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Friday, September 2, 2011

Precautions About Online Payments For Buying Paintings

E bay and other websites that sell many items have facilities for online money transfer. Here purchases can be done very easily by credit cards or online money transfer. Just like any other item even paintings are available online and it is picking up momentum since time is very precious for everyone and also the internet gives the opportunity to view a vast range of artworks at a time.
What are the precautions one must take for any purchase of art online?
Firstly secure your account numbers and bank balance details. Any website or dealer inquiring about your bank details may not be the respective person and may hack your bank account after getting your bank details. This is one of the disadvantages of online deals that you do not see the seller. In the mood of purchasing art you may allow such person to access to your mail id and even personal details. Remember the seller has no right to get your personal details and always only share information which is relevant to that particular deal. You must always secure your bank details and avoid discussing it online for any purchase. In case of any thing fishy you can always stop and inquire about the artworks of the same artist from another source or directly from the artist.. Secondly it is best to make another account for such financial dealings. Here you can deposit the amount required for the sale after the deal and the respective seller can access it. Third most important point to consider is avoid using credit and other cards for unknown sources on the internet. Hackers may access your account and balance details and this may not be the art dealer but some other person who is online and has access to the website. Here it would be better to purchase art from reputed online galleries and art dealers who are established in this field. They are known in the art field and have set up an website only for the convenience of the buyers. Also they have a set of rules and regulations for online purchase along with the warranty and authentication certificate.
Direct money transfer is an easy way to transfer money without much effort and safe too.  Since the internet provides us the opportunity to buy paintings from the comforts of our home it is also advisable to take certain precautions before involving any money for online purchases. Being safe is better than being sorry!

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