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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Displaying Paintings Online Art Galleries Seven Simple Tips for Artists

Artists from every genre will agree that it is very important for every artist to visit art galleries, meet artists , have creative discussions on art and art techniques and of course keep creating art. I have been painting since more than a decade and have met artists in person many years back and this was a refreshing experience to meet an artist and attend their exhibition of artworks and paintings. Not only can we see the paintings, we feel them , we smell and also experience them in a personal visit to an art gallery. You come in direct contact with the person who has created this artwork and then of course if you like the painting there are sales. this is what I learned from personally meeting an artist. the paintings are only one aspect of the conversation if you as an artist are interested in selling your paintings.
Visit to  Art Gallery  Mrs. Rizwana AbdulMubeen Mundewadi
Moving with the trends and displaying artworks online it becomes difficult to meet art collectors and buyers of your art directly. With art galleries spaced out far away and the time and energy required to travel and of course the hectic schedules of transporting your paintings with care during an exhibition, all are a part of every artists life. Internet and online galleries have broken this shell. Many artists, even myself, prefer to display art online galleries and conserve the energy for painting. After having successfully displayed paintings for more than a decade on various online art galleries I have few simple display suggestions and tips for other fellow artists.
Tips for artists to successfully display paintings on online art galleries-
Select your best works , by this I mean the paintings that are complete, in good condition, and what you love to show the world,  according to you, as best is a very relative term and has different meanings for different artists.
1- Good photography is a plus point to display your paintings with the most good colour and sharpness, most near to real work. The more clarity in your art photos the more easier it is for buyers to see your artwork, details and create interest, Blurred images online repel viewers and may even drive away a prospective buyer.
2- Select few paintings first and try to learn the internet display technicalities. The choices , the backgrounds and all the options the online art gallery offers you for displaying your art. It is important to view how your paintings look online. So that you can change for better style and improve either your photography or your display options in the beginning. Imaging uploading 20 paintings and then having to edit them all!
3- Keep time at hand when displaying and uploading artworks. This all artists will agree that it takes time to upload and the whole process is some time consuming. and not just a click. You have to upload images, fill up the right details , for this keep the painting in front of you while uploading, this works best for me and saves quiet a lot of time.
4- It is advisable to give the correct  measurements of the painting, avoiding the unpainted area, blurred areas and reasonable borders kept aside for framing, only the complete painting must be visible , this is especially important if  you are a selling artist who sells paintings per inch or according to size. Keep a reasonable border area and then give the measurements of your paintings.
5- Medium in which you have painted is a very important aspect which needs clarification when displaying paintings online. Every  online art gallery has a website which has many options which the artist while uploading paintings or artworks has to select. You may be an oil painter, a water colour artist or a mixed media artist doing collages or murals.
6- Sometime you may find difficulty in selecting any option, maybe you wish to give more importance to your painting theme, your topic or your art painting technique.  All this can be explained in the option given for description. You may describe your art technique, the process of painting and how you got the inspiration for this particular artwork. It is very important that you communicate well here as this is the only contact you have with the buyers and art collectors,and they will read the following and only then relate well to your paintings.
7- Be online and develop contacts, send emails to collectors and buyers often or consider any options your online art gallery offers, free or paid for marketing your artworks so that they reach as many people as possible. Face Book, Twitter, Google Plus, Orkut, My Space and many online social networking sites help artists to promote their art online. The viewing of paintings is very important for the sales meter to run up. For any online artist the viewership is most important , that is to reach many people, out of which few maybe interested in your paintings and a selected few may buy .

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Works on Saatchi Online London

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Meerabai Eternal by Rizwana
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Use Amethysts Stone for Healing

The amethysts stone needs to be purified and charged regularly if the person wearing it has worn it for special healing purposes. This only be done by healers but here I share this knowledge with you. Even you can do it in your home. The whole process needs to be in clear mind and clean environment. Amethysts stone needs to be washed with mild warm water and Wipe it immediately with soft muslin cloth. Sun dried in early morning sun for few minutes your stone is now ready for your intentions. .
Now use incense to clear off any energy into the stone that has been carried forward from the shop or dealers environment. Clear your mind of any thoughts , make it empty, now start visualizing all that you require from this amethysts stone. Any amount of healing wishes can be put up as intentions,. If you find it difficult to focus on positivity then you may also write out your wishes and read them in front of the amethysts stone as if commanding it to follow your orders. Once set the stone is now ready for use. Either place it in your best position or in case of jewellery wear it, here there are also timings and days which are best according to feng shui for each month born people or date of the months and numerology is another vast field related to feng shui . Like Saturdays is the best , morning 10 to 1 is the timing for February borns to wear any amethysts jewellery for best healing results the other month borns may wear jewellery of their lucky birth stone according to the best time and day.
Place it near your body or heart for best results if suffering form depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia and night mares or bad dreams. People suffering from lungs problems and breathing related problems also have been improved by amethysts stone healing properties. Low self esteem, low confidence, low concentration and poor memory, memory loss also has been proved that this amethysts stone helps to improve in all aspects of your life.
After few months or when you feel the power of the stone has reduced, that is you begin to attract negative thoughts or experiences, do remember to purify your amethyst stone and again put up positive intentions to it. This is required when the case is of sever metal problems or low self esteem and confidence and poor school grades. Especially people who are in the creative field like art, writing, acting, advertising and healing all benefit immensely from wearing the amethysts stone and its healing properties. Wearers of this amethysts stone are rewarded with Good name , recognition, good creative energy and clear focussed mind.

