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Monday, August 8, 2011

Preparing Before you Paint

It is very difficult for artists to do painting when they have pets around. Though, I did miss my alexandrine parakeet, when she was trapped by some one and was set free by a neighbor. This made me think that pets are an important part of our lives and they give us love, and loads of love! But sometimes I do have her footprints on my works! And she goes about the home with the same feet dipped in paint! How can we take care of our works and still be around pets.
With many accidents during painting, our servant has the habit of cleaning under all storage when not required, and I have had to correct many artworks. Good I love to do oil paintings and with this medium you are able to correct any mistakes or even change some works. After so many episodes of emotional outbursts  I have decided to prepare myself before beginning to paint. Here I mention a few tips for preparing before you paint.
Prepare the place for painting before beginning to paint. By this I mean clear the place, make place for you to paint. Keep all things aside and make clear some free space since you require the place to put your paints, brushes, colour palette, oils, cleaning medium and rags, tons of rags. Why I mention because paints, especially water colours when spilled accidentally rags when kept handy would make it easier to prevent further damage to the floor as well as your artworks. And we all know even little kids love to play in pool of colour and splash the paint everywhere.
You can keep your kids at some baby sitter's or do your painting when they are at school. This way you will get some uninterrupted time and also avoid coloring accidents. I still have an painting which has the footprints of slippers on it, since the paint was wet, but this is merging with the painting. You can even request your family members or friends to take care of your children or pets for some time during painting.
Think of all the materials you are going to need before hand, like paints, brushes, instruments, erasers, mixing medium, palette , cleaning medium and arrange them carefully in an organized way. You don't want to waste time searching for a crimson lake and keep getting a vermillion tube.
If you are using reference photos keep them pinned properly as the wind may blow them and you may end up with half work and no idea for progress. Better if you make a sketch of some concept that you are going to paint and then begin the actual painting on canvas or paper.
Stretch the canvas and keep it ready as this also takes time. If you have a roll you need to measure the size of your working frame and cut the canvas. Then using a gun you have to staple the canvas on the working frame. This all will take some time so keep your canvas stretched and ready for painting.
In case you are doing water colour painting you need to prepare the hand made paper before and keep it wet for some time to be more absorbent and ready for use. If you are doing a pencil sketch then for this you need to sharpen the pencils and crayons as well as chalk sticks before starting the sketch or portrait.
I have spent much time sorting things in my tub of paints and having broken tips of pencils when I have a great idea. After many years and frustrating experiences now I have learned to prepare before I begin Painting. Now first I sharpen my pencils, then I keep rags ready, then comes the colour palette which is cleaned and kept ready for new paints to be loaded. Materials for paintings are then organized and arranged near my place of painting. I am comfortable doing painting in sitting position, and you can be standing or sitting on a chair, any position you are comfortable with while painting and prepare the place accordingly.
Pet kept aside, my alexandrine parakeet,  after her feeds when she goes for round then I am free and she understands when I am busy and feeds on the window sill and flies away to play. Though she does have a glint of interest in her eyes and attraction to the colorful tubes and painting and many times looks with interest at my artworks and me in progress. Be prepared with the pets and keep them occupied, this is what I have learned from personal experience. Keep them busy with some engrossing activity, and they will take care of themselves. Same with small children. Kids also enjoy painting and making a good artwork need not be a serious affair and
I have seen the most beautiful artworks that have come up have been made when I was comfortable and happy and not when I had planned and done seriously. So prepare, arrange and start to paint!

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