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Friday, September 2, 2011

Buying Paintings from which Online Gallery

The world web is so wide that it is very difficult to select an gallery for purchasing artworks from. Here a few suggestions are put forward for the buyer of art and paintings from online galleries.
1) Survey of many different online art galleries must be done. You have decided which theme and subjects for paintings you are interested in and now you narrow down your search for art galleries who have those works and artists that pertain to that particular field of painting. Nowadays many art galleries have their own website and here if you stay in that city you can also give a visit to their gallery for authenticity.
2) Price suggestions and negotiations are also important. You don't want to select a piece and after showing interest find out that the quoted price is very high. Instead of wasting time inquire about the price list first. Many online art galleries have artworks along with prices under each work. If the artist has request price mentioned then you can contact the artist or the art gallery by email for the pricing.
3) See the history and home page of the online art gallery. This indicates if they are established and have been doing business since the past many years or are a new entrant in the field of art. New galleries may suddenly close down and also they may not have a set pattern for buying and selling.
4) Any at gallery must have a mixture of artworks of famous and senior as well as new and emerging artists paintings. This helps in maintaining the freshness and newness of the gallery.You can talk with friend sand colleagues who have already purchased art from an art gallery for guidance on this matter.
5) Any reputed art gallery has a vast collection of paintings and it is easy to choose from a wide variety of choice in size, pricing and subjects of the paintings.
Though online art galleries are booming there is always an unknown factor. Hence it is advisable to buy paintings from reputed online art galleries who have official procedures for buying and selling.

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