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Friday, September 28, 2012

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Divine Balance' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Divine Balance' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Divine Balance Original Healing Painting by Mrs. Rizwana AbdulMubeen Mundewadi

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Gold Wealth' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Gold wealth Original healing painting

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Gold Wealth' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Attract wealth luck and improve money and finances by this feng shui healing painting. Symbolic abstract healing painting done using acrylic and oil paints on oil sketch paper. The Chinese symbols for wealth, good luck along with the symbolic ladder my signature style ladder, further increase the power of the symbolic artwork to attract and welcome wealth energy.

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Confidence' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Confidence' Painting Oil, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Leader ' Mixed Media, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Leader ' Mixed Media, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why most Masters in Arts are not Artists? - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
I have met many artists who after doing Masters degree in finearts are working somehwere and earning good money. Writers, managers and teachers, on asking them just agree, art is not for them.Why does this happen?
Is the creativity of an artist dead or or they forced to choose another better option for income source. They just never think of painting on canvas or even hangng their own art. Many famous artists are self taught and have followed their heart. Dream, Dream is what is missing. Somewhere down the line they have never wished to take this path. there are others who after struggling for the day with a job paint at nights, save for an show and still dream to become famous as an artist.The true path and the perseverance both in harmony lead to your right road. In feng shui the corner facing the north east section is one that promotes self goals. Activating this area helps to find out the true path you are destined for in this journey of life. You may activate your feng shui luck by putting some healing stones here or displaying a gem stone or rockstone arrangement.You may also have your comfortable seat, sofa set, sette, or recliner here in your living room and sit daily for sometime in this area. Whatever you are destined to be will come forthe within few days of sitting in this corner.Try it.
Life is all about choosing the right path, nature and the universe helps you after this. A strong will and interest will lead you to live a successful life, not only rich with materialistic things but also spiritually rich and fulfilling life. Do have a dream a very big dream, dream for the sky and you may at least reach the tree top! All the Best and take care!
I wish to make simple, colorful, understandable healing art. Portfolio

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dance like no one is watching - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Dance like no one is watching and paint like you don't need the money, is what everyone tells. Is it so easy to paint carefree when there are bills to be paid and food to be on your plate?, is what I hear from many artists who have to run home with their art.
Whenever I see an art, the artist, hear them I can feel the pressures, the feelings of anxiety the loose talk, the thoughts of selling, trying to bargain..
Leave aside all this may be difficult but I am afraid there is no way out. Your emotions and feelings are immediately transferred to the buyer who will repel more from you and of course your art, which is what you do not want. Meditation and positive talk helps to ease out your emotions and calms your senses.
It is also advisable that you definately find a different source of income,especially in the beginning of your artist career when making art is more and sales few. Study art but paint only originals.Each one must try to find their own path, inner souls longing,  and make a place in this world. You are unique God made you so, do make yourself so. Portfolio

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You meditate Before Painting? - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Being a healing artist since past more than a decade this question is what comes up frequently, do you paint after meditation or do you paint while meditating? well no I paint when I paint and meditation is all done during early mornings only when the mind is fresh after the morning prayers.
Meditation and exercises all are a part of any healers life as they need to be well grounded to be able to heal others. This is very important as healers too often tend to catch the negative energies of the healee while healing if they are not strong and grounded. I have been in painting for the purpose of healing and I need to have positive energy and thoughts for any art to be done. But this does not mean I meditate while paintign as I term painting itself is a form of meditation and prayer and I do forget food, climate and the environment while I am painting, I am too much into the painting not aware of the time and I love my studio corner where I can paint peacefully.
Meditaion and auric exercises have to be done and have been doing since I took the path of Reiki Master. This along with listening to healing sounds and music of the five elements have been the routine since past ten years.Not anymore.  I do not meditate everyday now and only when the need for extra energy arises the body and soul indicates so, then the routine is followed for few days, months or as the need of the soul is. To become well grounded there are many Reiki exercises that strengthen the chakras system and the aura. I would advice every individual  to take out few minutes from your daily schedule preferable mornings and sit in a quiet corner, relaxed. rub and warm your palms and feel the energy, if your body needs it you will feel it, place your hands over your eyes, side of head, neck, shoulders and every part of your body for few minutes each. Your own body will indicate how much energy is required and where. This is positive energy form the universe and all are open to this unlimited source except when there are karmic issues, mental blocks, chakra blocks the individual will not feel the energy and the problem will persist, here there is need for a healer to remove the blocks and open the gates to freedom, success and happiness.
So while I am a healer and mind control and focus is very essential for any career so also artists need to be focussed on their art. Painting is what I do while I am painting! without music and without being in mode of meditation, but in a trance as if guided by the spirit guides for selecting and using the symbols. Most artists will agree with me as they have connected with their guides, the pure true self, only then can they make good art. Portfolio

