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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Healing of the Valleys and Water Element Visit to Munnar and Alleppey Kerala Sweet Fried Banana Recipe

Beaches of Allepey Kerala
Kerala , God's own country, really awesum, beautiful Munnar valleys, mountains of colors,  large expanses of greenery , super chilly climate and misty rains in December, and the breathtaking back waters, that's Kerala!
After the healing energies of mountains and winds from Himachal pradesh, Kullu Manali,  this time visited Kerala, water element, healed! The vast valleys, echo of nature, beautifully dressed up in greens of different shades and the vibrant colorful flowers lining the greens give out immense happiness and out of this world feelings.
Red Vibrant Poinsettia flowers, Christmas tree plants everywhere in Munnar Kerala
 The drive uphill is one task, as the oxygen level reduce, and as the vehicle goes turning steep rounds, the stomach goes churning and also the brain! So the valleys do call , but like we say, just with a pinch of salt!
Canoe Ride Kerala Back waters (no I did not take a ride, just a pose!)

Tea Plantations Munnar Kerala

Valleys of Munnar Kerala Healing Echo of the valleys

Kerala Traditional Dance Form
Beaches not only heal the aura with the strong sunlight glistening over the sands, the sea water also purifies and heals the body and soul.
Munnar Valleys Kerala
 Staying in water is one of the healing aspects of Back waters Kerala. With Shikaras and House boats available for a day or more one can stay in water and enjoy the back waters along side by visiting the rural villages and observe rice fields, fishing, and rural life. The fact that people stay in water, are always by water and live in homes built alongside water. Vastness of back waters is that you see huge expanses of water, covered with water hyacinths and water plants  the water sure is soothing and healing. And what more you can enjoy the fresh cooked fish right in between the backwaters!

House Boat Stay Back Waters Kerala

Back Waters Kerala

Kerala Allepey Back Waters

Awesum View Tea Plantations Munnar Kerala
 Valleys heal the soul and once again coincidence or wishing we were lucky too view the fair in Alleppey (Allapuhza), plants and bulbs, and so many varieties of bananas, so came back loaded with some more of plants!
Kerala Fair Exhibition Allepy
Pazham Pori, Sweet Banana Fried Bhajiyas, another beautiful dish to use Banana fruits that are overflowing in this beautiful Kerala. Tall coconut trees almost anytime loaded with coconuts, found out at a time  one small tree gives 80 to 90 coconuts. Every home has plenty of Banana trees and fruit trees, and loads of vibrant flowering plants. Coconuts and bananas, plenty, Banana chips fried in coconut oil is a specialty and fish dishes cooked in coconut milk as also the famous sambhar and coconut chutneys with idli and dosas. And you get your meals served on banana leaf! each and every piece used.
Recipe for making Sweet banana Fritters, Sweet Bhajiyas with Banana-
1) Maida flour
2) Bananas
3)Jaggery or sugar for taste
4) Oil for frying
5) baking soda if you like fluffy
So while we make potato bhajiyas and onion ones and egg malpuas in kerala we see sweet bhajiyas. Bananas are cut length wise half, long rectangular shapes. Make the batter with mixing flour and some saffron or food color if you like a attractive dish. I think adding a little curd will also help to bring out a tangy taste in this dish. The baking soda added to the batter will make your fritters fluffy and tasty. Pinch of Salt in batter helps to make it more tasty.
Choose good quality bananas and not over ripe ones for this dish.
Let the cut banana pieces dry off a bit and then add to batter for frying.
Important  tip is the consistency of the batter. Neither too  flowy nor too thick.
and the oil has to be real hot, check and then fry these sweet bananas dipped in batter, till golden brown.
Elements, feng shui, and the five basic elements theory, since ages followed by ancient people to heal the soul, when all the elements are healed you get a feeling of  freedom, peace, enlightenment,  along my spiritual journey going one by one, enjoying every bit of this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim,as I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals!
Wishing All my blog readers,  my art lovers, my art buyers, my art critics, my wonderful followers,  a Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New Year! Enjoy and Have a Great New Year 2015 Ahead!
Wishing you all the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, December 15, 2014

How to choose frames for paintings How framing of art can create shar energy Feng Shui mistakes in framing art

