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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Artist - Care of brushes.

Cleaning of brushes has created a lot of problems for me. I have lost many good brushes due to not being able to clean them properly. After lots of trial and error methods and sacrificing a good number of beautiful brushes I have come up with some important tips for cleaning and maintenance of brushes.
1)Very very important always keep brushes for oil paints and water colour separate. Never use them alternatively as oil paint brushes have to be cleaned using turpentine or other solvent whereas water colours can be washed with plain water.
2) Store brushes with hair side up to keep the brush hair neat. Keeping the end part down in a box or container that is tall enough for the sizes of brushes you use takes care of the hair as well as it is easy to take out whichever brush is required.
3) Always wash brushes thoroughly after every use to remove all residues of colour. When colours remain on the brushes, whichever type of colour, water or oil it makes the bristles hard and is difficult to use later on. This may also result in your poor brush losing hair and being bald!
4) Keep clean soft clothes to wipe bristles of hair. Rough materials used may damage the hair and eventually death of the brush!
5) Keep brushes away from window where there is always heavy blast of air or wind blowing continuously as this will result in brush hair being scattered or turned in one direction with the pressure of the wind.
6) Wipe the tips of the brushes carefully. I have done this  and believe me till now all my brushes would become fat headed and would lose the tip due to pressure applied during wiping.
7) For water colour as well as oil paints sometimes give your brushes some pampering. Try cleaning them once in a while with soft liquid soap to remove all the dirt that is left over or stuck up on them. Dry them and keep them clean.
Brushes are the most important tool of an artist. Take care of them and love them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to promote art Online

The process of promoting ones art work never really occurred to me. How do I let the world know about my work. Is is possible to paint creatively and honestly without thinking about selling your artworks? I know it sounds strange but we all do feel the pinch of funds for continuing in this field of art. Many take to classes or teaching. I did not find it suitable to go in this direction. I will continue slowly and over the years let my art develop and mature.
I feel when the artist is ready the teacher appears. Having exposure and reading of various fields I have started writing for sharing my knowledge with everyone. Writing is a very good opportunity as there are various websites that help to promote your profession through writing. Ezine articles is one such site where I have been writing on topics like art investment, feng shui, paintings, home loans etc.
Whenever we search the internet we are so confused with the pages and information that is why I have decided to give simple tips and guidelines in my articles.Even feng shui tips and cures given by me are in very simple  forms and which can be understood by all.
There are also various free art websites or some take a nominal fee annually for putting up images of artworks. Some of the sites are given below where my works can be viewed.
I had my works on many free internet sites and this is a great opportunity for global exposure without much investment for the emerging artists. There are also various social networking sites like and others which help to connect various artists and also display their works. Critical appraisal of works is open to all and artists can get suggestions and comments on their works online.
With the Emirates Competition I also got global exposure and my works were viewed by people around the globe.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Different techniques for Painting at Home

Every artist develops their own style of painting. I am more comfortable to work with oil paints on canvas. Though whenever there is crunch for art materials I go in for works on paper. Sometimes I have also used water colours and crayons. There are many types and techniques artists use for producing master pieces. Even at home you can easily make a piece of art by using different techniques of painting.
Brush and paint style is the most universally accepted and usually all artists have works using paints and brushes. Strokes may vary and shapes of strokes may vary as well as layering of colours may also bring different results. The tip of the brush that is the other end is also very useful to produce art.
Sponge pieces, cutouts of vegetables and stencils can also be used to produce attractive art works. Textured paintings are also  hot selling in the art world.
Any artist must try different mediums and techniques in their early years of painting. This will help them to open up and make good artworks and also let then evolve as an artist. They will in later years develop their distinct style of painting which will be accepted by the viewers as their signature style.
Beautiful artworks can be made by using cloth and rags dipped in colours. Even the bottle tops and covers of containers when dipped in paint can give you wonderful abstracts. Stencil use is also a technique by which you can make paintings. This can be done by using a cut out of any pattern you wish to place on the canvas.Use brush or dropper and spray the area apart from the stencil to get beautiful artwork.
Another good technique with materials is to use jute or canvas which is thick material having ridges of threads. Paint when applied on this material can be stamped on the plain paper or canvas to create texture in your artworks.
By using different techniques and materials even new artists or lay people can make artworks. Scarfs, short Kurtis, T shirts, table top covers, upholstery and bed sheets all can be painted using techniques of painting and you can get a personalized unique artwork.

Art materials Online.

