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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Making of Meerabai Eternal- Video Exhibition of Pen Drawings - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio
The true love epic of Meerabai a spiritual singer who sung in praise of God, Bhajans, who left all the riches and followed her true love, her destiny, the unseen silent observer. the thoughts have been implemented into pen drawigns and as I arrange my paintings done over the years I fall upon the spiritual love of meerabai and then follows the best representation of this artwrok and the video ..a spiritual journey that takes you to deep understanding of Meerabai and her true spiritual love.
The sketches have been done in solitude without anyone knowing about them as till now I have always observed that great art comes out in solitude. people wonder how I live... I am lonely and sometimes even I  doubt whether this is the right path..but I choose solitude, because even among the crowd I am alone..
View the video my first effort.. on Portfolio

Meerabai Eternal - Pen Drawings

My first attempt at making a video right from my heart. The pen drawings came up while organizing all my paintings done since the past 12 years. From my line series to my spiritual abstracts and sacred geometry all stacked up neatly arranged into separate folders, The inspiration relates to past years when I was inspired by the true love epic of meerabai and her true spiritual love for God. People  termed her insane when she left her riches and selected the life of a wanderer.
YouTube Link
She refused to lead the same life as others from her family following the same rituals and the same superficial life style. Her leaving all the riches and selecting the simple life in way of God, praising him, singing for him..she has made a name in history for true spiritual love and I think this is some what so similar to sufism, that is true love for God. In Hinduism people  sing for the praise of God are termed as Bhajans, Praises are sung by sufi singers which are termed as sufiyanas..which leads me to another inspiration.. sufism is a vast genre of music and this has been on my mind for long, guess after  Buddhism symbols and feng shui paintings maybe this would follow..
Pen Drawings year 2001, 21 drawings in this series done on  8x10 Inches size paper.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sacred Geometric Abstract Paintings in Water Colour 2003

Sacred geometry or spiritual geometry paintings or symbolic geometric paintings are a very specialized genre of art. Many spiritual healers use geometric shapes to represent balance, harmony and spirituality.Geometry has been an important part of my life as anspiritual healer and artist. healing through the perfect square for balance, the octad for bringing about perfection in any situation and the circle to represent the unending universe , the connection between heaven and earth. The year 2002 abstracts saw many geometric artworks and I continued to paint using water colours on paper. Since I was head strong on making art using the water colour technique making spiritual geometry was an enlightening experience.   
Geometric Abstract painting by Rizwana
I was often labelled as making squares and circles, that which small nursery children make and learn, being simple, thinking simple , drawing simple, yet I was fascinated with the shapes and their form. The circle with its complete wholeness was a shape  on which I have done plenty of paintings. It is sufficient for my whole life even if I go on and on painting the shapes will never be sufficient.  Though after years of spiritual geometry I have moved some what from these total sacred shapes to symbols that represent spirituality.
Geometric Abstract Paintign by Rizwana Mundewadi
These spiritual geometry paintings are done on paper usign water colours in size 8x11 Inches in year 2003. 17 paintings of sacred geometry in this series which formed the base for my sacred spirtual artworks later on in life..
Spiritual Geometry Painting by healing Artist
Sacred Geometry by healing Artist Rizwana

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Understanding the Artist behind the Healing Art

When you meet an artist how do you feel? it is understood that your buyers will want to connect with you, understand your art and some where when they are able to relate to your art only then will the want to make your art an important part of their life. I know talking about selling is a no no, still in our industry and as I discuss this I am too faced with this dilemma of parting with a part of myself.
Let us consider a few thoughts in this direction from a buyers point of view. How you present yourself is very important and how you present your art is still more important. Does not mean you go on and on chattering about how you did your painting, what you saw, what motivated you and how you proceeded to collect paints and , or you just wait for the viewer to ask?
Making beautiful , colourful art is one thing and thinking about selling your art is totally a different thing. I find it so difficult to talk about my art but when I write the words just keep pouring. Is destiny for an artist set, making a landmark in the history of art, do not feel like selling, as I know the money will not make any thing different in my life. Just give me canvas and paints and leave me in solitude, I choose the quiet as many great creations have taken place in silence.
My art has to reach out, my symbols like my babies need to travel abroad and find good homes, I need to be able to help people through my symbols, this will be my best gift. I would be the happiest mother to see my art displayed in many homes and that which brightens up their homes and brings them happiness and prosperity. Oh, how happy I would be to hear the success stories and the sorted out lives where the symbols have healed the past and present karma of people.
Ego is the one that creates all problems, the soul is always beautiful and peaceful. After getting so many no's from Indian galleries, abroad has given me so much encouragement and I really thank these people who have helped me to put up my art online. The day has to begin and end with thanks giving always.
Healing Reiki Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Oil Painting on Oil Sketch Paper, year 2009. 13.5x19.5 Inches. Symbols used for Cho Ku Rei, reiki symbol 'power switch'or 'put the power here' with enlightenment, double happiness and the purification symbol  Sei Hei Ki or purfication symbol to purify the environment and heal the aura.
Reiki symbols and all my symbols are losing their importance in my life as I am using them less and less for personal use. The cho ku rei and the sei-he-ki symbols still come up during cleansing and purification as well as grounding exercises taught from my teacher , some quiet time with exercise and meditation is necessary to ward off negativity.
My symbols displayed in my home have been of great help in healing my past and my present and I wish the same for the whole world. Sending healing for the mother earth. I wish to make simple, colourful, understandable art and whatever the critiques say I will keep making healing art.
It is appropriate for you to ask how my symbols work, whether they do work at all or how can symbols heal?
 I connect with the whole world as I am an important part of this whole universe and though I may be a speck in this divine design I am an important part without which the divine design would not be complete.

