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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End of Year 2012, Forgiveness from the Universe

As the year 2012 comes to an end and we all try to assess, analyse, remember incidences, sad, happy, as some friends added some subtracted, I have to, we each have to thank God a plenty. Do remember to count your blessings and the world will be a much better place to live in. With the rumours of the mayan calendar predicting dooms day 21 Dec 2012, would life be the same if you knew this was the last day of your life.
I am sure we would pause to smell the fresh flowers, speak with every one with a smile and do away with all negativity, forgive and forget and live each second to its fullest.
Karma is always at work, what goes out comes back to you. Most of the problems in this life are either past issues not solved or past lives karma not cleared. Take the decision now and clear off all your past karmic issues, feel light and at peace.
healing paintings are just one way to clear off all bad karma of past years and past lives. The symbols used in abstract symbolic paintings help individual to accept and forgive and forget. the universe has everything in abundance and you just have to tap this unlimited source.
Feeding birds and taking care of plants is the easiest way to connect with nature and the universe. You may make it a habit to feed birds regularly and this is proved to clear off past karma. You may set up a bird house, a bird feeder, a bird bath or just spread seeds for them to eat. do charity whatever it is possible to the underprivileged. Another way to clear off past karma is to feed fishes with puffed rice with the intention of forgiveness from the universe.
As art is open to criticism and critiques I understand that painting symbolic healing art may be termed as hocus pocus, my karma over flowing on the canvas, or my inner need for creativity. I do not wish to prove something to the world, let the work continue to speak for itself. meanwhile I pray for world peace, happiness and prosperity.

Forgiveness a symbolic painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
I do not know why I do as I do but I paint healing art. people . Everyone is free to interpret this art. 

Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi Healing Artist Raz
Leaving the world with happy colorful art is my aim , hope I am on the right path... the journey of the red pilgrim continues...
Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New year Ahead, Take care and God Bless! wish I get to meet santa...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Art of Framing New Art Collectors Framing Tips for Paintings

My First Floral painting, "Outstanding" by Rizwana
 As the journey of the red pilgrim began , more than a decade ago, it seems like a life time, I have experienced that with our art, there is another very very important art which every artist must know, that is 'the art of framing'. Before beginning an art collection every art collector also looks at the final product they are paying for. With the frame an painting looks complete.This I realized when my most precious painting got  sacrificed at the hands of an amateur carpenter. The pulling and stretching of canvas for framing is a tricky skill, which only experienced framers know. It was trimmed and trimmed, from corners, and made to fit the wooden frame! And believe me this is very important for every painting.
Freedom, Oil painting by Rizwana
 Every painting looks complete with a different frame. As we paint on canvas or paper, or any other material , every artist knows that there are different requirements of frames for their work. As an oil painting on paper would require a glass covered frame, the same work done on canvas will require only varnishing for protection and a wooden frame to hold the canvas.
Floral painting on Linen by Rizwana
Acrylic frames are cheap and also removable, with costs of frames rising high many artists prefer to have changeable frames so that after the exhibition of their paintings they can reuse the same frames for other works.
Art Collectors framing tips for Paintings- It also helps art collectors to have good quality frames as their masterpieces displayed in homes need to be dressed up. A golden bordered frame will increase the aesthetic appeal of an artwork, and some go well with silver, whereas some collectors refer their at to be framed in matte finish frames or textured frames.
It is very important for an art collector to have good quality frames made, that which will protect the painting for many years. They may also go in for removable frames if they wish to keep changing art on display in their homes and companies. Frames when easy to remove will help to store many more paintings in less space, as the artworks can be rolled easily.
Good quality wood or material is required for framing your prized possessions as the costly canvas paintings need firm and strong support. paper paintings also need to be protected from environmental hazards and temperature changes.
An important tip for new art collectors is to go in for collecting same sized works and removable changeable frames. This will allow you to keep changing the art on display without having to spend every time for framing painting. You, a new art collector may change the art on display every few weeks or months as desired if you have same sized paintings in your art collection. This will also give you the liberty to go in for good quality frames as you will make few ones of higher quality as compared to many. There is another important point for every new art collector, buying art is one thing , displaying, storing it is another. Hence select your painting frames with care and some thought on how you wish to display the art. Framed Paintings are best when they are displayed on walls,
Golden Frame

