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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Violet Fire Symbolism in Reiki Healing

Violet Fire Reiki Symbolic oil painting Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The color purple symbolizes a spiritual energy and connects to the heart and soul. It is the beautiful color of the crown chakra , that is the most important chakra for connecting the body and soul to the universal life force. Feng shui Masters, Heavenly luck energy, religious connections and spiritual beings have a stronger aura color of whitest purple.
The History of Reiki goes back to, Saint Germain is an ascender of the age of Aquarians. He helps to heal energy blocks and removes these to assist in healing. During Reiki sessions Reiki Masters ask for aid and assistance from St Germany to help in the difficult cases of energy blocks that prevent Reiki from entering the body for healing. This Violet fire, Cold fire as I call it with love, as the other one our fire is red and orange, has been an important part of my healing art since the beginning of my into arts. Though this was much abstract  in the beginning, and now they are seen with symbols in the higher level Reiki Seichem and Reiki Sechem.It has never let me down and the most difficult situations are also healed, Thank you, Saint Germaine!
Cold Fire, My Purple Fire of Healing, Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Only a few enlightened souls Reiki Masters who use this powerful tool for healing and purification know the power of this beautiful Violet fire. . For the most difficult cases of blocked energy this violet fire helps to clear bad karmic blocks, and energy blocks and allows free movement of chi, positive energy  in your body. Cold fire, a symbolic fire that is not red, but purple and of spiritual energy. Helps to heal mental, emotional and physical energy blocks.
The color itself is spiritual and soothing and the symbols increase the energy power manifolds.While in healing sessions we imagine a purple fire ball in our hands that is released to purify space , body, or any object and here the intentions are very important. The intent of the healer is put up thus opening the crown chakra to accept pure energy and heal the mind body and spirit. Along with other Reiki symbols again it is a great tool for healing.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Lucky Pot and some Very Important Guidelines for Hanging Pot Paintings

"The Famous Pot" and "Untitled"Two of my Beautiful Healing Paintings on dark blue wall  Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The lucky pot for wealth, abundance and prosperity. pots have since ages been a symbol for good luck Their storing capacities and qualities and their antique appeal give post a symbolic value of symbols of good  luck.
While I love post and have a large collection of good luck pots painted in my precious favorite Chinese and Reiki symbols there are certain simple rules on displaying pot paintings at home and in office-
1) The pot paintings must never be in dull muddy colors, this symbolizes old pots that are empty and stranded.
2) Not all pot paintings are good or symbols of luck. Pot painting must be what you like. and not with some scary images painted over them. horror scary war images will reflect imbalance and disharmony.
3) Always choose pots that are narrow towards the mouth, this prevents wealth from escaping.  Check out points in a good feng shui money wealth vase.  Some of the best tips in simple easy language.
4) Never hang a lot of empty broken pot paintings , they suck up and drain wealth.
5) Never hang pot paintings in washrooms,  in bathroom or water closets,  they will attract ill luck and bad feng shui.
Thank you!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Activate your home Feng Shui without Major Expenses or Breaking Walls and How Feng Shui Paintings Work

Activate your home Feng Shui with simply  the walls space with feng shui cure paintings. Feng shui is all about going with the flow and living in harmony with the five elements on earth. This was a issue previously as feng shui experts would advise to break walls, reconstruct walls, do major changes in furniture and this all came out too be really costly, so in the end whether it would attract  wealth and good energy somehow it surely drained your finances and left a quite large sized hole in your  pocket!
There were books and so much information and after reading extensively over the years  I have understood so many facts on feng shui and have been suggesting simple practical tips , sharing my experiences and of course from the emails they sure work wonders to your luck! I am always with feng shui in a simple way, without Major Expenses or Breaking Walls!
 How Feng Shui Paintings Work.
1) The major problem in many homes is finances and space.
For some one trying for increasing finances cannot commit to major expenses of renovating their house that would go in lakhs of rupees and thousands of Dollars, so it is here that my  beautiful feng shui paintings work. They have all the required symbols for luck and balancing the required energy.
2) Each painting that you like from my collections can be customized with the required lacking energy in your life. And all in all it is whole package of good luck.
3) I always offer special guidance for best places for hanging the art.
4) Space savers and money savers! it becomes difficult to add many feng shui cure objects and cures in any space as it will add to clutter. Wall paintings take little space and act as great cures to attract luck and wealth.
"Active Orange" on living room wall Original Healing Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

