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Friday, March 20, 2015

Art Dark Blue Walls Focal Wall Art Which color paintings for Dark blue walls

Joy of Simplicity and Pot of Harmony on Blue Wall
Art Dark Blue Walls Focal Wall Art Which color paintings for Dark blue walls? Modern home decor and interiors have lots of color and usually in modern homes we hardly see all white or all off white walls that are now completely restricted to art galleries!
Body is the Temple  one of my old symbolic painting  on linen

Untitled Healing  Blue Art on Blue Wall

Terrific Symphony of My Life, colorful feng shui painting

"Pot of prosperity" and "Untitled' Reiki healing art
Even when walls are of pastel shades mostly one wall is chosen as a focal point in any room decor. It can be decorated with textures, designs, wall paper or even real gold glitter! as per your budget and your fantasies!
While people love to go bold for this one central focal wall art too has a part of this wall. Art has to either create interest or blend with the focal wall.
Suggestions for dark blue a awesum color that goes very well with most colors as it proves in next to black for its beauty and grace!
All paintings displayed here are my original paintings. Please do not copy!
Thank you! 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chinese Symbols Characters and List of Chinese Character Names in Calligraphy Art

Chinese Symbols Characters and Names in Art have been used by artists who usually use inks and basic colors to make art. The language with its beauty and simplicity has been taught by teachers in form of Chinese Calligraphy. There are the traditional Chinese Calligraphy and  the non traditional ones.
The Language is written with minimal strokes forming what is termed as Characters. Each word represents and has a lot of meanings. Traditional Chinese Calligraphers use colored inks. Basically used with special calligraphy brushes.
Some of the beautiful characters which I am fascinated by are used in my art are for simply spreading happiness and joy.
Golden Ladder of Success by Rizwana A.
These Chinese Characters are been seen since year 2009 in many of my healing paintings.
1) Happiness and Double Happiness
2) Health
3) Wealth
4) Love
5) Good Luck
6) Harmony
7) Peace
8) Honour
9) Prosperity
10) Wisdom
11) Grace
12) Respect
13) Success
14) Truth
15) Destiny
16) Karma
17) Strength
18) Courage
19) Ambition
20) Music
21) Soul mate
22) Passion
23) Universe
24) Serenity
25) Enlightenment
26) Fame
27) Treasure
28) Laugh
30) Patience
31) Tranquility
32) Honesty
33) Virtue
35) Loyalty
Beautiful Love by Rizwana A.M
A combination of these Chinese Characters are seen in my art and each one having a much deeper meaning and spreading of positivity around.
Hope this helps you.
Thank you and All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Virtual Art Galleries Games Virtual Painting Exhibitions My Healing Art in Virtual Gallery

Virtual Art Galleries 

Virtual games and virtual art software, in this art and paintings and art games are so cool that every age artists enjoy  making digital art. Not only it has become really easy with a few clicks you get amazing vibrant digital artworks. 
I had about a decade ago learned graphic designing and was so fascinated with digital art, as making art was so easy and within minutes you make a digital art! From ready templates to colors, textured, strokes, brushes to even styles in painting like cubism, pointillism and even manipulating images to make beautiful abstract artworks this is an amazing technology that many artists are making a  career of. 
What more like oil and water colors and acrylics there is no stress of spoiling an arwtrok on canvas with wrong choice of color or stroke. Here you can with a click just press the undo button and move on.
And of course they can be done in thousands and stored in pen drives unlike paintings done by hand that need space,and believe me a lot of space!

Ashtamangala on Virtual Gallery White Wall

Virtual Gallery Beautiful Healing of the Soul 

Colors of Prayer Joy of Simplicity Virtual Paintings Exhibition

Cracked pots virtual Art Exhibition Gallery

Virtual art exhibitions and Virtual Art Games
 Healing art in virtual art exhibitions and virtual gallery looks so soothing and vibrant. This is just like a different sort of presentation of our art which can be viewed from the comforts of your home!
Art Gallery Exhibition Golden Symphony in Nature

Virtual Art Exhibitions Games and Healing Art

Then the beautiful virtual games in field of art rock! amazing virtual art galleries, awesum virtual art exhibitions and just a great replica of art exhibitions, of course without the sweat and grime and physical hardships of exhibiting art on ground level!
Enjoying the lovely virtual art games, internet games, making art, exhibiting art and enjoying creative art! But still of all this the physical touch and physical energy in paintings on canvas in colors is irreplaceable! Making simple art ,coming down to loading paints,  messing my hands with paint! 
 While on this spiritual journey of The red Pilgrim, as I continue to make healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals!
God Bless and Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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