Amethyst Stone Healing Properties

Purple Coloured Amethyst Stone Jewellery

Amethyst being a most powerful colourful stone used since ages by spiritual healers in healing sessions and as self healing has become a most sought after stone now. Purple or lilac coloured crystal stone is available in raw or crystal form. In early days rich people and royal kings used to wear these colourful stones which indicated royalty, upper position and class. The most sought after stone and most attractive purple stone Amethyst is said to have protecting properties and protects the wearer from evil eye and negative forces.
The literal meaning of Amethyst in Greek is ‘undrunken’ that is the person wearing this stone becomes alert and intuitive. The mind opens doors of creativity and understanding and this amethyst stone has properties which help the wearer to become alert and consciousness  and memory improvement. The symbol of power it is the most beautiful and favourite only second after rose quartz stone.
The characteristics of the Amethysts stones are independent, creative, stimulating, progressive and growth.  With many attributes given to this prestigious stone the most common beliefs are that it offers protection to the wearer from evil spirits. The amethysts stone also helps clears skin blemishes and lightens scars and makes the skin soft and glowing. The wearer feels the stone affects in good health and good heart. Healers use this to offer strength of soul to the healee. Depression and other related mental problems when noticed can be reduced by using this amethysts stone near the body or in the room of the individual who requires healing. Healers also swear by the healing properties of amethyst stone for reducing headaches and insomnia. Feelings of anxiety, low self esteem, fears that are irrational, obsessions of all kinds, and bad dreams all can be healed by using amethyst stone near your bed or placing the amethyst under your pillow.
Usually jewellery worn round the neck having amethyst stone is beneficial for the throat chakra. It helps in opening of chakras and becoming confident and get good oratory skills. Wearing near the heart helps to maintain good heart health and reduces stress and blood pressure problems. Wearing in your wrist as a wrist band or bracelet is beneficial for the whole body especially balances the body energy and makes the person alert and attentive.
Actually the purple stone quartz is most relevant for the seventh chakra or the crown chakra. And used for healing purposes and the birth stone of Aquarius or February borns.  The amethyst stone is available in rock or raw form, in crystal form, as polished stone, in different shapes- pyramid, balls, eggs, spheres, cubes and towers. How I began to love the amethyst first was because of its attractive colour. Being an healing artist I love purple, and ultramarine blue and this colourful stone attracted me towards itself , first by beauty and then by its healing properties. The amethyst stone symbolizes piety, purity, independence and humility sincerity and spiritual wisdom.
You can use this amethysts stone in raw rock form or wear any piece of jewellery and keep it near your body. People also prefer to buy amethysts towers, amethysts balls, amethysts pyramids and place them on study table, office table or near the bed for healing and purifying the whole area. This stone will protect the environment form accumulating negative energies and also from evils spirits. The amethysts stone heals past fears and obsessive thoughts and makes the wearer at peace with self. Confidence, protection and clarity of thoughts are the most important attributes given to this healing stone.

The amethysts stone when kept under the pillow while sleeping wards away undue fears and negative thoughts . Also protects against nightmares and bad dreams. For education luck people put a amethysts pyramid tower on the study table , left side of your study table for best healing results. Improved grades and better assessment marks as also increased confidence and attracting good friends are all attributed to the stone. For good business and new contracts as well as job promotions place an amethysts stone artefact, amethysts ball or sphere or an amethysts pyramid tower in the north or north west section of your office, living room or bedroom.
Certified Gem Store Dealers
For feng shui marriage luck or love cure people prefer to place a amethyst heart shaped stone in the bedroom to invite marriage and love luck. Women also wear heart shaped pendants near their neck or ear rings or finger rings with this stone in heart shape to attract marriage and love luck. Keeping an amethyst stone artefacts or statue of two birds or couple near your bed is good feng shui for your bedroom.
With many healing properties attributed to the amethysts stone it is also a symbol of power and strength. Feelings of inadequacy, low confidence and instability in health and career, all can be healed by using this amethyst stone near you. Men can wear finger rings studded in silver, but most men prefer to have pyramids or towers in their wallet or purse. Some people also put on display amethysts stone artefacts which distributes the healing energies in the whole environment.
Original Healing Painting by Rizwana A
My latest healing paintings have stones, precious and semi precious, and after studying and understanding their healing properties this beautiful artwork, named "Golden Sands" May 2012. done on canvas.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rizwana Mundewadi 'Passion' Painting Oil, 2009 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana Mundewadi 'Passion' Painting Oil, 2009 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

  A cubism style oil painting done on oil sketch paper. The painting has been inspired by son's passion for playing guitar. The concept was impulsive but the result is great!
A symbolic painting of a musical instrument guitar, colourful abstract artwork having Chinese calligraphy.
Healing painting for increasing passion and achievement of dreams.
The symbolic ladder of success along with calligraphic symbols for passion, fame and success.

A great feng shui painting for children room , bedroom and for any individual desiring to achieve success in any field. 

Rizwana Mundewadi 'Progressive Growth' Painting Oil, 2007 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana Mundewadi 'Progressive Growth' Painting Oil, 2007 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

added this colourful still life on the site absolute arts ,
The fusion of both the energies, earthly as well as spiritual, as I have been so confused with these thoughts over the past many years.Religion and spirituality are two totally different concepts, am clear very much now.
Is it necessary to leave all worldly desires to become pure. Is it necessary for all Godly people spiritually inclined to lead a simple life? why is it necessary that we act or behave like saints? we can be perfectly normal people inclined towards spirituality ..leading the life normally only our thinking differs.
The Red Pilgrim by Mrs.Rizwana A.Mundewadi
After this artwork has come the Red Pilgrim, the red robe almost like a bride but simple , almost light like silk and pure without any instead of black or white which is most common among spiritual people I prefer red!red which was not my favorite color few years back has now suddenly come up in my paintings as well as my wardrobe.

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