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Monday, September 26, 2011

Simple Suggestions for Investing in Art

Art investment is one of the safest and truly tested formula for earning huge profits. With Indian art making a special place in the world of art even new artist have great opportunities to flourish and get global exposure.Before investing in art like any other investing option one must go through some guidelines for the same to  get maximum profits and avoid losses.
With people having increased purchasing power and many people also becoming aware of art, there is an increase in number of artworks selling. Many  people and even the middle class also who had never thought of buying art are now purchasing artworks and displaying them in their living rooms. This place of art has come about with affordable artworks available of both new as well as established artists. people also buy prints of original artworks of established artists as their paintings are of high prices. Before going in for purchasing artworks for investment select the right artist whose artworks you love and are comfortable to display in your home or office.
Never buy art just for investing as you may have to share the wall and space in your home with this artwork for many years. Prices of artworks will not multiply fast like that in shares and property. Here you may have to wait for some years before you start to get returns from your art. So if you are wanting quick returns art may not be for you as an means for investment. Also in art you will get returns only when you sell the artworks.
Begin with purchasing smaller artworks of new artists and as you understand the principles of investing in art you can later go on doing bigger purchases of famous artists and world class painters. Try not to buy cheap artworks for investment purposes as they may not appreciate in value soon as that of the established artists.
Keep your budget for investing in art and try to maintain it, as there is a tendency to go over board with this budget when you personally go out to buy art. Just like you invest a certain figure of money in shares or you select to invest in property ranging in a budget so also the same applies for investing in art. Compare the other investment options  with art and also with artworks of different artists. If you take an advice of a good art dealer or art broker they will guide you about the market trends and total value of each artwork. An art investor guide will help you to familiarize with art as an investment.
Go simple when investing in art. Of course of you are an art collector then there is no looking  back as art investment is now booming and every few months new artists are seen on the chart. Sales happen and people buy maybe for the prestige issue or for investment, whatever the reason for buying art, art is definitely an investment here to stay!

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