healing.
A  trip by the sea, was fascinating and refreshing
 On the personal front enjoyed a refreshing trip by the sea, it sure cleans your aura, the salt water air, except , you come back with sticky salty skin! Good news, unexpectedly, first time in my life, our fish orange guppy had tiny babies, life from such a tiny speck, except for the tingling specks in water it was difficult to see the lots of tiny babies in the fish tank, the photo is of when they were  one weeks old in separate fish bowl, here wishing them a great life! life is magical!
Tiny babies of Guppy fish
you can buy my painting from my website shipping is free.

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