Frame for a painting is like a designer apparel dressing up your beautiful  body. When we buy paintings from a gallery or artist, usually they may or may not be framed. Every painting has its own identity and the frame either compliments it or contrasts the beauty of the artwork.
Things can go totally wrong or totally awesum by the correct choice of frame for your artwork.
It is here that the reliable framer and understanding one helps a lot. Usually the artist also may have clear ideas of which frame would go best with their art.
Go to any framer and we see loads of choices and of course in loads of budgets! Right from the humble wood colored acrylic (that falls cheaper) to the majestic teak wood  frames that last for a life time. Some simple mistakes in framing your art can create shar energy and spread negativity in your space.
You can apply feng shui and choose a metal frame for north and north west. A wooden frame activating the east and south east sector along with your feng shui  healing painting.
Wrong choices of frame can give so many absurd looks  to your art, read here-
1) Black and white art if chosen with a bold colored red or maroon frame will mar the total effects of elegance from your beautiful black and white art. Do not choose a mount of different color as off white mounts too will spoil the beauty of pure white in  painting. Sometimes purple goes, but try out keeping the artwork on side and see the appearance  first. Go with one color from the artwork.
2) Most important shar energy comes from pointed corners of frames. Touch the frames when ready before hanging , they must not hurt by touch.touch. Other wise every time some one passes or sits near they may get hurt or get a tear in clothes, which will not be such a good feeling with your art, and actually the frame is to be blamed!
3) Colorful art goes best with dark maroon, black and brown frames. Grey or light brown colored frames will not give body too your art,
4) Go bold with multi colored frames in acrylic,  and different colored mountings, it will give your art a modern look. But choose according to your personal instincts,  likes and preferences always.
5) Even if you have purchased a small sized costly painting, here you can add large sized mount and frame to increase the size of your artwork. Learn this visual  trick for buying costly art.
6) Go for modern contemporary frames, to go well with your modern decor. Now we see a lot of variations today, acrylic mounts, two three tier frames, paintings hanging on metal hooks that give the art a three dimensional look. it will really uplift the energy of your wall art!
Golden Home of Happiness Black Frame

Beautiful Healing of the Soul Reiki Painting 

7) Preferably for all frames choose glass protective covering for your precious artworks. This helps protect your paintings from environmental hazards. This way you protect textured and other type of paintings and also avoid getting scratched and hurt or others getting scratched.
8) Most important feng shui mistakes in hanging framed artwork, it is either hung too low or too high. Both cases produce shar energy. In some way or other your art will not give you the desired emotional feeling  if not properly hung at correct level. Too low you risk hitting or disturbing the framed painting with every one sitting under and too high there is risk of nobody giving a second look to your art!
All artworks and wall paintings feel great when put up following feng shui element principles and you too feel great! Specially with my Reiki and feng shui healing art I feel the proper feng shui placement is necessary to get the maximum results from your own healing art.
God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Some New Contemporary Modern Healing Paintings for your Modern Decor 7 Reasons Why Choose Modern Healing Art

Some New Contemporary Modern Healing Paintings for your Modern Decor, art that will not only alleviate your decor but also compliment it and add healing value to your space. Feng shui paintings and Reiki healing art are designed to fill the void, the lack, that is the reason for imbalances in life.
Some old and some new modern healing artworks, I have added to my Gallery profiles, Absolute ,, and my website.
Modern art is the need for new homes as the decor follows contemporary designs, zen style,  and many also opt for minimalist designs and cuts in contemporary decor for home or office. Visited the IAF, Indian Art Festival, Nehru Centre which was on November 28th 29th and 30th 2014.  Great show!
It is strange that people choose art according to decor and many artist get offended with this but actually if we follow the energy cycle, according to feng shui it is an important point that when you select art it has  to go along or contrast  with the decor.
Art is a new energy that you put up in your space and it thus heals / affects you,  whatever the image you have hung.
It is a good choice to buy wall art keeping in mind your home and office decor. Though interior designers are taking efforts to blend traditional with modern decor art must not clash with the energy of your decor , as it will feel out of place and thus affect the feng shui of your home or office.
Wrong type of paintings can adversely affect your space and energy-
1) They will be like a sore thumb against the modern  decor. Contemporary decor and furniture have focus on simplicity, straight lines and may not go very well with traditional Figurative and detailed artworks. I saw a great artist doing metal wire sculpture, great way to bring art into your modern home. Only the wires make beautiful customized  shapes and they are hung against the wall of your choice of color. Then there were artist who made collages, buttons art, bindi(forehead dot) art, absolute creativity!modern art. I usually never visit exhibitions, this was on special invite by an artist friend.
Happy Purification, modern symbolic abstract painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

