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Friday, September 2, 2011

Internet and Online Paintings

Since the era of the internet has arrived art is also not left behind. There are many art sites that display artworks online and even sell artworks. Let us explore the vast universe of the internet and art.
Many artists are now aware of the internet and are willing to display their works online. This has become very easy as the images in JPEG form are uploaded and the viewer gets to see the artworks without physically going to the art gallery or the art store. There are many well known art galleries that are now going online. The reason for this is they get global exposure. This is very essential for any market that they get a wide range of viewers and sellers. The internet is the easiest way to get global business and global exposure.
The buyer gets a wide variety of paintings to choose from and since they are already sorted out according to the theme and price range it becomes very easy to select an artwork according to our budget.
The only consideration coming up here is the transport and shipping cost required to send the home delivery to the customer. Sometimes the art galleries also add commissions for maintaining their websites. To avoid this many artists have their own websites and once the public gets to know these sites the sales of paintings becomes very easy. Each artist have their own clientele that like their works and style of paintings and the internet helps them to be updated with the latest works of that artist.

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