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Saturday, July 20, 2013

SOLD 'Life', 2000 Oil Painting - Premiere Artist Portfolio

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Life', 2000 Oil Painting - Premiere Artist Portfolio
First SOLD painting floral symbolic abstract oil painting on canvas, done in the year 2000 this is a beautiful painting , a floral abstract full of roses,
A nature painting, bouquet of flowers, along with the bunches of colorful fragrant roses come the thorns, a real gems in life.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shipping of an artwork meaning techniques and care Advantages of Framed Paintings for Art Lovers

Shipping and handling charges is a common term which we see on art sites. Whenever you buy a painting do consider  the shipping costs which will be added with the total cost of paintings. Shipping costs are the costs incurred by the artist for packing and sending paintings to the art buyers destination. Usually the charges come for using packing materials and sending services, courier or postal delivery charges.
Every art site mentions additional shipping charges added to the total value  of the painting. This depends upon the destination the artwork is going to be shipped which is usually less within the country and more when sending to other countries to art collectors and art lovers. 
Packing of a painting is very important  as the buyer receives the artwork in good condition is very important. The paintings made of canvas or paper are packed differently. Framed paper work have galss which is very fragile and need great care while packing. As also canvas paintings need the care as they may get scratched or torn while transporting.
Tips for packing paper paintings-
Make sure  the paintings  are well dried before shipping. Otherwise the covering packing material will stick to the artwork and when removing the packing the painting may get damaged. Cover the  painting with clean paper on both sides. Use  thick  water proof paper  for  protecting the painting done on paper. In case of thick paint or  mixed media works consider the layer added to protect the artwork from getting abrased  or damaged.
Fame a feng shui  painting on oil sketch paper framed ready to hang- by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Packing of  canvas paintings-
Boxes made of wood are required to pack wooden framed paintings. Consider finding a good carpenter to get customized boxes for packing as this has to be sturdy , big sized paintings farmed in wood do weigh a lot ! 
Many new  art buyers and  art lovers do like  to buy paintings ready to hang as  some art buyers do not have the resources to contact frame maker  and also the time  required for this. and it is also a fact  as  we artist know that making a single   frame costs much more and you get concession of you frame many paintings at a time. It is also important that you choose the right frame to bring out the best in the artwork.  The color of mountings chosen and the size of the mounting  all affect the appearance of your artwork.
When ordering or  buying paintings from any artist do inquire the price with or without frames. As  usually  the mentioned prices are without frames.

'Happy Family' symbolic pots painting, 'Opening of the Third Eye' cubism sacred geometry oil painting framed ready to hang.

Divine Design Framed in Wood

Freedom framed in wood ready to hang

Phenomenal Prosperity Oil painting varnished  framed in wood

The White Square Price ready to hang

Golden Rainbow framed ready to hang
There are also other options for packing canvas paintings that are not framed. Tubular packing are available  for packing rolled canvasses. While rolling a canvas painting cover the painting with a layer of soft cloth , if required cover with bubble wrap to protect the layer of paint on the painting. 
When the painting has to be shipped in your own country the same care will be needed. While sending paintings over seas to different countries to art lovers it is important to protect and care for the artworks so that they reach the art lover collector  in good condition.  The artist has to make sure  about the right correct address of the art lover and always have contact number and destination address clear. It is advisable  to keep tract of the artwork once it is sent to make sure it  reaches the destination safely.
How  to art lover receives the painting will surely have an effect on your later sales!

On the personal front..Alhamdullilah , a painting is going to be shipped, by the grace of God, ...
Thank You absolute arts. I surely  do not know whether I have to be happy or sad, both, one of my precious babies has found a home, a carer..hope this artwork titled "Untitled" reaches safely  by grace of God, and brings  loads of good luck and prosperity to the art lover.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
for viewing more of my babies...
Absolute Arts.Com

Friday, July 12, 2013

Breath taking Landscape Paintings on Canvas and paper Why I don't paint landscapes