2) They take away the focus from your home! yes this is what happens when an artwork is too large and detailed. Anyone who enters the space first looks at the art, so this may not always be a goods sign for the feng shui of your house and life. Overwhelming,  is what we term this type of art.
3) Feng shui colors, shapes and symbolism, if hung wrongly can adversely affect the energy of your space. Fame area when has images of water flowing will burn out the desire to work, may result in job instability, losses in finances and bad name , reputation however hard you work. Then also if there is large water images placed in health sector which actually benefits from element plants, the plants suck up water, thus again this will drain health energy, family relationships and also finances. I can go on and on about  feng shui!
4) Over the years we have been seeing the same landscapes, the same images in art, don't you think we all need a change! Opinions vary, no hard feelings for any genre of art or artists! Modern art has been made keeping in mind the trends, color styles, and themes going around the interior decoration for the year.
5) Modern art has the scope of bright colors and bold artworks. They blend well with your modern decor as well as dress up your wall beautifully. What more you can choose art that can compliment your decor or highlight it as you wish, and get a modern painting in the colors you love or go along with your contemporary decor.
6) Modern artworks if chosen in particular colors can make your space appear larger or smaller, yes this follows the color principles of warm colors come forward and cool colors go backwards.  So modern art can be used to judiciously increase feelings of space.
7) Modern contemporary art, the first impression among lay people is they are large canvasses with some lines, or maybe geometric shapes, or large canvasses filled with light colors! Find out about the artist, this will help, the color theory, the psychology of color and the famous artists , like Picasso and Rothko who did modern spiritual artworks and till date are loved and blend well with our modern decor. So choosing modern art from artists it helps to find  out more about the artist and thus understand their modern art.
Whatever you choose, buy happy art, bright colors, soothing colors, dark and dull paintings do not provide any energy to your walls and to your life, they just take up wall space!
To get your modern art feng shui analyzed and understand its energy symbolism,  Email me for For more services and customized Reiki healing artworks 
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All Paintings and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2000-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to display correctly the Yin Yang Symbol, Direction Understanding and Yin Yang Symbolism in Life

 Yin Yang symbol having universal appeal is one of the commonest seen and used symbols in every culture. Be it the East or the West all people are familiar with this symbol and its symbolic sanctity is also understood by all. There is a deep meaning in this unique symbol which is never mentioned any where and as my spiritual journey carries forward I have been using this yin yang symbol extensively in my healing and feng shui paintings.
Oil on Canvas Yin Yang by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The yin yang Tao symbol has been used to project harmony, a balance of positive and negative; white and black; dark and light; day and night; In fact 'chi' or the basic energy life force in feng shui is also having two constituents, that is heaven and earth. The two symbols unite to make a whole, which look like tad poles attached in opposite direction , together to make a complete whole. Usually the yin yang symbol is seen in black and white with two holes in each shape. The two holes represent that each is incomplete without the other. Basically it can also be said that the two are male and female , extrovert and introvert and there are many attributes in nature that, though being opposite,  are all in harmony.
Complete Happiness by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
wrong way to display

Yin Yang by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
right way to display
Opposite forces are required for balance and one cannot exist without the other. The black is yin or dark energy and the white, yang indicates light force. Two are merged in form of circle , where we see that the yin has a bit of yang and the yang has a bit of yin, indicating that both are merged together to form a complete whole. The dark part of yin always has to face downwards and the yin has to create a force that rises upwards. When this is in balance then we see peace, harmony, good health and an enriching environment that leads to a successful life.

Oil paintings are a easy way to balance your environment of any imbalances created by natural or man made reasons. In cases of imbalance such symbolic healing paintings help to enrich your environment and create positive chi in your home and office. This symbol is a very powerful symbol and when the intentions of the healer are put up the same art work acts as a feng shui cure and can heal.
The beautiful harmony symbol of Yin and Yang has been projected in art as with many colors, forms and images. Where we see a floral Yin Yang we see a geometric Yin Yang and also one in red, blue , orange or absolutely white.

