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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tips to Buy Feng Shui jewellery

 Tips to Buy Feng Shui jewellery
Feng Shui - Simple Cures: Important How to Choose Tips to Buy Feng Shui jewe...: Want to buy feng shui jewellery but are not sure what to buy and how much to spend on this type of healing funky colorful symbol jewellery.H...

Feng Shui - Simple Cures Tourmaline gem Stone Healing Properties

Feng Shui - Simple Cures: Tourmaline gem Stone Healing Properties: Tourmaline gemstones have been used in healing and have been proved to have psychic abilities to heal. As Tourmaline stones are available ...

Pearl Gem stone Healing Properties

Feng Shui - Simple Cures: Pearl Gem stone Healing Properties: Pearl is considered most auspicious and because of its availability from special sources under water , both sea and fresh water, it has en...

Calming Healing relationships with Gem Stone

Feng Shui - Simple Cures: Calming Healing relationships with Gem Stone: Relationships gone sour, arguments, misunderstandings, lonliness and low confidence,  rose quartz is the best gemstone that can heal the

Topaz a Stone of Love and Success

Feng Shui - Simple Cures: Topaz a Stone of Love and Success: Topaz stones are available in many colors especially yellow, pink, green, red, golden, blue, white and also  colorless. Topaz stone has

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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Golden Sands Symbolic Abstract Painting by Mrs Rizwana A

Gems, stones and colourful crystals, I have been studying the healing effects of stones since the past few years and have come up with few beautiful healing paintings, especially with the prominent stone Amethyst that has been used since ages by all healers. With being near the important healing stones Jade, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz along with Tiger Eye and Ruby and Pearls I have begun painting these in my healing art imparting the positive energy into them. 
The Golden Sands, Oil Acrylic Painting on Canvas Raz

Collecting semi precious stones has become another hobby and whenever I see any colored shiny sparkling stone, there is a spark in my eyes and a desire to own this colorful healing stone.
With visiting the Rohtang pass, Tibet border, last year 2012, Manali hill station, Himachal pradesh, , the huge majestic mountains, the valleys, the glistening sun against the snow clad mountains, from where I am proud to have become the care taker of some rare stones, rocks as anyone would call them, i prefer to call them healing stones, as the history goes back over the years when healers used to heal with these special rocks found from the mountains and valleys. 
The painting Golden Sands has been inspired by reading extensively about healing properties of birth stones, crystals and gems and the Book, 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' where Robin Sharma takes us through the journey, the enlightenment process, a fantasy land , a path laid with diamonds and precious gems...golden sands.. 
All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Online Shopping Buying Cheap Paintings Does it Satisfy the Buyer?

online shopping , online cheap deals, easy online payments has brought a revolution in buying things,  and we all want cheapest deals for just about anything. As for art many people feel the trend follows but may not be the case.
Art we all know is expensive and does not come cheap. Genuine original paintings do involve lot of work on the part of the artist as also costly art materials and resources involved increase the cost of every painting. If you search the net for cheap deals on art you will get plenty, but does this satisfy the art collector art buyers need of emotional satisfaction?
Yes you buy art at few dollars and feel happy to hang it, the basic component of art is missing. People especially art collectors, as a fact buy art for the sheer reason of its genuinity, rarity, costliness! as for cheap deals posters and prints are fine. Only beginners in buying art and new collectors go in for buying cheap art online,the true art lovers , collectors, go in for reputed galleries and prefer to buy original paintings directly from the artist.
Cheap deals, online buying of anything goods, commodities, services, is easy and quick  but of art , there may be small sales, but art is not something, a commodity, it is much more, can be sold, every artist puts their heart and soul in their paintings, while pricing art, is a painting an object for beautifying walls, decorating homes or something more, what about aesthetics of art? as artist we all have to try to accept this revolution and make our art available online, the whole world viewership, exposure has become easy for artist but for selling it is the old traditional way better. One important link would be to connect with buyers through personal emails and communicate with the artist and buyer.
Why do people buy art, original paintings from famous artists is the first question, if you get the answer...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Online Auction Sites Booming Buy Anything Cheap

