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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cubism Symbolic Prosperity Pot Painting pure luck white chrysanthemums Attract Goodluck Feng Shui Painting

Feng shui Prosperity pots, my favorite subject in painting. Pots a symbol of prosperity and abundance in this colorful prosperity pot painting the Chinese calligraphy symbols in red color bring out a raised effect to the symbols as warm colors come forwards creating an interesting view.
Cubism an art of making all the squares as a whole complete, breaking them into small squares, some large some small , and then they merge into a beautiful piece. As I began with colorful cubism the as the backdrop of this artwork and I have painted many small cubism sacred geometry artworks on paper and this one is large sized good luck pot painting on oil sketch paper.
Symbols used are symbolic for harmony, good luck, wealth, health, prosperity, wisdom, peace, I move forward with symbols of love, happiness and lucky long life. The backdrop of cubism represent various aspect of life by the use of color symbolism in this beautiful pot painting for good luck and prosperity.
White chrysanthemums have always been considered a symbol of happiness and peace. Though I have painted many pots empty and many filled with water, symbol of wealth in  feng shui this panting of feng shui good luck prosperity Pot I felt a floral addition, and that too of a beautiful serene flowers, chrysanthemums rule as a symbol of happiness and while I choose the white color to depict peace and hope, this color adds up to the beauty of this good luck pot artwork.
Hanging this Pure Luck White Chrysanthemums painting in the right place in home or office will attract positive energies into your life , and as this is a good luck painting it will affect positively and show changes to all aspects of your life and environment.
You can buy this painting from my website Shipping is free.
 Pure Luck White Chrysanthemums
Thank you.
All the Best!

Soul Healing painting for Success and Happiness Colorful Cubism Abstract Reiki Healing Painting for Prosperity Good Luck

Soul , on a journey as each one of us are on a different spiritual journey , many of us hardly step aside and let the universe play its role. There are many strugglers who are not at peace with their lives. Even when they achieve success there is a sense of emptiness. The soul is never at peace with emotional turmoils.
Then there are many who are unable to see results from their efforts, be it in wealth and money, getting the right jobs, relationships or marital luck. Here comes the healing aspect for the soul which are not in sync with the plan of the universe hence it creates a block to your success. Endless efforts and trying hard does not show any fruitful results , and it seems like a journey against the flow.

Most problems in this life are related to past karmic issue and heart issues. The opening of this leads to the vast universe energy that leads to a successful prosperous life. The painting will heal gradually as you view the artwork for a long time and bring out issues of the heart in open leading to acceptance of situations that cannot be changed.
What can be changed there will be  surge of positive changes in that direction and gradually you will see a life that was once a dream becoming true. Wealth, work, relationships, feeling loved and cared for, and most of all happy to be yourself, at peace with yourself.
Always remember here is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else there is a feng shui.
All the Best!
Soul healing a beautiful colorful cubism abstract healing artwork on oil sketch paper in oil paints. The Reiki symbols for deep emotional healing used in this artwork opens the heart to pure love and compassion, to acceptance of the greater will. You can buy this painting from my website . Shipping is free.
 Soul Healing

Feng Shui Painting for The Single Boss Leader The Dark Horse in Business Feng Shui Painting for office luck

The leader, the single business owner , The Dark Horse in business, feng shui can play an important role in attracting business and wealth luck for the single owners and boss. Feng shui paintings displayed in offices behind the chair of the single owner can attract great prosperity and business luck.
The single owner needs to have clear focus, clear targets and clear ambitions to bring their business to greater heights. Feng shui color symbolism and calligraphy symbols with Reiki healing can help to attract positive fame and prosperity energy into your life when placed on the right place in your home or office.
All other Feng shui cures, till date,  are well known and immediately start a conversation about them working or not working by the viewers, What more these feng shui paintings are a piece of art and can be displayed without anyone knowing about your intentions and they works as great feng shui cures to attract good luck and wealth.
Feng shui cure paintings will help to attract  new business opportunities into your life. When hung in the right place will help attract fame and recognition energy. They will give that extra push of fire energy to the silent slow business owners. Feng shui cure paintings will also help the owner to gain energy and courage, confidence, clarity and focus which is very essential for success in any business ventures.
I use symbols and color symbolism in these feng shui cures with my healing  energy intentions. Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else there is feng shui!
You can buy feng shui cure paintings on my website, shipping is free. 
Two great feng shui paintings for leaders and boss.
Dragons of Fame
The Leader