Total Luck , Feng Shui Pot of Gold by Rizwana Mundewadi oil on paper
What many don't understand that the way it is displayed projects that type of energy in your environment. The black , often the Yin has to face down, as it projects energy down wards. White the positive energy Yang has to point upwards.
Then we see the full Tao symbol in white, it does not heal in any way except that may also create imbalance with only yang energy. As we know where there is Yang so also must be the Yin for happiness, health and prosperity.
Then there are two holes, which again are very important as it indicates that they merge, connect and flow into each other. This again indicates that they are in harmony.One has to inter connect with the other for perfect energy and harmony.
Too much Yin in environment drains energy and makes one lethargic and less motivated. Whereas too much Yang too will drain your energy as you will not be able to relax and thus maybe also become less productive as a result of over working. 
The beautiful symbol is a very good feng shui energy symbol to attract harmony in life and a great prosperity symbol.
Hope this helps. God Bless from Rizwana!
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Unique Tortoise Shaped Finger Ring

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Full Black and white Home décor Symbolism choosing Only Black and White artwork Tips and Feng Shui Best placement for Black White Art

Black and white decor, loved by many, and symbolizes peace, status and sends out vibes of positive energy. You see a lot of people love white and black, decor, as in walls and furniture as well as wall art.
First let us understand the energy of these two colors. Black and white decor concept has come from the Tao symbol Yin and Yang. The Tibetan symbol is always used to attract peace, harmony and luck. Yin the dark strong pulling down energy is the color black and the uplifting white that is Yang energy.
White is used in healing to drive out negative energy and represents a pure aura that is all colors in harmony become white. Thus white is actually all the colors of the spectrum in balance.
Black has a strong presence and appeal and many people opt for wall art in black and white as it brings out style and elegance in the space. People when they choose a black Mercedes car indicate style and status. The same works in home decor.
'Untitled' Crayons and Water Color by RizwanaA.Mundewadi
When you decide to opt for a two color theme in your home or office decor or wall art do consider the following points-
1) Its nice to be among two colored furniture for few months but over years it gives and energy of looking bland and this reflects in your personal as well as professional life.
2) Home and office  feng shui energy must be a balance between soothing and energy colors to attract good luck and harmony.
3) Black used too much in home decor sometimes seems over whelming and makes the person feel uncomfortable.
4) As an healing energy color black will drain your personal energy if you are surrounded by all black for too long, try it.
5) All white will become boring and also again tax on your personal chi. Individual exposed to strong white feels  strong energy and will not be able to rest, or be in a state of disillusionment if exposed for years.
6) Black and white Wall art on white walls looks great for few months but not more. As per energy rules for your personal an family health always add some color to your home decor.
7) Large pieces of black and white wall art if hung in the south can mar the whole feng shui fire energy affecting the energy to work and also the fame and recognition in your life. Black color represents feng shui wealth,  water element and if hung in south will dissolve and put off the desire to work.
No doubt black and white are two lovely yin yang colors that attract harmony and balance but try to have accessories, cushions, ,flower vases, sculptures or any other artifacts knick knacks in some other colors to balance the chi around and keep the energy attractive. Throw some orange, some vibrant red, some pinks and some metallic golds and silver, they go great with black and white decor. If you want it toned down go in for soft peach, beige, soothing yellow and earthy colors. Then the beautiful lilacs, and turquoise teal also go very well with black and  white decor.
Untitled lines, Water color paintings of year 2002

Untitled Water color in white room
Best feng shui placement for black and white wall art is north, north west, west directions. These areas are corresponding to the element water and the feng shui colors for the corresponding elements is white, black, metallic silver , dark blue, and any metallic color represents wealth, money.
I did look up Google and yes some people do opt for black decor, black walls and white and black wall art! One wall black, with black and white wall art sure will attract the right glances!the right ambience!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Healing Art as Partitions in Modern Large Spaces How to use Large Paintings as Partitions Dividing Rooms

Healing Art as Partitions in Modern  Large Spaces can work wonders to your space. With feng shui and Zen concept of living people are opting for more free space and some homes we see , modern ones, are doing away with the walls for living and dinging rooms.
Walls often act as barriers in home and life  and keeping large spaces and living with partition or large furniture is becoming a trend today.
In feng shui we say dining rooms reflect proportionately to the incoming wealth and if it is small, or people are not able to sit comfortably to eat, it will reflect in down fall in wealth and prosperity. Family members will feel stifled and their efforts will not give much financial returns.
 How to use Large Paintings as Partitions Dividing Rooms, modern homes with open spaces art, dividing rooms with large art is one beautiful way to incorporate designs as well as utility in your home.
What more it acts as a divider for privacy when required. Wooden partitions and folding partitions all are available in unique designs and sizes. Many sturdy wooden partitions also help to mount your LED Television as well as wall art. Then the trend also is in latest modern home decor furniture as walls are moving away and large sized wall units, really large in size are acting as walls. Except for the wash rooms, bath rooms and bedrooms you really can work this out and do away with many walls in your home. You will save a lot of space and also your home will look much larger.
Healing can be incorporated in many ways and it feels great to do away with walls, the individuals becomes much more open minded, creative juices flow, and also relationships are less stressful and more happy.
" Joy of Simplicity" by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Pink Heart of Love by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Wonderfully beautiful large wooden boards can be painted in healing colors and symbols to attract happiness wealth and prosperity and also do away with the physical barriers of the wall. not only will it look much contemporary but this unique home  decor will be a focal point in your home and be a superb topic for beginning conversations.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Are You Lucky Some Healing Explanations for Understanding Luck and How to get Lucky