Auctions sites are booming now and every item can be purchased at very very cheap rates. With lots of auction sites on the web we can purchase and sell anything by auctioning on these websites. As most sites are free the buyer and the seller are free to connect with these websites.
Ebay one of the most sought after site for selling and buying and getting great deals on anything. many art auction sites have reasonably priced art at very low and affordable rates. Furniture , fashion jewellery, designer clothes, designer watches, musical instruments, plants, and even houses are available for the best offer. As people from any where around the world can put up their sale there are also buyers who can easily access to anything they want at a click. With costly gifts, to gold jewellery and precious gemstone jewelelry also is available on auction sites, with lowest offered rate, some websites also allow customers to bid from a lowest starting price so at times the rate one rupee sales which are really very good bargain deals.
At galleries also have auctions for private collectors which is a big event and all art collectors are invited even online to buy art. With most online buying and selling websites offering art on auction this is a new way to buy affordable art. As visiting art galleries may not be possible for  everyone, and also not in nature to directly contact the artist such art auctions and online buying and selling portals are a boom for both artists as well as art collectors and buyers.
With such art auctions even the famous artists works can be bought at reasonable prices. And you an also buy emerging and new paintings at affordable budget art to suit your decor.

I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Abstract Cubism Painting Pink Triangle, Jan 2013

New cubism abstract oil painting on canvas, 'The Pink Triangle', with so much emotional turmoil going on in my life,  it is very difficult to make happy art.Sometimes i find it hard to understand why did  this path choose me , of healing, healers go through so much energy problems which the world does not know about. Reiki healing has every healers aura opened and as we act like hollow channels to transfer energy from the universe to others around we are so prone to negative energy  attacks, other while they feel happy and love to spend time with us we are drained of the energy and have to reboot ourselves often. Have been advised to stay away from negativity and also keep aura healthy strong,still sometimes the accidents happen.As years go about to form a level of energy it drains away in days when we are exposed to negative energies around, one of the reasons why i have more birds and plant friends than humans!
Read a post by Jack White as he advises how Mikki, his wife, a great artist, is kept away from phone calls and unexpected visitors while painting, artists sure need commitment and loads of quiet time to bring out art, especially healing art.
The painting came out when its energy  was most required by me. As the healing triangle with its waves and colors, yin and yang as the idea began for making an artwork on 'Summer Solstice' was the original name in the beginning in my mind,  the most yang moment in the garden , which falls on June 21 every year, and the idea transformed into a colorful artwork, where there are lots of red orange flowers, pots representing earth energy and circles and white flowers for metal element for strength, money luck.The central mandala structure in abstraction and cubism style follows the principles of mandala paintings but appears to a cubism abstract.The sacred shape movement in Octad two overlapping triangles forms the central core of the artwork, where i usually do not go in for a perfect Octad, still till now, maybe later years may show a complete harmony Octad symbol in my healing paintings..
Red triangle for the immense energy is over powered by the pink triangle of love, healing. As the tip of the triangle shape is very powerful to direct energy and the tow base points balance energy the triangle is a shape that is best to spread energy in all directions, but only after square and circle.
Scared shapes used in this cubism artwork the painting is a colorful abstract symbolic painting for healing. How the pink came into being is of the years of obsession with stone, rose quartz, which i knew would form a part of my healing painting at some time.Rose quartz is a beautiful stone which has proved to be used by many for its healing properties and universal love powers. the rose quartz is a pink stone opaque, and sends out positive vibes according to  intentions. When there is loads of negative energy there are instances where the rose quartz stone has cracked if not purified and cleansed on time. This rose quartz helps an individual to accept things and learn to love yourself, which is the first step towards healing. Once there is acceptance then there is healing and happiness peace.
Colors used are earth energy as well as spiritual energy colors with red, brown, greens bringing prosperity energy and white and pink lilac bringing spiritual energy to the cubism abstract artwork.
The Pink Triangle
Medium- Oil paints , acrylic paint, on canvas
Size- 24x35 Inches
Year - Jan,  2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

