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Monday, July 28, 2014

Is this love or is this war Horses Facing each other painting Analysis guidelines for hanging choosing horse paintings

Two horses facing each other, painting with two feminine brown mares. Horse paintings are selling like hot cakes as this year 2014 being the Chinese year of horse everyone is about to have a piece of cake, with this energy. Horses are great symbols of strong energy and the right horse painting hung in correct direction can do wonders for your business growth or a wrong placement can bring it to ashes. While buying horse painting they are great for business and wealth luck, people just get a bit carried away and buy a lot of horse paintings to benefit from this energy for all aspects of life.
Feng shui symbolism paintings for attracting marital love luck and bedrooms have been a great choice for people to enhance the marriage area of their bedrooms and activate marital luck. Paintings of pairs help to attract strong love bonding energy here.
Saw this beautiful two horses painting in brown color, the background didn’t appeal me much as it had strong peaks in the mountains, horses in position of facing each other standing and ready to gallop towards each other. And the best part was the couple had hung this in bedroom above bed.
Horses  usually do this before war as also horse usually never seen facing each other with raised postures, unless they are baby horses that play. The postures and positions in the horse painting are unreal and the horses showed emotions as of sadness as well as rage, and one horse was literally looking far away. Also we want to encourage soothing and understanding love between the couple and not animal love! Mountains with strong pointed peaks are not good, and also hanging water in any form above the bed dissociates the energy, as the element water has a strong energy of always moving and flowing anywhere it gets space.
Always buy a horse painting by keeping this in mind that you also are affected by the emotions and postures of the characters in the paintings. And one tips please never hang horses in bedrooms, they are best for living rooms and offices!
Designer Hearts Feng Shui Reiki Painting Happiness

Home of Happiness Year 2015 

Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
For my latest symbolic feng shui colorful bedroom paintings and view in different settings and frames, please visit my website.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Making of Embracing the Chaos symbolic abstract healing painting update till now

The painting 'Embracing the Chaos' which was on from 31st December 2013 and I am hoping to complete this on 31st December night of 2014. still controlling the urge to finish off the artwork at one sitting , till date has come up beautifully, the selection of symbols the ideas, colors, the techniques, and the unknown factor of what next.
Embracing the Chaos abstract painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
The painting hangs confidently on the wall each day giving out new inspirations and new ideas and so many ways it can be worked over.  A blank canvas has immense possibilities and can accommodate the whole world inside! enjoy the making of this Reiki Feng Shui symbolic abstract healing painting till now, July 2014
Beautiful Healing of the Soul by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
For the steps, each one , view this slide show on Slide
Making of 'Embracing the Chaos'
All the Best from Rizwana!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Very small spaces Creative paintings Choosing art for small spaces great simple tips for buying art from small rooms or offices

Is your living room small or your office space a few square feets and you are in thoughts of how to decorate the space to uplift energy here. Some people now tend to have smaller living rooms if they do not socialize much and allow more space for other rooms. If the space of your living room is small does not mean it has to be plain painted walls.
Circular Happiness 6.5x9.5 Inches

Contemporary Aum 8x11 Inches

Small office spaces need not be dull and boring and as the common fear that adding anything more will make the room appear smaller, try some bold art. Art defines the space and gives a lot of character to your office or home. All furniture and other accessories can revolve around the large sized painting in your home or office. We all know the effect art has on our mind and the environment. Colors will help bring positive energy to your office space and also bring in good business.
Art need not be displayed in a balanced form you can try in abnormal combinations and irregular shapes and see how the arrangement goes wild and makes your business rock. Viewers are immediately grabbed by the large installation of artworks and thus making the small space of your living room or office look larger than life with some great quality original art.
Usually people choose one piece of art and then feel it is fine but many times the work is lost in the small space. Small spaces sometimes need something more to grab attention and improve energy. Even with small spaces go bolder and choose a group of smaller artworks along with a larger one to give more style and your living room is all about your personality and personal tastes.
Have a Great day from Rizwana!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Symbolism of House Paintings Latest House Paintings for Feng Shui Good Luck and Happiness

Houses, bird houses, flats, villas and bungalows all represents happiness in family and bring a positive energy to your home. Symbols of Houses have always symbolized stability in relationships and also represents beginning of new family. 
Serenity Symbolic Abstract Cubism painting on Canvas

Bungalow Home Painting with Symbols Healing Art by Rizwana(Sold)