Are You Lucky Some Healing Explanations for Understanding Luck and How to get Lucky, let us delve into the factors contributing to luck.
Energy is our source of existence and as the energy for sustenance lowers we fall sick and feel tired. We have lower energy levels and also affects our relationships and career. Ki energy is the power source of attracting energy from the universe. As  in Reiki healing the gruesome years of self emotional turmoil , having faced all setbacks we come to an awareness of the working of this universe, our karma. Some luck is attached with us which we cannot change that is our luck, got by birth, and the other earth luck is where there is a wide open opportunity to grow as much as you put effort. Many times sustained effort from our part and sincere effort still does not show us any results and as we feel our energy draining then comes an awareness of the higher force, the universe and how we fit into this plan. When the true self core is healed only then will it live happily and attract all the good things in life. 

No nobody just gets lucky but yes there are some factors that contribute to attract luck and wealth. I always mention that there is no replacement to hard sincere effort for everything else there is feng shui . Hard sincere effort brings your intentions to another very spiritual level where even the universe has to fulfill your wishes as you begin to attract all the good things in life. 
For simple understanding on luck,  explain and understand that we can divide approximately luck into three sections, 33% Heaven luck, 33% Earth luck and 33% Mankind luck that is your efforts. 
Healing involves clearing the blocks and hindrances coming from past action, past lives emotions and incidences that have unknowingly got carried away from some past life and got blocked here. 
We have the Reiki symbol Zonar that works with past live cells , which carry the trauma from previous lives. This powerful symbol helps to work through these issues and release them to heal karma.  Very helpful in cases of child abuse in this life or past this helps to dissolve the unpleasant memories. For cases like instability in job and behavior and frustration anger the person needs symbol for divine balance and connecting to the earth energy which will help them to be stable and make correct decisions with clarity.
Golden Wheel of Dharma Oil Acrylic Healing Painting on Oil Sketch paper by Rizwana

Pot of Love Healing Art by Rizwana A. small painting oil on oil sketch paper
Reiki helps heal past blocks, life issues thus unblocking energies that welcome prosperity, good luck and harmony. Just a few in healing energy symbols, then my most loved favourite, loveliest symbols are Cho Ku Rei, Power symbol,  and Se He Ki , awesum ones for healing all emotional and heart issues.( these you will see in my almost every healing painting)
Feng shui attracts good chi by unlocking energies of the space that is blocked due to proper placement. The important scientific explanation of feng shui is that humans have to live in harmony with elements, and when this happens there is peace and prosperity. understanding the constructive, productive cycle is very important to attract good chi. Sometimes simple changes bring about immense results in life if done correctly and on the right time.
Are You Lucky by Healing Artist Raz
It is not just placing some furniture pieces or some simple feng shui cures, but a whole combination of efforts that will attract good luck. Sincere effort being the most important one as unless there is intent and will there is no success, and if there is a intention to heal you will be guided by the universe for your betterment.
Mankind luck, your efforts. Sincerely trying out and making efforts to attract your goals can show miraculous results, and the best combination is when all these 3 aspects fall in harmony, that is what we call lucky!
Feng Shui Good Luck Pot by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
It is very important that each individual take responsibility of their life and healing. only then can you be lucky!
Here's wishing You
All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Love Reiki healing Symbolic Healing Art for Love Happiness and Romance Luck Feng Shui Bedroom paintings

