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Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Paint With Glass Paints Easy Tips and Advantages

Metal Centre Table with Transparent Glass Top
 Glass tables and centre tables are the most popular forms of furniture found in every home. Since glass is transparent and reflects light making the room more bright as a result more spacious we see many homes having glass tops for side tables, centre tables, dining tables and even shelves in wall units. Not only does glass tables reflect light they also bring out beauty in all the antiques and fancy decorative knick knacks that you have displayed. But after few years this becomes boring and I have come up with this quick idea which is very cheap and also does not requrie much time to refurbish your old centre table or dining table.
Abstract Painting on Glass Top Centre Table
Glass painting is very easy and does not require much time. Nowadays many art dealers supply readymade kits for glass painting as hobby ideas. Here you get ready made colours in bottles with nozzles. These nozzles can be of different thickness as you wish to make fine art or abstract art.

Easy Simple Tips for Glass Painting- Select any glass top in your home, whether you wish to refurbish any old furniture having glass top or make a new glass painting

First and foremost clean the surface with soap water and dry it spic and span as dirt or any material on glass will get stuck up with the glass paint and give you an uneven surface and shabby artwork.

Trace the design on tissue paper or stick on edges the ready design paper available ,you wish to paint on the lower side of glass top.

Use liner to outline the design. Here there are many colours of glass liners available and you can choose according to your design and preferences. Golden, black and silver are most common though you can be creative in other colour liners also.

Let the outline dry thoroughly so that the colours that you paint afterwards do not get mixed and muddied with your glass paint outliner.

Keep the surface of glass top to be painted flat on ground or on another table top as glass paints are very liquid and will fall with gravity. This is the most important and tricky part of using glass paints.

The outlines need care and sharp outlines will make your artwork and glass painting more attractive.

Glass paints are easily available in ready paint colours bottles and if you wish to shade colours you may need a brush or else you can apply paint directly from the bottles with the help of nozzles provided.

Shading tips for glass painting- remember to let your first colour dry off completely then go and apply shading with other colour. If you have learnt the art thoroughly then you can do it simultaneously also. Leaves, flowers especially roses will need shading to make them appear lively and bright.

In glass painting images of Gods or portraits use appropriate colours and let the darker colours dry off first and then add light tones to them or else all colours mix and make the glass painting muddy.

Remember glass paints when dried cannot take on other colors except for overlapping the previous colour so if shading is required it needs quick and easy movements with glass paints.

Why I love to do glass painting as this is very easy and quick. You can be so creative and free in choosing any idea to paint on glass tops with glass colours. The freedom to use right from the bottle and without messing your hands glass paintings take hardly an hour to dry off and though your need to keep them safe from dust and fingering till they are completely dry, give your glass painting at least a night and day to completely dry off. this is the same as when we paint with water colours or acrylics.

Care of glass painted top of your centre table-never use scrubber to wipe the table top which has been painted with glass paints. Avoid any sharp objects or artifacts as this will scrape off the glass paint from the glass top. Clean with soft cloth and soapy water and do not, remember do not let water remain on the top as the glass paint will peel off. Keep the surface dry.

Our Tea Table side table has become personalized art statement furniture of the living room as it is unique and looks very attractive. The outer metal frame part which was rusted was also painted using oil paints in abstract pattern to make the table a whole new piece of furniture. I do love and enjoy presenting tea and refreshments to guests and this has become a conversation piece!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Contemporary Modern Sacred Geometry and Cubism Paintings

Sacred Geometry Original Painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Sacred geometry is an important genre of styles which spiritual artists follow. Not only do they break up every part of the environment but also the whole universe and self is also expressed in form of sacred art.
Untitled Abstract painting by rizwana
 Many interior decoraters and space designers prefer to use contemporary and modern paintings as the traditional landscapes and still lifes sometimes become monotonous and boring. With no limitations to geometric artworks there can be any colours and any shapes to express your own unique preferences and choices. Doing abstract untitled works gives me the freedom to express and each shape is symbolic and an expression of self, world and universe. On studying about different symbolic meanings of shapes, reiki symbols, feng shui science of placement and other auspicious symbols in Buddhism these early cubism and geometric artworks still take a place close to my heart, as they are innocent works without any reading and information on art. It was as if I was being led and just had the energy spurt to paint, no doubt there are so many small geometric paintings in all colours and each one different and unique.
I love colours and my early works had loads of them. All spilled in one painting , I could not control the urge of restricting my colour palette to a few colours. Cool and warm schemes though I am aware would never be with me till I finish any artwork, and all rules would go to the drain once I would get in to paint. Now I have tried to learn to restrict and minimise my paintings with at least few less colours still you will find my paintings full of energy, loaded with many bright fresh colours.
Abstract Original Painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 Doing spiritual paintings is not only an healing process for me, my works still emit the positive energy I have instilled in them during the process of laying paints and symbols over them. They are manuscripts in small artworks with positivity and healing energies.
Painting by healing Artist Raz