Fantasy Home with Pink Vibrations of Love

Green House in Cubism by Rizwana Mundewadi

House in Blue , one of my old paintings on oil sketch paper

House in Cubism My painting on Paper

Childrens Room Painting

We have seen many house painting which were usually inspired by village homes, rural life and huts and mud homes. This brought a connection to the most comfortable and wanted place , a home of your own. People love rural old heritage homes because it takes them back to their childhood memories, or happy family home memories. 
House paintings are best feng shui cures for those who dream of owning a house, and hangings such paintings and viewing them brings out a positive force that helps one to achieve the dream of owning the dream home faster.
Heritage Charm of Old Bungalow Home Contemporary Look Old Home

Wish fulfillment healing paintings help one to describe the actual details one wishes to see in their home and then such paintings help to bring forthe the dream of owning the same. The paintings give out images that one dreams off and helps one to work towards achieving the goals.
Right from sufi saint tombs or mazaars of saints where people still tie little houses for fulfillment of dream of owning a house, the wish fulfillment paintings  work on the brain and bring about a change in the universal energy force that helps to achieve , attract the same into your lives. There are no  miracles the symbols start the process of shifting in energy. They start the process of attracting things and make individuals work towards fulfillment of this dream.
House paintings are a beautiful way to bring happiness and family relationships a priority. Feng shui family and relationship corner benefits immensely by hanging house paintings to attract harmony and peace and happiness in life.
Fantasy Land Home Painting

House paintings  also symbolize wealth and paintings of many houses, contemporary houses or villas and bungalows all represents wealth, status,  style, modern homes and beautiful dream houses.
If property is your business and dealing with selling house then hangings house paintings in wealth and prosperity corner gives a boost to sales. House paintings also can be used to attract wealth as in investment houses. 
Houses on your walls brings about an energy of family, good health, happiness and with symbols they can affect all the elements in your life and attract good luck and wealth. Feng shui wealth element wood can be incorporated as in landscaped gardens and the water element can be added as water features and water fountains , bring in the heaven luck by adding some flying friends and your house painting can be a master plan for success!
One can also add people and children for those who wish to start a new family as happy images attracts the same type of energy. For the couple who wish to begin a family house paintings are a way to attract owning a new home and also starting with the new energy into their lives as in new born. House paintings with bird nests and bird houses also are very auspicious to hang. 
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, July 7, 2014

How to choose Inspirational art pieces to improve energy and attract positivity in your home

Interior décor highlights consist of special features that form highlight in the rooms. Especially living rooms are ones where a single item of furniture or artwork is used to create focus, focal point, and what we  call a conversation piece.
Inspirational, motivational, symbolic art can speak volumes about eh living room and the inmates. The personality and character , personal preferences and emotions of the individual can be symbolically represented in that one single piece of large artwork that stands majestically on your living room wall.
Every home individual must take that special time to select a piece of art that represents a part of them. Artworks on your walls can speak volumes about you.  Not only will they give style to your décor but also improve and attract positivity and great energy to your living rooms.
Color Therapy by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Focussed Contemporary Modern healing Art 
A piece which when looked at takes you to another dimension of thoughts, brings a smile to your face or the viewers are tempted to begin a conversation, then the purpose of art is served. Choose an piece of art that has aesthetic appeal and hits many senses at a time.
Symbolic art consists of hidden meanings, open to viewers imaginations, some inspirational, some fantasy, and some just plain different and unique. 
While choosing inspirational art for your living room consider the following tips-
1) Be familiar with the symbolism as you will have to live, converse about the selection. Communicate with the artist about the artwork, understand symbolism, hidden meanings and , point blank meanings, love the work and then choose it.
2) Choose symbolic works in the colors you love. Color therapy is again a very powerful means of displaying symbolism in your living room wall art. If you find the right piece it is great and most works are love at first sight. If you are not you get one made according to your preferences and loved colors.
3) Choose the right size of symbolic art. The meanings and symbolism has to be loved by you as the displayer of art, the right size matters. You can make quiet a statement wall by displaying a large sized symbolic artwork or a group of small pieces each having their own identity.
4) Your emotional response matters a lot. When you are choosing an inspirational work of art it has to hit the heart and mind right with the symbolism in the art. You must be able to get the positivity and energy from viewing such symbolism in the art you choose. This either you communicate with your art broker, art dealer or gallery owners or the artist from where you are about to buy an artwork.
5) For the beginners list down the objects that symbolize growth, prosperity and wealth for you. It may be quite a different one or the same and there are many universal symbols that bring about the  same emotional reaction from viewers. Though here your personal experiences and life will influence what symbols you love. Example red color for some represents danger, for some it is passion and love, and as in feng shui a great color representing fire energy to attract fame.
Have a Great Day and All the Best from Rizwana! For buying these paintings!

