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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Colour Therapy by Healing Artist

Original Painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Colour therapy has become a very important part of art and therapy and is fast taking a ground with many artists. Such artists who use colour for therapy and healing other individuals as well as themselves are termed as healing artists. Colours are an important part of our lives and we see colour in form of nature, objects, material as well as even simple things as a beautiful butterfly or a leaf.
It is a known fact that every colour evokes a different response from us and also at different times. When we are happy and cheerful a red or orange will increase our happiness and energy where as when we are angry or tired the same red colour may drain our energy and make us irritable. Colour therapy as an art form is a easy and sure way to heal individuals usually suffering from anxiety, relentlessness and other mental and behavioral problems.
How do colour therapists work? usually they offer clients to paint as they wish and use the colours of their choice. Clients are relaxed and have no fear of getting good results from  a painting. By letting their mind  free they heal themselves as well as make an artwork. How do the art therapist analyze your artwork and how do you get healed. Well, using colour is a process of healing and usually a art therapist would suggest a few sittings to heal better. They will observe your strokes and use of choice of colours. Your selection of colours and brush marks indicate a lot about you as an individual and your mental status at the time of painting.
Try not to be too rigid in your art sessions and learn to let go. This is the first step towards healing, A healing artist will help you accept yourself and learn to live life as it goes , with the flow in relaxed and happy manner. Art will open new doors for your creativity and this art therapy will be an enjoyable and mind enriching experience. You will get renewed energy and start living life with a welcoming attitude, your being in the attitude of gratitude mode will reflect in your good health and peace of mind which will in turn help you to progress physically, mentally and also bring in good luck and prosperity.
You can also benefit by hanging paintings of different colours and symbols for getting the daily dose of colour therapy.

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