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Special Healing Paintings for Hospitals and Clinics

Healing Painting for Hospitals and Clinics by Healing Artist raz
Hospitals and clinics are well aware of healing the root causes of any disease and more so in psychiatric and psychological cases. Not only do the psychiatric consultants in every country of the world accept other therapies but also focus on the overall imporvement of health of the patients. Healing paintings can be used effectively to improve the rate of healing and reduce the time required for healing. Reiki Masters believe that all diseases can be healed better and quickly when allopathic medicines are used along with healing energy therapies and Reiki energy can facilitate curing the disease and healing along with improving the resistence and overall quality of life of the patients.
Since Reiki energy is positive energy and Reiki Masters use the energy from the universe and channel it towards the patient and this Reiki energy reaches the desired organ or Chakra where it is required, it is totally safe without any side effects. There is no chances of overdose and also there is no reactions or negative effects. Symbols used in Reiki therapy may or maynot be used by the Master, and this usually depends upon the individual case history of the patients. Usually in mental hospitals and psychiatric patients clinics, that is in a psychiatrists clinic patients who are having mental problems, adjustment problems, psychological problems or any other obsessive disorders where they are stuck up with negative thoughts and are unable to be controlled effectively with medicines, healing paintings can work miracles.
In most psychiatric cases medicines may be able to control the psychiatric problems effectively but the patients may have side effects like depression, excessive sleep disorders, weight gain etc. In such cases the reason for being unable to heal is there may be karmic blocks which will hinder the progress of the individual and also avoid the energy reaching the required organ for the patient to heal. Here the reiki master can promote healing by using symbols and energy block removal techniques to remove the blocks in aura and chakras, which is hindering the patients cure.
Unless the auric blocks and chakras are cleared of past karmic blocks and diseases of the aura the patient , however best treatment he takes may not heal completely. This is not in any way promote Reiki therapy against any other Pathy of medicine. Reiki energy is not to be replaced with allopathic medicines without consulting your physician. It can only be used along with the medicines to facilitate good progress and total cure. Psychic attacks can be reduced by using Reiki healing energy and also this will help the patient to understand and accept his problems and situations. The first step towards any healing is acceptance of disease and Reiki energy helps immensely in this field.
The aura of an individual will show the diseases well in advance and the healer can guide the healee to be prepared for the same as it is seen that any disease manifests itself first in the outer most layer of the aura and then as it moves towards the body will be seen after many days or months in physical form. Mental and psychological problems are usally related to the root chakra where the patient lives in fantasy or away from reality.
My healing paintings help to remove such invisible auric and karmic blocks of energy from the viewers aura and the more close these healings paintings are kept , that is hung in such a place where the healing paintings can be viewed most of the time, will promote healing in any type or diseases. With my intentions of healing and my favourite Reiki symbols along with Chinese calligarphy I use these healing paintings to promote good health, good luck and peace along with harmony.
In many psychiatric and psycholoigcal cases where the patients are out of control and may need shock treatments or extreme measures of treatment these healing paintings when hung in their rooms will give out passive positive energy and help the healee to gradually accept their situation and get better soon. In strong psychological cases reiki symbols can help cleanse the aura and let in fresh positive energy in the patients.It has been proved that any image you view has an effect on your psyche and viewing energy symbols in my healing paintings helps to bring in and attract good energy from the universe , not only for patients but for every individual who views them. The individuals will not only get healed of present karmic blocks and feel free but also their lives will become richer and better adjusted. They will be in better condition to focus on relationships, educational studies and also job and career.
In hospitals and clincis of any physician these healing paintings can be hung in the consulting rooms ,lobbies and reception areas so that many can benefit from the healing energies. There are also special healing paintings which Surgeons, Doctors and Consultants can  hang in their personal  consulting rooms for protection against negativity from other sick patients. It so happens that healers also catch negative energies from healees , so also doctors sometimes catch some negative energy from any patient and may as a result face personal problems. healing paintings can act as protectors and energisers for everyone.
Healing paintings have overall energy intentions for good health, progress, wisdom honour and respect along with wealth and career energies to promote and attract money and happy relationships among family, friends, relatives and colleagues.
(The painting posted here "A Deeper Ray of Healing" is a original healing painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi , a healing artist. Size 9.5x13.5 done on oil sketch paper in mixed medium September Year 2012. The colours used for healing are spiritual colours , more prominently blue that is soothing and healing along with the most spiritual color purple, indicating the Reiki purifying violet cold fire. The symbol used here is a powerful Reiki symbol used to dispel psychic attacks. The powerful energy symbol 'Cho ku Rei' to 'put the power here' ).

