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Friday, March 28, 2014

Healing Paintings for Hospitals Benefits from the Patients Point of View

Healing Paintings for Hospitals are a great way to facilitate positive energy and imporve the healing of any chronic disease. Even in case of life threatening diseases art has been found to be a facilitator to heal faster and better . healing art is in no way to be used as replacement to medications or modern medicines.
Benefits by Installing Healing Art Sculptures In Hospitals has been observed since ages where the beautiful Mother Mary statue greets the sick and those who require healing. Angels and birds are a common sight as sculptures at entrances and lobbys of hospitals and clinics with the Indian hospitals welcoming health by the statue of Lord Ganesha.
How Healing Paintings in Hospitals Help in Healing Faster, lets see from the view point of the visitors and patients with the Scientific Explanations of Benefits of healing Paintings in Hospitals
1) Uplift spirits, 
2) bring hope 
3) better emotions understanding
4) Stark white walls come alive with vibrant colors.
5) Eye catching, immediately draws attention and focuses our mind to the art. Thus for the time being leaving aside our disease and our problems.
6) Soothing
7) Relaxing
8) Engaging
9) Transfixing
10) Actual means for recovery along with other therapies, with symbols that act upon the mind and auric levels.
11) Even the injured or ill one to accept situations
12) Many senior citizens , maybe lonely express happiness and even have more frequent visits to enjoy the healing art.
From the scientific point of view healing paintings allow the viewer to enter a different field of thinking.  The viewer's mind starts absorbing the images, the colors and the symbols thus relaxing the mind of the problems and sicknesses. Once the mind is neutral energy , being away from the present situation mentally for some time, new ways emerge to solve the problems, and even a better acceptance and opening/ trying for medication is observed.
In simple terms healees feel a detached happiness from their state and are willing to accept medications and thus heal faster mentally and physically.
It is very important that the bare white wall of hospitals and clinics be adorned with healing art to attract energy for healing. Beautiful colors, symbols, and lovely art can change the environment from a serious one to a more soothing relaxing one.
There is sometimes no hope in chronic diseases, such people benefit by learning to accept this and move ahead, accept what God has given them, which cannot be undone,  and this acceptance can lead to miracles and magical cures! HOPE is a very strong powerful word for healing, never take it from anyone.
All the Best!
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Thank You!

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Thank You!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Explanation of Reiki Energy Healing Will Reiki work for me? Answers from a Reiki Master

Reiki is not a religion or a faith. It can be followed by anyone. It is the universal life force that is available to all. The Reiki Healer is the channel who helps you to accept this positive energy wherever required.  You do not need to believe in this to experience the effects. Just let go and accept the healing and Reiki will do the rest.
Many times people doubt that they do not have faith in this system and then wonder how this can help them. 'Laying on hands technique of healing' is the most common term Reiki is being known as over the years. It is an ancient tradition and healing technique used by many for healing. It is like a fruit which can only satisfy when tasted. Reiki helps in assisting healing of many diseases and chronic problems in any individual. Your body usually gives warning signals in form of diseases. Reiki helps to bring to attention these body and soul requirements and the healer assists in this process.
Reiki energy enters from the crown chakra as a white light or any colored light that  is visualized by you while healing and purifies all the system. Body parts that require attention, sick parts or even the auric levels can be detected by the Reiki Master , thus guiding you to prevent certain diseases that would manifest later on in your life. 
I would not term that only the healer can show you the path. It would be wrong on my part. I believe that when the student is ready the teacher appears. Any guide. teacher, friend, doctor or colleague can help to understand you if chosen by God. If it is God's will then it is done. So also in Reiki only those individuals who are destined to heal present themselves in front of the healer and this is done by the grace of God that they are healed.
 Thank You and God Bless!

Universal Applications of Reiki Is Reiki for Me? Answers from Reiki Master

As it is understood that Reiki is a healing force and laying of hands technique of healing. It has been practiced over many years and is a very effective means for healing past and present karma.
Many people feel they do not need Reiki as they are happy and contented.
Think and keep aside some time for self appraisal and one comes to the core of thoughts. Life may seem busy and all members of family happy, financially well settled but still there may be a vacuum in life. Maybe the purpose of your existence is not cured. You may not be satisfied with job but do not know how to break out from the present situation.
 A bad relationship may become a sore and take away your energy. A chronic sickness maybe cold, cough , back pain, migraine and even diseases like cancer and kidney problems. How does Reiki help, in chronic problems as we know there is no cure for cancer?
Reiki does not cure the disease but helps the individual to accept his situation. It gives energy to understand their problem and disease. And all this leads to acceptance of the disease. All problems and frustrations arise because we do not accept our disease. Why me? is the question always nagging us and this leads to more frustration and bitter relationships. Reiki energy helps to accept the situation and the healee feels at ease. In fact the healing of the disease takes place much faster along with medications in any disease.
Reiki energy is for all as it is universal energy. Even small children and pets benefit from this. Plants can also be given Reiki to heal them.
Reiki must not be used as replacement to any medication.
Take Care and God Bless!

