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Friday, September 2, 2011

My Online Purchased Painting Turned out to be Very Small or Very Large!

Buying paintings online is an easy way to bring art into your home but very often we over see the aspect of the size of art purchased. What happens then? you end up either with a very small artwork that gets lost on your wall or a very large painting that covers your whole wall and looks very over bearing!
Why does this happen? and what is the result of such an purchase?
Every one knows art does not come cheap. After shelling out precious money for the purchase of an painting of your choice you may get the feeling of dissatisfaction and the artwork may after some time end up in your attic. How can you avoid this? Before making an purchase of painting from an online art gallery or art dealer look at the details of each artwork. Every artist has mentioned the size, year and medium of the artwork below each image of the painting. It is but natural for any individual to first consider the visual impact of the painting. Then comes the price and finally the colours if they match with your decor of the room it has to be displayed in.
We often forget the size aspect and finalize the deal and are happy to own an original artwork. This is one of the most important weak point of online viewing that you do not get the correct representation of the size. You must see below each artwork and calculate in terms of your wall the size of the artwork and how much space it will occupy. Consider any object of the similar size or take a news paper or cloth piece of that size and hang it on that wall. By this you will understand the correct visual impact the size of artwork will give on putting up on that particular wall.
Certain aspect are better discussed before making the purchase since size is a matter which cannot be changed and however much you may like the painting and works of that artist you cannot create space. So always select paintings which can be of a comfortable to display in your living room or which ever room you want it to. Online purchases are hassle free and will help you appreciate and buy art from within the comforts of your home.

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