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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Buying of Art on the Internet.Advantages and Drawbacks

With the coming of the internet all fields are accessible easily within the comforts of the home. Art also is not left behind. There are plenty of online galleries for displaying and selling artworks. And the client or buyer also has loads of choice available.
Art is taking a prominent place in our lives. Even the middle class are going in for pieces of artworks to increase the status value of their living room. Artists also do not have to go to pillar and post to display their works. They can get world wide exposure and a wider audience for their art works. Many art sites even have online tutorials so that the processes of creating artworks and techniques can be practiced and learned from home. The selling of artworks has become very easy with many free sites who put up artworks on display on their art websites and also include shipping charges so that the buyer is aware of the costs and can avail this service from any place in the world.
Though this is a very good opportunity there are also some drawbacks in this type of selling. The artworks may get damaged in the transport procedures sometimes and also delivery may get delayed due to unexpected situations by the courier company. The buyer may not get the total true picture of what they have ordered for. Even though technology permits to get great photographs of the artworks but still they do not do full justice to the piece of art. Payment options may be limited and sometimes the buyer needs to share private information which can be a security threat. Placing much importance on the internet the artist loses contact with the present galleries and may lose touch with close artists.
Hence it is very important to view the artworks before deciding on the purchase. The artist must present different angles of photographs and clear cut description of the artworks. The size and colours may also be described clearly as this has to fit in the buyers area for display. Payment can be done by safe modes of payment like 'Western Union Money Transfer' or 'Pay Pal 'or any other reputed money transfer agency. Always keep the option of buyback in case the customer is not satisfied with the product will help the artist to become a reputed and reliable person in the eye of the buyers. Online auctions are also a very good opportunity to sell artworks within a certain framework of time like the 'eBay' which is quite well known.
Whatever the drawbacks the era of the internet has arrived. So just sit back and go online for any purchases on art and related items. By just a click one can get tons of information regarding different genres of artists and their styles .Artworks and interior decorating items can be ordered online very easily from the internet and they are delivered to our homes.. This easy accessibility to art has made it come in lime light and many homes and offices boast of great artworks displayed on their walls.

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