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Friday, September 2, 2011

Very Important - The Size of Paintings

Whenever we think or purchasing an artwork the first thing we see is the paintings theme and colours. We all have special likes and dislikes about topics we prefer to display in our homes. Some like landscapes and some like figurative or still life artworks. Some prefer nature drawings and especially flowers and gardens are universally accepted by everyone.
The most important thing we forget is the size of the painting. Many of us are misguided by the picture of the artworks displayed on the internet. The sizes are always mentioned and one has to carefully read the details of the size and framing details presented by the artist. The painting may appear to large or too small online whereas in real it may be of a different size. All photographs are taken by high resolution cameras for display on the internet. However much you like a work it is advisable to think about the size and measure the space allocated on your wall for that particular artwork. After framing the size of the artwork may increase and also this will depend if the artwork is of paper then attaching extra space and boards from the edges to support the artwork will also take up more space. If the painting is too small the concept and theme may go unnoticed on a large wall and the same work that shows all details on the online gallery website will not be seen very clearly on a large wall.
Hence size of the artwork to be purchased must be given much thought before going in for online purchase of any painting or artwork.

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