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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Opportunities to Survive Your Artistic Career

Every artist is faced by this dilemma in their lives while painting. Even I go through these phases. Art materials are costly and artist get this itch of continuing to paint! Don't know how other people manage those who have to run their house on this income? also this career does not give any immediate returns.
Have seen many an artist work as something else and art takes a backseat in their lives. Some art graduates also do not pursue this field even after being qualified and gradually the art in them dies a slow death.
whenever I get monetary gifts or the savings from households ..i do not wish for any goodies. or food items or new clothes not even jewellery  all I want is some art materials and i am the most happy person!
and my magic genie knows this!
This is faced by all artists at some time or the other even more so when they are new artists struggling for recognition. At such times artists must find another source of income to survive. They can hold a job as an art teacher if they have a degree in fine arts. This will give them the regular monthly income and also support their artists career.
Many artists also begin art classes for children and adults who are interested in learning to paint. Some write books or work in advertising agencies where artists are required. You can also do as Short term course in graphic designing as I have done to understand colours.  Artists can get offers for assignments on free lance basis or full time graphic work. Some artists also work as cartoonists and fashion designers in magazines or with private concerns. Some work in designing t shirt prints or designs for tops. One can also make designs for tiles, upholstery and scarves by using your artistic skills.
The most important point here by mentioning all this is that it has been proved that artists have to struggle before getting established in the field of art and the bottom line here is to survive till you get your chance for fame!

Your best critique

Every artist grows under criticism  Critiques always encourage by giving critical appraisal about art works. . Over the years getting your paintings critically approved increases confidence about your art and as the years go by  you don't care about anyone's opinion 'I am as I am and I paint what I like and where my inspiration goes. There is no need to observe other works or others art... it just flows and lays itself on the canvasses'.
Every artist has to be open to criticism. If there is a desire to learn and progress in art then one must be willing to be able to listen and accept critiques opinions. I know it is very difficult when you have taken a lot of pains to make a work of art and some one just quotes 'so you paint, even my five year old niece is doing the same !' or even better! well just smile and accept the comment.People who know about art only they can respect art. Just don't let anybody demoralize you. Go ahead and accept their opinions. Remember they are not God and everyone has a right to express. But if you are the sensitive type or you realize that some people deliberately want to let you down please be away from such negative influences.
It will definitely help to find out your best critique because that will make your art grow. Opinions from family, friends or some fellow artist just find some one who helps to bring out the best in you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Painting of Flowers

Painting flowers is the most easiest as well as the most difficult topic an artist can choose. Though it is the first and foremost topic every artist chooses as nature is the beginning of every learning process. There are plenty of models available for nature drawing but the most common ones selected are the sunflower, hibiscus flower and the rose flower.
After seeing many works it is understood that roses are the most difficult to paint. Nature is unique and it can never be copied. The successful painting of flowers of an artist is when the viewer is fascinated by the works and has most resemblance to nature. The captured moment and the colours selected can depend upon the artists mood while painting that particular work.
One can select a stem of flower and place it on a table at the correct position. Observe the colour, petals, leaves and also very importantly the lght coming from which direction. This gives the paintign a personalized look. Some artist even go that one step further and paint the eaten leaves and the dried edges of leaves! Correct colour mixing and application is important to get the nearest result resembling the original flower. Taking examples from nature is the best and many artists specialize in this theme of flowers and nature works.

Here is My First painting.
Hibiscus flowers.
Inspiration from a picture. (Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi,Year 2000). The picture had words 'outstanding' and this gave me inspiration to work on it. The background used in this painting is by mixing of many greens and browns!
(Painting by Mrs. Rizwana A. Mundewadi,year 2000) The photograph has not turned up well. This is an example of abstraction in flower. This painting is also done using a reference photo but the colours and backgrounds are done differently. Use of silver colour has made the painting unique.
The Yellow Champa flowers.  (Year 2000.Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi)
Other flowers like canna, lotus,jasmine and lillies are also favorite among artists for paintings. Using reference photos is only a way to begin painting and an artist may not always require one. They can also paint by imagination according to their experiences.
Paintings of flowers are most common and the most selling artworks nowadays. Since these artworks are reasonably priced they come into the range of affordable art and also paintings of flowers have a universal appeal.