"Dragons of Fame" Living room wall, original oil painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
5) My Healing art , is not just a form of abstract art laid on canvas, it is though for in detail with each color each stroke made with the intention of healing.
6) Surrounding your self with my precious symbols gives the brain a continuous message of positivity and makes things happen.
7) Modern contemporary healing art blends well with modern decor and can be a great conversation piece!

Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to attract Feng Shui Travel Luck Conch symbolic Painting for Travel and Wisdom Luck

Conch a symbol of enlightenment is also a very good feng shui cure symbol for attracting travel luck. Not only does this displayed symbol help to activate wisdom, intelligence, creativity but it is also symbolic of traveling too better lands.
Since ages Conch is blown as a symbol of purity, purification, enlightenment and harmony.In Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism it is considered an auspicious symbol and an important ritual in beginning of anything auspicious. The Conch is also one among the eight auspicious symbols of good luck in Tibetan Buddhism which you will find in most of my healing paintings.
Conch has been considered precious since it also holds the pearl, thus it is also a wealth symbol that is stored. Conches coming by the sea shore with the currents of water waves bring in good luck and wealth.
Enlightenment The Light in Your Life, oil painting on paper by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Paintings with the symbol of conch is thus very auspicious and in feng shui it is also considered as a very good cure too attract travel luck.
When hung in best positions and areas in your home they can attract great feng shui wealth luck and travel luck!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unending Love and Harmony symbols for Bedroom , Mystic knot symbolism and feng shui

The Mystic knot is a beautiful symbol from Tibetan Buddhism and in feng shui it has been proved to be one of the most effective in promoting harmony, love and happiness in the family.
Bedroom feng shui involves displaying symbols of dual energies, the Yin as well as the yang, only when there is a balance, does life go around smoothly for the married couple.
Most beautiful gifts for newly married couples would be to gift a healing feng shui painting along with best guidelines for displaying in the best locations to attract happiness and harmony in their new life.
"Feeling Blessed" original hand  painting Mystic Knot Rizwana A.Mundewadi
the mystic knot also symbolizes a snake that eats its tail. Thus symbolizing reality of life and death a  cycle of life , birth and rebirth. One of the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism this one is seen in many forms and art objects. From paintings to be displayed this Mystic knot symbol is seen in feng shui jewelry, gift articles, wind chimes, clothes prints as well as daily use objects with the image of the  symbol.
Mystic knot or unending knot as it is termed has immense chi, and helps to attract happiness , prosperity and peace in any space. This also can be used to attract harmony in office space by making the environment active, and energetic,  between employer and employees in harmony.
Displaying symbols is an important part of feng shui symbolism and the Mystic Knot is one powerful feng shui cure to heal relationships and attract great relations.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How art can heal Symbols of Forgiveness is a Powerful word Chinese symbol of Forgiveness

Symbols of forgiveness, when displayed can help alleviate healing. Quotes and thoughts expressed by famous motivational speakers and spiritual leaders all come down to one word, forgiveness. This is the most powerful word that I have noticed helps one to accept so many things, people and situations. Forgiveness opens new energies for us to clear the past battles and negative blocks and opens us for a welcoming new vibrant future.
Chinese symbols are special characters that are written with strokes , lines,  that form an image in themselves. A simple character has a long explanation and meaning in words. Beautiful symbols help to connect the mind and brain to focus on the images.Understanding symbolism behind these helps the mind body and spirit to heal faster. A gradual progress in my art, from simple shapes to lines  to symbols have brought about a spiritual healing from within and thus making me open up as a channel to spread healing.
Karmic Healer Forgiveness energy healing art Rizwana