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Ends with much FanFare Art Food Tatoos and Installations

Elephants favorite symbols in art embroidery on cloth.
 Kala Ghoda arts festival ended With much fan fare.on 9th February 2014. With daily schedules appearing in the local newspapers people were kept at their toes right from kala ghoda till Asiatic library.
The famous art place Jehangir art gallery too had loads of visitors as the people who visited the kala ghoda festival also took a look at the art and the artist. Road diversions, traffic, people everywhere.
Traditional Kutchi artwork by Artisans
 Food cannot be left behind in any festival and even at the Kala Ghoda there were special cuisines to satisfy the hunger pangs. From snacks, soft drinks to even the humble sugar candy.
Charcoal Artist Demonstrating His Skills
 Artists demonstrated on the  road along with their works, and many were seen making portraits and drawings of  customers who wished to get their own personalized portraits and sketches, a cost of Rs 300. Small children were fidgety as parents wished to get their child's personalized portraits done. Artworks and drawings of some artists were available at a very cheap rate ranging from Rs 250 to a few thousands.
Collection of Ladies High Boots and Elite Footwear
 What a novelty, high boots, on the road, rare elite wonderful range of ladies footwear in leather.
Fancy Fashion Jewellery for Women
Another hit was the customized names bracelets and chokers. Necklaces and hand bands with the alphabets of names.
Getting Inked Tatoo making on road Kala Ghoda Festival
Getting inked on road, there were quite a few who got themselves inked at the Kala Ghoda arts festival as the tatoo artist looked quite busy .
Installations at Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014

Art Sculpture at Kala Ghoda Festival

Art made of plastic , impressive artwork at Kala Ghoda Festival

Customized named bands and bracelets by Traditional artisans
 The cricket fans had a treat with the huge bat Sachin Tendulkar. people looked so happy clocking snaps along with the installations and sculptures, the huge Painted Guitars were great so also the Post Boxes.
Huge Bat  Sachin Tendulkar at Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2014
The most to enjoy during the day were collegiate and young crowd which later as the day advanced changed to a more art centric crowd.
The Jehangir Art Gallery too had many visitors , other than the only ones interested in art, as the ones who visited the Kala Ghoda Festival sure took a dekho at the art.
Impulsive art buyers and some serious art buyers were on the lookout for some great art. The miniature affordable were great , small sized artworks of landscapes , framed at Rs 250 each.
The Kala Ghoda Signature Campaign
With the festival coming in news for wrong reasons there was signature campaign to save the festival as of complaints received to stop the festival on roads.
Even after so many years the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm and fanfare. There are artists who wait to display their art for the whole year and to participate even with a small stall , some make customized artworks for sale at the festival and some waiting for public exposure at a vast level.
wish the festival luck, and many many years of such happiness and being a great opportunity to artists continue...
 as notices of Do Not Photograph   were all around but public did not heed nor did the artists take any objection as they were happy to get happy visitors look at their art!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Meaning of Reiki Symbol to Heal Karmic Attachments

