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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Importance and Meaning of Two Squares Overlapping or Octad Symbol in Symbolic Paintings

Symbols used in symbolic paintings always depend upon the artist and their understanding and representation of that particular symbol. With flowers to animals to only colours artists have been using symbols to express themselves. Paintings having figures of Gods and Goddesses have been going on since ages with many modifications and other objects also being used in art forms. Symbolic artists use symbols directly or a modification of the original symbols in their artworks.
With lotus flowers, rose flowers and elephants along with objects of symbolic value it is an important symbol that I use the 'Octad' which is being explained here. This rarely used symbol is a very important symbol and has been used since ancient times to express harmony. An octad represents total completeness.
The octad has eight sides and at a glance it looks like two squares overlapping at opposite junctions. Just like a diamond shape the octad is a very powerful symbol.
It represents the perfect environment, both physical and mental balance leading to total harmony of body and soul. The joining of two squares in shape of diamond indicates the inner space and the outer space of any individual. It leads the psyche to 'I am' aware and present here'. In simple words it is the balance of existence and awareness of existence. Eight being an very important number according to numerology and feng shui eight corners of the octad are very important to express totality.
The structure of octad having eight corners and generally gives rise to feelings of aspiration and also constraint. Both squares have complementary functions; the diamond shape evokes feelings of activeness whereas the square shape evokes feelings of stability.
The history of the symbol octad being used goes long back from the Greek to the Arabs and the Buddhists. The most famous Buddhist structures and paintings have the symbol of the wheel which again is a form of the octad indicating unending limitless form.
The urge for progress and to reach out far can be expressed using a square. What best than to use an octad having eight corners representing many aspects. The top of the diamond expresses the upper maximum limit of rise or also heaven luck whereas the down part indicates lowest. The sides in the square are expansions from side directions.
In perfect harmony the octad represents totality and completeness. Here I would like to mention that in existence, our environment and physical as well as emotional and astral all are changing. In fact there is no static energy anywhere and since it is moving and changing the whole concept is an artist’s dream of reaching total and complete perfection. A moment of ecstasy or a captured frame in a picture all represent totality and in turn bring us to the experience of the octad.

 Deep and vast explaination of the symbol octad it is and will always be one of the most beautiful symbols. Two overlapping squares have been used by children to draw and represent a diamond or star shape and thus the octad has been in our lives without we realizing its meaning and importance.

Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Totality  by Rizwana Mundewadi

Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

The octad has been in my paintings since the past many years and without my choosing this symbol the symbol itself chose me! Over the years my artworks have squares and overlapping squares representing my inner chaos and progress. The play of two squares in different paintings using vast rage of themes and colours most of the paintings have led me to make the complete totality symbol. With recent artworks having a more balanced and total octad my symbols also represent my progress as a whole, not forgetting my self portrait of red pilgrim which I have to continue making more paintings to express my journey as an healing artist.
Two squares one large and other slanting and just touching, two squares one overlapping and the other trying to come out and often two squares merging with one another all have been a  part of my paintings and journey as a symbolic artist. The inner square or space is very important and it is here that all the action takes place as well as progress.
Symbols used in mandala paintings the octad is also an of the important symbols in Buddhist art and sculptures. With the number eight as a powerful symbol all eight sides in harmony indicate totality and complete harmony. The center is the individual and it is here that all the desired action can take place to improve ones self and the eight spikes lead to fulfillment of desires, needs, realization of self which gives us makes our survival instinct stronger.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Symbolic Value and Interpretation of Symbolic Scriptures Paintings

Scriptures have been used since many years by symbolic artists as a form of presenting their thoughts on canvas. There are so many religions and so many symbols and each symbol can be expressed and sued in different contexts. The artist can use so many symbols and it is only the respective artist who can explain about their artworks and art symbols used in their paintings. Every artist will use symbols in different context and if one may use red flowers to represent love and passion the other may use it to represent anger and jealousy. Birds, horses, fairies and flowers all have been used in symbolic paintings over the years.
A different genre of painting is to use texts and scriptures in paintings. Many famous artists have been successful in presenting their artworks using scriptures from different religions of deities. Especially in India there are many religions followed and each religious text also may be different.

