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Friday, September 2, 2016

how to make people not lose their jobs, and why people cant continue on jobs and work and irregular working timings, loss of work issues and unstable financial life

With the many emails of how to make people not lose their jobs, and why people cant  continue on jobs and work and irregular working timings, loss of work issues and unstable financial life, all these  come down to a imbalanced chakra energy. 
Solar Plexus Chaka Healing Painting Razarts
Then also power issues- people complain their partners just don’t understand their view points. They have ego power issues, Too much control, too mush restrictions make a stifled relationship and affects your whole life.
Contemporary Aum Rizwana A

Three Golden Wishes, Rizwana Mundewadi

Happy Purification

Healing Art Reiki Symbol Razarts

Triple Luck Golden wall Raz

Tower of Luck Rizwana Mundewadi

I Am Gold, Acrylic on canvas Rizwana Mundewadi

While people repel with using yellow and many artists also used to avoid yellow paintings , Yellow is a beautiful healing colour, not only does it represent sunshine but it is an important chakra colour. 
The will to survive, the will to act, well balanced life, manners, action, simply putting in Reiki healing the yellow colour is used to heal the solar plexus chakra.
Situated between the naval till the breast bone,  Manipura chakra, third chakra, core of our personality. Identity, self esteem, will power. A well balanced solar plexus shows as a well balanced individual with warmth and feelings open to suggestions and others view points.
 Imbalance here with the solar plexus chakra is seen as - Indigestion, stomach problems, unable to make decisions, wavering thoughts, low self esteem, other functional problems of body organs, kidneys, liver, bile, acidity, The main centre of strength. If facing with self worth issues, doubts about self, eating less or eating more, frequent stomach upsets then this is the chakra that is demanding your love care and attention. Here all people fall in thsi category who are over weight as well as under weight. 
Yoga and exercise do help in balancing the chakra but the solar plexus often shouts, follow your gut! That’s what I have learned over the years with healing. The knot in the stomach and the increased heart beat is in no way a sickness, it is your soul letting you understand what really is good for you. Follow your passions, try new things, eat new foods, keep the fire in your belly alive and the beautiful Manipura chakra will open and bloom , this will be seen and felt by everyone around you.
Pot of Cho Ku Rei's Razarts
Citrine and yellow Tigers eye are two beautiful stones that will help heal the solar plexus. 
Gemstone of Healing Razarts
Healing art helps to visualize and heal the chakra. Since most times people with self esteem issues have big unrealistic dreams, talk and plan a lot!  but don’t take action. Healing art assists in this process and brings the required push in the  right direction.
Weight issues, heart issues and progress blockages many times are linked with imbalance of solar plexus chakra and can be healed easily to lead a happy and well balanced life. 
Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!
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