Reiki symbol for healing the past lives, karmic blockages and present turmoils Hon Sha Ze Sho Nein, as say Reiki Masters, connecting, beyond space, time with symbols. A very rarely used symbol most of my works till date have the emotional healing symbol, one that connects the body soul and forms a triple connection, man woman child. And the power symbol Cho Ku Rei, meaning literally "put the power here'.
Moving to another level in healing this symbol has energies to connect over space and time and bring about healing at the present and past levels. Reiki can be used to give protection, purification, improve health and wealth, heal struggles and easen out the self from emotional as well as physical turmoils and blockages. This symbol works on the mental and conscious level of mind , acting as a bridge.
In simple meaning the symbol indicates no past no present no future. The symbol at soul level heals all past traumas and energies that are blocking progress in the present.
The best part of Reiki is that it can be used to heal your future. By using this powerful symbol incidents, occasions and circumstances can be planned and healed for a healthy future.
Reiki will give what is ethical, appropriate from the divine, and what is good in your interests.
Intentions of the healer are very important otherwise these are just lines.
I have always mentioned, the universe has everything in abundance, we just have to tap this.Reiki symbolic paintings are in no way a replacement to traditional medicines or replacement to medical therapies. But Reiki is a powerful tool to heal at the emotional and karmic level bringing about peace and acceptance.
The basic cause of many problems coming up in life sometimes can be healed at the present but in case their are past life blocks they will, whatever you do, block progress and happiness, prosperity and wealth, in this present.
Meanwhile Embracing the Chaos , oil painting on canvas , work in progress, standing happy, serene , able to count the strokes, 5 vibrant colorful strokes, or rather arches and lines of lovely colors,  till date, 8th February 2014, the painting began as a lesson of patience and focus , tapping the feminine energy, embracing the chaos, on 31st December 2013, on our wall on the working frame, spiritual, gracious and beautiful!
Stay Simple, Have Pure Thoughts, Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Edit painting photographs Step by Step Process of editing of Painting Photographs some tips

How to edit photographs for display on the internet . With the whole world going digital, art is also online and many galleries have the facility to display artworks. There are websites for artists where they can display their art and which can reach a global audience.
Leaving  aside the trick of how to take great photographs, which we know is done by digital
camera (I will explain this in another post), choosing one of the highest resolution, even after taking the closest shot of your painting we always see there are some background remaining which does not give the photograph a good appearance for display. Here I explain step by step process in simple language of editing photographs after clicking for right images display.
1) Open the image from your folder of any one painting
The paintings photograph in your computer art folder
Microsoft Office Picture Editor
2) Top line go to Microsoft picture editor, click.
3) Select top bar edit pictures
Edit options for paintings photo
4) You will see a right hand side panel with options
Crop Option Selected
5) Select crop pictures. A black line comes on the page. With the mouse select the black line to the edge of your artwork image and leave aside all extra background that has come up in the photo.

Edit use Crop Option
6) Once done from all four sides remember to click OK other wise you will see no changes.
After Crop Image click OK Very Important

7) Now select brightness and sharpness contrast and here you have to go gradually lest you may spoil the image color and sharpness. Usually there is no need to edit color options with images taken in digital camera with proper lighting. 
8) Click on Save , very important. You can also save the image with this option as 'save as' and give the image a specific name of your artwork.
9)The final image of your artwork is ready to upload online.

Final Edited Neat Image of your painting ready to upload online
In this digital world we need to get sharp images of our works to be able to display and many online art galleries insist on a certain highest resolution pictures only for display in their online galleries, since they also sell art prints and here the highest resolution images of paintings the better the prints.
The Blue Sun, cubism symbolic abstract painting.

Meanwhile on with another symbolic artwork in progress, and the canvas on my wall" Embracing the Chaos" with another month beginning ,
Embracing The Chaos by Rizwana Mundewadi
looking at the beautiful canvas with a few strokes till date, this painting has begun on 31st December 2013 and hope to continue till end of this year that is December 31st 2014, InshaAllah. I had begun with warm colors red orange and then at the end of January the color turquoise had come up with a single straight stroke bang in the center of the canvas. 
Controlling the urge to splash paint over and finish the painting, umpteen ideas and colros in my mind, patience, this painting is a lesson in patience, focus. This time I have gone with spiritual colors vibrant blue, ultramarine blue and camlin blue loaded and royal color purple, the strokes look beautiful against the plain canvas, an innocent abstract work with an identity of its own)
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art
Thank You!
Take Care and God Bless!

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