Meaning of Grounding and Reiki by Reiki Master

First and foremost grounding means that energy of individual is balanced. They make right decisions and are visible to the world as well balanced and happy well adjusted individuals. Reiki healers help individuals by guiding them with exercises and healing sessions to balance energies.
In feng shui we refer this to as earth energy. This can be got by being close to earth and nature.
By grounding we feel that these persons are born confident and lucky. No they are not. This confidence and relaxed mode of living has been learned. This requires patience and persistence. Reiki energy is positive energy and will go where ever it is required. The individual who has blocked chakras feels let down, weak and insecure. By using Reiki all the blockages are removed and the person feels grounded again. It is not necessary that the individual has been like that forever. They may be facing certain emotional problems, financial problems or personal problems at that time which leads them to go into depression. Even healthy people benefit from Reiki by becoming more strong emotionally and well grounded.
There are many exercises for grounding energy and a Reiki teacher guides the learner about this first and fore most. Any healer has to be well grounded and still many times when they have healing sessions they themselves also suffer from low times. I have also personally experienced that though the healer is just a channel for transmitting energy sometimes when may at times be  emotionally weak and not grounded the negativity catches the healer and they may fall sick. But still the healer has to continue channeling positive energy from the universe to the people needing it. The healer is only a channel and must not get attached with the patient.
Reiki grounding exercises can be done by anyone and not only those who have problems. Most important is to keep body healthy by doing exercise and have a good and well balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and fruits.
Thank You and All the Best!

Meaning and History of Reiki, Why Reiki Must not be Given Free How to Become a Reiki Master

I thank my teacher for guiding me to this white light.
Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid 18th century.The miraculous power of Reiki is well known and has universal appeal. The history of Reiki dates back to many centuries and was used by many to heal health and other problems. This method of healing is also termed as 'laying of hands technique' or the 'healing touch'. The white light is the healing source which is accessed from the universe. Even Jesus used this healing energy to heal lepers, which is mentioned in history.
One of the students of Dr. Usi enquired about this healing technique and he was not able to answer. Thus he went in search of this healing method and energy universal force. After travelling far east, India and many other places he came upon the teachings of Buddha, which gave him a sense of direction towards his search. He learned the teachings of Buddha which are termed 'sutras' or 'lotus sutras', and after meditation for 21 days he was blessed with  the white light , Reiki.
Getting this power in him he came back and healed beggars  for many years and then allowed them to return to the society to live by earning their living. To his utter disappointment, the beggars returned back to begging as this was much easier. hence from then he decided that never to give Reiki free of charge.
Thus came the Reiki principles for everyone to follow.
1) Just for today do not worry.
2) Just for today do not anger.
3) Honour your parents, teachers and elders.
4) Earn your living honestly.
5) Show attitude of gratitude to everyone.
These simple principles when followed are sure shot for success in this life and the next. Also healing the past karma  for the betterment of this life.
He started preaching and teaching Reiki to all those willing to learn. Lady Takata, an American women who had cancer started treatement from him and was healed. Her passion for Reiki made her learn this technique and she became a Grand Master in Reiki and spread this healing through out the rest of the world. Thus we thank all those involved in the learning and spreading of Reiki and this is a very important principle of any Reiki Master to thank all those for whom they are here.
This is a very universal energy healing method and irrespective of age, sex, religion anybody can have access to it. There is also no fear of over dose or under dose as the energy goes only to that place where required and only till that much time it is requried.
Usually Reiki Teachers teach Reiki only to those who are very much interested in this. Some years back it had become a fashion to attend Reiki seminars, but many of them have just treated it as a past time hobby, without respecting this energy, and hence are unaware of the healing they have got. A simple Reiki seminar is just for informative purposes. A teacher has to give attuments to the healer to become open to this energy life force. Only a Master can do this who has done Grand Master Degree. There are basically three degrees in the whole process of learning Reiki.
The first degree involves the teacher teaching simple principles and exercises to open up the chakras of the student. This session on completion, the teacher guides the student to follow these principles and exercises daily for 21 days. When the teacher is convinced of the dedication and interest of the student , only then they are allowed to do the second degree. This is more difficult and requires strong will and focus. The student has to follow the exercises and chakras regime without fail. The opening of chakras is necessary for the student to become a pure , clean channel (these healers are termed as channels as they are just a medium of transferring energy from the universe to others).
Then comes the third degree where the teacher attunes symbols and guided student to use them effectively. These symbols increase the energy force many times and thus helps in healing faster. From then all healing sessions require the use of these symbols which the teacher makes the student learn by heart. As from then all healings will be done with the use of these symbols along with white light.
Then comes the Grand Master degree, very few reach here. Those interested in teaching Reiki have to do this degree. Here the Reiki Master learns to tap the potential of Ki energy. This is the energy that is latent in every individual. Exercises and attunemnets from the Grand Master makes the Reiki student a Grand Master, from here they can teach Reiki and pass on attunements to others. Reiki in advanced form also involves psychic surgery and aura cleansing, clearing of negativities, clearing of past karma,etc. 
Thank You and All the Best!

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