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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Symphony in Nature- Symbolic Abstract Painting by Healing Artist

Symphony in Nature by Rizwana Mundewadi
This symbolic abstract painting is done with using green for prosperity and growth along with respective colours for balancing the five elements in nature. This feng shui symbolic painting is a balance of five elements that is, fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The symbol for harmony is used to create a balance and connecting the painting as a whole.Feng shui colours for the five elements are used in this painting. The painting Symphony in Nature is done using canvas and oil paint and the size is 40x30 Inches in the year 2011.
The strokes used are totally indicative of the flow in nature and as changing seasons there is a universal harmony all the year round. Nature as a teacher guides us with many lessons and as we see the bright spring flowers coming up after a hiatus of dried winter time there is an immense spurge of joy to notice the growth of new green shoots on the land. Summers along with the intense heat welcome the bright reds and oranges and there is colour everywhere. then come the rains which are a welcome after the heat of summers which brings a fresh start to many new plants and vegetation. Flowers, fruits and prosperity and abundance.
The painting 'Symphony in Nature' came about after observing nature cycles over the years. The close observations of plants, flowers and fruits, the wait and the ecstasy of enjoying all the seasons as they are have been laid out in this artwork. The painting has bold strokes along the canvas and movement can be seen in the painting across the whole canvas.
I love to paint with a big brush as the canvas gets covered easily with few confident strokes, though there is pain felt in hands after the finishing, but it is not possible for me to stop once I take a canvas in hand and begin a painting. I make it a point never to leave any painting unfinished lest God has other plans. . But I had to redo some strokes as I like to have deep and strong colors on my paintings. Painting on a bigger canvas is very satisfying and the result was also quite to my expectation. I love the colors to come out of the painting as be visible clearly as individual colors and to get this result I paint and repaint till I am satisfied with the result.
Placement Suggestions for hanging this Painting- This painting has a lot of fresh bright and shades of green. this color as been consciously and lovingly selected for prosperity and growth. the symbolic meanings of each colour are very important for me and I select my colors carefully to get a good feng shui painting.
With many colors this painting is a very appropriate choice for a living room wall. It will not only brighten up your wall but also become a topic for great conversation. The painting is best for the east, south east or south wall. For better relationships and improving family and friends relationships along with inviting special heaven luck you can hang this painting in the south west corner and experience the healing energy form this painting.
The symbol for harmony is a common one which is easily understood and accepted by everyone. The painting is a self explanatory one and will not need and explanations as it is simple, easy to understand and everyone can relate with this.My aim to make simple, beautiful, symbolic and understandable art, hope I have achieved this.

Floral Paintings and their Significance in Feng Shui

Flowers by Rizwana Mundewadi

As any artist would begin their career by painting from nature even I painted few flower paintings. Nature is our best teacher and everywhere you get loads of inspiration to make new paintings. This painting has been done by using a reference picture of flowers, white lilies and the transformation was magical as this painting still has a special place in my heart and my home. the colours of this painting are soothing and very relaxing and the flowers do come to life. After painting lilies I had painted rose flowers and series of rose paintings with different coloured roses in the year 2000. As these paintings were done on simple A4 size paper there was no pressure about cost of art materials and the result was fabulous.
Water Lillies by Healing Artist

My latest painting has water lilies in water and the use of appropriate colours for flowers and water.This painting is done on canvas and size is 29x19 Inches, year 2011.  I love this artwork as the use of green, especially viridian green and ultramarine blue as well as Prussian blue has made the water come up in attractive way. the water lily is of symbolic importance so as the lotus flowers. In fact it was lotus that was selected to make and I just go with the flow and continue painting , whichever form it takes.
Water Lilies By healing Artist rizwana
In the Tibetan culture lotus is of utmost spiritual significance and as the lotus flower does not grow in Tibet the people have modifications and decorative forms of this flower in their artworks and carvings. The water lilies painted on oil sketch paper , size 13.5x 9.5 Inches.year 2011.
Placement Suggestions for Floral paintings: Flowers are beautiful and can be hung in any place and any direction. hence floral paintings have universal appeal as they are accepted and loved by everyone and of all ages. Usually people hang floral paintings on a wall of their living room in groups or single according to the size of the paintings.
Feng shui significance of floral paintings is that they can be used as cures for helping bring in energy in your life. These floral paintings can be used instead of real flowers to activate career and relationship luck. You can hang paintings of yellow, white or purple blue flowers and also roses in the direction for which you need extra energy. in case of energy blocks in career and relationships or helpful friends corner the white and yellow flower paintings are very good as feng shui  cures to activate this area in your home or office.
You can have these floral painting hung on the west wall for increasing creativity and imagination luck and is very good for people working in creative fields like advertisements and designing. Water Lillies and lotus paintings can be hung in the north and north west corner to activate the water element of your home. Just take care that the painting is not hung in the south or east wall as this painting will have water in it.
While selecting floral paintings consider the colors and appearance of flowers in the painting, they must be fresh and bright colors as this will enliven your room as well as your mood. Muddied water and dried flower paintings must be avoided. In feng shui dried flowers and stale water affects our career and life realtionships adversely.