Love Reiki healing Symbolic Healing Art for Love Happiness and Romance Luck.
Reiki energy a form of pure love from the universe is a way of connecting to our true core self. feng shui cures when used in proper directions can attract strong energy to invite marital luck in life. Then also those singles who are struggling with matrimony proposals and not finding the right mate can benefit immensely by feng shui simple cures and healing art.
How does this work for you? Symbols and feng shui healing cures along with sound therapy, attract a certain wavelength of energy that is missing in your body and chakras and you are not tuned to this thus bringing about a lack in your life.
Beautiful Love by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
However much you try the proposals do not complete and finalize. Check you bedroom areas and maybe in indirect form you are attracting singles energy by having a single bed, single side table and a single vase or single bird painting. in bedroom we always advice to have all things in pair, this gives the message to the universe that two people are staying in this space.
For the married ones it is love and understanding required to maintain a healthy happy marital relationship. Then feng shui and Reiki healing  also helps to avoid misunderstanding and another external entry into the couples life.
Symbols help us to be at peace and bring the body temperatures to a well adjusted level. Viewing symbols with positive intentions helps to attract the required energy into your life. This may work in many different ways, that which is best for you.
Love also is for self and acceptance that helps individuals tyo be at peace with themselves. Irritability, frustration anger are symptoms of people who have not accepted themselves and are not at peace with their soul. Reiki helps to connect to the universal love energy bringing about happiness and peace.
check out my latest painting in pair, "Romantic Expressions" Designer Hearts
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Selecting Birds Paintings and Feng Shui Office Feng Shui for Power and Success Healing Symbolic Bird Paintings

Bird paintings can immensely add feng shui energy to your office, business and life. Office and businesses run by strength of the owner or boss. Every successful deal is a result of passionately completing the work assignment with good quality and on time. All this comes down to one person the leader or the boss or the top managing executive. Birds are strong symbolism in feng shui and many times show miraculous results in helping a had sincere working professionals to places of success, wealth, fame  and prosperity.
"Exotic" Oil on Canvas by Rizwana

While bird paintings do have strong symbolism to attract heaven luck there are a certain type of bird images which we love and then also some which we have t totally avoid in displaying in our office or work spaces.
Avoid angry birds, vultures, flesh eating birds and though I have many friends , crows , it is also true that they feed on garbage and  are seen in dirty surroundings, so the crows also to be avoided.
Birds that bring prosperity are doves, white birds, pigeons, sparrows, and the best are cranes. The represent longevity and strength. And  cranes paintings are considered very good for office paintings. They attract success, long life, good business that flourishes over years and also bring in wealth and prosperity.
Majestic birds cranes represent prestige, power add success.
The directions of hanging are also very important as birds coming in the house or office and  never away from the space,as this represent opportunities and wealht going away from you.
All the Best from Rizwana!

The painting mentioned above "Exotic" large size canvas bird painting, abstract symbolic bird, is a beautiful symbolic  feng shui  painting with symbols to attract good health,wealth,  business luck, mentor luck. 
God Bless!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Spouse Fidelity Problems Display this Feng Shui Bird Paintings in your Relationship Sector Good Bedroom Paintings for Building love in long distance relationships.

Spouse, couples , who are always working for more hours of the day or have long distance relationships always fear fidelity issues. Maybe there sometimes comes up a third in between them who takes a prominent place in their lives. I do not mean only some third partner, it may also be a friend, sibling or parent who unknowingly interferes too much between the relationships of the couple, thus leading to many adjustment relationship issues coming up. 
Feng shui Bird paintings help to strengthen the bond between the couple and also attract pure love among them. Pair of birds in feng shui paintings are strong symbolism of love and happiness in the couple.
They represent stability in relationship and also more understanding and love among the couple. Geese are best symbols for love. You can also display pair of doves, sparrows, swans that are beautifully in dedicated love with each other. Displaying such paintings attracts a strong boding energy in your life that prevents outsiders from interfering in your love relationships and leads to happy successful married life.  Then this also brings my budgies, love birds, they are so engrossed in their own, they sure represent a true couple! Display love birds paintings in your bedroom to attract stability in married relationships, and love.
Designer Hearts Modern Contemporary bedroom painting size 12x12 Inches
Then also if you wish to attract the right spouse, or are in conversation with some proposal which you feel is best and want to tie the knot, go ahead and display feng shui  bird paintings to attract this beneficial energy in your life at the correct time.
Attract feng shui love energy in your life with these beautiful healing artworks, Check out modern bedroom healing paintings in Pink Love Waves  and Beautiful Love !
All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Modern Floral Abstracts for White Walls

