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Friday, September 2, 2011

Price of Paintings Online

Whenever you consider buying paintings from an online art gallery or art dealer always consider certain points before clicking the button for "Buy Now' Here I am discussing about the price of the art work.
Below each art work or painting the artist has displayed the medium it is done in, the size, the year of the artwork and also the price. You select an artwork for purchase and want to finalize the deal by clicking.
Later on delivery you have to pay transport charges and you are astonished by the rate which has gone up suddenly. The painting you bought from a local art gallery would have been better! this is in bad taste and creates a negative experience for you which you transfer to your friends and colleagues.
For this you have to consider all the costs incurred during the purchase of anything online. It is always understood that you have to pay certain charges for transport if the painting is from an artist of a  foreign country. Mostly transport in the same city maybe free, but for a different state or country it may have certain extra charges. .
Many art websites and galleries have mentioned prices for paintings within the city and for outside limits. Usually the artist may also add a line quoting that all transport charges included in the final price mentioned. In such deals you will not have to pay extra amount after the purchase and you can get the correct figure of the amount required for purchase. In case this is not mentioned always email the art gallery, artist or art dealer regarding this aspect before buying paintings online
With experience many art galleries are quoting prices with added transport charges. here the buyer gets the right amount at a glance and can consider about the purchase immediately. If there are extra charges then the deal may take some time and sometimes even lead the buyer to another website or art gallery. Since time is an asset and decisions about purchase are quick one has to consider all details before going in for the purchase of paintings. By looking at the exact price one can judge the artwork and consider the purchase appropriately.

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