Beautiful Kerala Water Tourist Destination

Breathtaking landscapes, I have painted a few landscape paintings in year 2000 and some few as  the landscapes move from fantasy to reality   There are places which I may have seen photographs but never visited. I have not painted these  landscapes from any photo reference and these are original imaginations of my mind, though you may find similar places in case  you have visited these places
Serenity A landscape fantasy painting on canvas
Serenity and Planet of peace   happened in year 2000 when the thoughts floated towards fantasy  , a place of serene environment, peace , harmony, a place of "Utopia" i had named  this painting  Utopia, a  moment.
Hills of Kashmir oil painting on canvas

Enchanting Kerala Backwaters water color painting on paper

Untitled Mountain Landscape by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
with a few miniature landscapes of matheran, mahableshwar and kashmir, in year 2000, we had not visited these places then and as of now  I know how much similar the places seem when they were painted on paper.
"Dream" Shikara in Kashmir small  oil painting on canvas

Hidden Treasures Oil painting on paper Year 2009
Landscapes have immense potential, paintings can be done over and over with the same place in mind or plen air painting also is of great value as  the artist brings captures to moment onto the canvas.
As  for my personal opinion I feel it is very difficult to copy nature, you just can't replace the original, but landscape paintings are a good way to bring outdoors inside your home.  But however much I try to avoid landscapes they have this habit of coming up at one time or other and I end up painting on impulse an landscape painting.
Enchanting Europe oil painting year 2013
Enchanting Europe happened on impulse and at one sitting just like the other landscapes. Maybe there is an influence of the Mountains of Himalayas which we visited last year. The flowers in the landscape are those on my wish list for my terrace garden, as we have a few lillies, roses, and one orchid and a few rare flowering plants. Lillies of different colors, now at present we have red and white, and soon trying to catch hold of more colors, the problem is we  do not get rare exotic plants easily, will have to search for them.
The paint has been laid thick, this again create new problems as my paintings do not dry fast due to the thick layers of paints and usually as I do paintings in one sitting it sure takes quite  a few days to dry off. Maybe will learn some new tricks for drying paintings fast in later years.
You can relive the memories and emotions when you view the place in the landscape, hence from ages and till date landscape paintings are the most hot selling among all genres of paintings world wide.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim,  as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple, colorful, understandable art, art that heals.
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pink Light Shower Reiki Symbolic Healing Painting Year 2001

Pink Light Shower a Symbolic Reiki Healing painting water color and wax crayons Year 2001 by Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Pink light the divine light of the universe, which is absolutely out of this world feeling, divine blessings are always represented by the color pink. This symbolic reiki healing painting is done using a over lapping technique.  As I was  in the process of trying out techniques to find my style of painting, this is what took me back to teacher training class. The journal of techniques in painting I had done on pencil, charcoal, painting, crayons, water color, sago painting, bottle top painting, spray painting, thread painting   and many more.
Kindergarten , We were then fascinated with colors. simple Crayons played a major role in putting color to our scribblings and drawings. Using crayons made  of wax and water color for this technique I have made many paintings on paper where I have used crayons for drawing and covered them with water color wash. Using dark black color in water color almost makes the paintings glow, loved this, maybe will try out in some later years this technique , who knows.This painting is in water color with a  layer of wax turning it into a more spiritual fantasy work.
Usually I do not make figurative art as spirituality divine is much getting over the physical body, and focussing more on the soul. The body being just a home, a temple, a   boat, a place for the soul to exist and which is going to perish, and the soul, the shy soul,  lies behind the cover and emerges gradually ....
Earth energy , the roots that help us to get the mother earth energy and keeps us grounded and well balanced. The divine energy, pink shower of light from divine sources, a blessing, a purification a  shower of divine light, divine love.

The length of head hair, I love long hair, a symbol of femininity and female form,  a symbolic representation of the dedication and tapasya , towards the path of enlightenment, a symbolic representation of being away from worldly pleasures and desires.
The pink shower is a painting done on paper  in water color and then covered  with a layer of wax crayons. The figurative painting is one of a  sort as I hardly have tried this genre, post to 'selling happiness' and 'music flowing' and the latest one an symbolic figurative abstract 'my Green Tara".
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue to paint healing art....I wish to make simple, colorful,  understandable art, art that heals.
For viewing and buying more of my works do visit
Camel Ride Rajasthan Wax Crayon Painting
This place I have still not visited... usually the paintings come long before the actual....
Take care,  All the Best!

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