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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grazing Horses painting Symbolism and Feng Shui Analysis

Grazing horses artwork feng shui painting symbolism
Grazing horse or horses in groups eating grass is also one of the most loved horse painting as they are serene and peaceful horses with a lot of calm energy and they are usually seen with lowered heads and engrossed in their own activity, eating.
Horses are seen in any number from a single horse to two, three or many more and also we see a lot of different backgrounds in the landscape paintings  with grazing horses.
Never hang grazing horses paintings in south east that is your wealth area as they will symbolically gradually eat up your wealth. Again select the horse paintings with care as the colors may represent wealth or turn your wealth into ashes. Always take care to hang horse paintings with the horses facing inwards ,that is energy coming towards your home and never away from the house.
Another aspect coming up is also that the horses grazing in the painting are in a quiet serene mode and engrossed in their own activity representing aloofness and loneliness sometimes, bringing about an energy making the individual alone or left out from the family and friends. Usually such individuals tend to work alone and this may have two options, either the person succeeds by being focused in their work or they tend to not involve anyone which may sometimes lead to low profits and less business and wealth coming in due to lack of creative outputs from other sources.
The most important space that will affect your wealth and fame is when you display grazing horses lowered heads in south or south east. Both sectors are very important for fame as well as wealth coming in and as the horses grazing in the painting are symbolically eating up the energy from here , they tend to symbolically eat up your wealth as well as your reputation attracting low key name as well as less profits in work and business.
Usually if you are selecting horse paintings to attract energy, wealth and  good business wealth and prosperity try to select galloping horses painting that too with happy emotions, and if you love grazing animals horse paintings try to hang it on a wall where you require quiet soothing energy, like the north east where you meditate or sit to get a clear picture of your goals and life aims.
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Hope this helps, All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Latest Trends in Art for the New Generation and How Art is Making Way into their Homes Art for the Generation Next

Generation next has their new tastes and love for more bold, funky and also sometimes more outrageous choices in terms of art. Not only do we see a move from traditional artworks to a more vibrant colorful abstracts and symbolic works being chosen even bold themes are making way into the latest decor of contemporary homes.
Untitled/ Amplify Mental Energy 
Graphic designing has brought a new colorful choices in displaying artworks in homes with many people also opting for costly artwork prints that give out great ambiance to any space. Generation next are the ones less bothered about rigid discipline, less about daily rituals habits and more about freedom of choice.
They are also much focused unlike their counter parts and want to have everything right in the beginning of their life. Strong goal oriented young generation also opt for bolder and more style making statement artworks for their homes and offices.

Not only do we see a lot of geometric paintings but also more of unique colors and technique used in artworks that are attracting the generation next. Also another trend today with the gen next is the choice of larger homes and larger walls thus leading to choice of buying larger paintings. 
The trend today is also involving art in many forms and not keeping art restricted to just walls or paintings. 
We are seeing a lot of art in wall colors, art in furnishings and also art in modern contemporary furniture. Paintings which can be graphic designed or printed over a lot of unique different surfaces have brought art into many forms in the gen next homes.  So while we see models wearing art we are also seeing a lot of unique jewellery designed with art prints and images. 
Paintings are chosen as prints to make a unique style statement with tablet covers, laptop covers, special gifting cards with original painting prints , and also sarees and dress material with original art prints. 
Art not being confined to just framed paintings, we see Contemporary furniture designers and modern footwear designers to jewellery we are seeing a lot of art into our lives and sooner there will be an artful world which will spread happiness  and prosperity all the way!
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All the Best from Rizwana!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Never display empty nests paintings, cages paintings in bedroom or living room feng shui energy of empty nests paintings Tips to buy nesting bird paintings