White Frame
this increases the life of your paintings as well as life of the frame. As there are many chances of paintings getting damaged on storing. Framed paintings must be stacked vertically standing in row without touching each other. Consider these simple tips before going in for huge costly frames for your art collection.
For buying my paintings visit my website  Thank you.
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Art of Doing Nothing, In Search of Complete Happiness

Complete Happiness Symbolic Abstract Painting by Rizwana

Happiness in life depends on how you perceive it..that's why there are some 'Happy beggars' and some 'Sad millionaires' in this world.
The fact that everyone is in search of happiness, and happiness, is like a  bird  who flies away when you try to follow it. the more you try hard for it the more it goes far away, happiness is a feeling , a moment, a simple gesture, each one has a different opinion, but we all agree it is very important. As our pet parakeet is still missing I am praying she keeps well wherever she is. The search continues..
As this year 2012 is coming to an end am again  pressed with thoughts about new year resolutions. Let us all agree that we wish the world is more happier, more peace and more prosperity. Who would not like happiness around, colorful flowers blooming, all humans friends, the earth a happier place to live and grace welcomed by one and all. With health the first followed by wealth, and then the list is endless..people wish for so many things without realizing that all these are material things, we are in fact in search of happiness. 
Hardly do people take a pause and break from their routines and think, life is so fast, I wish we all make this resolution for the new year, to take out some time for ourselves.
Time , hard to find for some but not impossible. Select priorities, and when you look at the returns you will agree it was worth it. From the daily 24 hours that you get, take a break of at least 10, 20, 30 minutes as your schedule permits you. 'Time for me' explain this to your family. Here you will not do anything, just sit ,relax, think and allow whatever thoughts wish to come, try to avoid negative thoughts and allow good happy thoughts. You may think of happy occasions , that which brought a smile on your face, made your family happy, made your friends jump with joy, try , you will find many such pretty moments which you have lost to the daily hustle of this life, they are always there, you just have to experience them again.
"The Art Of Doing Nothing" just sit , connect with nature, God, Universal Power, you do not have to read, meditate or sing , just be there, nothing, leading to empty mind. The most essential energy need of the hour for every human being, take time out, learn the art of sometimes doing nothing. Let all the stress dissolve, let the emotions come forthe, even if they are negative, anger, hatred, jealousy., analyse the situations, they are not as they seem, most of the times we exaggerate the severity of negativity. learn to take one day at a time.
Some feel wealth will bring happiness, but this is not so, that you learn after you reach this, some feel good health, jewellery, property, investments, but you will observe as each aim fulfills you come to know all these are mere materialistic things, happiness will be but for the moment and then again the same feelings, some vacuum, search for your true moment of happiness, make a beautiful world, within, where you can go and come at your wish. Do not allow anyone to control this home of your mind, and do not allow weeds grow in this garden of your mind, keep it always pure clean fresh and colorful.
With this routine of some 'time out' daily you will observe a new surge of positive energy surround you. A strength that develops, a new clear vision of what you want from this life, your goals. Continue making new year resolutions, do some, break some, (rules are meant to be broken!) make new ones, mould some, twist some, persist for some and let go of some, that's life!
The painting above is titled "Complete Happiness" a small abstract symbolic canvas oil painting. The feng shui painting is done using yin and yang energy colours. Colorful symbolic painting of the yin yang symbol, a universally accepted symbol of harmony. The Reiki Seichem symbol used in golden color in the mandala structure, sacred symbol geometry,  is symbolic of purification.
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals. For viewing my healing paintings visit my website Thank You!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Painting a Tree and Garden Pots, Creativity Tips for Artists

Symbols in the sky
How to make at home artefacts and simple show pieces, as I do take a painting break from the canvas and appear and let my creativity flow into other mediums. I have made many simple cheap artefacts, and love creative painting of furniture, pots and vases, along with creative show pieces, trees and paper weights. It is the pleasure of making some thing, beautiful, that which was not present earlier, the creative need of every human being, is satisfied by simple things. Most of the times from creative use of junk and throw away items emerges a fresh master piece.
The symbol in the sky "move ahead"
 as I had painted the feng shui dragon overlapping symbols and sighted the same in the sky later on i wonder what the above symbol indicates, will come to know.. the sky an immense bounty of inspiration for all artists around the globe, just sitting and observing you are never left empty handed, you get loads and loads of unlimited inspiration.

