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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why it is important to Buy original art from a reputed online art gallery

Online art galleries are flourishing as people are buying art online. Right from cheaper art prints to affordable new artists artworks and even established precious collectors loved art pieces, all original art is available online. 
Reliability of the art gallery - again a very important point to consider before buying paintings online. It is advisable to purchase paintings from a reputed and well known art gallery. Here you buy original artworks and also get authentication certificates signed and dated by the artist.
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Other sources may sell artworks at a cheaper rate but you may also be at a risk of purchasing an fake artwork, which may at first seem like a really good bargain, but if you had wanted a real original piece, than you are at a loss! as you pay much more value for the fake, copy of the painting.
You also have a buy back guarantee in case you are not satisfied by the art with a reputed online art gallery and their sales procedures are clear and on paper. .
Most of the times what is happening is also that you purchase an artwork for a lower price and then when you receive it is is a blurred not such a good quality art print. Do check what you are buying...the price will be according to this. whether it is an art print, canvas print, gallery wrapped canvas, framed or not framed, original painting on paper or canvas so that you are prepared and know what you pay for and what you get. 
With a reputed established online art gallery they have a team of assistant curators who help you, guide you and suggest artworks according to your tastes ,budget and decor.
Buying original art is costly hence it is better to be cautious as you are going to spend money and also would want the art you love. Do give a check on the web for art galleries that have a wide range of artworks from around the globe and also those that have consistently completed art sales over past many years. 
Remember buying art online is one happy experience, I read with so much excitement my art buyers emails on sending a painting who wait impatiently to receive their bundles of joy from art sales through a gallery! make this a happy experience and check Visit my Saatchiart Portfolio on one of the Largest and World Famous Online Art Gallery for the paintings you buy online! 
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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  1. Reenart Gallery offer a golden platform to the artist and the living souls who have the skills to clear the beauty of nature, the inner thoughts and ideas thorough their artwork presented on a piece of paper. When it comes to buy original artwork online there is nothing better than purchase a piece of original artwork directly from the artist who produced the work. To suggest that beauty in our souls we should definitely have some of these paintings in our home which are so powerful and inspiring and these are the qualities that are inbuilt in the paintings that are made available by us due to the originality that is alive in all the paintings.

    1. WOW! Great expression! Thanks a lot Manish! Welcome to Razarts! Yup, so true, original art is Awesum! Happy to have connected!


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