Nesting Bird Paintings for Attracting Fertility baby Luck  are one of the feng shui cures recommend by many consultants to attract baby luck to the newly married couple trying to have a baby. When there are no physical or pathological problems with the couple feng shui paintings of nesting birds can help immensely in attracting baby luck. Bird nest paintings, can come in any form, some where in the huge landscape painting there is a dried nest , never display such paintings in your home. Let us analyse such symbols and their energy and selecting nesting birds paintings as feng shui cures.
Birds are lovely colorful and one of the feng shui cures to attract baby luck has been also jotted to display bird nesting paintings. This symbolizes new beginnings of two mates and starting to begin a family.
Birds together also symbolize happiness and harmony and also eggs indicate new baby luck for the couple.  Love to hear the chatter on the new born baby birds but after a few days they leave. The nests  are empty.
Dried nests symbolize empty homes and usually such feng shui energy is seen over a couple of months  when the family members one by one leave the space. Usually I prefer not to recommend nest paintings for feng shui cures in starting family as we all know birds have the habit of leaving the nests when the babies are done with. Humans on the other hand love to grow their families, and some even boast of large joint families with lots of kids and elders staying together. Then there are some birds who also migrate to other places so displaying such symbols is also not good as this affects stability of  your family.
Not a good symbol, empty nests also psychologically make one aloof and detached from family. May also lead to depression and loneliness.  Many people ask of what to do  with the  bird nests when they have left, it is ok to remove the birds nests as the birds never come back to the same home, and keeping these for many months attracts pests and insects. Just never break a birds nests or tamper with nesting birds, brings lots of ill luck to you and your karma.
Have also seen a lot of paintings with cages of birds, they may be empty, but remember they are cages. Artists represent their anguish in many ways but this energy need not transfer to your beautiful homes. You have the right to choose happiness over loneliness, joy over sadness, and family togetherness and stability over empty nests!
caged birds are very bad too display especially in bedrooms as the couple feel thwarted in the relationship. Each one feels tied down forcefully instead of with love in the relationship.  Even with all abundance and without any control the family  may feel always under scanner, thus leading to irritability and extreme stress.
The space where  you display bird nest paintings for baby luck is also very important. In case you hang these in north, it attracts new opportunities, in south the fire may destroy the babies( as fire uses wood and turns it into ashes), in east is a good space to hang nest or birds. The best place to hang nesting birds paintings to attract fertility and baby luck  would be where the feng shui child luck sector falls. Use west sector to attract child luck.
North Career Good Luck Painting

Pigeons feeding

My Heavenly Friend, latest bird painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
While buying such nesting birds paintings look for-
1) healthy pair of birds in the painting.
2) Complete nests and well balanced nests in the painting.
3) Bird Eggs as well as few new born birds in the bird painting, which is very important as many eggs may also not hatch, have a clear vision in your painting.
4) Use of expressions and joy with colors and symbolism can help attract beneficial energy.
5) see that there are no other birds in the painting near the nest or crows or eagles nearby in the artwork.
6) Prefer to have this feng shui fertility baby luck artwork on canvas with wrapped sides, as paper paintings are framed with mountings , thus stopping the energy in limited frame mouldings.
Hope this helps, and no,  I have not made birds nest paintings, meanwhile for some abstract, spiritual, cubism,  symbolic, and some fengshui fertility luck feng shui  paintings please visit my Gallery portfolio Absolute
All the Best from Rizwana!
Have a Great Day!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Which paintings to hang above bed in Bedroom Important Tips for Bedroom Paintings Never Hang These Painting in Bedroom

Bedroom a place where our body relaxes, refreshes and is ready for the next day re energized needs to have the décor with utmost care. One wrong move, object or artwork can spoil the serenity and space of your bedroom, which will affect your good nights sleep, and which in turn will affect  your life and health and thus in the long run your wealth.
Active Orange Healing Reiki Art for Happiness
Designer Hearts Feng shui for  Love and Happiness
Paintings are an important part of every décor and especially in bedrooms people select some paintings to be displayed in this special room to reflect their tastes and likes.  The best place we see paintings in bedrooms are just above the head rest, over the bed. A lot of people choose floral artworks, landscapes till lifes and so on. We also see a lot of contemporary abstract paintings today with splashes of vibrant colors in bedrooms. Every painting has its own energy and can affect your sleep thus.
Pink Hibiscus Acrylic Painting

Best paintings to hang in bedroom-
1) Floral art in soothing colors, go in for beautiful colorful flowers, they always refresh.
2) Abstracts that have soothing colors and have happy names. Saw an abstract painting titled ‘to be or not to be’ good for the title but the times you repeat the name for your guests  will affect your psyche negatively.
3) Still lifes are great way to welcome good luck in soothing forms. Pots always are good symbolism for any room and one can also use this energy in the bedroom.  Avoid colors black and dull broken chipped pots still life paintings, please, they represent broken relationships.
Never hang these paintings in bedroom-
1) Landscapes with sharp pointed mountains , strong stormy seas and clouds. Dull dried leaves, deserts, barren land,
2) Birds that eat humans, and vultures, etc.
3) Water scenes are a complete no no as in feng shui, never place water element in bedroom in any form.
4) figurative painting with three characters are also very harmful for the bedroom above the bed as they promote the energy to bring a third person  in the relationship. 
5) fish tanks, moving fishes or water and sea paintings adversely affect the relationship between the couple, in extreme cases also leading to separation or divorce.
 All the Best from Rizwana!

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