blank canvas on wall
two overlapping dragons symbol in sky
Fragrant yellow Champa Flower Frangipani Close Up

Dried palm tree leaf

Beautiful Serene Evening sky

Natural Sunlight falling on Spider Lily Plants 

creative painting tree
 With staring at the blank canvases, I allow them to speak for themselves, until then there are other creative outlets for me, the last time the doors were painted,  now the tree artefact is being refurbished, not to mention the garden vases and pots that have been painted many times,as this also increases the life of the pots.

garden pots hand painted 

 There are times for every artist when they are in search for inspiration, observe nature, there is tons there,and take a break, paint some thing different, a different type of medium, brush up your artistic skills by repainting old things and furniture, making sculptures of any material, perhaps a collage of amazing pictures or old photographs . the physical energy combined with spiritual energy of creativity, You will be surprised to see how the third eye chakra, anjana , opens up, observe ultra marine blue crystals, I love French Ultramarine Blue color, and you get fresh ideas and inspiration to paint, now the canvas is the same, the paints are the same but your mind has a different approach, let's paint!
symbolic of fresh new start, clean slate of life, empty mind for new ideas, forgetting past bad experiences, beginning some thing great, your mind is emptied of all thoughts and open to new opportunities  umpteen possibilities,  it is very soothing and relaxing to observe the blank canvas try it!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Soul Mates' Painting Oil, 2001 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Soul Mates' Painting Oil, 2001 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
abstract painting feng shui art for attracting marital luck and happiness in marriage, symbolic abstract spiritual painting on paper.

'Untitled' Watercolor, 2003 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Untitled' Watercolor, 2003 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
small spiritual geometric work

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Windows of the Soul' Watercolor, 2003 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Windows of the Soul' Watercolor, 2003 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
small water color work on paper

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Sacred Geometry' Painting Oil, 2007 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Sacred Geometry' Painting Oil, 2007 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
spiritual sacred geometry painting

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Opulence' Painting Oil, 2011 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Opulence' Painting Oil, 2011 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
spiritual abstract symbolic painting

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Mehfil' Painting Oil, 2008 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Mehfil' Painting Oil, 2008 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
musical fantasy, the unseen observer, player, a symbolic painting of musical instruments in mehfil.

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Progressive Circle' Painting Oil, 2009 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Progressive Circle' Painting Oil, 2009 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
Feng shui painting for success , wealth, good luck and prosperity

Monday, December 3, 2012

How to Choose Buying Cheap Small Paintings for Hotels and Restaurants

Buying cheap paintings for hotels and restaurants has become trendy and not only do customers visiting your hotel love the ambiance people also love to see new art on the hotel restaurant walls. Hotels are always in look out for cheap small artworks that can fit into their decor without hindering their business and over powering the environment.

While we all love to glance at new art when we go out to dine, it becomes a continuous process for the administrative staff to keep the decor inviting and fresh. As they are searching for art an easy option now has become from surfing the internet for buying paintings from online art galleries and directly from artists through their websites and blogs.

Symbolic painting by Rizwana A
Abstract sacred Geometry by Rizwana Mundewadi

Sacred Geometry by Rizwana A. Mundewadi
 Many restaurants have special team of directors who look out for new art , art that is available for cheap prices or at concessions or bulk offers, combo offers with a lump sum price quoted for many small paintings.
 Art for restaurants and hotels need to fulfill the simple criteria of being colorful and attractive. Not too garish colors as the customer needs to focus on food and not the artwork for ever! The paintings must be of general appeal to the viewers and not have any adult content. Families must feel comfortable with the art hanging on the walls of the restaurant or hotel.
 Simple geometric abstract symbolic artworks have universal appeal and come at a reasonable price for refurbishing the decor. Many times hotels would need painting sin large numbers so they may also contact the artist whose work they like and order for commissioned artworks according to the size and number of paintings they require.
Spiritual Sacred abstract  painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Floral healing art for above the bed in hotel rooms

