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Friday, June 27, 2014

Blue will drive away customers from your restaurant Importance of Color in any Profession

Profession and colors are symbolically linked together. When we mention hospitals the images that  immediately come to our mind are white, pastels and off whites. Just so when we mention restaurants we get a picture of some thing brings and photos of fruits and vegetables or non veg treats. Color is very important in any profession and this can be incorporated as color of walls, color of accessories in room, color of upholstery, color of paintings etc.
Color has the power to influence our minds and in many ways it can either bring loads of success or mar away business altogether. Today in contemporary furniture and modern d├ęcor where people are spending quite huge sums on decorating the space to bring good luck and success the wrong choices in color can have drastic effects and sometimes not so good ones on your business.
Symbolically color has been used since years right from old ages as the tribal community used natural color to enhance and decorate walls of their homes. Thus came in color. Each and every color and even shades and hues have different psychological effects on our mind and thus affects our profession and business.
While red has been used to represent anger, passion, power in Chinese feng shui red has been given a lot of importance as an energy color to attract positivity and wealth. White has gone back stage today as the homes and offices are going colorful with the effects of color psychology gaining momentum.
Blue is a soothing and relaxing color. The properties of blue in the color wheel also indicate it is a cool color and recedes in the picture or image. Blue has been used in paintings as of clear blue skies and blue flowers in nature. While cubism and geometry gives blue a color that can create magic contrasts with vibrant oranges and reds and even greys, blue is one color that can have strong effects to any room energy.
Lilacs, purple and turquoise come close to blue and are also in the similar cool color psychological effects. Professions like Medical, healing, and clinics all benefit from cool colors while restaurants and gymnasiums, or any businesses involving people energy require energy colors like red, orange, maroon, yellow etc.
Speaking of restaurants blue color will drive away your customers and no wonder they also may lose appetite in the relaxing environment. Having large spaces of blue on walls or in large paintings can have drastic effects on the eatery business. Customers when they come to a restaurant need to be developed an inviting energy and also one that increases their appetite. Imagine inviting steamy dishes or colorful vibrant fruits paintings hanging on the walls , they immediately make the energy of this space inviting, improves appetite and your customers may end up eating a little more than planned.
In food business food art is also making waves. Presenting food in attractive manner is one way to trickle the senses and create aesthetic appeal to your food. Restaurants are an energy places where people come to refresh their energy by eating and the space should also do just that. Having blue in a hotel or dining area will have opposite effects on their mind and even lose appetite or drive away your customers.
In feng shui the color of fame is red and the use of this color in south , south east  is very beneficial. Blue the color of element water, comes in the north. In the food business you can hang artworks that represent energy to attract more customers. Inviting, appealing, tasty treats and steaming hot food dishes are enough to invite clients to your restaurants and keep them coming for more!
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!
'The Royal Ripple' symbolic healing Reiki symbol  painting for good luck in business (this artwork is sold)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Importance of Bubble Wrap in Packaging and Shipping Paintings Why Bubble Wrap is important in packing and how to choose bubble wrap

Customized Paintings Shipping Order
Bubble wrap the wonderful cover that came with all electronic equipment and we all enjoyed (and still do) the bubbles coming up on the plastic sheet, popping the bubbles is still a very great feeling! . What to use as packing material for shipping paintings, when we send anything by (shipping) courier, the object has to face them all; air, winds, rains, sunlight and the temperature differences while travelling by air. Yes your artwork has to be packed tough enough to face all these and reach the destination  in one piece.
Hence packing a painting for shipment is very important and the best quality materials need to be used to pack and wrap the paintings for shipping. Bubble wrap is one common material that is used in packing many things for shipment. From latest mobile phones and electronic equipments to paintings and important pieces of jewellery boxes all are usually wrapped in bubble wrap.
Packing Paintings for Shipping
What is a bubble wrap? it is a plastic sheet with lots of bubbles over it on one side and the other side is flat and smooth. There is air trapped in the bubbles thus making an external protective layer raised from the plain plastic sheet cover. It also helps when paintings are to be stacked one over the other as they have this protective layer in between.
The purpose of bubble wrap is to protect the object from external pressures and handling and also the surfaces of the object from getting abrased. When you see how the packages are off loaded on air port you will just realize how much important your packing procedures are and the bubble wrap is a saver, as it absorbs shock and friction.
While buying bubble wrap and packing paintings for shipping consider these important points-
1) Buy bubble wrap according to the destination you require to send the paintings, there are many many qualities available and in many budget ranges and prices vary a lot. In case of local / hand delivery a thinner bubble wrap also will do for packing your work of art.
2) If the art has to be shipped internationally  we need good quality bubble wrap that can withstand the pressures faced from transport. A thicker one that is more strong is best.
3) The prices of bubble wrap vary a lot and this all depends upon the quality, thickness of the bubble wrap you are buying.There are so thin bubble wraps, very cheap,  that even tear with hand and are of no use.
4) While packing paintings for shipment in bubble wrap see that the artworks are completely dried off well. Other wise the paint will stick to the bubble wrap and  peel off when removed with packing.
5) On dropping accidentally or any other object falling over the artwork , a good quality bubble wrap absorbs this and also protects the art from damage. Hence it must be thick enough.
6) Always keep written instructions for opening the package on the outside and write details of packing materials to the buyers of paintings , receivers of artwork. As they can open the package with care.
7) using adhesive tapes and cello tapes for binding the bubble wrap must be such that it over laps the bubble wrap and does not in any way reach the painting in any form. As tapes have a bad tendency of getting stuck up and in case your bubble wrap is smaller even a bit the tape in contact with surface of the painting on opening may peel off the paint and spoil the painting. Hence take precaution to take extra packaging bubble wrap that falls over the painting surface and protects it. 
8) While packing framed paintings the surface coming in contact is direct  glass and this is very fragile. So artists also pack thermocol sheets, cardboards, paper sheets,  inside to absorb external forces while shipping.
Bubble wraps have become very important material in packing and shipping anything especially  paintings when we have to send internationally, and they play an important role in the protection  of your shipped paintings. Buy very good quality or medium quality bubble wraps depending upon the destination your artwork has to be sent.
So while my package is ready to be shipped, wishing you 
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Symbolism of Musical Instruments In Old Famous Paintings Insight into some Musical Instruments Paintings

