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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lighting for Your Artworks and All That Remains Is Love my new Reiki abstract art

Lighting for your precious paintings is absolutely essential for the right look for your art. No doubt when you buy an original artwork it is loved by you and also one that you wish to display in your personal space be it your home or office.

All That Remains Is Love
Lights can work wonders to your art on walls. A dull environment or low lightning can elevate or mar the effects and visual appearance of your paintings.

Beautiful healing of The Soul
 Focused lighting helps to bring out the best in the wall art and when appropriately selected give the art another added beauty. Lights for artworks are in thousands of varieties from simplistic to ornate ones serving different unique functions.
 From top ceiling installed lights to central lights to base ones and focused ones they each fulfill different functions.
My Latest Sufism Paintings
Without the proper lighting arrangements your artworks will look dull and not give out the desired effects and visual appeal to the eye. There may be some shadows, some dull parts and some too bright parts in your paintings without proper lighting. However unique the art and whatever you have paid for it if there is no proper lighting the effects are never the same, enjoy your awesum art with appropriate and best lighting arrangements!
All the Best from Rizwana!
(The paintings posted here are my original painting, frames are just for representative purposes,  'All That Remains is Love' acrylic on canvas board, 'Beautiful Healing of the Soul' acrylic on canvas board, 'I Dance to a Silent Tune', sufism artworks on oil sketch paper in acrylic)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Saatchi Art Online A Haven for Artists Art Lovers Art Buyers Buying Art Online

Saatchi Art Online A Haven for Artists  Art Lovers Art Buyers with thousands of artists round the globe the most famous online art gallery Saatchi Art online has made its presence felt among the top elite art buyers.
Saatchi Art online not only has a wide range of artworks but also in different budget ranges and what more there is always a great concessional offer going on so that an art lover can own an original artwork within your budget price range. From the persistent and sincere art lover and promoter the Chief curator and Director at Saatchi Art,  Rebecca Wilson there is not a quiet week going in Saatchi Art Online website. Almost every week a number of beautiful artworks , paintings, collages, sculptures, installations,  computer digital artworks, collections are assembled for art lovers, artists,  and art buyers.
Modern Contemporary Aum by Rizwana A.Mundewadi on Saatchi Online
With loads of pulsating energy the online art gallery has crowns of glory by presenting the most famous sales of the week giving an energy push to art and artists.
From soothing to bold, to intriguing to modern all types of art , you get to see under one site. No wonder art buyers from around the globe love this Online Art Gallery as they have a boldly written statement assuring buyers of money back guarantee!
The total confidence of the gallery in their artists and always keeping updates with news letters of continuous guidance to the ones under their roof as well as around the globe, information of tips, suggestions and packing advice,   available on their website, to bring in a mutually beneficial relationship among artist gallery and art buyers.   With the continuous momentum in sales as well as the encouraging promotional campaigns hosted by the prestigious Saatchi Art Online gallery it has among the top well known online presence in art circles.
Saatchi Art Online  keeps encouraging artists and art, keeping the love for art alive!
Here's Wishing Loads of Success and Good Luck to my favorite Saatchi Art Online Art Gallery!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Modern Contemporary Aum is available on Saatchi Art Online. Check out my art portfolio on Saatchi Art Online here Rizwana Mundewadi

Friday, February 13, 2015

Thane Art Festival 2015 Amazing Crowds Art Paintings Music Live Concerts Fun

Thane Art Festival 2015 Amazing Crowds Art Paintings Music Live Concerts  Fun!
The much awaited Thane Art Festival, coinciding with the Kala Ghodas Art festival began yesterday from 13th February 2015 and will continue for the next two days. 13th, 14th, 15th February 2015.
So while I had visited the Kala Ghoda Art Festival and shared here about the amazing experiences with art, here again there is a lot of excitement fun happiness and crowds!
And my precious healing Reiki painting " I Am GOLD" is also selected to be displayed here. Awesum crowds and it feels great when people collect click with your art, and gives another great happy energy when they see me and are so encouraging and so with loads of best wishes and praises day one completed!
The selected painting to be displayed in Thane Art Festival

Installations and Sculptures Arrangements a day before

Opening ceremony of The Art Festival

Opening of Thane Art Festival 13 to 15th February 2015

Art in Thane Art Festival

Immense Happiness I AM GOLD!