 Paintings that are symbolic and colorful also bring positive energy in the restaurant and many restaurants also choose symbolic painting to attract customers, wealth and good luck. Having symbolic painting has an added asset as visitors do brush by the art and the waiting time is spent in constructively.
Small Abstract painting for restaurants by Rizwana
Small paintings for hotels can be displayed in singles outlining the wall boundaries or as groups to create effect on a single wall. Paper paintings are cheaper and easy to handle and care and best choice for hotels and restaurants.Thank you for coming by Razarts!
Floral Goodluck Paintings
All the Best from The Red Pilgrim!
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Please Pray..for my pet - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
please pray our alexandrine parakeet comes back safe, she has been caught by someone and kept in cage. We are all trying to locate her voice and search for her in the adjacent buildings.
My love story with a pet began two and half years back she came to our window during fasting season and we offered her fruits. She ate and left. Our neighbours caught her and kept her for a week but left her as she was not eating inside. She came to us and we fed her and she flew, the next day again she came, she would come outside my window sill as sun set,  for nearly three months,  her persistence, I let her in during winter, and the rest is history! she loves almonds, fresh cut fruits, biscuits, some rice dishes are her favorite, I did not know alexandrines were so loving and intelligent. From the internet I learned much about alexandrine behaviour and care as I like to do everything near to perfect , she flies to nearby buildings, and comes for feeding in between, a short nap in the afternoons and before sunset she is home. She would enjoy her top position on the curtain rod protected and cosy with the upholstery fabrics.Early morning after our prayers before sunrise she would be free to enjoy her day. Yes she is also toilet trained any would fly fast to the newspaper for relieving herself.
Alexandrines are very intelligent pets and also some do speak, she also would speak a few words but she loved others more than me, I am not allowed petting and stroking and this favor was only for my son and other members of our society. The loving care and self less dedication I have spent many sleepless nights for her safety, the decision to not keep her in cage. twice she had been caught and saved after few days of hunting, and this is the third time. She is missing since the past week, hope we find her soon. I have not expected anything in return and people wonder why I do what i do, when she comes at odd times I feed her, when she is sick or afraid she comes flying to me, and once she had tangled threads in her legs and I sure know how difficult it was to cut the threads and free her! Believing in Karma selfless devotion, my relationship with God, she is very possesive about her food and once she is done only them can other birds feed, she bosses around our window and drives the other birds away.
The reason maybe she loves small kids, and many times she would hurry and eat fast and rush back. Some one may be has taken advantage and confined her to cage as she looks pretty and sure knows how to attract attention by talking few words. Due to my love and care, people are saying she has become very bold and confident as she would fly to any new person also and wish to communicate and enter homes.her inquisitve nature has to be kept busy regulalry as we have lost many shirt buttons whch she loves to nibble and also mobile phones are no no when she is near, the buttons, but now she does not touch any objects and as my firm voice she stops pulling any objects around the house and only plays with her toys. Recently she has started to not come back home for sleeping and would come in the morning, still I have allowed her as she would earlier also take a stay as guest by the neighbours during the past years.
Pets, I have learned what i was missing, the dedication, selfless love, compassion, she has broken all my rules of discipline, she has taught me so many things, there is no reasoning with pets, you just love them as they are, I miss her...
Hope we are able to locate her soon. I am praying, please do pray, Portfolio

Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Colourful Chrysanthemums' Painting Oil, 2010 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Colourful Chrysanthemums' Painting Oil, 2010 - Premiere Artist Portfolio -
very colorful chrysanthemums, the oil painting done on canvas is bright and cheerful. A very good feng shui floral painting for any room.
Small canvas floral painting done at one sitting, with brush loaded with thick oil paints, the textures and brush strokes prominently seen in this artwork. Flowers as inspiration for paintings has been with most artists and every artist at some or the other time of their career does some flowers in their collection. I too have done few floral paintings and this is one of them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to make Collages with Paintings a great Combination