Different art materials are available from the internet. It has become very easy to order art materials online and many suppliers also provide concessions on the price of art materials. Even heavy discounts on oil paints and canvas is available. It has been quite a lot of help for me and I can order materials right from the comforts of my home. Online art material dealers advertise on different sites as well as some have websites of their own. One can go through availability of art materials as well as discount rates before going in for purchase of art materials.
Good quality art materials go a long way in making good art works. Every artist must pay special attention on selection of art materials. There are detailed websites that guide you about different art materials, their mode of use and painting techniques. Tips for better performance with the company colours are also mentioned as also combinations of different colours to get shades and hues.
With the internet being an easy medium to order art materials one must take care to buy from reputed stores who supply good quality art materials. Once I had a oil sketch paper with dark line son it and another time the canvas was cut off in wrong way due to which some part has to be wasted during cutting in straight line.
When you purchase art materials online take care to pay when you are satisfied with the art materials. You can arrange with the material supplying company to pay when you receive the goods, and this will keep many problems covered and also save precious time if you have to do a commissioned art work.
It is better to buy artworks directly as you get to see the materials and also judge their quality, but if the company is a standard company supplying art materials then it becomes much easier to avoid traveling all the way for a tube of paint.
Locally we have a Mango Stationary who supply art materials at home by just a phone call. But you have to purchase for a certain minimum amount for their delivery free. And I have seen many sites also have a minimum purchase order for them to supply art materials at your home. So you have to club art purchases together for getting your materials delivered by courier free of transport charges.

Internet art sites a boon

The internet has given me my share of limelight. It is the best mode to get world wide exposure. There are so many competitions and opportunities for artists around the globe. Vast audience and lots of viewership.  Critiques around the world can see your works and comment on them. One can get knowledge about various art techniques , art materials, art contacts, art galleries contacts as well as buyers contacts.
Regularly searching for various art sites sites one can get access of different websites that promote online art materials sale.
Many art sites are free for registering by artists around the world. Some of the art sites take a monthly maintenance fee. Others ask for registering for special features to promote art works by paying some annual charges.
Any artist can register on the free websites and display their artworks. There are also some art brokers who are willing to help sell your artworks , with a small amount of commission. 

Lines- a Painting Technique

Line paintings. I had this craze during beginning of career..even now I am attracted to do this style of painting. It gives very neat and defined art works. The first painting is named "Life' whereas the second work is called 'Beauty'. There is a beautiful work termed 'Third eye' I do not have the picture but I feel photograph will not be able to do justice for these works. The procedure is very difficult and use of certain sharp instruments and layering of different colours is done to produce this result.
It has to be done at one time with lots of precautions as the colours start getting together resulting in  a muddy painting.
There are beautiful artworks that can be created using this painting technique.One can begin by covering the canvas or paper with a dark colour paint. Be it red , black or blue or green. The darker the colour the better. If you use a lighter background then you can cover up with a darker shade and vice versa. After laying thick layer of paint let it dry for some time. Then apply another layer of contrasting colour on this. Now you can use any instrument and create lines or shapes over the painting. This will remove or scrape the paint on the above layer and give beautiful images left behind. This is a  wonderful art technique and can be done easily by anyone and even by children. You can use blunt knifes, back tip of brushes, pencil tips, pen tips, combs, geometrical instruments etc to use for this technique.
Care has to be taken to be gentle and also not very light as this technique is all a matter of the right pressure. Very light hand and you will not scrape enough paint to get the design and very hard pressure applied and there is fear of tearing the canvas or paper. Also avoid using very sharp objects as they will harm the material on which you are painting as well as you.

Small works of Oil on Paper - Advice For the Upcoming Artist

The new upcoming artist are fresh from the college of arts or self taught artists who have not exhibited their works in a gallery. Painting takes its own course and the artist struggles to prove their identity by expressing themselves with colour. Art materials and resources are costly and sometimes the new artist struggles with giving more works and the materials available.
The cost of art resources and no exposure may lead the artist to become demoralized as it is very difficult to enter into the art industry. Technical know how and expenditure incurred in putting up an exhibition is not easy and the artist is already in the process of establishing a style of painting and does not be able to focus on the marketing or selling aspect.
Here small works on paper come handy. People around you, your friends and relatives who are also your well wishers may end up buying smaller works to encourage you. Even in the public galleries the common crowd may go in  smaller works due to less space availability in their homes. I know the selling part of art is the bitter part for every artist. You have to give up on a part of you, like your much effort and liking develops during the process of painting a work. But also the bitter truth is unless you sell your works you will not be able to share them with the world.
1)Use less costly materials in the beginning.2)One can even purchase students paints in the beginning and synthetic brushes that are less costly. 3)Start with small works of art on oil sketch paper till you are confident and comfortable with the big canvas and artists paints.4)Water colours are also cheap but not all artists are comfortable with this medium.Select a medium that are less costly to purchase and take less maintenance. 5)Frames can be made using acrylic or glass with less costly moldings for smaller works.6)Storing paintings is a big issue with every artist and smaller works can be stored easily in a folder.7)Best part of smaller works is that you can carry them easily while traveling to any place for an exhibition.

Few of my small works on paper. Done with lots of care and loads of patience. Many people have suggested I make a collage out of them. Will see, till then let me keep admiring them often and on as I get time.

