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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Buying Art for Investment- Five Guidelines

Art is emerging as one of the best types of investment and many people are trying to tap the potential of art as an investment. When you are considering art purchase for investment purposes there are certain points you must consider before going in for the final purchase.
1) Why art? Think before you buy art for investment. Have you already invested in other means and have excess amount left for investment purposes which you wish to divert in art. Does your family love art and wish to purchase art for display in living room and other rooms. Here you need not worry much about the investment aspect since art is an asset which will appreciate over time.
2) How much budget you have for investment. Always keep a safe distance in your budget as during purchasing you may like another artwork that is slightly more priced and you may have to accommodate the remaining amount. This is the most important aspect in art investment as many have gone above the forbidden line in terms of art purchase. Better to see artworks from the lower range in pricing and then as you survey different artworks you may increase your budget slightly for a good artwork or painting.
3) Where to purchase art for investment is another important question you have to consider before buying art. It is better to buy art from a reputed art gallery or a well known online art broker since they have authentication certificates and all paper work regarding purchase of paintings is clear. And also there are better chances of you getting original artworks from them.
4) Always opt for original and signed artworks that have authentication certificates attached with the paintings. Any purchase of paintings whether they are for investment or not must have signature of the artist. Prints must be numbered and the edition also clearly stated. The signature of the artist is the only guarantee of the artworks appreciating in value over time.
5) Lastly and most genuinely consider buying a painting only when you like it. Remember you will have to live with the artwork for many years and buying art that you are  not comfortable viewing will only end up the artwork in your attic! It is okay to go in for purchase of art for investment but there is no harm to think about your choice of themes and colour preferences when buying any paintings.
Following the trend many people are going in for purchase of artworks. Displaying artworks have become a status symbol and people are hiring interior decorators and designers to purchase art that goes with their decor. keeping all this in mind one must never forget the aesthetic value of art. However good investment art is one of the most important benefits it gives is it allows your family to learn to appreciate art and in the long run, nature,and other beautiful things God has made. All this with the bonus of appreciating in value.

Is Art Good Investment for the Common Man?

Art for ages has been the forte of elite and upper class and there is always discussion regarding art buying and selling among these groups. As of now art has become affordable and one can buy art from new and emerging artists at a very low price. Art prints also are offered at less rates compared to original paintings and because of this entry of art prints in the art market even the common man is able to purchase and display art in their living rooms. Let us consider art for investment for the common man in this post.
Investment is of priority list in the minds of many. We always want our assets to multiply and the sooner they give financial benefits and returns the better. Art since ages have been known to give good financial returns and many art investors are on the watch to keep buying artworks from reputed art galleries or even online art galleries and auctions. How will this benefit the common man?
When we purchase shares and fixed deposits we all know that we get a certain interest on that and also other benefits in case the process of shares shoot up. There is always a risk factor in other investments like shares, Fixed deposits, paper gold and other assets. One can only judge the market but not be sure of the returns. The whole economy and financial stability depends on the country and their inflation rate. This field is fluctuating and investments need to be kept a close watch for high's and low's in profits.
Not so with art. Though I can tell that the returns are not immediate and people who want immediate returns must opt for the former means of investments. Art is a slow progressive investment but  a much better one if you do not want immediate returns. Think of it as a long term investment and always buy art only according to your budget. Consider the amount you need to invest and then go in for purchasing art within that budget, It is very often noted that there is a tendency to go off budget since buying art is an emotional decision and one may fall for a costlier artwork even when the budget is predecided during actual purchasing of paintings.
Many art dealers and investors purchase art from new and emerging artists at low prices and store them for a few years. When the same artists becomes a known figure in art circles the prices of their artworks shoot up and investors may have sales, auctions and exhibitions of their art collections and get very good returns.
Same holds true for the common man. Buy art from artists who are at the beginning of their career. They may offer paintings at  affordable rates as compared to established artists. Here you would get the opportunity to display art in your homes as well as consider this as a heirloom for future generations to come.
As other investments mature so also art rates will keep on increasing over the years.And as compared to other investments there is comparatively low risk factor, only for unexpected accidents , like fires and floods!
When considering art for investment one must think carefully about this and do correct home work before buying and paintings. Consulting art dealers, gallery owners, art brokers and different artists will allow you to get the true picture regarding art sales and purchase of paintings. Like other investments this is also a planned move, the only difference being that art gives us an aesthetic experience which would remain with us forever, a treat to our eyes and a food for our soul!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waiting Period for New Artists

Many artists have and will give their lives for painting. Like any other career art is the most difficult in terms of returns both financially as well as in terms of job satisfaction. Wonder what would be the right period where any art sells for a new artist?
Here I wish to mention about original artists who slog and toil with art and paints and not the selected few who are ultra rich and get to display in prestigious galleries and also on top of that have a sold off show.
For any new artist first of all they do not know what sells. We artists are simple souls. We paint what we like and not what sells. But it would be advisable to keep in touch with the outside world.
By displaying in public art galleries an artist can see the public response, what people like and what sells. Usually religious paintings and landscapes rule the market. Later followed by still life and nature drawings. Abstracts are the last and most expensive ones, and also sometimes difficult to understand.
The trend is changing nowadays and every artist has to be aware of this. Also it would be great to develop your own artist style so that the buyers can relate to your art. Art galleries also tie up with certain best selling artists and display their works for free. Searching for opportunities to make visible your art would be the prime motto if the artist wishes to sell their artworks.
We often hear that such an such artists work sold off for this amount. When does this process begin? anytime. true maybe a family member or friend may buy a new work right from the easel and this kicks of the sale in your career. Displaying in galley can also yield returns if you are lucky and if your works are priced reasonably. Online art galleries also can give their share of sales thought he artist must keep in mind the percentage of share they demand. It is also good to find opportunities for social causes where the artworks are sold and a certain percentage of the proceeds goes to charity.

Getting to Exhibit Your Works

Every artist would like to exhibit their works and get public opinion and critics rating for their works. But due to art galleries becoming booked for many years and also their increasing costs for offering place for exhibition has become a deterrent to many artists. Many new artist are at a block when they find out the rates per week for exhibiting their works. being new, and without much resources and money they find this hampering the progress of their creativity. Many a artists have left doing painting for a better option of a job to earn their living.
I would like to suggest some guidance to such artists to keep the ball rolling.
Keep looking out for opportunities. Competitions, group shows, fairs, festivals, will give them the opportunity to exhibit their works for free or a nominal charge.
Try to keep in touch with other artist friend's. You never know when any opportunity will come up.
Try to be busy and keep painting simple. Maybe doodling, pencil sketches or even crayons. This will help you to be in touch with your creative side. I have painted my door and centre table! so much for creativity.
Visible in the art field. This is the most important one. If you can visit exhibitions  of other artists. They can guide you and also you may bump up with another artist who is searching for the same.
Visibility on the internet also will help you to become a known figure in the art field. Try to join as many art groups and online art galleries as possible. Networking sites are very good to get in touch with like minded individuals.
Inquire in various small galleries first to get the experience and later move on to bigger exposure.
Best places for any new artist is to display in public art galleries. Here they can see the response of common public and also in a short time become a well known name among masses.
There are also art curators who arrange for exhibitions who can help you in the same. As these personnel are trained and have an eye for creativity they can help in selecting artworks and also placement and display of your artworks.
An artist can also display in malls and department stores or shopping centers where they have the right kind of public who are interested in original art.
Try to do something to earn part time for your daily expenses. As we all know that art does not give immediate returns. Beginning cheap will help to get the ball rolling.

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