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Monday, September 29, 2014

Garden Care Simplified: Wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower a...very spiritual experience shared by Suresh Misra reader of garden care simplified

Garden Care Simplified: Wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower a...: Brahma Kamal actually Blooming video, check out this wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower blooming and withering in one night, the whole process actually of flower opening and closing off, God Bless! 
The process even when watched brings out goose bumps and my heart just skipped a few beats, check out the video shared by one of the loyal readers , Suresh Misra , of Garden Care Simplified.
For the Love of Brahma Kamal, oil painting on paper, year 2014 size 6.5x9.5 Inches

While I still continue to struggle with growing the Brahma Kamal spiritual plant and no chance of getting to make it bloom, no amount of fertilizerssinging, coaxing, conversing, crying and yelling seems to work, I really don'tknow whether I will be able to see any of the blooms!meanwhile enjoy my lovely painting made with passion and innocent longing love for the heavenly flower Brahma Kamal!
All the Best Suresh from Rizwana!
Thank you for this wonderful share! God Bless!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spiritual Elegance my painting selected in the Collection Inspired by Rothko by Saatchi Art

Spiritual Elegance by Rizwana Mundewadi

Thank you very much Saatchi Art for selecting my painting in this prestigious collection.
please like  my painting  ‘Spiritual Elegance’ on face book my Page Rizwana Mundewadi or and share my healing art, Thank you!
This is such a great honor, with immense happiness I am sharing that my beautiful large abstract spiritual work has been selected to be a part of this prestigious collection inspired by Rothko. Thank you everyone for viewing and sharing my art. 
All the Best , God Bless from Rizwana!
A similar large sized abstract spiritual art work , oil painting on oil sketch paper, Sophistication, year 2011
Sophistication by Rizwana Mundewadi

Sunday, September 21, 2014

21 Powerful Reiki Feng Shui Symbols and Their uses in Healing Art Simple Benefits of List of Reiki feng shui symbols

1)Se He Ki - Emotional  Mental Healing protection purification, clearing and balancing.
2) Angel wings- increases self esteem confidence , gives energy to reach maximum output.
3) Halu-  Deep healing at karmic levels- restores balance
4) Harth- Meditate within the triangle. Left side top symbol. Infinite love and compassion of the source. Used to help heal relationships. Restores our love for life and for the things we do. Heal heart and issues of the heart.
5) Seichem Midas Star- abundance, not just wealth but in all aspects of life.
6) Cho Ku Rei - Power symbol, put the power here, to fulfill our wishes.
7) Ba Gua Map colors- Feng shui grid for attracting harmony and prosperity in all aspects of life, nine colors , color therapy.
8) Zonar - Past lives and karmic issues. Symbol of Infinity. Cells carry memory of past lives we brought into this life, thus blocking our progress, releases karmic pain. Good for child abuse.

9) Sacred Geometry -  feng shui  sectors represented by shapes corresponding to each element. Rectangle for east, Square for centre, triangle for south, west circle, north wavy curvy.
Incorporating these symbols in healing painting with intentions helps to attract energy to benefit the viewer in these aspects of their life. There is no danger of over does and the life source energy will only reach where it is required. 
Making of Embracing the Chaos artwork in progress
10 ) Dai Kyo Myo - heal past lives. Key to unlock full potential. Clairvoyance and wisdom.
11) Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen - Distance symbol. healing past, present future. 
12) Violet Flame -  Divine love which purifies the environment and the soul of all negativity.
13) Seichen Hara -  Symbol for connecting with earth energy, grounding.
14) Seichem Mary - open m represents feminine power, also beneficial for men. nurturing , creative.
15) Seichem Christ Light- all negative energies are purified.
16) Tamarasha - equalizing symbol. mental and spiritual , soothes pain.
17) Mai yur ma - heart and gate way to the soul. opens the heart, harmonizes , creates confidence.
18) Eef Tchay - infinitive internal wisdom., open the third eye, wisdom. 
19) Male Female Balance - balance between yin and yang energies. one becomes neither excessively apathetic nor empathetic. 
20) Align with God - helps to align with our superior self.
21) Heart of Gaia - grounding symbol. connects us with Earth energy.
Feng shui and Reiki helps to provide the required push in any aspect of your life, it is not magic, but it opens ways or makes you work towards achieving your goals. Just like a true supportive friend who guides you to bring out the best in you!
In diseases it provides extra support as acceptance and solving your emotional issues thus bringing about healing of the soul. Healing art is in no way a replacement to medical or other therapies and always advised to be an alternative support along with your medical treatments and care. But in many emotional diseases as the soul heals many chronic problems leave the physical body bringing about great health, happiness peace. This also benefits with karmic blocks that are hindering ones progress in this  life, thus bringing about prosperity and abundance.
Feng Shui Golden Basket by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!
the above shown artwork in progress,  in oil paints on canvas, size 30x 40 Inches.  is a healing painting in progress which I have begun on December 31st 2013 and will complete on December 31st 2014, in the meanwhile as my spiritual journey progresses , I am working on this healing artwork step by step. Check out The Making of Embracing the Chaos on Slide Share. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

My blue bird Boku passed away please pray for her,...

