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Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to Keep Costly Paintings Safe, 7 Art Collectors Rules for Preserving Costly Paintings

How to keep your costly paintings safe and in good condition. As we are seeing many new  young art collectors in the art field it is very important to understand  the golden  rules of art collectors to preserve your precious possessions of art safe and in good condition for years ahead for them to give you good substantial returns over the years. While you keep buying new paintings  and hang them for display, after a time they become too many for your wall  space,   as your place them with new works, when not in use it  is important to store your paintings in proper manner and safe.
Golden rules of art collectors for  the new young art collectors for storing paintings-
1) Very important , buy cheap,  means hunt for new talent, new  artists , also you can bargain and get great deals on buying more paintings  ,  new emerging artists works so that you can get a good number of paintings in  your budget ranges. Here the advantage of storing paintings would be that most of the works are   either ten or more years old and not more than that so  the paintings  are varnished and in very good condition, no need to spend money on restoration work or preserving of paintings.
2) Never store your paintings in areas where there  is too much sunlight exposure. This is harmful for your precious possessions, your costly paintings collections. Avoid keeping stored paintings near air conditioner vents, windows and doors for harmful environmental exposure in from of blast of  wind, sunlight,  rains etc.
3) Cover your prized oil and acrylic paintings collections with soft muslin cloth when not hanged on walls. Any soft cloth that will not damage the texture in your paintings.
4) In case  of framed  paintings in glass, collages and other types of artworks   very important to pack them  carefully in wooden boxes or some containers to protect them from harm.  Label them, handle with care and which side up to open the next time someone gets back to them.
5) Keep your prized costly paintings safe, in safety lock  , as  many works of famous artist are worth a fortune and many art collections value with art collectors goes  in many millions of  $. Good locks and safety security measures  for your art collections. Many have regulated temperature rooms for storing prized costly paintings from their art collections.
6) Insure the art collection, especially costly artworks of famous artists, from a reputed insurance company, it is better to be safe than sorry, for unexpected crises and unnatural disasters.
7) Once in a  while clean up all your paintings by keeping them in good  condition.  In case any painting  needs restoration or repair do it promptly as  the damage sometimes to your precious paintings when delayed becomes irreparable and also costs a lot from   a  reputed restoration artist.

Finally do show off your prized collections once in a  while, we all know the glint in the eyes of any art collector when  they talk of their art collections and prized possessions. Have a show for private guests, art  galleries and art shows,  and also keep rotating hanging new art in your homes and offices so that your paintings also get to do the  most important thing, breathe!
The Pink Triangle A Symbolic Spiritual Cubism Painting on canvas , Size 24.5x35 Inches, Year 2013, price $  5001

While on this spiritual journey, the red pilgrim,  as I continue to paint ...
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to make collage of your small paintings Cubism paintings collage

new collage made of small paintings done in year 2004 to 2007.
Adding touch up of vibrant colours shows my progress with use of colors in my art. From the darker subdued tones to bright fresh and vibrant colors.  I  also focus more on using contrasting colors rather than to go for harmonious color schemes.
Collage of my early cubism small paintings.  The idea came upon assembling a few small works on cubism style, each one felt connected and with simple colors connection of shapes connection I took them and made a collage , looking a new artwork, Untitled, a complete whole.
For making collage of your small paintings do get a good quality glue and rough cloth handy. Keep the ground surface clean and smooth.
Assemble or plan the collage well in advance, as I have gown over and over with the designs part for many months before finalizing the collage. A connecting line, a selected color, a border line that will make the work of art look something totally different then when it was earlier.What more this has given a new life and energy to the earlier works with bright choice of colors.
It gave me immense happiness.
You  can also get creative and cut out different shapes from the old paintings that look great and remove the parts that are not going so well with the artwork.  Try out making collages in different sizes , different shapes and different styles and textures, keep experimenting, that's art!
Thank You!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Small paintings $ 500 or less Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Untitled' Painting Oil, 2013

small paintings $500 or less 

Buy small paintings  for $ 500 and below , as and when  I take breather gaps in between painting healing art I do paint small paintings on oil sketch paper  available for $ 500 or less.
It is a nice way to get new refreshed energy and also keep in touch with art and many times the most beautiful artworks have come up  in simple   moments  on small canvas or paper.
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.
To buy paintings please visit my website.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Important Feng Shui for Artists and Painters How to boost your artists career using feng shui

Important feng shui rules for artists for prosperity shared here in this post.
 How to boost your artists career using feng shui. Artists career graphs shoots from extreme highs to extreme lows, sometimes when you have a successful show you are glad you did it, and when not so good you wonder who started this.
Myth number one, artists are a rich lot!Artists career is not like any other career where you get the pay check at the end of every month.  People who are earning lots have given their life for this, and you will too, there are no mistakes or accidents in natures law, there are only lessons to be learned. Success  is proportionate to the efforts you put in , the years of toiling behind the canvas, the resources used up in paints, the extra cash saved for another artwork, the time and energy you have put up for your artist career, every bit matters.
Feng shui helps to balance energies in yourself and your environment, bringing about happiness, success and prosperity.
Clean up the mess, artists, yes hardly do we  realize how much clutter accumulates over the years as being an artist. This just does not mean only that your studio is cleaned daily by a servant and looks spic and span from  the front. usually hindrances in career come  from hidden mess clutter. This may be hidden in closet, hidden in form of old unsold paintings or even in your mind as emotional clutter.
Paintings can be arranged and stacked neatly after every few months or years to assess the amount you have and their condition. You may also  improve the old works by adding a few strokes here and here giving new life to the unsold artworks.  This really helps.
One important thing which every artists needs is to have a record of their artworks. Now I know this is very difficult especially if you have many paintings, but this is the first step towards success, note down according to size,  or year of paintings, or according to price, use any criteria but have a strong hold on your total  number of paintings, this will be helpful when you want to sell your artworks or present for booking a gallery.
When you sell paintings do keep a record of price and note down the address and telephone numbers of your art collectors, this usually helps in the long run, as say senior artists.

Feng shui your studio for inviting good luck and wealth luck,  keeping in mind to maintain your creativity level. Respect your tools as a surgeon respect and keeps his tools, your brushes and paints, canvas and the place where you paint, the laptop or computer used for uploading works online, the art galleries representing your works, how ever busy you are,  once in a while do clean up everything in your studio.
Finally break the myths and mind blocks that artists need  to have an image of sickly poor starving people!  Artists need to break the  mind set that they need to make art to sell, make art with your heart and soul and you will get the results.
Telephone, emails and personal artist websites must be updated regularly to welcome prosperity and feng shui wealth.
One great painting to attract wealth and prosperity  luck is  Welcoming Grace , you can buy this painting from my website

Cubism Simple Paintings Small Sized cubism abstract paintings

Works of 2004 and 2005 were  small works done on paper, geometry played a very important role back then, and still does as shapes try to come up in most works except for the fact that they have evolved from simple circles and squares to more evolved feng shui element representations and strong symbolism in my paintings. Sizes of these paintings are 6.5x9.5 Inches.
Abundance  and Happy Sunrise are my favorites among the many small cubism paintings done on oil sketch paper.
Collage making of small works in progress, as if giving new life to the same works, more energy, more color, trying to connect the small works together to complete the puzzle. I did only four big collages of some of these small paintings.
How these small works have come to rescue, works of more than past thirteen years, as they are work energy stored in bundles which are now putting more newness to my art, and as with this new challenge I continue  on this spiritual journey to make healing art, simple colorful understandable art, art that heals..
 To buy my paintings visit my website

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