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Friday, March 30, 2012

Abstract Symbolic Paintings For Good Luck and Mentor Luck

Symbolic Healing painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
The symbol used is one of the eight auspicious symbols used in Tibetan Buddhism. The endless knot (palbheu)  is symbolic of good fortune of complimenting every aspect of life in harmony. The earth and the heaven all in harmony and well balanced.

Feng shui painting for good luck and prosperity

Chinese symbols have become a very important art of making healing symbols along with other symbols. As the Chinese text is very beautiful and each word is written in compact manner and also has so many symbolic meanings I love symbols.Each symbol is used to express many things with a single alphabet.
'Spread you wings' Symbolic abstract healing painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Reiki symbols and other symbols used in different religions and cultures also come up in my healing art but at present these are predominant as I am a Reiki master and for increasing power of any symbol I use this healing technique to make healing art.
Feng shui cure for prosperity luck

Feng shui cure for Mentor Luck
Symbolic abstract and feng shui paintings have become a very important part of my healing art. As I try to follow my guides and use symbols that come up when I paint I do not have the exact purpose when I begin the intentions are most important and then have to keep the mind empty and go with the flow.
Yes I have experienced it that when I plan a painting and think about the composition, colour theme and concepts all goes hay wire and the painting is a mess. I do not know whether this is okay for artists or we have to plan and make sketches and then paint on canvas. this is the only way I can paint, that is immediate and on the spur of the moment., I think thats what keeps my originality and my art unique.

Comb and Brush painting technique year 2002 till now

After the water colours and the crayons along with pencil sketches cam oil paints which are with me till now and will remain forever. I am born to paint and helping people heal through my art with simple understandable art.
New technique using comb effect and end tip of brush. yes brushes can be used in many other ways in painting and not just the hairy side. So fine art was made using this technique ,again did paintings with energy, passion and lots of love and satisfaction. I used to be so engrossed in my art that would forget the time, the hunger , the sleep as if some one was after me to just keep painting!

Scraping the Paint Technique

New painting technique

Lines Paintings by Rizwana
 More than 200 oil paintings done on oil sketch paper with this technique. Size 14x10 Inches. 10x65. inches and 13.5x9.5 Inches. right from the year 2000 till now my latest feng shui and reiki paintings also have some of this technique used for healing.
painting by healing artist Raz

New Technique for painting, Musical Lines Series year 2001 and 2002

 The year 2001 and 2002 was one that made me try and try out different techniques to use paint. It was not just about painting anyhow. I still do not understand why I did what I did. It was as if I had little time and I had to paint so much, and still it is the same, bombarded with so many ideas and struggling with painful hands to paint!resources are low and still have to paint.Would be good if now I sell some art.
Musical Lines Crayon on paper by Rizwana
 Musical lines happened in 2002 after the year 2001 of crayon scribbling, Studies using crayon were done using paper as base. Scribbling led to making lines with some direction and later on with meaning. now my liens have got meanings and they also have power in from of symbols.
Musical Lines Series in healing Art

Crayon and water Colour 2001
 Crayons landscapes and water color landscapes and after this I felt like trying the over lapping technique.
Serene Beach landscape -Crayon Painting by Rizwna

Purple Lotus in water color by rizwana

Crayon painting by Healing artist

Landscape in water color by rizwana

New Over Lapping technique crayon and water color painting
So first crayons were used and then later overlapped in black or dark colored water colour and viola! a glowing art was made. each painting shone in its own way, what was painted was not important but the appearance and look was great.
Identity series  in crayon and water colour
 search for identity was what came into my mind when I tried and did these artworks with great passion and happiness. each new painting was a discovery and gave me immense satisfaction and happiness, as if going one step ahead in my journey.
Search for identity series paintings on paper
The shapes began to appear after more than 100 studies and oval and triangle were seen search for identity goes on....but some parts have been solved of the missing puzzle of confusion.
The ego is very smart and dominating and the soul is very shy and loving, trying to come out of the shell from behind the ego the soul is now coming to the front and one day it will shine! leaving the ego behind, reiki happened , with the white universal light energy entering me my life has got its direction, the path is decided, only the understanding has come now , the journey goes on...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spiritual and Sacred Geometry Oil paintings by healing Artist

34x23 Inches oil painting on linen year 2003. This painting symbolizes symbioses, a well and harmonious merging of both the worlds. The spiritual and the earth energy all in harmony. The colour turquoise is a spiritual color and of course purple or lilac is a very soothing and relaxing one. The spiritual significance of this oil painting is that it can be hung on any wall of your home. Especially this painting can bring good spiritual energy to your living room by adding elegance and uplifting the whole environment with positiveness.  20,000 Rs.

Spiritual growth Painting on Linen by Rizwana

Big Abstract Sacred geometry painting
 My Octads that have been seen in few of my paintings in oil paints on canvas. The eight sided figure has great power and is sued to make balance and harmony in the extreme and very difficult cases of disharmony. This painting can balance the energies in any environment and as the symbols have been used to ultimate power they can heal any negativity in your environment and life.This symbolic sacred geometry painting is done in 2010 using oil paints on canvas and size- 45x35 Inches. 50,000 Indian rupees.
Sacred Geometry by Rizwana Mundewadi
 A symbolic abstract geometric painting done on oil sketch paper is also one of my favorites due to the brown colour of stability used. This painting is very good to hang in your living room or office especially in the center of your home, and will create healing energies for stability and growth. Year 2007, oil painting on oil sketch paper, size 20x18.5 Inches. 20,000 Indian rupees.
Spiritual painting
Oil painting on canvas, 'Body is the temple and soul is the sailor'  year 2003. Size 29x18 Inches. 20,000 Indian Rupees.