Tao Yin Yang Symbol Feng Shui Painting

Yin Tang Symbolic Feng Shui painting by Rizwana Yang symbol having universal appeal is one of the commonest seen and used symbols in every culture. Be it the East or the West all people are familiar with this symbol and its symbolic sanctity is also understood by all. There is a deep meaning in this unique symbol which is never mentioned any where and as my spiritual journey carries forward I have been using this yin tang symbol extensively in my healing and feng shui paintings.
The yin yang Tao symbol has been used to project harmony, a balance of positive and negative; white and black; dark and light; day and night; In fact 'chi' or the basic energy life force in feng shui is also having two constituents, that is heaven and earth. The two symbols unite to make a whole, which look like tad poles attached in opposite direction , together to make a complete whole. Usually the yin yang symbol is seen in black and white with two holes in each shape. The two holes represent that each is incomplete without the other. Basically it can also be said that the two are male and female , extrovert and introvert and there are many attributes in nature that, though being opposite,  are all in harmony.
Opposite forces are required for balance and one cannot exist without the other. The black is yin or dark energy and the white, yang indicates light force. Two are merged in form of circle , where we see that the yin has a bit of yang and the yang has a bit of yin, indicating that both are merged together to form a complete whole. The dark part of yin always has to face downwards and the yin has to create a force that rises upwards. When this is in balance then we see peace, harmony, good health and an enriching environment that leads to a successful life.
Oil paintings are a easy way to balance your environment of any imbalances created by natural or man made reasons. In cases of imbalance such symbolic healing paintings help to enrich your environment and create positive chi in your home and office. This symbol is a very powerful symbol and when the intentions of the healer are put up the same art work acts as a feng shui cure and can heal.
Placement Tips for feng shui cure yin yang symbol paintings- When used as an feng shui cure this yin yang symbolic feng shui painting will need to be hung in an area which is in need of harmony. When there are problems in relationships then this artwork need to be hung on your south west wall of your bedroom. This will make understanding in your bitter relationships and create harmony among the couple. If the relationships among in-laws is sour you can hang this oil painting in your living room where all the family members are exposed to the healing radiations of this powerful yin yang symbol. In case of difficulty with your employer and staff members you can hang this symbolic feng shui painting in your living room in the north west area or also in your office. Since the colors used are in harmony with the yin and yang energy the whole environment will be charged with positive vibes which will not only reflect in your positive attitude but also heal all the other people exposed to this positive yin yang harmony energy.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Understanding Reiki Ki Energy Oil Painting on Oil Sketch Paper

Ki Energy Painting on paper by Rizwana Mundewadi
Energy is our source of existence and as the energy for sustenance lowers we fall sick and feel tired. We have lower energy levels and also affects our relationships and career. Ki energy is the power source of attracting energy from the universe. As I have studied in Reiki the gruesome years of self training, the sacrifices, the trials and the emotional turmoil , having faced all setbacks we come to an awareness of the working of this universe, our karma. Some luck is attached with us which we cannot change that is our birth luck, the heaven luck, which we can improve and clear off bad karma by some healing techniques,  and the other earth luck is where there is a wide open opportunity to grow as much as you put effort.
Ki energy painting done on oil sketch paper is a representation of the ki exercises taught by our teacher and Reiki Grand Master. Size 19x12.5 Inches, year 2003. The energy source arises from our own organs, breast and genitals,  where through exercises when we activate this energy it is a great power source. Exercises for tapping this potential energy are taught to the Reiki channel.
The flow of energy from this source to the heart is what is represented in this painting. This is an abstract healing painting which can be used to activate the heart and sexual chakra. These two chakras are a source of abundant energy which can change the whole life of any individual. It is understood that we ourselves are a source of energy which is untapped and let of without using. Once we tap this source we feel energetic, lively and can attract abundance, happiness and prosperity.
Placement Tips - In feng shui any energy painting is best hanged on your south wall. But due to the spiritual energy emitted from this artwork this ki energy painting can be hung on any feng shui direction of your bedroom wall. This painting is best for bedrooms, study and private spaces , a place where you spend some quiet time with your self. The north east, for realizing self goal,  and south west for relationships , are also a preferable  direction for hanging this feng shui energy painting.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Understanding Mandala and Sacred Geometry in Paintings