Anchored by Rizwana Mundewadi

Move Ahead by Rizwana Mundewadi

Symbolic Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Different brush strokes can be made to make symbols and also different colored scriptures can be painted for an symbolic painting. The symbolic artist will use brushes of different sizes and textures, materials to make different surfaces in painting and also use hand and fingers to make abstract symbolic artworks. Many art techniques and art styles can be used to get the effect on symbolic paintings. Any artist who loves script can incorporate them in their paintings and many have selected the field of symbolic paintings as their specialty like me as an healing artist I love to paint symbols on my paintings. Symbols and scriptures give life to my paintings as if they are speaking with the viewer and you can feel the attraction and hear the conversation that the symbols have with you when you view and go near the artworks. I love symbols! They are life given to your brush strokes and life given to colours. They make symbolic paintings come alive.
Faith by Rizwana Mundewadi
Serenity by Rizwana Mundewadi
You see paintings with the symbol 'OUM" or 'OM' many times and this is the most powerful symbol used for peace and prosperity and harmony. The swastik is another powerful symbol used in paintings by symbolic artists. My artworks usually have Reiki symbols and many artists use Chinese symbols along with objects used for symbolic values. feng Shui paintings are also a way to making symbolic artworks and they are seen in many homes for their symbolic value. I love to use colour for symbolic value and hence my artworks may not only have symbols but also each colour has its individual importance for why it has been used in the artwork.
Scriptures and texts can be either painted on canvas or paper or drawing board and in fact any material can be used to make symbolic artworks. Arabic calligraphy is another very important symbolic genre and a very attractive way of incorporating texts into your paintings. Marathi texts also have been used by many artists in their symbolic paintings. Some artists also paint texts of  famous poems and thoughts of famous people in their paintings.
Why symbolic scripture paintings are easily understood? Because each painting has some text which can be read or viewed by the viewer these symbolic paintings have a sense of direction. Many abstract paintings that are symbolic will give the viewer some idea about the concept and theme of the painting when scriptures are involved in the symbolic artworks. This also becomes easy for the buyer of art to select the artwork they are comfortable with. Here symbolic paintings can be very beneficial for healing artists as they can use symbols for the benefit of people. Many positive and motivational symbols and powerful scriptures can be used according to the problems in lives of the buyers. As we all know art has a profound effect on our mental psyche paintings are now beginning to take the most important place in our homes as well as our heart.
Positive symbols used in paintings can be used to uplift mood and recharge the environment with positive energy.
A symbolic artist uses symbols that are charged with positive energy and intentions to heal lives and past bad karma. Scriptures from an very important part of any symbolic painting and can be easily interpreted by the viewer according to the texts painted on the artwork. Whenever you select an symbolic painting to buy it would be better to have a conversation with the respective symbolic artist to understand the use of texts and scriptures in their paintings. With this understanding the symbolic paintings will have a better and improved healing effect on the viewer.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Healing Art to Cure Karma

Untitled Original Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
 Healing artists' use colours and symbols to paint symbolic paintings. Colours as well all know have effects on our health, moods and emotions and they can be used effectively to cure many behavioural and psychological problems. Be it depression, anxiety, or improving memory and focus healing paintings can be effectively used for benefit of the individual.
Wheel of Karma Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