How to make collages with paintings was on my mind since many years, my very small artworks, precious babies, geometric and sacred geometry, cubism artworks, needed to be made larger. I needed a platform for these beautiful small works to be assembled and what better media than collaging the small pieces together.
I have learned many lessons on the way with only one collage to my credit and now know how difficult it is to make, hats off to all collagists, especially my best friend Vijaya, I don't know how she makes wonderful pieces!
Method for collage making-
Assemble all the required materials and pieces of art at hand. I had to spend much time, much more than expected to assemble which small paintings went well together, or maybe had some connection.Most time consuming but worth the effort.Not one session but involved many sessions, months to assemble pieces.
Keeping all the materials together like glue, a stick was considered best, since when I tried pasting glue with fingers the whole painting just falls in love with my finger itself,  comes out with my finger!
Rags and rough cloth is very important and water to clean hands so that the parts remain on the base selected and not come off.
Select a from base, my oil sketch paper was a thin base and the collage of paintings has not come out too good as I expected.Maybe next time I will select a firm base, cardboard, wooden board or hard board.
Always allow the collage to dry out, give it time, more time and more time, yes it takes time to dry thoroughly with the think glue and if you are making collage with small pieces the more important this would be to give it time to dry out well to keep the pieces glued.
Not the tricky part, framing this collage of painting, any frame will not do, a good quality sturdy frame that would be able to bear the weight of the collage and not bend out with the weight of the artwork is required.
Sacred geometry Collage of Small paintings by Rizwana
Maintaining the collages of paintings would also require attention and care as keeping them stacked like paintings would do more harm than good and there is also risk due to high moisture levels, of them getting too friendly and sticking to others, collages!
Here in the above posted collage of small paintings I have selected three small paintings for making a collage done in the year 2006.

Sacred Geometry Abstract by Rizwana Mundewadi

Small geometric Artwork by rizwana m

Colorful small symbolic geometric painting by rizwana
Abstract geometry painting by Rizwana M

 sacred geometry and cubism style artworks which I have done in "n" numbers ..this first effort has not come out too good, am not satisfied, so the remaining paintings are saved!

Maybe some great tips would follow from Vijaya, as she is a great collagist!collecting , assembling and bringing beauty into lifeless forms of bits!

I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Young Art Collectors Few Guiding Tips - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

Young enthusiasts are beginning to consider buying art for collecting purposes along with our prestigious established art collectors  jotting down few points that would guide our new young art collector.

Are you a serious art collector, beginning an art collection takes time and effort and of course money! are you willing to keep spending money for buying art over the years to develop a strong art collection. Making a good collection takes years and is a great feeling as established art collectors indicate.

Budget, money for buying art.  Fix a tentative budget that you wish to spend for buying art. Making an good art collection will require you to spend money , little, sometime more on regularly buying paintings.

Reputed art galelry or online art galleries,  the source, buying art as a new art collector will require advice from know people in this field. Which art to buy, how much to spend for an artwork, how to negotiate for buying art, all will need some thought.Contacting reputed art galleries, conversing with established art collectors, and forming a simple flexible plan for buying art and beginning an art collection of years ahead. For this you may as a new young collector brush the internet for online galleries displaying art or visit any local art galleries whenever you have time.

This will help you to avoid buying fakes and also purchse genuine art by getting an authenticity certificate from the gallery. 

Though art does not multiply very fast in financial terms but it is sure emerging as an investment form giving good returns. Buying from new promising artists would bring art into your collection at cheaper rates and negotiable prices. Investing in art from established artists would give you returns sooner, the choice would be yours, the new art collectors. Portfolio