 Geometry as we refer to a circle, square, rectangle and a triangle. This is what we have studied since childhood and as we grow we study cylindrical, cubic as well as other three dimensional forms of shapes. During my journey of searching for my identity I loved to paint shapes. Lines, circles, rectangles and squares were an important part of my discovery in art style and these paintings are size 6.5x9.5 Inches from the year 2000. Spirituality and religion are two different things is what I have understood. A religious person may not be truly spiritual and may keep following rituals blindly where as someone who may not be showing signs of following rituals may be a highly spiritual person leading a more fruitful life.

Mandala Sacred Geometry Painting
 Mandalas come up when a person truly follows the principles of leading a spiritual life. madala paintings come after meditation and after doing third degree in the healing technique of Reiki and following daily practices this sacred geometry came about in my artworks. Why did Kandinsky give meaning to his squares and circles is another question as my self discovery has led to different meanings to these beautiful shapes. A mandala painting is a device to enable one to learn and concentrate effectively. It is a means to understand geometry and use this for benefit in improving concentration, memory, learning and meditation through the use of appropriate geometric shapes.

Healing Art By Rizwana Mundewadi

Sacred Geometry Oil Painting on paper

A basic mandala is an auspicious symbol for perfection and balance.  The circular centre shape displaying any where will make way for balance and harmony. It has been understood that the circle shape having no corners indicates the heaven and the earth and the whole universe. It is connected without any breaks and thsi indicates the completeness and connectivity of the heaven and earth.  
Spiritual Sacred Geometry Painting on Paper by Rizwana
It also indicates limitless energy and abundance.
The mandala paintings have symbolic shapes and visual geometry helps to connect to the individual soul. Each soul conencts with their respective symbol and hence we see many people like circles where as some are more inclined to select square shaped objects or triangle shaped ones.
Mandal Sacred Geometry Painting on paper

In ancient art people used to make mandala paintings which were a perfect balance between different patterns and shapes. Each artwork begins with a central core or the circle shape and then proceeds using harmonious elements and different images along side and as the width of the circle grows the painting emerges as a beautiful harmonious artwork. These paintings are very effectively used since ages for healing and awakening the third eye.

How does a  mandala healing painting work?  it works on your subconscious mind or the third eye. It promotes relaxation and visual geometric images involve all your senses. The mind when relaxed focuses on the colours, images and symbols used in these mandalas and therefore promotes learning and increased memory and concentration.
As our two eyes allow vision and the sense of sight so the third eye which is placed on your fore head area is used to see the etheral and astral level.
There are many mantras which use sound to activate the third eye and sacred geometry paintings do the same with using our sense of sight.
Very often spiritual artists use images and different symbols in these mandala paintings. The famous Buddhist artworks have the eight auspicious symbols,especially the wheel of dharma in many paintings. Artists also use the beautiful circle to unfold various mysteries of the other levels. There may also be use of squares, triangles and rectangles along with various symbols  or objects drawn, all in harmony attached to one another.
In Indian mythology mandalas are used and very often have the 'Aum' symbol at its core. The first primal sound or the beginning of sound 'Om'.
Mandala Symbolic Geometry Painting on canvas

Mandala Painting Sacred Geometry on Paper

Mandala Painting on Canvas Feng Shui cure for Good luck

Central Core

Opening of the Third Eye by Rizwana Mundewadi

 Mandala in my healing Painting on paper
The beauty of any mandala painting is that it is always drawn in harmony. Whatever the images used or the symbols used all form a smooth flow and give a feeling of totality and completeness when viewed. It is a very difficult art and need lots of patience and concentration as well as a balanced emotional level in the spiritual artist.
My personal preference has been over the years with sacred geometry and mandalas though a part of my healing spiritual paintings I have never fully painted only mandala paintings. The other favourite shapes of sqaures and circles were more in the early years and as I have moved from circle to square the  phase of Octad  going on in year 2010. The symbol for perfection in heaven and earth. The OCTAD with its eight sides, a truly beautiful symbol!