Music has played an important role in our life since ages and artists have been inspired by music and painted a lot of musical instruments. From the famous Vermeers paintings of musical instruments to Picasso guitar we know how music and musical instruments make way as inspirations for art.
Johanees Vermeer must have loved musical instruments and expressed in many artworks. Instruments and music was an important part of the early period peoples life style. Where only the rich and affording could indulge in this passion of music and playing and listening to music in concerts and programs was only for the few elite royal rich people. Harpsichord that looked like a piano was triangular in shape is seen in many of his works. The more rural local life style of people during his times were music was played in weddings, festivals and occasions but Vermeers works represent only the elite class with special musical instruments maybe where he must have been exposed to in a collectors home. “ A Lady standing at The Virginal” another beautiful piece of famous artwork by Vermeer also represents the elite upper class women, as it is found that ladies rich and upper class indulged in learning to play musical instruments.
The noble ladies were learned in music and usually formed as important subjects and inspiring artists.  We see Casimer Van Dan Daele “Two Women making Music” one of the examples of lots and lots of beautiful ladies playing lute or guitar in ancient rare and famous musical instruments paintings.
Instruments that have been since in ancient paintings of famous artists were guitar, piano, lute, trumpet, violen perhaps a symbol of wealth and royalty. The more humble instruments like the mouth organ or the flute still were never much seen in older famous artists works. Except for “The Girl with a flute”  which shows a flute in the lady’s hand. “The Guitar Player” “The Concert” “The Music Lesson” all indicate the strong presence and importance and influence of music in the life of the artist.
While early artist displayed musical instruments in somewhat realistic or symbolic manner there was a  whole lot of understanding and explanation for the importance of music and even today artists love to paint musical instruments as they represent a vehicle for happiness , enjoyment freedom, joy and peace.
From the cave men who found music in broken shells and hollow bones of animals music has come to play an important part to connect to our soul. The ancient Egyptian paintings also had many instruments mostly the lute in paintings.
The Chinese culture respecting the elements and wind has many musical instruments such as flute, drums and chimes, bells. Many types of flutes made of wood, silk threads, and stone used to produce music. Clarinet and saxophone with different sound levels also is seen in few artworks. The more influenced sufi works and Arabian artworks also have musical instruments like the duff, the Oud, Tha Kamanjah( violen), The Qanum, the Nay (flute) etc.
While the instruments in artworks , we see some detailed whereas some symbolic representations of emotions. An painter need not have complete knowledge of musical instruments for them to get inspired by the music coming out from these pieces. It is the emotions, ecstasy and joy, the heart hitting chords that make way for some inspired symbolic musical instruments artworks. 
Then the very famous father of cubism Picasso and Braque artworks influenced by geometric shapes. The famous Guitar took an important role in  his works.
“The Three Musicians” cubism painting by Pablo Picasso The left one playing clarinet, the centre playing guitar and the right holding music sheets, and then  “The Old Guitarist”
Today music has come up in many forms and many instruments right from the more modern key boards, pianos, to even innocent water bowls from the Chinese culture, playing music is symbolic of happiness and relaxation. We see a lot of abstract, cubism, realistic and surrealist fantasy music paintings today and it was not that I have not been influenced by these lovely instruments . While we see bold music abstract paintings with vibrant energy and colors we have drums, and electric guitars today that have some up in music instruments paintings, we also love the flute that is seen more in love paintings.

