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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome 2016 with Surrounding Yourself with Symbols of Happiness How To Use 2016 Pantone Colors in Your Home Decor

HAPPY NEW YEAR! with the dawn of this beautiful day begins another chapter of our lives, a clean slate, I wish you all the happinesses!
Surround yourself with symbols of abundance and see how you life changes miraculously. Its the energy triangle with charged up energy ions that will make things happen this 2016! the Chinese Year of the Fire  Monkey is power packed with energy which you an utilize for your benefit.
While the Pantone color of the year has been decided they are this time two beautiful , my most precious loved colors, that is Rose Quartz and Serenity, Blue.
Meanwhile writing about the stone rose quartz I am more than happy to have this beautiful color in lime lite! as an interior decor highlight., my Rose quartz stone does have a special place in my life,  as the beautiful stone helps in self acceptance and heals all heart issues opening one self to develop love and compassion and is a very good stone in healing.
Healing Art by Raz
Rose, the color rose  has always been loved in decor,especially for bedrooms,  as it has a soothing energy of love. Popping up everytime over the years with every color rose color  can be added in different shades and hues in your decor. From the soft soothing to the old rose that is  darker version.
A little splash and sparkle of other colors  like silver and gold will definately give the WOW look and great ambience to your home decor this 2016!
While you can choose serenity for walls, just check that it does not create a dull atmosphere in rooms where energy is required.
For an healing artist what a joy to be inspired by these two Awesum colours!
Rose Quartz and serenity Love Happens!
A whole world of color combinations can be possible with Serenity and Rose Quartz colors in your home decor.
Art for blue modern decor
Healing Flowers Pink Blue Bedroom Decor 
And dont forget the most loveliest Yang feng shui color of energy, one of my favorites RED that is always here to stay and suits all home decor.
Renovating and refurbishing with latest Pantone color trends can not always be possible,, so add colors in form of paintings, artefacts, accessories and conversation pieces!
Beautiful Love Chinese symbol pink painting
Blessing of My Airavaat, Acrylic on paper, Symbolic Painting Raz
My Airavaat showering blessings and Spreading Happiness and Prosperity!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from Rizwana!
For buying symbolic and spiritual symbolic paintings please visit my website.

 Water near entrance symbolism

365 Days of Happiness Raz Wishing You a Great Future And Happy 2016

365 Days of Happiness, Acrylic and Oil Painting on Canvas
365 Days of Happiness Raz Wishing You a Great Future And Happy 2016!
Be gentle, be kind, be compassionate.
sharing a beautiful message- Dont be too harsh on people, their behavior or attitude towards you might have absolutely nothing to do with you! You probably don't know the hidden demons they are facing in their lives or the stuff that's happening inside the four walls of their homes. Just be kind, simple, sometimes that's enough. Sometimes it could mean the world to them. Gentleness and Kindness is irreplaceable!
Family, friends and colleagues, as we are on the last day of this beautiful year, I want you to let go of your past and welcome a vibrant future. Pause for a second and juts try letting go of your fears, your anxieties and your frustrations, anger.
Begin with a blank page and write your destiny, and the Universe will support you each and every step, with this, trust me!
Thank you each one of you for liking my blog, commenting on my blog posts, sharing my art, buying and supporting my art! I wish to Thank my lovely encouraging supporting  online art galleries Absolute and for giving me this platform to showcase my art to the world, striving  to promote my art, Thank you!.  I wish to thank all the social networking sites, especially Google, Face Book , Twitter, without you I would not have been able to show my art to the world! and FASO for their amazing websites, my first website, I really wish each one All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You a Great 2016!With Loads of Excitement and Anticipation , Welcome 2016!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Under the Stairs Artist Studio Stairway Home Office Feng shui 9 Tips for Artist studio under the stairs Feng Shui Guidelines

Under the stairs or stairways is a space which usually goes unused and is many times selected as an area for the home office, work from home and also especially for us artists, we select this space for our artist studio. As the space goes underutilized in daily activities this is a great place for privacy and working from home within the home and also keeping your art materials safe from children and pets!
Heaven Increases Success Acrylic on oil Sketch paper Rizwana Mundewadi