Guide for New Art Collection, the Young Art Collector

Guide for new art collection, as many artists themselves and new Young enthusiasts are beginning to consider buying art for collecting purposes along with our prestigious established art collectors  jotting down few points that would guide our new young art collector.
1) Are you a serious art collector, beginning an art collection takes time and effort and of course money! are you willing to keep spending money for buying art over the years to develop a strong art collection. Making a good collection takes years and is a great feeling as established art collectors indicate.
2) Fix a tentative budget that you wish to spend for buying art. Making an good art collection will require you to spend money , little, sometime more on regularly buying paintings.
3) the source, buying art as a new art collector will require advice from know people in this field. Which art to buy, how much to spend for an artwork, how to negotiate for buying art, all will need some thought.Contacting reputed art galleries, conversing with established art collectors, and forming a simple flexible plan for buying art and beginning an art collection of years ahead. For this you may as a new young collector brush the internet for online galleries displaying art or visit any local art galleries whenever you have time. This will help you to get genuine art and avoid fakes.
 4) Become social, talk, converse, study artists, read about styles of painting, all this will help you to focus on the theme of your art collections  Established art collectors have a specific like for certain art, certain artists work and of course some for impulsive likeable art. You will view art and understand your personal preferences for certain styles, certain artists work, like you always choose abstract colorists or you fall in love with landscapes or maybe you have liking for symbolic art.
5) Buying art for beginning a collection and for investment purposes will also require financial knowledge and good business sense always helps. You as a new young art collector will have to think long term, invest less and reap benefits. Though art does not multiply very fast as other investment forms but it is sure emerging as an investment form giving good returns and a no risk investment as you get to own a good piece of art to enjoy over the years. Buying from new promising artists would bring art into your collection at cheaper rates and negotiable prices. Investing in art from established artists would give you returns sooner, the choice would be yours, the new art collectors.
Simply Manifesting Synchronicity Feng Shui Fan

Music Room

Golden Basket of Dreams


My Green Tara

Table Art Love

Super Abundant
Whatever the motive behind your buying art do go for the gut feeling and your personal like always, always as you may have to live with this art for years! maybe next generations will love you for this decision now.
All the Best from Rizwana!

The New Young Art Collector of Today Beginning a New Art Collection

New art collector of today, searching for art, the journey of growing an art collection begins with first simple baby steps and over the years our collector has a prized collection of art. This collection may be from many different artists around the globe or some favorite artists that have been painting since few years.
The new art collector today with the motive of beginning a classic precious art collection are in search of fresh or old art from art galleries  art dealers  online art galleries and also  from other art collections of reputed art collectors.
 Buying art for collection, our young new art collectors review art around the globe with the intention of buying art , searching always for buying cheap paintings, buying from new artists, promising artists or serious artists. Beginning an art collection as a hobby would be  a good sport if you buy calculated art, that is in a fixed budget regularly for starting a new art collection. The journey has to be with total involvement from the new art collector as owning each artwork gives immense satisfaction and as the paintings collection grows the art collectors is happy to show off the prized collections they own. Art as an investment is beginning to take form and as art is available in different budget ranges you need not spend a fortune to begin a new art collection.
The whole process may require years, maybe a lifetime with generations,  or sometimes few years to have a strong art collection. Beginning with buying small artworks directly from new promising artists the new young art collector can begin an art collection with small investment. You may as a new collector also approach reputed art galleries, online art galleries and of course the most sought after reputed art dealers who would be more than happy to guide you in this process.
On the personal art front a new healing painting uploaded on my favorite online at galleries
Forgiveness by Rizwana Mundewadi
A Reiki symbol healing painting, the process of forgiveness from the universe, a symbolic painting using symbols and color symbolism in this expressionist representational  art.
All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Friday, November 23, 2012

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Golden Rainbow' Painting Oil, 2012

The Golden rainbow, a colorful abstract symbolic painting of core star shining golden rainbow is  a Colorful Symbolic abstract painting inspired by the years I have spent in the garden, close to nature, viewing every detail, especially the sky, at different times of the day and night, sometimes middle of the night when they(stars) are at their best, shining pure bright, in the clear night sky, and the stars..communicating, there is a belief that each star connects to you and is called the Core Star, which in Reiki healing we have to connect and make it shine, make the core star shining bright in the universe.
The constellations fascinated me and the stars in Orion's belt, three in a line and Cereus that shines brightest, here the inspirations comes out on oil sketch paper in form of golden rainbow along with the core star shining brightest.And of course my signature style, Chinese symbols, for total happiness and good luck.
You can view The Golden Rainbow here on my Healing Art website
Thank You!