Cold Fire by Rizwana Mundewadi
After learning and practicing Reiki I have learned that colours and symbols play a very important role in our lives. The concept of having a purple fire is great and different . The usual fire used in any artwork is red and I have used this modification as a base for healing. Every painting has to be charged with positive energy for the symbols to be effective and hence I do not promote prints and posters of symbols and symbolic paintings as they are mere print outs.The intentions are the strong points of any healing artwork.
How can art be used as a cure effectively for health and prosperity? The policy for cure is very simple, that is to tap the potential of the human mind. It is seen that the human mind is a very strong force and each individual has this power from the universe, it is just that we are away from it and not recognise it. A symbolic painting will help you to connect to your true self and your life goal.
Having dealt with karma and karmic blocks and its effects over the years I have understood that very simple procedures can effectively heal bad karma.Usually these karmic blocks are the reason for having problems in this life be it health, wealth or peace of mind and relationships.
Healing art is one of the best ways to improve our luck and also relationships that have gone sour due to any reason.
The artists who paint healing art are usually qualified in some nature cure or self taught artists who have gone to their calling of soul. You can get a healing painting according to your personal problems and while buying any artwork remember about your personal preferences and likes. Your choice of colours and themes along with your religious beliefs will effect your choice of symbolic paintings.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Symbolic Value of the Colour Red in Therapy

Painting over more than a decade and studying about response to different colours I have understood that every colour evokes a different emotion and a different response from us. Like we know red is used to express love, anger or energy and has universal appeal but yellow used for cheerfulness can also be interpreted by some as making them irritable. Some people view purple as a royal colour but it has been observed that some people find purple leading to lethargy and less energy. Hence it is proved that every colour will be interpreted as different for different people and also in different times according to your moods.
Some times we are happy to have red colour around us and it gives us energy but when we are sick or tired the same red colour will drain off our energy and make us feel more tired. Such is the power of colour. One must carefully tread this path of colours and use then effectively. A healing artist uses different colours to heal people of their problems and sicknesses. Here we are talking of using colour to our advantage.
During sickness and chronic problems the person is on medication and usually needs energy and relaxing environment. With the high stress of sickness accompanied by the problems arising due to side effects of medicine we can effectively use colour to help the individual heal better and faster.
Red colours in paintings can be in form of landscapes, still life or nature where you get floral paintings. One can incorporate red colour in paintings of patients who suffer from lack of energy or depression and this can be sued to provide energy to them as well as their rooms. An floral painting would surely enliven the room. Care must be taken to avoid very strong red colours and use it in moderation as this may also trigger an anxiety or anger attack. It is best to use shades and hues of red and pink which evoke pleasant responses of love and peace. A painting having symbols painted in red is a sure shot for success in any field or aspect of life that has been troubling you.
One can also hang a red ribbon with a bouquet of flowers near the window of such patients to get energy from each breeze of air. Children suffering from health problems and sicknesses can also be healed by using red coloured paintings. One can hang paintings of flowers, birds or houses of red colours. Remember to avoid very dark maroon colours or darker shades of red as this may lead to depression.
Red is a beautiful colour and where ever it is used it uplifts the boring environment with energy and enthusiasm and it can be very effectively used in offices and board rooms to keep the conversation going well and getting good business opportunities.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Colour Therapy by Healing Artist

Original Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Colour therapy has become a very important part of art and therapy and is fast taking a ground with many artists. Such artists who use colour for therapy and healing other individuals as well as themselves are termed as healing artists. Colours are an important part of our lives and we see colour in form of nature, objects, material as well as even simple things as a beautiful butterfly or a leaf.
It is a known fact that every colour evokes a different response from us and also at different times. When we are happy and cheerful a red or orange will increase our happiness and energy where as when we are angry or tired the same red colour may drain our energy and make us irritable. Colour therapy as an art form is a easy and sure way to heal individuals usually suffering from anxiety, relentlessness and other mental and behavioral problems.
How do colour therapists work? usually they offer clients to paint as they wish and use the colours of their choice. Clients are relaxed and have no fear of getting good results from  a painting. By letting their mind  free they heal themselves as well as make an artwork. How do the art therapist analyze your artwork and how do you get healed. Well, using colour is a process of healing and usually a art therapist would suggest a few sittings to heal better. They will observe your strokes and use of choice of colours. Your selection of colours and brush marks indicate a lot about you as an individual and your mental status at the time of painting.
Try not to be too rigid in your art sessions and learn to let go. This is the first step towards healing, A healing artist will help you accept yourself and learn to live life as it goes , with the flow in relaxed and happy manner. Art will open new doors for your creativity and this art therapy will be an enjoyable and mind enriching experience. You will get renewed energy and start living life with a welcoming attitude, your being in the attitude of gratitude mode will reflect in your good health and peace of mind which will in turn help you to progress physically, mentally and also bring in good luck and prosperity.
You can also benefit by hanging paintings of different colours and symbols for getting the daily dose of colour therapy.