Feng shui energy under the stairway is a difficult one, first the place is not used frequently, and is quite gloomy. The feng shui energy here is stagnant and often people never visit this place in their home or office. Next the stairway has continuous energy of moving above, by people walking so this may create a disturbing energy for people working under the stairs. Also the stairway often leads to dead ends or sloping ends, which is not a good sign for business and work, leading to frustrations and very less or no results seen even after putting in a lot of effort. Here is the one reason why many artists fail to succeed in creating great art and successfully running their career in art.
In case this is the best you can have for an home office by applying a few simple Feng Shui cures you can invite positive chi into your home office or artists studio and welcome prosperity and grace.
1) Since the stairway is under the stairs the area is dull and gloomy, a pressure from above, the space literally comes over the person sitting below. Installing proper bright lights will bring in loads of positive energy that helps to enliven the environment of your home office,/ artists studio. In fact I have tow strong lights at different angles that help me see properly the art and the colors!
2) Plants are a very good feng shui cure, and also an effective one, have small containers of air purifying plants that will freshen up the environment and clear the energy of the office/studio space. Even the look of a green growing plant is very soothing and energy booster for your under stairway office/studio. You can put the Lucky Chinese Bamboo plants, tied with red ribbon with coins in it on your work table.
Adding fresh flowers in vase also keeps the energy activated, just take care that the water is kept clean and flowers  replaced when dried.
Some fresh fragrances invite positive chi in your space
Good Luck Chinese Bamboo Plant
3) The most important one! 
Avoid clutter and space out things well. Organize your stuff with care as to maximize the use of space effectively in your home office/artists studio. Your paintings, your art materials and your records must all have a place of its own. Keeping things in the whole house partly will only affect adversely your artists career.  Clear off old paintings, damaged artworks and damaged frames, they accumulate stagnant negative energy.
Art Materials need to be  organised
4) Have a great feng shui painting to invite positive energy , colors, photographs and symbols of success can bring in lots of positive feng shui energy . You can also hang powerful protection symbols or the colors and images that you love. Avoid family photographs in place of work. 
Evil Eye Cure

Small Feng Shui Painting Good Luck Rizwana Mundewadi
5) For the most difficult problem faced by many who have under the stairway office /artists studio is the energy moving up and down above them creating a  restless feeling and distraction from work. This can be healed by hanging a small wind chime of metal that creates a soft delicate sound, not too loud to help move the energy and remove stagnant energy for under the stairs.
Wind chimes
In case the area is too small and there are chances you always bump into the wind chime while entering your home office/ artists studio you can hang soft colorful paper liners that move with wind which also helps to displace negative energy.
6) Space clearing often will help to keep the energy fresh. Light a fragrant incense before beginning work to displace the stuck up energy.
7) If you have a small office use a crystal is also very useful to uplift the energy or you may hang a gemstones painting for attracting wealth and good luck. A prosperity globe also works wonders for career opportunities luck. 
Crystal for south west sector
8) Remember that feng shui is not soothing paintings and objects on your walls! You as an artist need to be creative and always get new ideas  activate the west sector with shiny objects and your successfully completed paintings.
9) The south sector/ fame and recognition for your efforts and the north,/opportunities and sales,  two most important sectors for success in career. Red, purple and green colors for south and Blue, black , golden , silver gray  paintings for north.
Surround yourself with symbols of success, happiness and good luck always!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!

Chinese Goodluck coins in wealth sector

All the Doors to Goodluck Acrylic on Canvas Rizwana Mundewadi
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You Awesum Happiness,, Good  Health, Prosperity, Harmony and Good Luck!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Please Do Not Buy Reiki Symbol Printed Items! Some Care While Using Healing Reiki Symbol Objects