My blue bird Boku passed  away, Please pray for her soul, My lovely friend, Blue Love bird passed away yesterday Friday morning 19th september 2014, fajr prayers timing, 5.30 . very very sad, she was intelligent, active and graceful with loads of royal attitude, Three years she gave me so much love and always listened to me. Till last day she was active, female love bird she laid many clutches of eggs and till recently had stopped, but this one took her life and she couldn't, ... she was on her feet till last night also and did not show any signs of sickness....May Allah give her a beautiful swing, may have already given to this innocent soul, and loads of companions as here she would be alone and not mix with other birds but loved to be near me and always followed my instructions. 
The last day I spent with her as she was unable to sit and was on her feet most time. Warm water soaking and warm oil and loads of prayers , she allowed me to stroke her and the fluffiness reduced with this. Since past many days she was in depression and would sleep lots and eat only seeds. I really don't know whether this was because of the new entry of baby finch that our watchman brought from the society garden. She had also bit his feet twice and he was kept in separate home.
We have her cremated in our garden container, hope she stays with us as a beautiful flowering tree,Please pray for her....really very very sad...
I am still coming to terms with this heavy loss, she just was so active and always loved chapatti, and monaco salted biscuits.
Enjoying Weight Lifting exercise blue love bird

sleepy boku blue bird

intelligent blue bird

loving monaco biscuit

couple blue and green budgie

eggs of boku love bird

 she loved the home and like all other three would have her special corner perch. Would sleep less and was active even at night and I would find here snacking at mid night also. Her favourite foods were crunchy husk, biscuits, green leafy spinach or any leafy vegetable but fresh, chapati, bread, rice. 
The adventurous one had also flown from our window to the ground, eleven floors and found on ground, my son brought her back home , and she loved and lived so many years and ruled my heart with her special expressions and actions. It was just that she could communicate with me without speaking words. 
the only sound she would make when the male bird caught her and a sign of cry for help. other wise she would be in her own world and quietly busy, loved to shred paper which I sometimes gave her.
I took care to keep the floor clean so that they do not eat from bottom and their own droppings. 
It is really very hard to let go, hope she flowers in our garden...our family together with due respect have cremated her in big garden container of Allamanda flower ....
Take Care and God Bless!  please pray for her, ....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Scary Paintings Horror Masks and Distorted Faces Paintings Symbolism

Paintings of Scary faces, horror faces and masked images have strong symbolism and though each artist is free to represent what they love to paint and what lies within their minds being poured over canvasses you sure do have a choice to display what you love and what you wish to attract.
No intentions of hurting any artists who love this genre of art and give their lives painting scary images of fear and horror. 
With feng shui placing a lot of importance on what you display in your home and what view you get daily even the motivational speakers will assure you that you are what you see and are exposed to. Your human brain has immense powers to attract energy and bring it in reality and looking at distorted faces, horror masked faces or veiled paintings brings a confusing energy into your home and your life.
Unique Horror Wall Art

Scary faces and horror paintings depicting evil spirits, haunted houses and distorted incomplete body parts is a very bad feng shui energy that has to be avoided in homes and offices.  Incomplete and distorted energy is what you will attract and looking at the artworks being displayed in your home space in the long run the strong horror distorted energy will start to begin having an effect in your life by making you go haywire and lose focus in life, not a very good sign for family, wealth and harmony.
All the Best from Rizwana!
"Active Orange " in Red Bedroom

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

House on Fire Painting Symbolism There is a Fire Burning Image in My Painting what does this symbolize

Houses on fire, the paintings depicting such scenes or any objects or backgrounds on fire, especially with color red are the most harmful energy paintings for any space. Feng shui symbolism for fire element is strong and has been sued as feng shui cure for attracting strong energy to attract fame and recognition, to bring love for the things that you do.
Fire Image 
Fire used as cures in from of live fire, like burning diya lamps, lighting in color red, candles, incense burning, having fire place here, or having gas stove with flame here is considered to activate this energy into your life. Most of us feel that this fire in any form will attract more fame and go over board with feng shui cures without understanding the consequences.
In paintings fire can be depicted in many forms. This can be as burning sticks fire in a jungle, house on fire, forest on fire, burning of dead bodies, burning cars, or even as simple as burnt out tree, and many more. In landscapes fire can also come as burning camp fire and burning for rituals religious fire. Many times paintings are bought as they have representative fire element and color red and can activate the fame area of your home.
House on fire paintings can be a total negative energy work as the whole concept represents a house on fire, that is your house on fire! Wherever you hang the artwork the visual impact will be such that the area will be burned to ashes. Fire energy is very strong and must be used with proper guidance and knowledge and advice of expert only.
Especially if your bedroom falls in the south and you hang a fire painting to activate fame but it adversely affects your relationships and health as fire energy is not directly advisable in bedrooms. 
Imagine you hang burning fire house or forest landscape art in childrens rooms they will start getting irritable and cranky and will also affect health as they will not get good nights sleep. 
Fire has to be used in beneficial forms and there are many many ways to activate the fame corner with feng shui simple cures. 
All the Best from Rizwana!
For some fame and recognition energy feng shui symbolism paintings check out my website, Rizwana Mundewadi’s Healing Art. check out " Flame of Success"
Dragons of Fame Feng shui painting by Rizwana A
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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