The Section of Spiritual Art

Stalls in Thane Art Festival

Live Art Painting Demonstrations  Thane Art Festival

Artist At Work Thane Art Festival
The Thane Art Festival organized by Jitendra Awhad, MLA of Maharashtra,  awesum human being and Thane Art Festival sponsor, and amazing groups of students in yellow tees arranging, running from here to there, allotting duties,  and organizing with tons of stress but still immense excitement so the hum drum was all done in a week, the led screens lights and awesum entrances! The space selected is great for the art fest 90 feet road, and what was a miracle its just near my home!
Those staying near Thane are welcome and of course all around the globe, a lot of art, paintings, art, and amazing sculptures and installations!As the word spreads people from all ages are coming, enjoying, from 80 year old to young little ones and from rich to poor and from students to senior artists. Workshops and live art performances. And of course live band( my son's band is also going to perform)  and musical performances by eminent artists and music stalwarts!
So while I have clicked loads of photos will share later!
All the Best and God Bless from Rizwana!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Simply Understanding Love Symbolism meaning energy Love and Healing Art for Valentine’s Day

Love ! a beautiful emotion and the most discussed one where everyone wants to understand why it simply works and why it sometimes even after hard efforts , does not!
From the healing point of view, love is an energy, rather strings, chords that come out from our heart chakra and are attached to another person. Those who are familiar with music know how to strike the right chord and it makes music and a wrong chord makes just a  disturbing sound, noise.
Love simply is a pure energy that brings about immense happiness,feelings of ecstasy, and bliss. Love energy need not always be  physical love to a person or  human this enery is transmitted and connected  to any object, thing, bird, plant , antique old furniture or jewellery, etc.  How does this work?
Each chakra sends out energy threads chords that connect with other thus bringing  about love. Heart chakra sends out chords to another person and when the two chords  merge there is a spark or pure energy, love waves which can be felt by the two and also the surrounding environment and people.
In cases when the individual has not had healthy relationships in past, either with parents, siblings, friends or strangers and have lost trust or have been abused in childhood they start to repel from anyone sending out the love chords.  Such individuals are unable to form healthy long term relationships and most often also end up with seperation or divorce after marriage.
Cases of parents being too demanding, labelling, alcoholics and other emotional issues also link up with individuals being unable to form healthy relationships in life. Then understanding at deeper levels, some times there are also cases of past life issues or karmic issues getting stuck up thus affecting the persons life and being unable to find the right soul mates or getting married.
How does the healing work? Acceptance and  healing of the indivudal by helping to heal the heart chakra. Issues of heart, chkara imbalances are also one of the reasons for heart attacks from healing point of view. The heart when does not receive the love and care from self and others breaks down and manifests in form of a disease.
Beautiful Love, Acrylic on Paper by Rizwana A.

Healing the heart brings about a beautiful balance of energy, the yin and the yang in the individual and thus makes way to begin  new relationships and form bonding long term  links.
Love is an energy, it’s a feeling, and it is much deeper than just gifts and  external  objects. It is not even just related to physical level, most love binds indivudals spriitually. True soul mates are connected for ages and lives. When we  say two people are in love, we mean the chords from the heart chakra of one are connecting to the other, as if one. The flow of energy is free and exchange goes on thus making each one understand  the other and respect the other.
Reiki symbols help to bring about harmony, heal the heart and attracts the right soul mates. In married people these symbols help  to develop compassion, love and understanding. Viewing these and experiencing the  energy helps to keep the environment charged with love.And usually I suggest such love healing paintings to be hung in bedroom or feng shui relationship sector of your home.
These love Reiki symbol feng shui paintings are great as gifts for your soul friends and soul mates to form the bond stronger and keep the love alive.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Have a Great Valentine’s Day!
Please do not copy or download my original art or written texts! Thank you!

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