Death of an Artist!!!!!

working alone and enjoying painting. I like to be left alone with my paints and canvas, playing with colours ..smelling them (though I get frequent headaches and fever due to the fumes emitted by them!) i love to paint. over a decade and still going strong . No support whatso ever ..still going strong.
Till when i do not know...many time feel lost ...where will this lead me.I am not very social person and do not like the limelight. But this world has a different take. The person in limelight is a good artist and works demand a good price. When I try my hand and selling my works I feel losing my creativity, how can I sell a part of me! every painting is a special many much involvement..such a long journey..and one work is created.
I feel like giving up and try to lead a normal life but I can't. I feel dead without my art!
After a decade still want to paint. get so many brain is bombarded with ideas..where is the energy to balance it and the resources! stacks of papers.pencil works , artworks .. have to stop and start moving these works.
Feng shui and Reiki both indicate that I have to move the earlier works to make place for the new. Not get attached to them and accept to part with them. Attachments are trouble..I have to be free.
Struggling with the past and the present sometimes I feel the artist within is dying a slow death. Maybe I may become normal and lead a normal life...just forget about art! Hussains and Razas are there no!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buying Paintings from Emerging Artists

Every artist is on a journey. It is just when you meet them you realize at which step of the ladder they are on to. The process goes on even when they have not displayed their work to public art galleries. This is a creative progress and growth which cannot be changed or directed has to go according to the flow.
The Red Pilgrim
When ever you visit an art gallery and view works hung on the walls you are wondering about the different themes and topics the artist has selected. Well this all depends upon the artist and their style of working. Some may be symbolic painters , some landscape artists and some abstract artists. Some only prefer to do portraits and some are comfortable with still life's. Judging their works will be injustice to the efforts put in by the artist as every artist is proud of their works.
Before going in for purchase one has to inquire about the history and past experiences of the artist. This helps in understanding their works. Every art gallery guides you with the purchase and also connects you with the artists. The paintings bought from emerging artists are comparatively less priced  than works of established artists. It is advisable to buy art from reputed galleries who give certified documents for the purchase. This authentication certificate is very essential as the prices of these artworks may shoot up and you may end up owning a heirloom! This is affordable art and also the new artists are encouraged in the beginning of their career. Even interior decorators can go in for purchase from emerging artists as they have fresh topics and colours used in their artworks that blend and contrast beautifully in the latest decor arrangements. Symbolic art is emerging as many people opt for symbols of religion creatively painted and also some prefer abstract artworks that blend with their decor.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Art Materials.

Art materials are available at art stores and stationary shops. Even art stores have sites online where artists can view the gallery and catalogues of different art amterials. Paintings can be done using different materials like water colours, oil paints,wax crayons, pencil colours or even charcoal pencils.
Each artist has to find out which materials they are comfortable with. Over the years practicing different styles the artist develops their individual style of painting.Some artists can jump from material to materila na dare comfortable with any art materila where as other just cannot work in any other material than which they are comfortable with. This depends on the individual artist and their seniority. Some artists like to change styles and as doing water colour previously may turn to oil paints or vice versa.
Creative artists sometimes also dabble with collages and murals as the art field has unlimited dimensions. Each piece of art is unique and every artist brings out the best by using the same art materials. Brushes of different materilas are used and some artists may be selective of the size and types of brushes used by them.
Different paints using glitter, gloss or metallic are also available in the market. There are many options for the artist to let go of their creative juices and make beautiful artworks. Many oil paint companies supply art materials to the residence or studio of the artist for free. There are also concessions in percentage on the total amount used to purchse of art materials..