Spiritual meaning of Shapes Cubism Geometric Art

Sacred geometry and cubism paintings done in early years where squares formed my world. Here along came sacred geometry relating shapes to spirituality. Shapes, each individual shape as we learnt in childhood were simple and yet as we grew we started giving new meanings to them. Where a ball was a circle and a box was a square. Spiritual meanings of shapes have a vast literature which will fill up pages.
As I started reading spiritual representations of each shape it followed in my art , over the years these shapes found different representations. Circles formed most part of my geometric cubism art. followed by square and triangles, and then the Octad. A Circle was a whole world, an complete whole, indicating connections and linked to the whole universe. A square for its four corners represented stability with the Octad, two over lapping squares, a diamond shape, representing both heaven and earth energies, total order in which all things find their place, a simple action of harmonization of conflicting demands takes place.Diamond shapes evokes activeness whereas square , stability.
The circle totality for life, we can link faith, mind intentions and action into a symbolic geometric art. The void, emptiness of the circle, which produces unlimited energy and also absorbs unlimited negative energy, the source of chi. The central core of identity, where all the action takes place, a sacred zero. Here the whole idea is form coming out from a void, a zero, and this itself is the source of all energy.
The triangle with three sides forming energy force moving in three directions. The two ends representing body and mind reaching for the soul. The triangle has ultimate energy when the top single point upwards, towards heaven.
Square is in fact the best shape as it is uniform and has equal sides. The four sides being exactly equal the square brings feelings of stability and peace.The four corners reaching out for all the four directions bring about harmony and balance. The energy moving out in all directions  indicating the empty centre,a gain a powerful source of energy within.
The sacred geometry painting, Simply Geometric' done on canvas follows footsteps of cubism and spiritual art. Using colour symbolism along with sacred shapes the artwork emits positive spiritual energy. With energy colors in yellow, red and orange there are also spiritual colors french ultramarine blue, my favorite, Prussian blue, the green representing growth and prosperity, and a touch of antique copper for balancing metal element.
feng shui color symbolism , the yin and yang colors for harmony and good luck. the shapes each representing an element from the positive feng shui cycle. In feng shui elements are represented by shapes and having this shape in the area of your home or office, in any way, be it painting  artefact or color, will bring about the required balance and  loads of positive energy into your home and office. The east direction represented by rectangle shape, the south by triangle, the north by wavy flowy, the west by round and the centre, earth element by square.

Saatchi Online art gallery Showdown this month, January 2013 'In Living Color' Simply Geometric, what a wonderful beginning of this new year 2013.
I am so excited and honoured that my art is selected , it feels great to see the painting,  each artist puts their heart and soul in every artwork, up for display where the whole world can see it.
Simply Geometric happened when I was making continuous healing art, Reiki symbols followed by higher level  Reiki Seichem Symbols and of course Chinese Calligraphy , the unique beautiful symbols for good luck, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, respect, grace, longevity and umpteen other symbols used in each healing artwork.
As the symbols overflowed, spiritual feelings emerged forms with color. A feeling to create simple art, i loved this geometry cubism artwork especially because it is so simple and yet so powerful. Following the principles of color symbolism and scared geometry, a play of shapes and colors!
you can view my paintings on my website

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wall of your Dressing Table display Healing paintings

Oil paintings healing sacred art can enliven a dull corner of your dressing room. the area near your dressing table where you need the most positive energy to begin a great day, your dressing table area, is very important to see how your day goes off.
Feng shui energy can be added to the dressing room area by hanging healing art and getting the daily dose of positivity while dressing and make up. Not only will the clean contemporary mirror reflect your body and dress so also will the healing art hanging on the back will send out positive vibes to enrich your aura.You will feel a surge of happy energy that increases confidence and brings out the best in you for any presentations, interviews, family gatherings or just your 'present' day!
Golden Basket, Rizwana Mundewadi 11x14 Inches