Energy Flow in Temple spiritual painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

 This painting done on canvas is a spiritual painting for healing. It indicated growth and the passing of white reiki energy, white light from the whole body and through all your chakras and enlightening and purifying each cell and each part. Oil painting done on linen year 2003 , size 33x23 Inches. 20,000 Rs.
Sacred Geometry Painting by healing Artist Rizwana
A geometric abstract painting, Possessions done on paper using oil paints. year 2003. 27x19 Inches Price 15,000 Rs.

Line Series -Water Colour Paintings Year 2002

Lines and more Lines! Pencil , water colours and oil paints, everywhere lines dominated all my artworks. A dot becomes a line and a line gets form of shape and the rest is what we know as art, a master piece.
The journey was going on and water colours were used for making this series, rather it happened in the year 2002. 
Loading the brush with one colour and then with another and then again with another and lines made their own path.The smooth, dancing brush strokes that took form in this beautiful series of lines was another 100 or more of studies in water colour.
Symbolic Painting in water Colour by healing Artist
All these works have been arranged in a folder and are going to be a very important part of my artist career.

All water colour paintings done on A4 size white paper, 8x10.5 Inches and available for Rs. 10,000 for the whole lot of 100 paintings. These artworks are serene and also pulsate with energy, especially the ones that have more colours in them. There are also quiet a few that have symbolic importance as the images have come up on their own with spiritual meanings.

Lines- Series in Water Colour Paintings by Rizwana Mundewadi

Lines - Series in Water Colour by Rizwana

Water Colour Painting -Lines

Strokes- Lines By Rizwana Mundewadi

Lines in Water Colour

Friday, March 23, 2012

Aum Series Paintings in water colour Year 2005

The sound of silence can be felt and heard. When we recognize sound as of water flowing, birds chirping and leaves rustling whenever we sit in quiet for mediation I have noticed that sound is every where. There is no such thing as silence. Sit quietly for some time daily to recognize the sound of silence. The inanimate things also make noise and sound of TV, your furniture and gas stove all can be heard when you sit for some time and pay attention. there are many sounds that can be heard and as you travel through the journey of silence you will understand that there is really no such thing as silence, except for a sound proof room , but even here you will be aware of your heart beats!
Swastik and Aum -water Colour painting sound of Aum is very important and is used in many healing therapies. Not only the symbol of aum but the vibrations created by the sound aum are very powerful and of symbolic importance. the sound of aum is a resonating one and can be used to improve mental and emotional health. Many healers advise chanting the aum mantra for well being and peace. During the learning of Reiki our teacher guided us to the chanting of this aum mantra with a technique to open up the crown chakra. This is very essential to open your soul, body and mind to the energy and light of the universe.
water Colour series 'Aum'
 Aum is a Sanskrit symbol used in Hinduism. Aum represents the Universe as a whole in a single form.
Symbolic Painting By healing Artist
 The father , mother that create, the U stands for evolution of an new life and soul, the M for absorbing all that is created. As a whole it is a complete symbol and a very powerful one. The sacred sound of the universe.
Healing Art by Healing Artist
 Aum is not only protects the aura but also chanting this purifies the soul and attracts peace and prosperity.
Aum Series in water Colour by Rizwana Mundewadi
 The chanting of this symbol opens up your crown or first chakra, a dark purple or white light enters the body and your soul and purifies them and also seals and protects your body as well as aura.
Aum Series paintings by Rizwana Mundewadi
 The breaking sound of emptiness or the first sound is that of aum and a spiritual healer has to clear off blocks of all chakra for becoming a good healer.
Aum series in water Colour
While using the symbol of aum and swastik in my paintings year 2005, I have studied the symbol deeply and tried to understand the meanings and implementations of this powerful symbol. many people use this symbol for protection and we see houses adorned with symbols of aum in metal , wood and man other materials. paintings on aum are also one of the most sought after in symbolic paintings , here in India.
The aum series of paintings are done in water colour on paper size 8x10.5 Inches using water colour in the year 2005. 16 paintings belong to this series of aum.
I have also used the symbol of Trishul in one painting but after that the journey of spiritual geometry began, the play of circle and the dance of triangle along with the stability of the square all came up in my later paintings done in oil paints.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Abstract Flowers and Vases Paintings in Water Colour Year 2002 and 2003

Studying different strokes and using water colors led to many floral paintings. the loading of brush and movement of the brush led to many discoveries in painting with water colours. I use less water when doing painting with water colours as the effect becomes too light and sometimes after drying the painting looks dull and flat.

Abstract floral painting by healing artist

Vase in water colour

Bright yellow flowers painting in water colour

Water colour floral painting

Abstract flowers in water colour

Abstract flowers in water colour

Basket of Flowers in water colour painting

Purple flowers painting in water colour

Flowers in water Colour

Abstract painting of vase and flowers

Water Colour painting of flower in vase

Vase and flowers painting by rizwana

Fluorescent Orange flowers in Vase - floral Painting.

Abstract flower in water Colour painting

Abstract Vase and Flowers, painting in water colour

Abstract flowers painting in water colour by rizwana

Captivating Chrysanthemums, painting in water colour on paper

Abstract landscape Painting by Rizwana, water colour on paper

Abstract Flower in water Colour by Healing artist

Spiritual Fruit Tree - painting in water Colour

Floral painting in water Colour

Pink Flowers of Love- painting in water Colour

Flowers  painting in water Colour

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