Step by Step Reiki Ritual for Clearing off Bad Karma

Reiki or Universal life force can be used to clear off bad karma be it of this present life or maybe some past life. Reiki can be used effectively to clear off bad luck and lead to a life of good health, success and prosperity.
Heal My Karma Modern art Raz

Reiki Symbol Heal Past Lives Raz

Beautiful Healing of the Soul Rizwana Mundewadi

Heal Past Lives Spiritual abstract Raz
First of all clear all clutter be it in your room, office and even your mind. By this I mean to remove all unwanted furniture, old objects like old clothes, clocks, and utensils etc which are stored in attic or store rooms and have not been of use since the past five years. When these things have not come in use for the past five years then there is hardly any chance they will be used in future, so just clear them off, either sell them or donate them. 
Start clearing relationships of all negativity. learn to forgive and forget and let bygones be bygones. For this I suggest a ritual that has been effective since many years and is a sure shot to remove blocks from bad karma. Take bath and be fresh and clear your environment and make it relaxing. Try to make some time alone in a private room or corner. Ask your family and friends for some time alone so that you are not disturbed during this ritual. Many people feed poor and give donation and charity to clear off bad karma. But I feel all these options may be one of the ways to clear your bad karma. By bad karma I do not mean you are a bad person or unjust one, it may be block due to past karma or some problem of your past life that may have been carried in your present life, may be you have got an opportunity to clear off your bad karma in this life.
Sit in a relaxed position or lie down, which ever position is comfortable to you. Relax and empty your mind of all thoughts. now begin thinking about your life, birth, parents and family, siblings , friends and all the people who have been a part of your life. they may have given you positive experiences or negative ones, sometimes you may have fought with someone in an unjustified manner, or maybe you had unknowingly hurt someone, go ahead and let your imagination work. Actually these thoughts arise from your spirit guides who will guide you appropriately and let you understand yourself. The universal life force energy will guide you to understand your blocks of energy, problems in progress and other problems arising due to health and other matters. Some relationships gone sour and some new ones which do not work even on trying may be required to clear off and move ahead in your life . Let your emotions come up and try to experience these emotions whether they are of love, anger, hate, fear or compassion.
Now ask the universal energy and life force to help you heal your past and present. Ask forgiveness from all those that matter and those that don't but have touched your life in any manner. It may be that unknowingly you may have blocked some one's progress or hurt them or maybe a past deed done that may hamper your progress today. Repeat in your mind and visualize that all relationships are healed and the people involved have forgiven you and are happy with you. Here the people involved may not even be alive but your forgiveness is complete and you may follow the same procedure at least three times.
Continue giving Reiki to all organs for at least 21 days every morning. set aside at least an hour and give Reiki energy to all body parts. The energy will go where it is required and there is no fear of over dose or under dose. Universal life force is an energy that is free and in abundance and always remember the universe is very forgiving and will heal all your past and present karma.
Complete this ritual and feel relaxed and free from your past bad karma. Once this ritual of healing is complete you will find a new energy and changed personality and a happy you. See how opportunities knock your door and all relationships are healed for good. Some relationships may also be out of your life for good.
God Bless and All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
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All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Suggestions for Investing in Art

