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Friday, September 2, 2011

Photographs of Paintings Online

The internet gives us the pleasure of viewing many artworks from the comfort of our homes. Here we get a wide range of choices in size, colour schemes and styles of paintings from different artists. A thing which would not have been possible when we travel in the hot sun to an art gallery and view works of a single artist. Your viewing and selection of an artwork totally depends on the image put up by the artists or online art galleries.
The rule of the thumb , think before going in for a purchase only on the first look of the picture online. Whenever an art gallery or art dealer puts up images and photographs of any artwork, it is always done in high resolution. There is ample lighting and photographs are clicked in controlled environments. Remember the photo shoot ads of film stars, how you see their glowing flawless skin, long shiny hair and perfect body! any person who has knowledge of photo editing and photo shop program mes knows very well that these images are photo shopped to perfection. So also may be the case regarding photographs of original paintings displayed on online art gallery websites.
Any painting will look different in natural sunlight and very much different in artificial lights. In art galleries also when we see an artwork the top lighting or floor lamps accentuate or highlight the artworks. The same painting when put up on our wall does not give the same effect. The best advice for any buyer would be to choose a painting in natural light. Since lighting modes in homes and offices differ for every individual buyer, it is best to check out personally the colours that are used on the artworks especially if you are very choosy about certain colours. Like some people do not like black, for them it is a symbol of death but the same person may like darkest blue or darkest brown! If you are one of these types then better think before buying paintings online.
Take a look at the paintings, view it and see what response it emits. Try to avoid emotional buying, though we all know buying artworks is also a passion for some and its all a matter of heart! The standard procedure for purchase from any art website, is to order the painting and pay online, and when on delivery the buyer is not satisfied with the work they can return it immediately though there are some charges and total money may not be refunded. These ethics are followed by many artists and art galleries and the buyer has to read terms and conditions of deal carefully before making a final purchase.
In some case it may also be the opposite case. Many times the strokes and colours are better in the original artwork. Some of the artists who are not camera savvy do not know how to take high resolution images. This does not mean that the artworks are dull or boring. the same artwork may look very good when viewed directly as you may get the feel of the canvas and the rich colours on personal look of it.You can also send online inquiry and discuss with the artist and online art gallery or art broker about the colours, size and condition of the artwork. If you live in the same city you can also visit the art gallery and view the artworks directly. This will help you understand the artist well and the artwork that you have selected for purchase.
Art is an aesthetic experience and I personally feel photographs do not do right justice to any painting. It may always be a similar representation of the original artwork. Some online art websites also mention to clarify this point, that photographs are only a picture of the painting and original colors may sometimes differ on direct look. Like a recent photograph I took of my latest painting, the colour used was rich ultra marine blue, (my favorite) and what comes up in the photograph? a purple shade! imagine my state, that to being an artist , what would happen for the lay person who is not so much colour conscious and is out to buy a blue and gets a purple!

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