Painterly Style Spiritual painting

The Most Delicious Spiritual Fruit- Painting by Rizwana M
Trying out different painting styles over the years this painting 'The Most Delicious Spiritual Fruit' is done in painterly style in the year 2007. The brush was loaded with paint directly and laid in strokes over oil sketch paper. The paint has piled up and I know it takes much much longer for my paintings to dry due to layers of paints. This painting along with few other artworks have been done in painterly style. The joy of painting this was in the theme of very famous artworks was to enjoy the taste, feel and experience of eating the most delicious spiritual fruit.
The colours selected were my favorite ones of french Ultramarine blue, shades of brown and turquoise, the spiritual colour. The theme I know has been dabbled by many artists and this painting is not a copy and it just happened.I can never copy or get influenced by any artwork and I know this is working in both ways, I do only original artworks , but the down side is I never get to open up to learn from others.
Spiritual colours are always seen in many paintings and I have selected brown for grounding in this artwork. Thus creating a balance between heaven and earth and enjoying the most delicious spiritual fruit.
Sometimes I wonder my spirit guides are making me do this by guiding my hands as I really do not remember the choice of paints and colors when I am so involved in the artwork, and only when I finish do I take a look at the final painting.
I also do make the intentions of making a good artwork before beginning to allow my guides to paint through me. Being an healing artist Symbols come up and I have to try hard not to paint symbols every where.When my painting does not have a symbol , it is understood that I have consciously avoided to involve them in some paintings.
The same style is also seen in another painting done ' The Garden Gate' and ' The Fountain of Youth'.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lessons from an Healing Artist

Double Abundance - Symbolic painting by Rizwana
 A symbolic painting is just what come up whenever I sit to paint. The paintings put up in this post are done in the years 2009 and earlier.
Colour Therapy Cold Fire Painting for healing
 Colours can be used effectively for healing and colour therapy is just that. The cold fire in Reiki therapy is used to purify and negativity in form of energy in your home or office as well as your mind. The cold fire will cleanse any negative energy and transform the place or person into attracting positive energy. The painting can be hung in home or office for best healing results from colour therapy.
Charmed Possessions by Rizwana Healing Artist
 One of my favorite paintings and NOT for sale 'Charmed Possessions' is a beautiful painting done on canvas. The colours flow into one another and the golden symbols bring a three dimensional view to this artwork.
Sacred Geometry Painting

Abstract Geometric painting by Rizwana
My small paintings done in the early years of 2000 and 2005 have many geometric shapes. One f the artworks that had received very good comments and I tried my hand in making the same piece on a larger oil sketch paper. The painting can never be copied, not even by me and however much hard I tried to make the same piece I just couldn't!
lesson number one- each painting is unique.So put your maximum for the one painting that is in your hand.
Lesson number two- never try to copy any artwork as I can't, (though there are some fake artist who do just that, wonder if they would have painted their originals they would have made an identity till now!)S I have left the idea of going through old paintings for inspiration and each new painting is always different from my other works.
Lesson three- Paint what you love and what comes easily. Trying my hand on making fine art paintings has led me to some frustration and I have left the desire to make fine art. Let my art be as I am with my symbols and my abstraction! more complex than it seem and still more beautiful!
Lesson Four- Only painting is not enough. I need to sell my artworks for a career in art. Selling a part of me, my soul is put up in each painting, still the fact and truth is that we artists cannot hoard our paintings forever. These artworks when heal others will give me more happiness than I can imagine. Just the though that a part of me will be in many other homes or offices, is great! Share your art.
Lesson Five- keep learning. Do not stand still. Movement is necessary for progress. This is the most important lesson from my life and I have always kept the struggle for identity on. Keeping the art and artist alive with all the pressures and limitations is the best part of my artist journey.
Symbols have come after I have painted lines for years and years. People viewing lines would think they are monotonous and even I was confused with this souls longing for making lines. The lines have transformed into shapes giving meanings to my art. healing and feng shui paintings are my latest artworks and still I do not know how my artist journey will progress. When a new idea will come up and new artworks with loads of energy and love. Healing art is for life and my Reiki paintings with karma symbols heal the past, present and future. The thrill, the excitement with each new artwork and the enthusiasm of each new colorful idea for painting is all that keeps me alive!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Symbolic Paintings of Pots by Healing Artist

 Pots have been my favourite since the beginning years and are still however much I try to avoid painting pots they come up some how. Pots and vases represent fertility, abundance and unlimited potential for growth. As pots were used in ancient days for storing grains, food items and jewellery as well as gold coins and money they represent abundance and prosperity.
Vase of Contentment Painting on paper By Rizwana Mundewadi
Dimensions - Painting on Canvas by Rizwana Mundewadi
 Dimensions is one of my old paintings which on working and reworking has come up to this art.This was my first break through towards partial abstraction from total abstraction. The layering technique and laying paint one above the other was a refreshing technique which I enjoyed working at and there are many paintings which I have painted in this style since the past decade.