Art investment is one of the safest and truly tested formula for earning huge profits. With Indian art making a special place in the world of art even new artist have great opportunities to flourish and get global exposure.Before investing in art like any other investing option one must go through some guidelines for the same to  get maximum profits and avoid losses.
With people having increased purchasing power and many people also becoming aware of art, there is an increase in number of artworks selling. Many  people and even the middle class also who had never thought of buying art are now purchasing artworks and displaying them in their living rooms. This place of art has come about with affordable artworks available of both new as well as established artists. people also buy prints of original artworks of established artists as their paintings are of high prices. Before going in for purchasing artworks for investment select the right artist whose artworks you love and are comfortable to display in your home or office.
Never buy art just for investing as you may have to share the wall and space in your home with this artwork for many years. Prices of artworks will not multiply fast like that in shares and property. Here you may have to wait for some years before you start to get returns from your art. So if you are wanting quick returns art may not be for you as an means for investment. Also in art you will get returns only when you sell the artworks.
Begin with purchasing smaller artworks of new artists and as you understand the principles of investing in art you can later go on doing bigger purchases of famous artists and world class painters. Try not to buy cheap artworks for investment purposes as they may not appreciate in value soon as that of the established artists.
Keep your budget for investing in art and try to maintain it, as there is a tendency to go over board with this budget when you personally go out to buy art. Just like you invest a certain figure of money in shares or you select to invest in property ranging in a budget so also the same applies for investing in art. Compare the other investment options  with art and also with artworks of different artists. If you take an advice of a good art dealer or art broker they will guide you about the market trends and total value of each artwork. An art investor guide will help you to familiarize with art as an investment.
Go simple when investing in art. Of course of you are an art collector then there is no looking  back as art investment is now booming and every few months new artists are seen on the chart. Sales happen and people buy maybe for the prestige issue or for investment, whatever the reason for buying art, art is definitely an investment here to stay!

Lessons and Tips for Artists - Journey of an Artist

Desires by Rizwana Mundewadi
This is one of my earlier paintings which still has the same charisma and power. Every artist goes through trials and this journey of every artist is about the same. The earlier struggles, the small victories of selling first artworks and finally recognition among the city, country and finally the world!
Whenever an artist begins the journey, it never is easy and even though the artist may be a qualified one having a degree in arts or an self taught one, they both face the same platform. With so much progress in other fields even art is not left behind and there are many opportunities for artists to display their works in public art galleries as well as many online internet art galleries.
The earlier works usually are very colourful and bright and later as the artist progresses in the journey colours give way to simpler and monochromatic colour schemes. That does not mean that only new artists use many colours. there are many established artists who love to put as much colour as possible on the canvas, well even I love to put and use lots of colours, there is never too much for me and I usually have to stop myself from the tendency to go hay wire with the colour schemes!~ The first lesson for any new artist is to control this urge and try to use colours according to their canvas title or theme. This habit goes long in helping an artist to get focused and create good artworks.
Secondly do not try to sell your artworks to friends and relatives, wait patiently and keep working towards your goal. Many times our close family and friends really do not appreciate our art and our precious paintings may end up in the attic!
Third and most important tip to new artists is to try to search for opportunities to display your art. Paintings may be few, artworks may not be so mature but try to come in front and face the crowd. This will give you confidence and exposure and also you will get valuable critical appraisal from general public about your paintings. This my artist friends is the most important for you to learn and progress in your career if selling artworks is also one of your aims in your artist career.
Fourth tip for new artist is to avoid copying any art. I do know that many new artists copy and study senior artists and then let their own styles develop. Well, I can never copy even my own paintings! leave aside others! work once made can never be repeated so I have all original artworks and this aspect though difficult in beginning will go a long way in flourishing your artists career.
Go with the flow and do not try to follow public demand. I have known many artists who become desperate to sell their artworks and hence mould themselves according to painting artworks by public demand. well this is your personal choice if you like to select this way but I feel public will keep changing opinions and your career will be no where if you follow the unstable market trends. I have stuck to my values and rules, my likes and ideas, I call myself the non-conformist soul wherein I do not try to paint beautiful paintings but those that come about to me as individual artworks and usually to be frank many times I begin with some colours but end up with some thing totally different!
Most important tip is to learn to stop painting on time, always take a critical look at your artworks and many times this problem arises with new artists as they do not know when to stop and this leads to many muddy artworks or wasted art resources.
Untitled by Rizwana Mundewadi
Finally whatever you paint, that is which ever painting style you follow, still life, landscape, nature drawing or designing do make an painting of self portrait of yourself to keep your place in the art world for time immemorial.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Is it Possible to Buy Cheap Paintings Online?