Untitled original oil painting by Rizwana
 From peace, to mood uplifter, to refreshing, to healing the past and present my sacred geometry and spiritual paintings help to heal every viewer according to their aura and karmic needs. That's the best part of spiritual and healing paintings as we get healed and there is no fear of over dose!
Untitled Original oil painting by healing artist Raz

Untitled Original Painting by Rizwana

Cubism Original Painting By Rizwana

Opening of the Third Eye Original Painting by Healing Artist Raz

Untitled Original Painting by Rizwana A. Mundewadi

On Path of Mandala Painting by Rizwana

I would now love to do a huge painting, as I have never painted larger than a 40x30 Inches canvas and 27x20 Inches on oil sketch paper.. A dream to  paint and do a cubism on larger canvas.
 I have posted a few sacred art paintings here,  take an experience of free healing and do comment your personal reactions.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imprints By Raz a You Tube Video of spiritual abstracts

You tube is one of the most wonderful way to view art videos, art tutorials and just about anything under the sun!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Simple Understanding of Abstract Paintings

The abstracts of 2001 onwards are beautiful works on paper. The happiness, the emotions, the play of colours. All done in feelings of joy and happiness. I do remember the time in year 2001 when I first discovered the joy of painting abstracts.
There would be not time for stopping and creating and creating, just non stop! sometimes I would forget to eat, sometimes forget to even cook, time stood still and when I would stop the watch would have moved much much ahead, any abstract artist would agree with me that doing abstract paintings is an experience of letting out your emotions, expressing using colours, strokes, I have not used brushes and direct application of paints, right from the tubes, the turning of paper, the folds still visible after so many years, the colours vibrant, I love painting abstracts using oil paint. Sometimes my nails (they would be all broken and chipped  the time I finish painting!no change still the same I take pains to grow them and they just go down the drain.), the back to brush, the comb and any thing I would get my hands on!
Untitled Abstract by Rizwana Mundewadi
Pure Love by Mrs. Rizwana A. Mundewadi

Fountain of Youth Painting by healing Artist Rizwana

Faith, an oil painting by Healing Artist Raz

Abstract Painting by Rizwana

Release Painting by Healing Artist Raz

Over Flow, 2001 by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Snow Covered Mountains painting by healing artist raz

God Head by Healing Artist Raz

Basket of Fruits, 2001 Abstract painting by Rizwana

The Leader, an abstract motivational oil painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Soul mates, Feng Shui painting by Rizwana
Friends, Feng Shui Cure Paintign by helaign Artist Rizwana

Happy Sailing, Abstract Feng Shui Painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Spiritual Dance, 2001 Healing Painting by Rizwana

An abstract painting gives the artist freedom to use any colour, any technique and any medium. There is a connection and an attraction to colours that led me to enjoy these years of my painting. Being an healing artist my true love painting to heal souls, the earth and the universe. Let me do my bit to spread love and happiness. I have used simple A4 sized paper to paint these oil paintings and have posted a few here, enjoy viewing and do comment!
Understanding abstracts is not very easy and often people are without words to understand and express an abstract artwork. Some wonder they are blobs of paint, whereas some quietly observe to find new meanings to the painting. Abstract artist also use colour to express them selves and these paintings are called colour field paintings in which the artist expresses through use of different colours.

 A red is passion and energy whereas a pink expresses love , a blue is serenity whereas a green in growth and prosperity. From expressionism to symbolism abstract paintings have them all. The term abstract is to make short, simplify, or divide into simple shapes or maybe no form.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Visit to The Buddhist Monastry Manali - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio
Finally what I have dreamed since ages, the conquering of the white dragon , Rohtang pass, mountains and the border of Tibet.
the flowing waters the majestic mountains and the snow. The visit of the Red Pilgrim to the destination for spiritual enlightenment and growth. Unplanned destination, unexpected visit, , destiny plans for us.
Visit to the Buddhist monastry and meeting new artists at the Roerich Art Gallery. On the whole an enlightening experience , come back with loads of inspiration.
Little did I know where this journey would take me...
the monks of Tibet. the Golden Buddha, the flags with the symbols...all what I have painted since the past few years , without viewing the actual symbols, only the blurred images and pictures... right in front of me... feels great! the journey of the Red Pilgrim continues... Portfolio

The Flowing Waters of Manali

Buddhist Monastry Manali

The Buddhist temple with auspicious symbols

The Buddhist Scriptures

Buddhist temple
The words engraved in metal. OM MANI PADME HUM. the rotating giant wheel, the vibrations of sound. This is true music and sound therapy for the soul. The movements of the wheel have to be done gently and as the rotating wheel moves you feel the vibrations in your aura and the purification process
The Metal Giant Hollow Wheel

Healing artist Rizwana Mundewadi

The Entrance of the Buddhist Temple

Great Colourful  Artworks on Buddhist temple

Buddhist monastery Manali

Rotating the Hollow Drums

Care taker Monks in Buddhist monastry

Rizwana at Buddhist monastry

Majestic Buddhist Temple

View from Roerich Art gallery

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