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Precious Spiritual Gems' Painting Oil, 2011 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Precious Spiritual Gems' Painting Oil, 2011 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Soothing Healing Feng Shui Paintings For Bedroom Marriage Luck

Original Healing Symbolic Feng Shui painting by Rizwana A
 Healing feng shui paintings can be used as cures for many problems. With space crunch nowadays people prefer to hang a beautiful painting on the wall which can act as a marriage luck cure and also beautify your home. My latest artworks are few paintings done on oil sketch paper which are specially for the bedroom and for couples who wish to bring love and happiness and give strength to their existing relationship and married life. Also single people who are struggling to find the right partner or to attract marriage luck can benefit for this feng shui artwork.
Double Happiness Chinese Symbol healing painting by Rizwana A.
My healing paintings are at present symbolic representations of feng shui, Reiki and auspicious symbols of Buddhism along with Chinese calligraphy. i use symbols to send healing energies to the viewers and of course to attract wealth, money, career, education and marriage luck along with any other problems that you may be facing , your are free to send a query and I will personally answer it.
It is very important to understand bedroom feng shui before selecting any painting for your bedroom.It is important whether you are married or single and waiting for the right partner that energy in bedroom has to be balanced with yin and yang. Having too low energy, too much yin passive energy is not good and also too much strong active energy will drive away yin energy , females will repel entering your home, so much for marriage luck!.
Soothing paintings of couples and birds are best to improve chi and for bedroom feng shui. You can promote marriage luck through feng shui by hanging paintings of two vases, two birds or swans, the most important thing to avoid is never place objects or paintings that indicate single energy. Like a dried single tree, a lonely single person on the quiet road, one bird or a lonely cat or dog, all these give message to the universe about being single and alone which is what you would not want when trying for finding the right partner.Have side tables and other objects in pairs to promote happiness and love between the couple.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

All you want to know of Signature on painting, where do you sign on a painting?

Signature of an artist, the most important thing that increases the value of your prized possession. As art collectors pay in huge sums to purchase a rare artwork of a famous artist it is the signature that increases the value of your painting.  A Picasso, Leanordo,  Raza and Hussain goes off in huge amounts $ and a new artists work goes for less $ so it is all in the signature. A signature of a famous artist indicates the years of hard work they have put in their paintings career as a result the prices of their original artworks and painting prints rises gradually over the years. Why is it important to sign you painting and what is the correct method and where do you sign?
First of all there is no right or wrong in writing procedures for signatures. many famous artists have proved this fact that you as an artist can sign anywhere on your original painting. Some follow the old traditional way to sign with colour or ink on the right hand side bottom of the canvas or paper, whereas some like to sign their original paintings on the left bottom side of the canvas. Many artists use the same brush and left over colour from the same painting as this creates a connection and harmony with the artwork they have painted. Some use black or contrast paint so that their signature is seen prominently on the painting, after all we all paint for recognition! You may use any technique to sign your original paintings, but it would be better to use the same colours or contrasting colours that have been used in the painting as this helps you to sign your painting without it looking like a sore thumb on your work.
Some artists also write their signature in bold letters on the painting at the top whereas some symbolic artworks are signed at the side of the paintings. No rules here but as an artist you must remember to have consistency in your signatures as this is the only way to recognise your art after many years and decades. The value of your painting will also depend upon the status of the artist and it would be easy for your collectors and buyers to recognise and buy your art.
A signature is a sign the identity of the artist and will remain even after the artist has left this world, as a proof of a life dedicated to painting.You may create your own signature style of signing your paintings. As for prints you have a certain standard procedure to sign which has date, month year along with the number of prints published and the respective number on the print.

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Always Good Luck' Mixed Media, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Always Good Luck' Mixed Media, 2012 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at
This feng shui painting done in the year 2012 on oil sketch paper my favorite medium oil paints is a feng shui cure for all money and wealth problems. Not only does the feng shui painting have symbols in Chinese calligraphy for wealth, good luck and many other symbols for good luck but also here I have used the colours for respective elements according to feng shui theories. I have also imbibed in this original feng shui painting symbols for each elements and colours representing the same. A very good feng shui painting for any room in your home and office as this attracts all the positive energies for good luck and prosperity.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Spread Your Healing Fragrance LikeThe Fragrance of the Night Queen Flowers - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Early morning fresh sunrise near the raat rani and jai flowering bushes, the light rains and the fresh atmosphere, the quietness of the breeze, the rain drops after the quiet..every artist must work towards achieving a uniue identity.
Just like the fragrant flowers who spread their fragrances wide and vast we must try to reach as much as possible for world wide exposure. Healing energies are best during early mornings as the mind and body is fresh and have pure thoughts. Like a clean slate you mould your day according to your thoughts. An artist must strive hard to not only keep painting but also sharing their art. Many artists mention this is not their cup of tea. Well i say you are the best person to describe your art. There is no one even if you hire someone who can sell your art like you can. You just have to follow your heart and ways come forthe for you. 
Online art galleries are the best and with the event of internet culture online art galleries are a very good opportunity to showcase your art to the world. Select an online art gallery that not only exposes your art to the world but also helps in promoting you as an artist and brings out your best in front of the world. I have had experience with many online art galleries and some just offer space but some go out of the way and offer you their heart! not only they contact buyers and collectors but regularly keep promoting your art in innovative ways.. Bless you my favourite online art gallery .Have a Rocking Day ahead! Portfolio