Modern Floral Abstracts for White Walls, modern homes, zen environment and positive vibes coming form homes, we see a lot of people choosing to have white walls. The glossy pure white give a blank canvas to decorate and also your interior decorator will be most happy as they can use any type of combinations to decorate your house.
White walls need not be boring and even white has so many shades and hues. Art chosen for white walls can be bold colorful or in single or mono color scheme. Considering feng shui symbolism art can be used for healing benefits and to attract feng shui energy into your homes and office work spaces.
Pink Hibiscus Acrylic on Paper by Rizwana A

Contemporary Pots by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Check out my latest modern healing paintings.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paintings for Large Walls Modern Homes with White Walls Art Choosing tips Plain Colors Abstract Color Field Paintings for Contemporary Decor

Plain Colors Abstracts , actually Color Field Paintings are loved by many for Large Walls.  Modern Homes with White Walls need to choose the right type of Art, one that will add up to the level of the interior decor.
Modern homes with large walls have to choose large paintings and your interior decorator would never go against your will in choosing art for your walls. While some prefer colors some feel the elite and enlightened ones who choose white color for walls also love large abstracts in single or monochromatic colors. There are some who love colors and one large painting with abstract vibrant colors does wonders to your home decor and living room status.
Usually people who do not know about art will share that they love single or at most three colors in their art on walls.
Color field paintings , what are termed as plain colors over large expanses of canvas are actually spiritual abstracts done with utmost care and dedication. Color over large spaces makes a strong symbolic statement and is also charged with the energy that emits by viewing the color. As red is considered an energy color, orange is lively and blue is spiritually soothing, each color spread over large canvasses makes a style statement and brings a beautiful energy into your homes.
There are minimum lines, shapes or any other representative objects in the art and no wonder Rothko's abstracts people would stand for hours viewing , ending up crying!
There is also another aspect from the interior decorators point of view in choosing color field paintings. It is very important that art blends or goes along with the other elements of design in your home. Hence art is also chosen to blend with your decor and never over powering and drawing total focus on one aspect of design only.
While choosing art for your modern homes with large white walls the most tricky part is colors in art. Always choose art in the colors that you are comfortable in, as you will be close to this art for years and will be continuously exposed to viewing it day and night.
Remember turquoise is a quiet color, so if you are social this will make your living room energy quiet. If you want a peaceful relaxing environment at home large expanses of red will make you uncomfortable. So also black will draw strong attention and light shades will not do any thing much to the energy of your room.
Spiritual Elegance by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
You can choose art following feng shui principles and color therapy. Healing art can uplift energy in your home as well as add elegance to your home decor.
Chocolatey Healing Art Limited Collection

Develop Love and Compassion Reiki Healing art

Healing Flowers

Celadon Limited Collection

Understanding color symbolism helps a lot in choosing large color field paintings for modern homes. White walls are a boon to interior decorators and clientele as it is win win situation for everyone, the client, the interior decorator and the artists! just about any color goes well on white walls!
soothing, bold, vibrant, subtle, or multi colored!

All the Best from Rizwana!

Thank you for coming by razarts!
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Healing Art for Modern Small Room Homes Buying Tips Affordable Healing Art for Small Rooms

Art for Modern Small Room Homes Buying Tips Affordable Healing Art for Small Rooms
Modern homes though larger  in  total area have specifically designed area rooms for every detailed requirements. In today's modern homes with smaller sized rooms choosing art become son task as large sized paintings may not always go very well with your decor.
Then the over powering presence of one large artwork in a small room may over shadow your all unique decor elements added to your rooms.
For some small pieces click very well as they choose colorful artworks and add unique frames to them. With modern framing options small artworks are finding special places in modern decor with interior decorators as these are affordable and they also do not over shadow the elements of design by  interior decorators.
Modern Feng shui art for small size rooms

Colorful Purification 6x8 Inches acrylic on canvas board
Beautiful small Healing symbolic feng shui artworks can highlight small spaces with energy and color.
Corners and specific areas can be decorated with small artworks that will beautify your space.
Dining areas, study areas, gym areas, lounge, home theater entertainment areas, children s play areas and many more areas that may have smaller space allotted like your home office can be beautified with smaller pieces of affordable healing art.
All the Best from Rizwana!
The painting displayed here is "Colorful Purification"size 6x8 Inches very good feng shui painting for dining areas , children's room and home office. Reiki symbol for purification and protection and bringing in peace happiness and harmony .
"Abundance" is a powerful symbol to attract good luck. If you like any of my artworks please contact on
You can also connect with me on Face book, linked in and Twitter!