All this Happiness, Rizwana Mundewadi Acrylic on photo paper
Dressing area with full size mirrors will need large sized healing paintings colorful healing art will bring warmth and positivity into your dressing area and you may choose from healing colors that suit your nature and personal preference.A good luck  feng shui painting will attract more happiness, wealth and prosperity into your lives.Whereas a pink color painting will attract more love into your life as you begin the day.So also viewing a energy painting will increase confidence and get you ready for the day! Not only will this bring confidence and great energy it will also be carried with you for the full day and you will see how it influences your day and your dealings. 
I wish to make simple colorful understandable symbolic art, art that heals. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gifting Healing a precious Gift this New Year - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Wishing everyone around the globe a healthy healing new year ahead! spread positivity and prosperity everywhere. Hope I continue to make good healing art and live my art! lead a simple positive healing life style. With the past 2012 giving many precious gifts in many forms, known and unknown, for which i thank God and always keep thanking , for all the souls who have departed and those who are in pain a silent prayer, for all those who are seperated may they meet, for all those who are sick may they be healed, for all those who are in search of work may they always have work at hand, and for all those struggling for finances ,may they find the right path to earn, The only sad part is still our pet is missing, I pray that she is healthy and fine, that I know,  and maybe the individual and family  needed her love more than me... if she comes back i sure will be very very happy! a tiny hope within...
Healing art a genre of art that involves symbols, colors, and sacred geometry, connects with one and all, a very good way to reach the heart of your near and dear ones and relatives and acquaintances, business partners and new business clientelle, paintings are making way to every home in different ways. From the close friend to business acquaintances people are buying art as personalized gifts to be remembered.  As i make peace with my past and continue making healing art the journey of the Red Pilgrim each day at a time...with new additions in our garden the birds continue to come and bring heaven luck into my life connecting me God.
A painting received as gift is always welcome as the receiver is made to feel special and as art is still considered to be a premium status symbol it makes the receiver feel honoured and special. Not only do people try out different genres of art for gifting but also prefer prints that are quite affordable and a part of their favorite artists's art.
healing art is a feeling an emotion that can be communicated to the receiver. and what a gift, that will give life long returns in healing relationships, bringing in more wealth, opening your life to new opportunities and leading a happy and prosperous life, and also appreciate in value! I thank all the souls who have been a part of this spiritual journey. Bring about change, in your life and others help heal with healing art.
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as I continue tp make healing art, I wish to make simple colorful understandable healing art, art that heals.
All the Best for the year 2013 God Bless and take care!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

Costly New Year Gifts for Exclusive People Tips for Buying Paintings

Wishing all a very happy and healing positive new year.
New year an opportunity to gift near and dear ones as well as colleagues, business partners and new business clients. 
From ages gifts have had a special place of importance in our lives. From a genuine greeting card to hand kerchiefs, to scarves and shirts gift are a plenty now and we are having a lot of choice in gifting. However much we have a special personalized gift sure brings a smile on our face. Gifting options are plenty and the customer today has so many options according to budget. 

From dress to jewellery you can gift in many affordable range, and when all these ideas have saturated you can try gifting paintings. . If you wish to have some exclusive gifts, to make a personalized statement in your business as well as personal relationships paintings are coming as an important form of gifts.

Double Happiness acrylic painting on canvas by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Even earlier since many years business and private companies would purchase paintings and then the prints would be printed on company calendars and diaries. Many foreign banks as well as centralised banks also purchase paintings and print them on their calendars and note pads. people also love the new look as well as when healing art is displayed it helps spread positivity around to many people.
If you wish to gift to exclusive clientelle and very few special business friends a very good option would be to  buying a collection of paintings from a reputed gallery or art dealer. Many times when all gift options are over and you wish to gift some thing exclusive, costly buying paintings helps to make a style statement. It is advisable to find out about the interests and likes of your client or business partners before purchasing art as what you like may not be what the other person likes. In such case for gifting it is better to follow universal general rules, buy paintings of colorful landscapes, flowers, or healing art.Avoid too much of one color in any painting bought for gifting. Go in for soothing colors, and always prefer to buy medium sized artwork for gifting, unless of course f you know the person has a large living room or office  lunge where they can display this gifted artwork.
If you are buying an original painting from an artist or art gallery and wish to make prints of the  same for diaries or stationary gift hampers you must contact the gallery and artist for the permission of prints. Buy birds, flowers, landscapes that have universal appeal, and of course healing art is best as this painting gift will be a life time gift to the receivers!
you can buy my healing feng shui paintings from my website

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