Abstract Third Eye painting

Painting Lines in Water Colour for Healing

Lines have been what I keep doing still after so many years. Since we know any art begins from a dot which proceeds to a line and then becomes a master piece, I have always been fascinated with lines. Colourful lines , thick lines, thick lines, oil paint lines and water colour lines as well abstract lines all form an important part of my paintings. I have to resist the urge to keep repeating the same in every painting since after observing the many artworks I have done in the past decade lines have turned to become monotonous . May BE A LINE HERE AND A LINE THERE JUST TO KEEP MY SIGNATURE STYLE ALIVE!
Lines Painting for Healing

Healing Painting Lines Series

Towards Abstraction from Lines

Thick Lines paintings
Symbolic Lines Painting in water Colour
Lines Water Colour Paintings. Study on water colour strokes and techniques of using water colour on paper. Paintings are done on paper 11x8 Inches.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Most powerful Symbol for Good Luck and Prosperity, Ashtamangala Oil painting

Finally after painting symbols for many paintings each powerful symbol from the eight auspicious symbols in Tibet Buddhism the ultimate powerful symbol , all together eight, enlightened and came upon in my paintings.  The symbols have been an important part of my life and my paintings and as they communicate with me so do they attract viewers from all around who require the specific healing. They will find their rightful place in the world and reach the soul that requires their healing the most.

Ashtamangala Painting in Oil on paper
 !9x24 Inches Oil on Oil sketch paper, year 2010. The above image is of the most powerful symbol for good luck and prosperity having the eight auspicious symbols. The painting has been varnished to make it shine on itself.

This oil painting of Ashtamangala is done on canvas using oil paints. Size 45x34 Inches
Ashtamangala Oil Painting on canvas by Healing Artist Raz

The power of symbols and their working as healing medium are very effective and this beautiful painting will keep healing everyone and everywhere it is put up. Not only will the environment it is hung become purified and charged with positive energy and good luck but also all the problems in your personal as well as career will be solved by getting healing vibrations from this powerful Ashtamangala oil painting.
The best place to hang this painting is on your south wall in your living room. Though the painting can be hung on nay place where you will be more exposed to the healing everyday the best place for this oil painting is on your south wall.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trees in my Paintings by Healing Artist Rizwana

Trees have been coming up in my paintings since the beginning of my career. I had done a  few pencil and pen sketches and at least has a tree painting in the series. For any spiritual person it is easy to understand the representation and symbolic significance of trees. Since many years artists from all genres have used tree symbol to depict different meanings through their art. I have used tree as a symbol of abundance and fulfillment of wishes.
Fruit trees are always attractive and the feeling of watching a fully laden fruit tree is appealing to everyone. Progressing from symbolic skecth to crayin tree and even the comb effect lines tree of healing I have used this very important and powerful symbol in my art pieces.

Tree of Symbols Canvas 13x17"2009 painting done in year 2009 is among the ones which have Chinese symbols used to depict various aspects of fulfillment of wishes. The tree of symbols is a beautiful canvas painting done using oil and acrylic paints. The colour French ultramarine and cobalt blue along with chrome green are spiritual colors that represent growth and abundance. Size 13x17 Inches.
Golden Fruit Tree - Water colour painting by healing artist
The golden fruit tree laden with fruits is a water colour painting done on paper.8x10.5 Inches.

Crayons used sketches done in early years also had few trees and the serene landscape below is done using crayons on paper. 8x10.5 Inches.

Crayon Sketch 'Tree' by Rizwana Mundewadi
Symbolic Painting by healing Artist
 Symbols and more symbols. This painting done on oil sketch paper is for good luck. the good luck painting has the vase of inexhaustible treasures along with the famous yin yang symbol to balance all energies.

Wish Fulfillment Tree- Oil painting on Oil sketch paper by Healing artist raz
Wish fulfillment tree- oil painting for healing and abundance. The good luck tree painting is very auspicious and lucky and can be hung in your bedroom to welcome great wealth and prosperity luck.

Pen Sketch Trees by Healing Artist raz
 Pen sketch of woods as in from of trees. I tried to use dots as in pointillism in few of my paintings after this sketch for study and these styles come up in many works as I cannot do only abstracts , to break the monotony of my brush strokes pointillism, cubism and abstracts along with majors in symbols my works span a variety of art styles.
Pencil Sketch Tree by Rizwana Mundewadi

Healing Tree- Oil painting by healing artist raz
Trees form an important part of nature and with the blessings of abundance my symbolic paintings are self explainatory and healing. The healing tree oil painting on oil sketch paper is an example of healing art that involves the viewer in the healing process. Your third eye is connected as you view the artwork and just viewing the original healing painting gives one immense connection to your spiritual self.

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