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Secret to Sell Art Online Successfully Technical tips

Selling art online is the only way where any artist , from any genre can sell their artworks successfully. Be it a landscape painting or a figurative portrait, a small painting or a very large work, a fine art print or a sculpture any work can be sold successfully online by registering on the many art galleries available on the web.
While you select an art gallery to display your art do consider the coverage and name of the online art gallery. It is a fact that there are many online art galleries and when you brush the web you will get umpteen number of online galleries who all promise to sell your art successfully. Do look at the reputation of your selected online art gallery otherwise you may also fear losing your original paintings to a false sale.
 To display online the trick is to select the right category, you have to narrow down the search online so that people do visit your art home page and your paintings come up in common google searches.
Describe your paintings very well, remember this is the only connection you have with the viewers and potential buyers or collectors of your art. Use words simple, understanding terms, and try to connect with your collectors by giving genuine details of your paintings.
Do mention any special important terms you use in your art, paintings or art techniques
, art styles, your own signature style . this will narrow down your artworks to selected few buyers and collectors who are searching the web for buying paintings from online art galleries.
Technical details and tips for selling art successfully online- photograph your art well. A foggy picture of a very good painting would not attract a second glance so do put some effort to photograph your art well.Picture clarity and lighting is very important for a great photograph of your painting. Do mention the colours,as however hard we try the photo is never the same, make it a point to inform viewers regarding the picture colours and shades., usually when I snap a flower if it is ultra marine blue it shows purple and the red show maroon, and the other way round, guess the technical details of colour frequencies! want to sell art get a good pixel camera of highest resolution in your budget.I find it best to shoot in natural day indirect sunlight.
Title, a right title , a correct and relevant title of your paintings is most essential.Let the viewer connect to your paintings online by the right and appropriate name for your painting. It will be easy to sell paintings when the viewer sees what he has come for and buys your painting.
Make the home page friendly for the eyes and the soul.Go eco friendly when setting up a website or selling art online on any reputed online art gallery. Offer easy payment options for your art collectors.Use reputed and trusted online payment methods.  It is also advisabe to give your email contact so that it becomes easy for your art collectors to keep up with your latest works. Most important technical details for selling  art successfully online is to make an attractive home page, friendly for the eyes. If there are many images, videos and clutter chances are the prospective buyer and art collector may find difficult to focus on the paintings. too much seeking their attention
 and the viewer may skip the site.lost a sale!
Price your paintings in a fair method. Now this is a very tricky part as art and paintings have no parameters for comparison and judging. You consider the cost of materials used and the online gallery commissions as well as shipping and transport charges when you are selling art online.Still I would not like to mention much here as it depends on each and every individual artist. And online sales vary from 100$ to 1,00,000$ , no rules here.
Be truthful, buyers and collectors like a true artist and human being, your behaviour online indicates a lot about your art. Give right technical details of your paintings. technical measurements, size, weight, shipping, availabiltiy- if this particular painting is available for sale, it would be very sad when you get some buyer or art collector interested in your painting and on enquiring they find out that this painting is sold, be in touch and regularly update your paintings website and online galleries portfolios.
This is also a  way of indicating your are alive and painting and will go on painting! very important for collectors to know you are here to stay!
Works on Absolute
 Works on Saatchi Online London
 It is true that keywords are very important in online presentations and sales. A you tube movie -->

gets many hits in a single hour whereas viewers and buyers of art will be limited. Trick here is to use simple words to describe your art. People searching on google and other search engines use simple easy words, no commas, no capital letters, maybe sometimes your paintings may come up in a search and the viewer may become a buyer, who knows what can happen, anything can happen, with online sales of paintings.
There is no replacement to hard sincere effort , for the rest there is feng shui.

keep having online presentations of your art. Online exhibitions, slide shows, videos of your art, blogs writing and also sales and concessions during festivals and other seasonal sales.
meanwhile do not forget in the hub dub of selling your  at online , the main purpose of  your artist life, painting, do keep painting.

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