Online art galleries offer various artworks displayed by many artists. Some art websites have paintings of artists from around the world and you can get a wide choice for selection of paintings for buying. If you are searching fro cheap artworks then internet is the best option as many art websites offer discounts and are also ready to cut down on some price.
If you are a first timer and wish to buy simple and cheap artworks then you can visit various art sites that have displayed artworks of new and emerging artists. Since we all know paintings of established artworks go in lakhs and crores one can begin with new artists or prints of artworks that are available cheap. Even famous paintings owned by art collectors are put up sometimes for sale. Prints are definitely cheaper than the original artworks and you get to take away the same painting home, just a print in very less price. Technology nowadays is so advanced that you have to give a closer second look to identify the original from the print. They are also available with authentication certificate and signed and numbered by the artist. One can buy art prints of paintings directly from the artist by visiting their website or purchase this from an reputed online art gallery.
Untitled Cubism Abstract oil on oil sketch paper by Rizwana

Paintings of new and emerging artist are low priced as compared to established artists. For the beginner art collector one can go in for a smaller sized artwork as usually they are less priced. Many artists price their artworks according to measurements of the paintings and here you may get a cheap deal online. Paintings on paper and other material are also less priced as compared to canvas paintings as the materials used are less costly that canvas and oil paints. This is not a general rule and any artist has the freedom to quote their price and wish to price their artworks according to size, materials used or theme and idea behind the artwork. But usually this has been observed that to get a cheap deal in buying paintings the best bet would be to do a good survey of artworks available online and on different art galleries. See how many artworks fall into your budget category and then select the theme of the painting.
Some small online shops also sell paintings for cheap, but many times they may not provide an authentication certificate. And also you do not know if is an fake. You may see a very famous painting of an big artists available at discounted price and grab this offer, only to find out later that it is a fake.  Before buying artworks online consider that if the deal looks too cheap then there may be a question if the artwork is original or not. Buying a fake artwork would be as good as buying a poster and that can be got from any roadside vendor and cheaper that buying a painting. But remember that paintings are original artworks and who knows after few years these simple cheap paintings of some unknown artist, after becoming known and famous, may give very good returns and become one of your best deals!

Buying Paintings Online A Rich Experience!

Trends of buying artworks is picking up. Even the middle class people can now afford to display artworks in their living rooms. Many emerging and upcoming artists offer paintings at very reasonable prices. Prints are still cheaper and can be easily bought from many online art galleries. The process of buying paintings online involving the whole family is a very novel and enriching experience.
In today's fast paced life would it not be good when your daughter also suggested some artwork she likes, and your teenager who is always out gets involved in  the process  of  searching art         websites offering advice of the internet! Buying paintings online can become a small get together for friends and family. The process involves searching for art ,  online art galleries, if you have preference for certain artists then finding where their paintings are available and on which sites.
The internet also require time and lots of looking up if you really want to buy a good artwork. The common man is spoilt for choices regarding art. Artists paint in different styles. Some artworks are painted with watercolours, some with oil paints whereas some are collages! The advantage of online viewing of any painting is that one can view the works many times and also consult their family regarding the choice of paintings. Here you get different views and opinions and the paintings  to be purchased. Taking time out with the family for buying paintings  online will give much more satisfaction and feel worth the effort. The family can sit together and discuss, and buying paintings online may also become a small get together of the whole family. 
Selection of any artwork can be considered by old and young alike. The whole family can set up a budget for art and search for paintings that are available in sizes that fit onto their walls. The older generation may also get an opportunity to buy  religious and symbolic artworks for their room, where as the younger generation can go in for more contemporary paintings. It is real fun to get involved in the purchase with every one shedding light on the purchase of a painting. Such activities will also enrich the family members and friends  to appreciate art and this can be a step towards making the common man understand art.
Nowadays when people are struggling to maintain relationships, people have the money but no time for the family why not make buying a painting special experience! Understand art, learn about artists and in the process buy an artwork that will be cherished by the whole family for years and years and also appreciate in value!

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