Spiritual Paintings and Their Benefits

Spirituality is emerging in every individual and people are trying to go in for spiritual art works to have peace and prosperity. Exercise and healthy food is good for the body as also spiritual paintings are the food for the soul. Displaying artworks having symbolic interpretations affects our mind positively and we are refreshed  by viewing such works.
The individual purchasing spiritual artwork may not be very spiritual but the artwork grabs the attention of the viewer and they like it. Spiritual artists are persons who like to make art on spiritual themes. These artworks may be symbolic or also simple abstracts without any images. Spirituality gives peace and its definition can be different for different individuals. An spiritual artist may go on making artworks using particular colours and also certain symbols. These may not be religious symbols but also things that are symbolic representations of something else. The spiritual artist may not be very religious and also they may not follow any religious symbols. Art is an expression of the artist and they put their thoughts on the canvas. This makes the symbols work. Usually ultramarine blue, purple and gold colours are associated with spirituality. Also lighter shades of many colours are more soothing but this depends on the artist as I have seen artists carry their art well even with reds and greens. Red colour indicates positive energy and green colour is used to represent prosperity and growth. 
It is good to display spiritual paintings to heal the environment. As we do daily exercise these paintings give us daily dose of positive energy. The viewer on purchasing such artworks gets to enjoy the healing daily and over the years as also the value of the artwork keeps increasing.In Feng Shui it is considered auspicious to display symbolic and spiritual paintings to ward off evil energies and bring positive energy int he environment.
It is important to remember that an spiritual painting need not always be a religious symbol painting
 It may have universal appeal. Also the colours used in the painting keep emitting rays which in turn give colour healing and this colour therapy leads to increased confidence, motivation and success in life.

                            The Spiritual Gateway. self explanatory painting . One of my older works.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art and Online Art Competitions

  There are many art competitions taking place and such events help the artist to get exposure for their works. It is advisable for the new artist to take part in more art competitions and to showcase their art works to as many people as possible. The more your art gets exposure the better. Let the world go on assessing and criticizing your work. Encourage critiques to offer advice as and when you get the opportunity. It may sometimes be difficult to handle but as the years go by you will see the difference in your art if you take genuine advice.
Many art galleries have online art space available for free. They have regular competitions and submissions and this is a great opportunity for showcasing your artworks to a wider audience. Don't go in for people who are there just to make fun of your art. Be selective with whom you talk during an exhibition as some people may leave you with loads of negativity and for sometime you may doubt why did I become an artists? or am I an artist? Don't worry go with your gut feelings and progress in your art. That does not mean to avoid getting opinions. It helps to study and learn some new techniques and also dabble with new styles to see what comes out best.
There are many galleries who display works of art for free or with a nominal fee. Try to take part in as many art competitions as possible as this is the only way to get known. Though your works may not sell in the beginning a few lucky ones get started soon by this way. Some artists win the competitions and may get to display for free in the gallery for some period. Some others offer to purchase the work of the artist as a winning tip. whereas some gallery owners promote the works selected of an artist to much bigger galleries and clients. As also some prominent members of the society are invited to select art in these competitions so you get to know senior artists as well as well known personalities of the society.Online competitions are a best way to get publicity and exposure without much investment and also who knows you may also end up selling few of your works!
                                             I have not selected has selected me!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Judging Art

I wonder how can people judge art? what is the criteria for selection? what art is good or bad? so many questions...... no answers. Judging art is very difficult as each individual has different opinions about the same works. Whenever you are in an gallery or looking at a friend's artwork please take care and think before judging art. Galleries have many competitions and judges have a hard time in selecting artworks. Mostly the selection is based on universal appeal and bright colours, fresh concepts or new techniques used during painting.But always the emotional aspect of an work takes it places and people go in for purchasing the artwork if they feel an emotional connection with the artwork.
Think before critiquing an artwork as the artist has made these with a lot of efforts and resources. It may be possible that one particular art work may not appeal to you. That does not mean that the artist is out of your list of viewing. Other artworks of the same artist may have some points whcih demand your attention. Always try to give suggestions rather than complete statements. It would be advisable to comment gracefully so that even you help the artist to learn and also avoid hurting their sentiments. Never make harsh statement and comments or final statements that the art is boring or does not have life. Try to respect the individual who has made the artwork as you cannot make this piece and if you try painting you will understand how difficult it is to paint any painting and also to go on for years doing the same thing.
 "Get up and get going" is the only way any artist can survive in the art world.. All the comments and the rejections in the beginning may demoralize anyone and the new artist needs to be strong and persistent in their works. "My art is my own ..I am responsible for my work and I love my paintings. I admire them ...I feed my soul by viewing them. Art is an self expression of who you are. There are no rules and no limitations. No explanations and descriptions. My art is self explanatory...I believe in leaving the world as a better place. My paintings will remain forever and with that a part of me".
                                             This positive self talk will help.

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