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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lessons and Tips for Artists - Journey of an Artist

Desires by Rizwana Mundewadi
This is one of my earlier paintings which still has the same charisma and power. Every artist goes through trials and this journey of every artist is about the same. The earlier struggles, the small victories of selling first artworks and finally recognition among the city, country and finally the world!
Whenever an artist begins the journey, it never is easy and even though the artist may be a qualified one having a degree in arts or an self taught one, they both face the same platform. With so much progress in other fields even art is not left behind and there are many opportunities for artists to display their works in public art galleries as well as many online internet art galleries.
The earlier works usually are very colourful and bright and later as the artist progresses in the journey colours give way to simpler and monochromatic colour schemes. That does not mean that only new artists use many colours. there are many established artists who love to put as much colour as possible on the canvas, well even I love to put and use lots of colours, there is never too much for me and I usually have to stop myself from the tendency to go hay wire with the colour schemes!~ The first lesson for any new artist is to control this urge and try to use colours according to their canvas title or theme. This habit goes long in helping an artist to get focused and create good artworks.
Secondly do not try to sell your artworks to friends and relatives, wait patiently and keep working towards your goal. Many times our close family and friends really do not appreciate our art and our precious paintings may end up in the attic!
Third and most important tip to new artists is to try to search for opportunities to display your art. Paintings may be few, artworks may not be so mature but try to come in front and face the crowd. This will give you confidence and exposure and also you will get valuable critical appraisal from general public about your paintings. This my artist friends is the most important for you to learn and progress in your career if selling artworks is also one of your aims in your artist career.
Fourth tip for new artist is to avoid copying any art. I do know that many new artists copy and study senior artists and then let their own styles develop. Well, I can never copy even my own paintings! leave aside others! work once made can never be repeated so I have all original artworks and this aspect though difficult in beginning will go a long way in flourishing your artists career.
Go with the flow and do not try to follow public demand. I have known many artists who become desperate to sell their artworks and hence mould themselves according to painting artworks by public demand. well this is your personal choice if you like to select this way but I feel public will keep changing opinions and your career will be no where if you follow the unstable market trends. I have stuck to my values and rules, my likes and ideas, I call myself the non-conformist soul wherein I do not try to paint beautiful paintings but those that come about to me as individual artworks and usually to be frank many times I begin with some colours but end up with some thing totally different!
Most important tip is to learn to stop painting on time, always take a critical look at your artworks and many times this problem arises with new artists as they do not know when to stop and this leads to many muddy artworks or wasted art resources.
Untitled by Rizwana Mundewadi
Finally whatever you paint, that is which ever painting style you follow, still life, landscape, nature drawing or designing do make an painting of self portrait of yourself to keep your place in the art world for time immemorial.

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