Baby Steps A Collection of Spiritual Paintings of Early Years

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Sparkling Diamonds Enchanting Garden' Painting Oil, 2012

My favorite painting, I love the colors ,the cubism geometry work, my enchanting garden and my best friends,the Alexandrine parakeet come from paradise, the many birds that drop by for feeding and bathing, the jade pair of vases full of sparkling diamonds and feng shui gold coins for good luck, enjoy viewing! Sparkling Diamonds Enchanting Garden.
Thank you, All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art
Alexandrine parakeet Mithin, Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi

'Jade Healing Vase' Mixed Media, 2012

The Jade Healing Vase a symbolic good luck pot painting
 feng shui painting for prosperity. With the use of feng shui symbolism with color jade green, and Chinese symbols calligraphy in golden color.
view and get healed with color and symbol therapy
The Jade Healing Vase
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Buy Feng Shui paintings for Hotels Tips for selecting and Hanging Paintings in Hotels

Hotels and Restaurants have a major part of their décor decorated with paintings on the walls. Wall art is one of the most important aspect of decorating a hotel suite or room as colors have to be sober and not too much decoration is allowed keeping in mind the customer needs for the stay in hotels. Here you will find painting selecting tips and hanging tips for paintings in hotels and restaurants.
Think from the customer point of view while selecting any painting for hotel. People come to stay, relax , have food in your restaurant or hotel. The whole purpose of the hotel stay may be relaxing and paintings with too over powering colors and themes are not appreciated and create more yang energy which is good in board room but not in a suite. Select paintings that have a general universal appeal and are pleasing to the eye.
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So Many Happy Hearts, Feng Shui Goodluck Statement Art for Reception Areas
Many hoteliers and owners of hotel chains of restaurants prefer buying prints of original paintings as many people come and go and as customer is king for hotel rooms you may not be able to handle the children of bigger families staying at your hotel rooms. Select art keeping in mind what will appeal to your customers and not what you like as a hotel owner. General themes in paintings of still life, landscapes are ever green welcomed for hotels and floral paintings also do well. Abstract colorful paintings are also a good choice which helps to maintain the mood of the hotel suite along with the décor.
Select the appropriate size of the painting according to the hotel lobby or private suite room size. Too small an artwork will go unnoticed and too large painting will be misfit and create overpowering energy. You must also avoid hanging canvas paintings in hotels and prefer hanging paintings or prints of paintings covered with glass.  This will help in keeping the artwork clean and also protect from physical damage from the customers in way of touching or spilling food.
Select themes that are happy and colorful for the hotel lobby and reception area. Here you require more positive feng shui yang energy to have more business as customers. Red, orange, yellows and browns, gold go well to improve energy in the reception area, so choose paintings with these colours in mind. Landscapes and floral still life’s are best for private rooms and suites. Avoid landscapes showing dried scenes, lonely sad paintings, paintings depicting war, storms floods, drought, must be avoided, however famous the artist work it may be, as this may bring bad feng shui luck to hotel business.
Paintings must be firmly tied with good supportive frames that protect the artwork from dust, grime, fumes and oils produced in the hotel restaurant areas. Hang paintings at the right height where the painting can be viewed comfortable while sitting or standing and also does not come in direct contact with the body of the viewer, as we all know it is very difficult for the viewer to control the urge to touch an artwork, especially when they are small children and pets!
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Horse Paintings and Feng Shui Office Business Luck

Business and office luck is most important as this will directly affect your wealth and financial position. Horse paintings have become very famous through the famous artist M.F.Hussain painting horses in most of his works. What significance do horse paintings have in feng shui?
In feng shui masters recommend hanging horse paintings in the living room to activate wealth and good luck energy into your home. Galloping horses paintings are considered very good for the living room as this brings lots of yang energy inside your home. Good luck, wealth and prosperity luck all enters your home from the main door by hanging horse paintings near the entrance.
It is also advisable to select happy galloping horses and not angry emotions expressed in the horse painting. We want money and wealth to come in through the right way with good efforts of work and not back door prosperity or by grabbing some one else’s wealth. Also take care to avoid hanging abstract broken images of horses in the painting as this creates a distorted image to your mind and may confuse chi to enter into your home.
Flying Feral of Prosperity Acrylic on A4 paper Rizwana Mundewadi

Care must be taken if you hang horses galloping painting as feng shui cure to attract wealth and good luck. The direction of the galloping horses is very important and this must always be facing inside the direction of your home, that is the horses coming towards your home and not away from your home. If the direction of horses in painting are galloping away from your home out, this will affect adversely on your wealth luck as with money flowing with immense speed out of your home, major home expenses more than income, large heavy debts and losses in business.
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My Friend from Heaven by Rizwana Mundewadi
This painting has found a home, Sold, 
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