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Friday, October 28, 2011

The Symbolic Value and Interpretation of Symbolic Scriptures Paintings

Scriptures have been used since many years by symbolic artists as a form of presenting their thoughts on canvas. There are so many religions and so many symbols and each symbol can be expressed and sued in different contexts. The artist can use so many symbols and it is only the respective artist who can explain about their artworks and art symbols used in their paintings. Every artist will use symbols in different context and if one may use red flowers to represent love and passion the other may use it to represent anger and jealousy. Birds, horses, fairies and flowers all have been used in symbolic paintings over the years.
A different genre of painting is to use texts and scriptures in paintings. Many famous artists have been successful in presenting their artworks using scriptures from different religions of deities. Especially in India there are many religions followed and each religious text also may be different.

Anchored by Rizwana Mundewadi

Move Ahead by Rizwana Mundewadi

Symbolic Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Different brush strokes can be made to make symbols and also different colored scriptures can be painted for an symbolic painting. The symbolic artist will use brushes of different sizes and textures, materials to make different surfaces in painting and also use hand and fingers to make abstract symbolic artworks. Many art techniques and art styles can be used to get the effect on symbolic paintings. Any artist who loves script can incorporate them in their paintings and many have selected the field of symbolic paintings as their specialty like me as an healing artist I love to paint symbols on my paintings. Symbols and scriptures give life to my paintings as if they are speaking with the viewer and you can feel the attraction and hear the conversation that the symbols have with you when you view and go near the artworks. I love symbols! They are life given to your brush strokes and life given to colours. They make symbolic paintings come alive.
Faith by Rizwana Mundewadi
Serenity by Rizwana Mundewadi
You see paintings with the symbol 'OUM" or 'OM' many times and this is the most powerful symbol used for peace and prosperity and harmony. The swastik is another powerful symbol used in paintings by symbolic artists. My artworks usually have Reiki symbols and many artists use Chinese symbols along with objects used for symbolic values. feng Shui paintings are also a way to making symbolic artworks and they are seen in many homes for their symbolic value. I love to use colour for symbolic value and hence my artworks may not only have symbols but also each colour has its individual importance for why it has been used in the artwork.
Scriptures and texts can be either painted on canvas or paper or drawing board and in fact any material can be used to make symbolic artworks. Arabic calligraphy is another very important symbolic genre and a very attractive way of incorporating texts into your paintings. Marathi texts also have been used by many artists in their symbolic paintings. Some artists also paint texts of  famous poems and thoughts of famous people in their paintings.
Why symbolic scripture paintings are easily understood? Because each painting has some text which can be read or viewed by the viewer these symbolic paintings have a sense of direction. Many abstract paintings that are symbolic will give the viewer some idea about the concept and theme of the painting when scriptures are involved in the symbolic artworks. This also becomes easy for the buyer of art to select the artwork they are comfortable with. Here symbolic paintings can be very beneficial for healing artists as they can use symbols for the benefit of people. Many positive and motivational symbols and powerful scriptures can be used according to the problems in lives of the buyers. As we all know art has a profound effect on our mental psyche paintings are now beginning to take the most important place in our homes as well as our heart.
Positive symbols used in paintings can be used to uplift mood and recharge the environment with positive energy.
A symbolic artist uses symbols that are charged with positive energy and intentions to heal lives and past bad karma. Scriptures from an very important part of any symbolic painting and can be easily interpreted by the viewer according to the texts painted on the artwork. Whenever you select an symbolic painting to buy it would be better to have a conversation with the respective symbolic artist to understand the use of texts and scriptures in their paintings. With this understanding the symbolic paintings will have a better and improved healing effect on the viewer.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Healing Art to Cure Karma

Untitled Original Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
 Healing artists' use colours and symbols to paint symbolic paintings. Colours as well all know have effects on our health, moods and emotions and they can be used effectively to cure many behavioural and psychological problems. Be it depression, anxiety, or improving memory and focus healing paintings can be effectively used for benefit of the individual.
Wheel of Karma Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Cold Fire by Rizwana Mundewadi
After learning and practicing Reiki I have learned that colours and symbols play a very important role in our lives. The concept of having a purple fire is great and different . The usual fire used in any artwork is red and I have used this modification as a base for healing. Every painting has to be charged with positive energy for the symbols to be effective and hence I do not promote prints and posters of symbols and symbolic paintings as they are mere print outs.The intentions are the strong points of any healing artwork.
How can art be used as a cure effectively for health and prosperity? The policy for cure is very simple, that is to tap the potential of the human mind. It is seen that the human mind is a very strong force and each individual has this power from the universe, it is just that we are away from it and not recognise it. A symbolic painting will help you to connect to your true self and your life goal.
Having dealt with karma and karmic blocks and its effects over the years I have understood that very simple procedures can effectively heal bad karma.Usually these karmic blocks are the reason for having problems in this life be it health, wealth or peace of mind and relationships.
Healing art is one of the best ways to improve our luck and also relationships that have gone sour due to any reason.
The artists who paint healing art are usually qualified in some nature cure or self taught artists who have gone to their calling of soul. You can get a healing painting according to your personal problems and while buying any artwork remember about your personal preferences and likes. Your choice of colours and themes along with your religious beliefs will effect your choice of symbolic paintings.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Symbolic Value of the Colour Red in Therapy

Painting over more than a decade and studying about response to different colours I have understood that every colour evokes a different emotion and a different response from us. Like we know red is used to express love, anger or energy and has universal appeal but yellow used for cheerfulness can also be interpreted by some as making them irritable. Some people view purple as a royal colour but it has been observed that some people find purple leading to lethargy and less energy. Hence it is proved that every colour will be interpreted as different for different people and also in different times according to your moods.
Some times we are happy to have red colour around us and it gives us energy but when we are sick or tired the same red colour will drain off our energy and make us feel more tired. Such is the power of colour. One must carefully tread this path of colours and use then effectively. A healing artist uses different colours to heal people of their problems and sicknesses. Here we are talking of using colour to our advantage.
During sickness and chronic problems the person is on medication and usually needs energy and relaxing environment. With the high stress of sickness accompanied by the problems arising due to side effects of medicine we can effectively use colour to help the individual heal better and faster.
Red colours in paintings can be in form of landscapes, still life or nature where you get floral paintings. One can incorporate red colour in paintings of patients who suffer from lack of energy or depression and this can be sued to provide energy to them as well as their rooms. An floral painting would surely enliven the room. Care must be taken to avoid very strong red colours and use it in moderation as this may also trigger an anxiety or anger attack. It is best to use shades and hues of red and pink which evoke pleasant responses of love and peace. A painting having symbols painted in red is a sure shot for success in any field or aspect of life that has been troubling you.
One can also hang a red ribbon with a bouquet of flowers near the window of such patients to get energy from each breeze of air. Children suffering from health problems and sicknesses can also be healed by using red coloured paintings. One can hang paintings of flowers, birds or houses of red colours. Remember to avoid very dark maroon colours or darker shades of red as this may lead to depression.
Red is a beautiful colour and where ever it is used it uplifts the boring environment with energy and enthusiasm and it can be very effectively used in offices and board rooms to keep the conversation going well and getting good business opportunities.

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