Friday, July 4, 2014

How to make your living room look luxurious without spending a fortune on Interior Decoration

Luxurious  living rooms give out an aura of ambience and style. We all love our living rooms as they present our personal tastes and is the most frequently used room in our home. It is an actual representation of who we are, with the objects , furniture and things we display in our living rooms, gives out a deep insight into who we are, and what we love. We all love to have luxurious living rooms that have costly artifacts, large sized paintings and of course original art. For the look it is obvious you will need to spend a lot of money. But following some simple steps can take your living room to another level of ambiance without having to spend a fortune on décor.

Large sized pink crystal
 1) Indulge in good color choices for your walls- Dark colors make your room appear smaller, we all know but good quality luster paint for walls gives out a great look. Today we have a lot of variety in types of wall paints and textures that can give your home another level without spending a fortune. Go with latest trends , follow fashion and choose colors that are in, thus showing off your choices. Teal, lilac, turquoise, oranges, lime greens, vibrant reds, just about any new age color brightens up your living room. Do away with creams, off whites, beige and browns that make our home look of old age era or class.
Modern contemporary design Ceiling light fixtures
2) For the accessories choose bright colors , color that are modern contemporary give your house a modern feel. Cushions, upholstery and furniture has gone tremendous change in matters of style. Fluorescent colors, shocking colors and bold colors today rule the interior décor. You can add extra zing by choosing colorful throw pillows, geometric, embroidered, mirror work, to the  same seating arrangements. Cover your furniture without spending on changing it. Get the same furniture repainted or designer painted.
Luxurious Accessories for living room
3) Choose golden and silver color. Try to add these two elegant and beautiful colors that depict royalty and richness. Gold has always been a  color of position and status symbol and purple gold and silver all add up to increase the style quotient of your living room to a great luxurious level. The same colors can be selected in different shades, rich glossy maroons, chrome viridian greens with deeper color, blues of Prussian and ultramarine cobalt that give fresh sea look and also a spiritual energy, all along with gold look great.   
4) Choose simple yet powerful symbols to display. Golden horses, silver coated wall clocks, shiny sparkling water features, lights- there are immense designs and varieties in types of lighting fixtures and even a single chandelier or wall lighting fixture can take your room to another level of luxury. Gemstones also can be displayed giving the room a sparkle and vibrant energy, in any form, either as crystals , pyramids, or as studded in design on centre table, shelves, drawer knobs, marble studded furniture designs etc .
Golden Buddha
5) Add some original art. Today art has become affordable and even art prints are available in low prices but the beauty of original art can make eyes turn around and the focus of conversation. Hanging one large or small groups of original artworks can add elegance and style to your living room. You can buy some affordable art and hang it in the living room to beautify the space.
The Purple Vase with Pink Anthuriums One of my oil paintings

Awesum Two Sum oil on canvas board my latest art
6) Add some sculpture or pieces of original art either bought from a interior décor store or from artist. Personalized sculptures are art objects give a unique look to your home and immediate raise the style quotient.  
7) Add some plants in great containers. Large sized fancy pots, designer planters and unique shaped plant containers are available that will fit perfectly for your décor and give beauty to your plants and the same greens will start looking royal! If you do not have a green thumb today we so spoilt for choice with such lovely artificial flowers and vases and floral arrangements.
Golden Silver Fancy artificial Flowers
8) Some fragrances are always welcome. Imagine a home where you enter , visit, smelling of heavenly fragrance, you love the space and always remember the ambience. And we have so many air fresheners, space purifiers and fragrant candles, incense, that we can in very little effort change our home into places of fresh energy. Even a variety of natural oils, and sprays are available and with  potpourri the fragrances spread evenly and remain for longer times.
Fragrant candles
9) Add some artwork in wood. Carvings, jail work, partitions, dividers, old chest trunks or any antique objects will immediately take your living room to another level. People opt for elephant shaped centre tables, goodluck symbols carved Tibetan  table, vases in elegant carvings, one piece of work is also sufficient to form a focal point in your living room décor.
With simple objects you can change your living room from an ordinary quiet room to a more luxurious and elite elegant energy room.
 All the Best from Rizwana !

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