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Monday, October 20, 2014

Spouse Fidelity Problems Display this Feng Shui Bird Paintings in your Relationship Sector Good Bedroom Paintings for Building love in long distance relationships.

Spouse, couples , who are always working for more hours of the day or have long distance relationships always fear fidelity issues. Maybe there sometimes comes up a third in between them who takes a prominent place in their lives. I do not mean only some third partner, it may also be a friend, sibling or parent who unknowingly interferes too much between the relationships of the couple, thus leading to many adjustment relationship issues coming up. 
Feng shui Bird paintings help to strengthen the bond between the couple and also attract pure love among them. Pair of birds in feng shui paintings are strong symbolism of love and happiness in the couple.
They represent stability in relationship and also more understanding and love among the couple. Geese are best symbols for love. You can also display pair of doves, sparrows, swans that are beautifully in dedicated love with each other. Displaying such paintings attracts a strong boding energy in your life that prevents outsiders from interfering in your love relationships and leads to happy successful married life.  Then this also brings my budgies, love birds, they are so engrossed in their own, they sure represent a true couple! Display love birds paintings in your bedroom to attract stability in married relationships, and love.
Designer Hearts Modern Contemporary bedroom painting size 12x12 Inches
Then also if you wish to attract the right spouse, or are in conversation with some proposal which you feel is best and want to tie the knot, go ahead and display feng shui  bird paintings to attract this beneficial energy in your life at the correct time.
Attract feng shui love energy in your life with these beautiful healing artworks, Check out modern bedroom healing paintings in Pink Love Waves  and Beautiful Love !
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Modern Floral Abstracts for White Walls

Modern Floral Abstracts for White Walls, modern homes, zen environment and positive vibes coming form homes, we see a lot of people choosing to have white walls. The glossy pure white give a blank canvas to decorate and also your interior decorator will be most happy as they can use any type of combinations to decorate your house.
White walls need not be boring and even white has so many shades and hues. Art chosen for white walls can be bold colorful or in single or mono color scheme. Considering feng shui symbolism art can be used for healing benefits and to attract feng shui energy into your homes and office work spaces.
Pink Hibiscus Acrylic on Paper by Rizwana A

Contemporary Pots by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Check out my latest modern healing paintings.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paintings for Large Walls Modern Homes with White Walls Art Choosing tips Plain Colors Abstract Color Field Paintings for Contemporary Decor

Plain Colors Abstracts , actually Color Field Paintings are loved by many for Large Walls.  Modern Homes with White Walls need to choose the right type of Art, one that will add up to the level of the interior decor.
Modern homes with large walls have to choose large paintings and your interior decorator would never go against your will in choosing art for your walls. While some prefer colors some feel the elite and enlightened ones who choose white color for walls also love large abstracts in single or monochromatic colors. There are some who love colors and one large painting with abstract vibrant colors does wonders to your home decor and living room status.
Usually people who do not know about art will share that they love single or at most three colors in their art on walls.
Color field paintings , what are termed as plain colors over large expanses of canvas are actually spiritual abstracts done with utmost care and dedication. Color over large spaces makes a strong symbolic statement and is also charged with the energy that emits by viewing the color. As red is considered an energy color, orange is lively and blue is spiritually soothing, each color spread over large canvasses makes a style statement and brings a beautiful energy into your homes.
There are minimum lines, shapes or any other representative objects in the art and no wonder Rothko's abstracts people would stand for hours viewing , ending up crying!
There is also another aspect from the interior decorators point of view in choosing color field paintings. It is very important that art blends or goes along with the other elements of design in your home. Hence art is also chosen to blend with your decor and never over powering and drawing total focus on one aspect of design only.
While choosing art for your modern homes with large white walls the most tricky part is colors in art. Always choose art in the colors that you are comfortable in, as you will be close to this art for years and will be continuously exposed to viewing it day and night.
Remember turquoise is a quiet color, so if you are social this will make your living room energy quiet. If you want a peaceful relaxing environment at home large expanses of red will make you uncomfortable. So also black will draw strong attention and light shades will not do any thing much to the energy of your room.
Spiritual Elegance by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
You can choose art following feng shui principles and color therapy. Healing art can uplift energy in your home as well as add elegance to your home decor.
Chocolatey Healing Art Limited Collection