All Around There is Love Healing Art Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Beautiful healing of the Soul , Contemporary Modern Healing Art Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The one word changes lives. Forgiveness comes only after a long process of acceptance of every human being is going through their own battles, life journey. Forgiving some one is the most difficult thing and that one barrier that stops progress. Forgiveness does not have to be that you become friends with those. It is just that things dont matter so much after the heart accepts.  In fact there is a different type of feeling, emotion for those who have done wrong or somehow  affected your life adversely.   I have come to understand and accept that each one is just playing their own role. Just what has been given to them. Its just a matter of luck some come as friends and some as teachers!
Reiki has helped me a lot in overcoming my life struggles...once that I was so quiet , people notice have bloomed into an awesum individual!
Observing and surrounding your self with symbols are a great reminder for your life journey and helps to keep focus in life.
Chinese symbol for forgiveness
Forgiveness the Karmic Healer
Forgive , to pardon, the Pictogram, Chinese symbol of forgiveness, suggests that heart is made for forgiveness. putting yourself in others shoes, understanding and thus bringing about an energy of letting go. My healing art is always a beautiful energy combination of Reiki and Chinese Characters.
Thank you and God Bless from Rizwana!

Healing Art opens the mind body and spirit for healing Meaning of Opening the Heart Reiki Symbol

"Opening our hearts", acceptance is the miracle word. Reiki symbols guide us to go through the process of healing faster and make way for a vibrant future. Each one goes through life's experiences but only on acceptance do other doors open, a pure light that leads to happiness, harmony and peace.
No I do not say there will be no problems in life, it is our attitude that will change, towards each experience. Some where along the road a positive energy always begins to move with us guiding us and sending hope from what would have been a disastrous situation some time back.
Symbols are a physical form that can be viewed by eyes and many of us require something physical to connect with. No wonder since ages symbols of hope, spirituality, religion have made places in our Hearts and homes.
"Mental blocks" is what you must have heard of, is one of the most dangerous reasons for not getting healed. Understanding this term, simply means your heart and mind is closed and not willing to accept situations, people and circumstances.
More so I have also observed over the years that these blocks often lead to chronic diseases and body gives out this stored negative energy in many unexpected forms. More so it appears as chronic diseases that even after taking best medications are not healed.
Healing art, symbols, in simpler terms,  it is a friend, partner all along that assists us in our daily lives and helps us to lead a confident and well adjusted life.
A connection between the healer, the healee and the Universal life force is what brings about miraculous changes in life.
Difficult too express in words, simply put you will feel more happiness and enjoy life from heart!
A Swirl of Healing , Mixed Media Healing Painting on paper Rizwana A.Mundewadi
That is  the POWER of Healing art!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Horse Sculptures and Paintings Not working for you

 Horse Sculptures and Paintings are Not working for you, your  Home, and why do some horse paintings not work the way you expect them to? Horse energy is the best and strongest one as in feng shui these are symbols of strength, speed, honour, success and positive energy. Horses love some spaces and when a good horse painting is hung here show great results fast here. In other places these horses in your paintings act in a bizzare fashion.
Which Horse Sculptures and Paintings are Not Good for your Home
People share experiences like confusion, sudden job loss, more wealth going out of the home than coming in, arguments and tussles in the family, people talking bad behind you and many such not so good effects.  Sometimes these horse paintings are removed as last resort for the ill luck.
No hard feelings and with due respect to all artists who love to paint horses, the shapes, numbers and postures of horses in your paintings affects the energy they bring out.
A horse does not always bring good luck, if it is not placed properly.
1) Horse is angry and in stamping posture and hung facing towards door.
2) Horse are abnormal and incomplete and in unreal colors.
3) Horses are alone.  Horse eyes look sad.
4) Horses are hung in at the end of a passage, dead end areas in home.
5) Horses are hung facing too many doors, so the energy coming is divided.
6) Horses are grazing on grass and eating up your wealth if placed in south east.
Buying horse paintings go in for simple ones and lay utmost importance on the expressions of the horse rather than the backgrounds as this is more important.
Hope this helps, do share your experiences!
All the Best from Rizwana! 

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