Care of Paintings

Paintings are the soul of artist . They need as much care as any other part in your life. People buy paintings for decorating as highlight in a room or for symbolic purposes. Many of us are not aware that only purchasing an expensive artwork does not guarantee its long life.
1)Care has to be taken to hang it at a comfortable level to avoid fingering by smalll children and pets.
2)Keep it clean by wiping oil paintings on canvas with a soft muslin cloth. Care has to be taken about the cloth material used for wiping as rough materials can damage the paint or other materials used in the paintings.
3) Hang it away from the window. Strong breeze and sunlight may fade the colours of your artworks.
4) Glass frames can be cleaned with wet sponge but take care to have corners inside the frame of good quality. This allows your paintings to breathe and avoids fungus growth on the artworks.
5)Keep paintings away from moisture and damp environment. They may show fungus growth and lead to long term damage to artworks and canvas.
6) It is advisable to ask the artist from whom you have purchased the artwork , especially in cae of collages and other media artworks as they need special care for cleaning and handling.
7) Paintings are an asset and they grow in value over the years so treat your artworks as special and they will reward you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Symbolic Paintings

Symbolism is one of the categories of paintings. It has been followed by many artists over the years who come to be known as symbolic artists. Many artists use symbols and different icons to represent their thoughts and emotions. These symbols may be  any religious symbols or may be some representative symbols. 
Many religions have deities that are painted by symbolic artists and these artworks are also sold on emotional basis as they have the market always. Some people prefer buying other symbols representing some concepts.  Like a ladder symbolizes success and upward progress, a lamp symbolizes hope whereas a lotus symbolizes enlightenment. Birds are representative of freedom and waterfalls in a painting represent financial growth. Green pictures of plants and flowers indicate prosperity.
Understanding symbolic artworks also depends upon each individuals experiences and cultural preferences. Colours also are used differently by symbolic artists to represent different themes.Some countries symbolize white colour for mourning whereas some represent it for purity. Every artist has their own choice of colours and colour meanings.
Before going in for purchase of symbolic art one has to first think about our own experiences and likes and dislikes. Some people are not comfortable with religious symbols hung on their walls and may prefer other representative symbols in artworks. It is also possible to get a commissioned painting from the symbolic artist according to our tastes if the artist is also a commissioned painter. Talking over and meeting the artist personally and understanding the artworks helps in making the right purchase of symbolic artworks.

(THE RED PILGRIM -Mrs Rizwana A. Mundewadi.This is my self description of a spiritual person who does not have to renounce the world and all relations and materialistic things to be a pilgrim. Any person can be very enlightened and spiritual as well as religious and also balance the worldly desires. One does not need to garb a white cloth and leave all  materialistic things and enjoyment to prove that they are spiritual and religious.
The red pilgrim is on a spiritual  journey , having the glow outside as well as within.
This painting is done in one sitting)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Process of Painting Abstracts

Abstract painting is one of the most difficult to make. Landscapes and other art has certain reference and guidance but abstraction is a sign of evolved artist. Here I discuss about
one of my very early paintings. It was a wonderful feeling. 'Possessions'. Abstract painting I felt that it was like a journey. The layers came over one another and the whole process was very enlightening. The original painting concept, is taken as the thought of the artist and later  working and reworking over it brings out an unique work. I was surprised with the result
First and formost the artist has to be free of any thoughts . Just the discovery of an abstract art is wonderful. This painting has a soothing and serene look and the viewer is forced to come closer to think about the images and colours. This painting evokes a special response from the viewer and even I got very good comments on display in an exhibition..
This is again one of my favourites!
Wow what colours and evokes a special response. This is not a totally abstract work and it is symbolic and representative of what the artist wishes to communicate to the viewer. The title is apt and appropriate for the painting.
Over a decade I have been painting and still these works have a very special place in my heart. The process begins with feelings and emotions of the artist. Selection of colours are definitely influenced by the emotions of the artist. Every artist has different techniques and processes to achieve an abstract. Some do sketching and later go into abstraction by using colour filling techniques whereas some artists just load the brush and let their emotions play with the paints and canvas. And lo! the rhythm and feelings give an excellent work. Usually an abstract painting cannot be planned and it is a flow which cannot be guided or controlled. Hence abstracts are unique works and mostly the viewer has to connect with it to buy the abstract works. This has also led to lesser sales of abstracts but now due to awareness about abstracts people are opening up to the concept of abstract art and also the uniqueness is the plus point of abstract art. No two works will be the same even if done by the same artist.

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