Develop Love and Compassion Reiki Healing art

Healing Flowers

Celadon Limited Collection

Understanding color symbolism helps a lot in choosing large color field paintings for modern homes. White walls are a boon to interior decorators and clientele as it is win win situation for everyone, the client, the interior decorator and the artists! just about any color goes well on white walls!
soothing, bold, vibrant, subtle, or multi colored!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Thank you for coming by razarts!
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Healing Art for Modern Small Room Homes Buying Tips Affordable Healing Art for Small Rooms

Art for Modern Small Room Homes Buying Tips Affordable Healing Art for Small Rooms
Modern homes though larger  in  total area have specifically designed area rooms for every detailed requirements. In today's modern homes with smaller sized rooms choosing art become son task as large sized paintings may not always go very well with your decor.
Then the over powering presence of one large artwork in a small room may over shadow your all unique decor elements added to your rooms.
For some small pieces click very well as they choose colorful artworks and add unique frames to them. With modern framing options small artworks are finding special places in modern decor with interior decorators as these are affordable and they also do not over shadow the elements of design by  interior decorators.
Modern Feng shui art for small size rooms

Colorful Purification 6x8 Inches acrylic on canvas board
Beautiful small Healing symbolic feng shui artworks can highlight small spaces with energy and color.
Corners and specific areas can be decorated with small artworks that will beautify your space.
Dining areas, study areas, gym areas, lounge, home theater entertainment areas, children s play areas and many more areas that may have smaller space allotted like your home office can be beautified with smaller pieces of affordable healing art.
All the Best from Rizwana!
The painting displayed here is "Colorful Purification"size 6x8 Inches very good feng shui painting for dining areas , children's room and home office. Reiki symbol for purification and protection and bringing in peace happiness and harmony .
"Abundance" is a powerful symbol to attract good luck. If you like any of my artworks please contact on
You can also connect with me on Face book, linked in and Twitter!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Modern Moghul Paintings Miniatures and Style Symbolism Tiny Artworks in Detailing Where to Hang Moghul Era Paintings

Modern Moghul paintings emerged with the Moghul era where kings and emperors used to have specially painted miniature paintings depicting the royal life style and kingdom giving a modern twist to this style of painting. Most modern miniature artist paint according to inspirations from old texts , poetry, narrations and depicting  scenes, portraits, illustrations along with texts also . Usually stemming form the Persian culture there were also detailed artworks done on silks and cloth which had illustration, pictures, and  Arabic or Persian texts.
Moghul Era Paintings Portraits Modern Paintings Symbolism
Moghul paintings got a boost during the reigns of Akbar, Jehangir and Shah Jahan.
There is a lot of detailing in many artworks done by specialized artists who were very experienced in painting as  well as calligraphy.The art of miniature paintings still continues with artists making fine detailed artworks symbolizing royalty, stature and rich environment. 
There were a vast range of subjects / topics seen in Moghul era paintings portraits, local scenes, people, durbars,  hunting, wild life birds, ponds, dressing up of queens and so on. 
There was a lot of golden paint also used in artworks and illustrations to depict royalty and richness.
Many modern artists are continuing this traditions and special painting style and making modern miniature moghul era style artworks. 
If you love rich colors and illustrations and have such paintings they have a great feng shi energy as they already represent royalty.
The sizes of portrait does matter and large sized works are great to bring in loads of good luck and happiness. Miniature Paintings depicting birds, trees, flowers, happy couple, queens and kings are good for the south wall and south east sector of your home. Avoid Miniature paintings depicting war scenes and kings with swords and weapons like knifes , swords,cannons in battlefields. 
Colors used may be green, pink, red, purple golden, black and blue. 

Some simple Guidelines for buying or commissioning Miniature Paintings and best places for for display-
1) While you may love miniature and historical paintings it is better to select happy scenes and happy expressions in portraits and miniature paintings. 
2) Avoid war scenes, battle field scenes and argument representative scenes like durbar scenes represent some judgement being passed or some legal issues. 
3) Avoid lonely single characters like one single lady or lonely king in forest. 
4) Birds are great energy, like peacock, parrots especially parakeets are good as they represent intelligence. 
5) Portraits are the most loved by many, royal portraits are a favourite. 
Displaying miniature paintings with royal scenes , garden, birds can be displayed in south, south east, west and even water scenes can be hung in north for feng shui career benefits. Then miniature paintings or portraits of deceased family members, though precious to your heart must be avoided to hang in living room. 
Love scenes and miniature paintings of couples can be displayed in bedroom south west wall or behind the bed.
In case you have miniature paintings and like to understand the symbolism or need more information on understanding your art, please share on!
Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!

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