Please Do Not Buy Reiki Symbol Printed Items! Some Care While Using Healing Reiki Symbol Objects is required. Unless you are well versed and understand the symbolism and energy behind Reiki symbols pleas edont buy items and objects with Reiki symbol prints.
The Reiki symbols are precious ad have been handed over by Reiki Masters since ages. Sharing them in art form is an expression to spread the healing energies around to thsoe it is required.
There are so many Reiki symbol art prints, objects , items on sale online, purely with commercial purposes which totally mars down the concept and purpose of healing art.
The base and foundation of Reiki symbols dates back to years of Reiki students who got attuned and were finding it difficult to visualize the movement of energy. hence the Teachers brought forthe Reiki symbols to help these to visualize and spread the healing. Just like me, there are many individuals who understand better and connect better with visual symbols rather than an unknown invisible concept.
While whenever I share my healing Reiki symbol art to my art lovers they are always handed over an Authenticity certificate which has the knowledge of the Reiki symbols and how to use them for best results. Then also a special care on how to give respect and what to do in case these artworks get damaged or are needed to be removed / changed your space after the task is accomplished.
This is really important that for the results and benefits you respect the Reiki symbols and use them with care.
While I see today mugs, glasses , cushions and pens, writing pads and chairs all with Reiki symbol prints, the most shocking thing I saw and it pained me was people drinking wine and beer in Reiki symbol Mugs! The cushions are thrown on the floor near the toilet and washrooms and when torn are straight shown the trash bin!
This is how the Reiki symbols end up when used for commercial purposes without knowledge and what more it is the law of the Universe , what goes out does affect your karma!
If you have a Reiki Symbol Art , Object , Print Please follow these Guidelines-
1) Always remember  these are sacred symbols, so if you cannot understand or respect them please don't buy them for the sheer reason of Reiki symbols and healing being the "in thing"!
2) Use / handle the object with respect sanctity and care.
3) While disposing the object cut them to pieces, burn them or let them go to earth/soil.
4) Never use Reiki symbols for hidden negative purposes.
5) Intentions are most important, in using Reiki symbol art if you do not understand the meaning and connect with them  and have no intent the symbols are just colored lines ! and will not bring healing or goodluck.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Burning of Some Old Paintings

Reiki Symbol Torn and Old Paintings
recently I have burned my n number of old Reiki symbol on paper paintings and with due respect the ashes have gone to my little space under the sun , my terrace garden plants , that have blessed me with lovely blooms!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Chinese Symbol of Double Happiness Symbolism Meaning and My Healing Art

The Chinese Symbol of Double Happiness consists of two symbols written side by side and the symbol has its special presence seen in wedding cards and gifts. The symbol indicates two of a kind, lovers, and two families uniting. It is one of my favourite Chinese symbols from the many I have been painting since year 2009 in my paintings.
The Chinese symbol for Double Happiness has been sued in many artefacts, and home decor items and has a universal appeal. It is also written in many forms and designer art forms.
Wikepedia- Double Happiness is a ligature, "" composed of 喜喜 – two copies of the Chinese characters  () literally means joy, compressed to assume the square shape of a standard Chinese character (much like a real character may consist of two parts), and is pronounced as a polysyllabic Chinese character, being read as 双喜 (shuāngxǐ).
The symbol has been used in ornamental decorations of furniture, artefacts, paintings, feng shui cures, ceramic objects and vases, Even Gold Jewellery and Diamond jewellery is available engraved with this beautiful Double Happiness symbol.
The symbol for me has really special symbolism, no its not just about romantic love. Not only two people but a more deeper meaning with happiness in many other aspects of life. No doubt the symbol indicates love energy and is used to symbolize marriages I feel the symbol also applies to doubling of good health, wealth and prosperity, and so go my intentions always.
Going deep into understanding happiness, it is actually a term, which can be interpreted by different people as differently.  While one may be happy with a thing or occasion the other may still be lonely in a crowd The symbol also helps out in healing the vacuum, or healing the marital luck sector in case of single people.
The Double Happiness symbol painting is a great way to invite feng shui into your bedroom space. Paintings in colours of love help to easen out relationships between the couple and viewing them daily helps to attract positive energies.
For me the symbol has immense emotional appeal and it connects to the senses not only visually but also emotionally. The energy of Two,  Happiness between the two souls,  Happiness here in this world as well as the hereafter, happiness physically as well as mentally, happiness’s in health and well as wealth, happiness indicating two energies  in harmony and togetherness, the Yin and the Yang!
Check out my latest painting on Facebook,  Golden Double Happiness!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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