Tranquil Within -Painting on Canvas by Rizwana Mundewadi
 Tranquil within is a form of mandala painting which has confidently come up during my early years of painting. Going back to all these artworks has made my belief in God and the total universe stronger, and of course the belief that there is a place for everyone in this universe however small they be or big.
Painting on Paper By Rizwana Mundewadi
Vase Painting by Rizwana 
 My journey as an artist has been full of love , excitement and anticipation of something very big. I just have to follow and go with the flow.

Serenity Pot by Rizwana Mundewadi
 With cubism influence I learned about and understood  father of cubism Picasso. When I was confused and could not answer why I painted what I painted, art history and google gave me some answers.
Untitled by Rizwana Mundewadi
Cracked Pots By Rizwana Mundewadi

Still Life on paper by Rizwana Mundewadi

 The cracked pots came up when I was totally inspired to understand human beings as imperfect. There is beauty in imperfection and it is ok to be not perfect in everything. I could cry, laugh out loud and be just me, There are no rules and there is no limits to my paintings and what I paint.

Blessings by Rizwana Mundewadi
 water one of the most powerful symbols of abundance has been in my artworks since the beginning and 'happy spaces' came up in year 2000. The flowing water has fascinated me for years though now I have moved to earth and mountains and present state is of strong element metal.
Untitled painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Abstract Pots by Rizwana

Line Painting by Healing Artist

 The scraping of paint was another very attractive and impressionable art technique which i tried in my early years of painting. Line drawings and paintings were an important process of my evolving as an artist.

Line Painting by Rizwana

Roses in Vase by Rizwana Mundewadi

The Cracked Pot Painting by Healing Artist Raz
Good Earth Painting by Rizwana

Year 2000 painting on Linen
Colourful Floral painting by Rizwana
 My very first paintings were done on linen and they have a special place in my heart.

Vase by Rizwana Mundewadi

Colourful Abstraction by healing Artist
Calming Stillness by Raz

The journey of pots in my paintings began with great artworks and still go on .I still love painting pots and though my artworks have evolved into much better and proportionate pots  I will go on painting for my whole life using various shapes and sizes in colourful pots. The images displayed here are of few of my older pot paintings from year 2000 to approximately 2006 and there are many paintings as I paint like crazy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reiki Energy for Improving Health and Self Image

Spiritual Gateway by Rizwana Mundewadi

There are many misconceptions about Reiki and hence I have seen people shy away from alternative healing therapies. Yes there are many fake healers who abuse this therapy hence right information and knowledge about this beautiful energy healing technique is essential. Reiki energy is only positive energy and it can only heal and protect. Any negative intentions or thoughts or involvement of any sort by the healer will accumulate bad karma for the healer.Any karmic conditions cannot be changed with reiki, they can be healed and hence there is no unethical energy transfer.
Universal Love by healing Artist rizwana

Reiki works in a positive way always irrespective of the channel or the healee.Reiki will give what is good for you and desired for your well being. If your wish is inappropriate Reiki will free you of this desire.A Reiki Master will use symbols to heal the present, past and future. Reiki symbols are very powerful tools which are used appropriately by a healer to increase the power of healing.
The main chakra that requires healing in many cases is the solar plexus or the third chakra located above the naval.The front and back of your body has chakras which are energy centres that will absorb energy from the universe and supply it to your body and soul. When there are blocks in any of these chakras then problems in health and emotional problems are seen. Envy, greed, jealousy are negative emotions and can be healed by using Reiki. These chakra problems are manifested in from of acidity, liver problems,  and kidney problems. Similarly problems with heart chakra will make the person angry, irritable, always restless and everybody will avoid company of such a person. An experienced Reiki master will locate the exact problem with respective chakra and try to heal this with coloured light or energy. It is a ritual for reiki masters to advice you to take a glass of water after any healing session and even after any Reiki centering and exercises I still follow this ritual for purification and cleansing.
Cold Fire Painting

