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Friday, September 2, 2011

Famous Versus Emerging Artists.

There are many online art galleries which one can access to on the internet. It becomes difficult to select artworks and one is confused as to whom to approach for the deals and many buyers hesitate to buy from unknown sources.
The internet survey will put up a list of many art galleries that have displayed works online and promote artists from around the world. If you are the buyer of art for the first time then it is advisable that you think about your priorities first. You want to buy art for displaying in your home or for investment purposes. Usually it is for both the reasons that one comes to a decision of buying art.  Though any art work will appreciate in value over time but still reputed artists and famous artworks are definitely going to increase in market value over time. But here when you are buying paintings of famous artists then it will not come cheap. Paintings of famous artists are highly priced and you will end up buying a much smaller work than intended. If you want paintings in affordable range then new and emerging artists works can be bought. These will be cheaper and their value will increase over time.
If money is not the issue and you are purchasing art solely for investment purposes then you can go in for senior artists artworks that are available with reputed art galleries. Sometimes auction houses and art galleries also have famous artworks on sale. On selecting artworks always keep your personal likes and preferences as the first criteria for selection. You don't want to purchase a painting after paying a substantial amount that has ended up in the attic or store room because you are not comfortable viewing it for long. If you like works of emerging and new artists and the art gallery and artist give authentication certificate then any painting will do as long as it catches your attention.
First criteria .your likes , then your budget, then select from where you will buy, then any preferences for artists like symbolic, abstract, landscape artists etc.

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