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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Painting on Your Wall Just Killed Your Creativity! mind confused, thoughts not clear no creative progress in work Check Your Wall Art

Your Painting on Wall Just Killed Your Creativity!
Does this happen or can this happen? Yes!
Symbolism in Depressive Emotional Paintings have been though of in analyzing paintings especially Van Gogh and his self portrait of bandaged ear and The Scream by Edvard Munch 1893 are still one of the rarest and most emotional out burst and artist can get.
Negative emotions, disturbed emotions, depressive expressions are a way artists may represent their inner feelings pouring them on the canvas. While the most sought after paintings and world famous artworks are those that bring out an emotional response from the viewer and are so real that they can give shivers to your spine, following the symbolism and analyzing the effects these artworks have on our psyche and brain are not so very good.
No doubt art is a freedom of expression and these have thus found a prominent place in art history and enjoy the status of master pieces in top Art Galleries of the world, they are what we term best in art galleries and not for your living rooms or home spaces!
Your wall painting can just kill your emotions, creativity and life energy if it is depressive and with dull colors and negative symbols.
The feng shui creativity corner falls west and if you display a muddy dirty colored confusing abstract artwork here it will definitely mar your creative energies, make you confused, you will lose your ability to think clearly and often tend to make wrong decisions that will affect your career, job, wealth, relationships, and whole life.
If your wall art has negative emotions, like crying, weeping, lost, loneliness, death then surely these things will gradually start taking prominent place in your life and you will not even realize when your life will turn into one like the wall painting!
If you find your mind confused, thoughts not clear and not much creative progress in your work, just check your feng shui creativity corner! Activate it with simple feng shui cures and see the results!
Try it, share your thoughts!
Surround yourself with symbols of abundance,great health,  happiness,wealth and Success!
Pots of Good Luck Collection 

All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Clouds Rain and Water Symbolism in Paintings Where to hang rain and water subject paintings

Clouds are great sources of potential hidden energy and wealth. They are symbol of hope and good luck. With the beginning of Monsoons June 2015 with a BANG!Awesum greenery great blooms from my little space under the sun, this year was privileged to see the rainbow twice!Such wonders are so beautiful and bring us so close to the universe, its breathtakingly beautiful!
So to keep these feelings people buy  rain paintings, clouds and monsoon paintings. The inspiration for this post began with the thundering of clouds and the beauty of the rainbow.
Clouds are great, They have stored energy that bursts into the most precious life energy, water, that is life and wealth in feng shui.
From my little space under the sun, the Early sunrise Rizwana A
Saw the Rainbow twice this beginning of Monsoons, Awesum Luck

Welcoming Rains Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Water in feng shui is wealth.
rain is wealth and money in feng shui.
Clouds symbolize the beginning of something great, attracting luck.
Which images are harmful to be displayed in paintings-
1) Dark dull muddy clouds that project like angry forms within.
2) Lightening is most terrible to  display in any form and in any space.
3) Rains are great for north and wealth sectors but not for fame sector as it washes away your name and attracts ill luck and bad name in your field.
4) Stormy angry seas are a no no, never display them, if it is in relationship sector it will break relationships in a really bad manner.
5) If possible choose pink, yellow, orange, reds, great colors in sky when selecting sky cloud paintings. Avoid black and too many grays they dull the energy in your space.
6) Water is good as wealth, but dirty muddied water flowing in your painting is not good and reflect disillusionment and wrong opinions/notions.
7) If possible choose a landscape painting that also has earth energy along with heaven luck.That is having green growth at base and with clouds and rain above.
Do share your paintings, symbolism behind each, and understand them better.and how well you can benefit from displaying them in best places for maximum feng shui benefits.
"The Golden Rain" symbolic Wealth feng shui painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sitting with sharp pointed sculpture facing towards you symbolism and feng shui

Sitting with sharp pointed sculpture facing towards you has very strong symbolism and feng shui energy coming out of this is so over powering that it may make the person affected sick, irritable, restless and also alone!
Sharp pointed corners in artworks, sculptures, painting frames or even the corner tables that have pointed corners can send out shar, poison arrows towards you. Geometric shapes, pots and other artefacts with sharp pointed edges and corners can affect the mind of the viewer if they sit facing it for many hours.
Sculptures having abnormal shapes with pointed edges and arrow like images that come straight towards the viewer are considered bad in feng shui as they send a directed energy towards the viewer. The artefacts can be of torso, flowers or untitled geometric , but if they have pointed corners and edges it is better  to dissolve this negative energy by placing some thing curved or a green plant, or heavy furniture in between the viewer and the object. Most of the harm can be done when a viewer sits facing directly to the pointed object, as it send outs continuous shar energy, that  poison arrows that keeps hitting the viewer, they will feel an energy drain, lose focus on work and may also lose out on opportunities and wealth. Most of all it will affect their peace of mind and health.
A classic example I have seen is people love to put a horse sculpture in the corner, the one in galloping majestic pose and sit facing directly to it, giving a visual impression of the horse coming towards the viewer.
Then we also see pointed sculptures with sharp edges like swords and have points coming out and peoples it facing towards it. This happens because most sculptures are placed in corners and has opposite seating arrangements. It may affect the viewer's energy even if they sit for some time facing this.Then also sitting directly under the pointed objects is also harmful and emits shar energy.
If you cannot totally  avoid sharp corners and pointed objects see that they are placed in low traffic areas and have other curved objects to smooth en out the poison arrows.Another example to explain it better, with sports sculpture that emits strong energy to the viewer sitting facing it or under it, being continuously hit by poison arrows from the artefact.
Sculpture and feng shui energy
Simply allowing some simple cures and understanding symbolism and energy behind your surroundings and  artworks sculptures you can invite great luck peace and happiness in your lives.
Do you have a sharp pointed edges sculpture, or painting with sharp objects , how do you feel sitting under or sitting facing this? Do share your experiences with pointed energy poison arrows,
 God Bless from Rizwana!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mountains and Mount Everest Paintings symbolism Choosing The Right Mountain Landscape Paintings

Mountains in paintings have been a favorite topic among artist since ancient times. Mountains always symbolize majestic energy, motivational and reaching the top kind of image.Its important to choose the right type of mountain images in your landscape paintings. Some important aspects that we usually miss out are the shape of peaks, the number of peaks, the color of mountains and the over all landscape energy and colors.
Hidden Treasures Original Oil Painting Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Here are a few that I would like to guide you to understand thee  symbolism in mountain images,  while you choose a mountain landscape painting for attracting good luck and prosperity.
1) Pointed sharp peaks and many peaks symbolize  many hurdles and up down in life career and relationships.
2) dark snow covered mountains are considered inauspicious as to representing a quiet time in your life and energy.
3) Too many barren mountains represent only hardships and less fruits in your work, that is money.
4) Two peaks of same size without very sharp points are good for relationships areas as they hold the energy of love within.
5) Pointed sharp edges in mountains especially pointing towards the viewer are very strong negative shar energy and create poison arrows as in feng shui.
6) Mountains like Everest are motivational and inspirational for office spaces and career growth.
7) Many hills, small crevices and cracks in mountainous landscapes in your paintings  are not very good feng shui. They represent leaking energy.
8) Displaying too many mountain paintings at home may attract too many hurdles and difficult times in your life.
9) Mountain paintings are best in east and south east sector of your home.
Hope this helps, do share your  landscape paintings , understand their symbolism and use these landscape mountain paintings for feng shui benefit for attracting good fortune and luck.
All the Best from Rizwana!

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