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Modern Moghul Paintings Miniatures and Style Symbolism Tiny Artworks in Detailing Where to Hang Moghul Era Paintings

Modern Moghul paintings emerged with the Moghul era where kings and emperors used to have specially painted miniature paintings depicting the royal life style and kingdom giving a modern twist to this style of painting. Most modern miniature artist paint according to inspirations from old texts , poetry, narrations and depicting  scenes, portraits, illustrations along with texts also . Usually stemming form the Persian culture there were also detailed artworks done on silks and cloth which had illustration, pictures, and  Arabic or Persian texts.
Moghul Era Paintings Portraits Modern Paintings Symbolism
Moghul paintings got a boost during the reigns of Akbar, Jehangir and Shah Jahan.
There is a lot of detailing in many artworks done by specialized artists who were very experienced in painting as  well as calligraphy.The art of miniature paintings still continues with artists making fine detailed artworks symbolizing royalty, stature and rich environment. 
There were a vast range of subjects / topics seen in Moghul era paintings portraits, local scenes, people, durbars,  hunting, wild life birds, ponds, dressing up of queens and so on. 
There was a lot of golden paint also used in artworks and illustrations to depict royalty and richness.
Many modern artists are continuing this traditions and special painting style and making modern miniature moghul era style artworks. 
If you love rich colors and illustrations and have such paintings they have a great feng shi energy as they already represent royalty.
The sizes of portrait does matter and large sized works are great to bring in loads of good luck and happiness. Miniature Paintings depicting birds, trees, flowers, happy couple, queens and kings are good for the south wall and south east sector of your home. Avoid Miniature paintings depicting war scenes and kings with swords and weapons like knifes , swords,cannons in battlefields. 
Colors used may be green, pink, red, purple golden, black and blue. 

Some simple Guidelines for buying or commissioning Miniature Paintings and best places for for display-
1) While you may love miniature and historical paintings it is better to select happy scenes and happy expressions in portraits and miniature paintings. 
2) Avoid war scenes, battle field scenes and argument representative scenes like durbar scenes represent some judgement being passed or some legal issues. 
3) Avoid lonely single characters like one single lady or lonely king in forest. 
4) Birds are great energy, like peacock, parrots especially parakeets are good as they represent intelligence. 
5) Portraits are the most loved by many, royal portraits are a favourite. 
Displaying miniature paintings with royal scenes , garden, birds can be displayed in south, south east, west and even water scenes can be hung in north for feng shui career benefits. Then miniature paintings or portraits of deceased family members, though precious to your heart must be avoided to hang in living room. 
Love scenes and miniature paintings of couples can be displayed in bedroom south west wall or behind the bed.
In case you have miniature paintings and like to understand the symbolism or need more information on understanding your art, please share on!
Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Garden Care Simplified: Wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower a...very spiritual experience shared by Suresh Misra reader of garden care simplified

Garden Care Simplified: Wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower a...: Brahma Kamal actually Blooming video, check out this wonderful video of Brahma Kamal spiritual flower blooming and withering in one night, the whole process actually of flower opening and closing off, God Bless! 
The process even when watched brings out goose bumps and my heart just skipped a few beats, check out the video shared by one of the loyal readers , Suresh Misra , of Garden Care Simplified.
For the Love of Brahma Kamal, oil painting on paper, year 2014 size 6.5x9.5 Inches

While I still continue to struggle with growing the Brahma Kamal spiritual plant and no chance of getting to make it bloom, no amount of fertilizerssinging, coaxing, conversing, crying and yelling seems to work, I really don'tknow whether I will be able to see any of the blooms!meanwhile enjoy my lovely painting made with passion and innocent longing love for the heavenly flower Brahma Kamal!
All the Best Suresh from Rizwana!
Thank you for this wonderful share! God Bless!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spiritual Elegance my painting selected in the Collection Inspired by Rothko by Saatchi Art

Spiritual Elegance by Rizwana Mundewadi

Thank you very much Saatchi Art for selecting my painting in this prestigious collection.
please like  my painting  ‘Spiritual Elegance’ on face book my Page Rizwana Mundewadi or and share my healing art, Thank you!
This is such a great honor, with immense happiness I am sharing that my beautiful large abstract spiritual work has been selected to be a part of this prestigious collection inspired by Rothko. Thank you everyone for viewing and sharing my art. 
All the Best , God Bless from Rizwana!
A similar large sized abstract spiritual art work , oil painting on oil sketch paper, Sophistication, year 2011
Sophistication by Rizwana Mundewadi

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