While many artists today also paint along with music and make great abstract works on notes of music we also see artists influenced by contemporary music styles and instruments. Soothing Music is happiness , music is peace, music takes us to another level, of spirituality, and instruments are means for happiness. Displaying symbolic artworks of musical instruments symbolize happiness and invisible positive feng shui energy.
Musical Instruments Painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Music and art go hand in hand in uplifting the energy of any space and giving that extra happy force energy to attract good health, happiness wealth and prosperity.
Thank You and All the Best from Rizwana!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Paintings to Improve health and relationships with Feng Shui Art Art for Family Harmony and Good Health

Paintings to Improve health and relationships with Feng Shui Art  Art for Family Harmony and Good Health
Family comes first and we all wish that happiness and good health prevail here. With spreading the circle of love among the family it is important that you also consider the feng shui rules and use this for attracting beneficial energy for health and family relationships. Symbols that can help to attract more beneficial energy into your home with good health, happiness and wealth can work wonders to your family life and peace and also thus affecting your external life, social one too.
The east sector corresponds to family and relationships energy as well as symbolizes growth and prosperity. Good health energy feng shui location falls in the east sector and this can be energized to attract more positive energy here by hanging specific feng shui paintings representing growth, health, happiness and wealth.
Good Luck Prosperity Plant for east Feng Shui Bamboo

Sunflowers in Wild by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Pink Roses in Green Vase by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Harmony by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The geometric shapes that correspond to this area for the element wood  is tall, growing upwards, rectangles and the colors in feng shui are green and purple.
This area also enhances the elders sector and thus benefits elders of your family and makes the bond healthy and stronger. In case you have strained relationships with your elders, parents or inlaws this feng shui area needs some tweaking and you will hope to see great results in healthy improved relationships with elders and family members. 
Attract this beneficial energy into your  home and life by improving family relationships, health and wealth. Objects and images of tall things and ones especially that grow upward symbolize good feng shui and uplifts the energy in this space. Artworks that symbolize or incorporate such shapes can be beneficial to activate this corner.
Even the frames of these artworks can benefit with feng shui knowledge, be in this shape with golden or maroon borders.Keep tall wooden strong cabinets here to enhance this area, but remember to keep this clean. In curtains, upholstery, furniture,  you can add this shapes or colors and attract good feng shui
You can grow tall plants here and symbolize happiness and wealth growing, but do take special care to maintain the area clean and clutter free.   
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, June 16, 2014

What to do with Gift Paintings Feng Shui Tips for paintings that have come as gifts

Gifting painting is one of the way to give a personalized and costly gift.  Many business associates, management professionals and rich class prefer to gift a unique original oil painting that represents some symbolism and also is representative of their financial position. People not only are overjoyed with this costly gift but also display them in their homes in special places like living room  as well as bedrooms.
Then comes another aspect on occasions  like getting gifts in marriage for the couple, where people may gift an artwork fort eh happily married couple. Also it will depend upon the relationships the couple has with the person who is gifting them ,that the feng shui will begin the play here.
When to display and when not to display paintings gifts in your home-
Display painting gifts examples of a few good paintings when they are :- 1) Colorful flowers, bouquets, baskets or green plants 2) Landscapes when they are colorful, bright and sunny, not having violent water waves, and flowers or colorful boats 3) Animals that are tamed, looking cute, and soft, lovable emotions depicted,  4) Wealth symbols like money, ships, antique vases, colorful box, jewellery ,  5) Birds that are colorful, happy, moving in one direction, also those that symbolize happiness doves, rooster,  peacock, pigeons, sparrows, etc 6) houses, and boats symbolic prosperity, 7) feng shui paintings for good luck and prosperity wealth career travel etc
Gifting Ideas in Feng Shui
Do Not Display these gifted  paintings even if they are gifts from special people- 1) dried landscapes with sun setting, angry waves landscape, drought and cactus, dark gloomy colored landscape, 2) Angry hungry animals birds, violent ferocious animals, birds that feeding on dirty food and garbage,  animals or birds about to pounce or bite, angry horses about to stomp  3) Broken ruins homes, cracked trees, half figures of body parts or objects, abnormal figure of human body in dark colors, 4) Lonely single people in landscapes, single figures, single objects like candles  especially never hang them in bedroom. 5) religious symbol artworks of God and God Figures, idols, specific religious places, if you or your spouse or not follow or are comfortable please do not hang them.
 These are only a few examples of paintings gifts gone wrong and it is ok if you are not comfortable with some artworks got as gifts , you can store them if they are precious valuable or sell them to an art  lover or if you really can’t do away then store them for later use when you can hang them in very less used areas. Whatever the relationships are of the gifter it is important that you are going to be exposed to the energy from the artwork when you hang these paintings in your home and it will affect you an your family, so take the right decisions.
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

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