A highly experienced Reiki master can also perform psychic surgery which is a very powerful method to heal very chronic problems of any organ.I am not so evolved in these methods and follow my guides in any treatment session. I have seen that many problems can be healed easily by using Reiki symbols on body, on objects, on animals and pets and in fact Reiki energy can be used for any purpose which is for good.But I have reached this stage where only my intentions start giving results.
One important point for improving your self image and thinking is to locate your soul seat. This energy centre is located above your heart and below your throat. The color of this soul seat is purple. The main body energy centre is located at the naval called the Tan Tien point. This is a coloured golden ball on the area below your stomach. usually we see people tend to put on weight near the stomach and hence there is energy blockage in this chakra which leads to many health problems and sometimes even very serious chronic diseases.
Exercise for health- Hold one hand above your heart and the other pointing downwards on your naval. Imagine energy coming into your body from heaven and earth. Imagine energy coming from a hot lava below the surface of the earth and your Tan Tien point is glowing like a hot and red ball.
Kundalini Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Above the soul seat is purple blue and is glowing like a shining star. The centre of your body , your stomach area imagine a big colourful star , your core star is shining in the whole universe. Try to link this core star with white light to a big star in the universe. Have  a positive intentions conversation with your self daily for good results.
Let me end with the Reiki principles-
Be healthy with reiki.
Just for today do not worry
Just for today do not anger
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show attitude of gratitude to everyone.

White Energy Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Abstract Painting by rizwana

  may the white energy light be with you always.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Landscape Symbolic Paintings by Healing Artist

My earlier artworks bring a smile on my face. I have done few, very few landscape paintings on paper and these works later transformed into symbolic landscapes. I have dabbled in this genre of art and have skipped making more landscapes as lines and symbols calling was more strong. Every artist has to travel the journey of self healing and realisation and only after ten, twenty or thirty years do they get into the mode of true painting. their original style emerges by trying and struggling in their early years with paint, water colours , oils and other mediums. I have painted few landscapes and the sea fascinated me in my early years.
Beautiful Sea Landscape by Rizwana Mundewadi

Fisher women - LandscapePainting
Serene Landscape Sea Shore Painting
Composition in Landscape 

Symbolic Landscape painting
Symbolic Painting by Healing Artist
Romantic Abstract Landscape Painting

Doing geometric abstracts and symbolic paintings has emerged into my unique style of painting and I do swear by my symbols.  Reiki energy and feng shui energy has opened new doors of spirituality to me and which I want to transfer to the world and the universe. the universe has everything in plenty and we just have to tap this potential. Happiness, wealth, good health and prosperity are open to all, we have all gone far away from our true nature and this is creating problems in our lives.
Abstract Spiritual Geometry Painting

Utopia Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
I love landscapes as they give you a very unique and pleasant experience.

Spiritual Abstract Paintings by Healing Artist Rizwana

Spiritual Abstract Painting by Rizwana
Untitled Spirtiual Abstract painting
Spiritual geometry and spiritual abstracts have become my second nature.Since years the struggle to understand my art and this journey is going on in understanding shapes and finally I have got the ultimate link with spiritual geometry. healing paintings using symbols as an reiki helaer have given power to my symbols.

Spiritual Geometry Painting by Rizwana
Spiritual painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Spiritual Geometry by Healing Artist

Spiritual Abstract Painting

Cubism in my Paintings
Abstract Painting

Colourful Spiritual Geometry Painting by healing Artist

My spiritual geometry paintings are an important part of my art history and will be special for me. Colourful geometric shapes having powerful meanings and symbolism were a very important part of all my paintings during my early years in art. Influence from artists like Kandinsky, Raza have given new meanings to my art. Finding spiritual meanings from my shapes especially the circle which is one of my favorite shapes and then follows the square.
In feng shui shapes are connected to different elements and now I have learned all this in the year 2010 and 2011.Feng shui paintings have become a very important part of my paintings now and I plan to have many paintings as cures for problems using feng shui principles and my symbols.
Geometry has common shapes of square, circle, rectangle and triangle. Circle represents whole in term of the world, the universe or just as an individual who is complete in balance with nature. The zen circle is a free circle made with a single stroke which now i am practicing as zen paintings are very very difficult to paint. My square is total and as there are four corners it represents a complete form. My squares have evolved into the symbol of octad that is two overlapping circles which is one of my favorites as the octad represents totality and harmony in any environmental. The squares and circles have become an important part of my healing and feng shui paintings. During the early years of my painting I have also dabbled with cubism and this has had a great influence on my art. the cubism movement was a great era and Pablo Picasso the father of cubism has created so many famous artworks.
I did get some good comments on my cubism works and was even encouraged to dabble more in this genre of art. Maybe this can wait and will emerge in my later years in journey with art. I really have this dream of painting a very big painting in this style of cubism. Making these healing artworks gives me happiness and the fact that I have been selected by the universe to spread the healing is great.

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