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Friday, September 2, 2011

Packaging of Oil Paintings for Online Selling

The most important aspect to be considered by both the buyer and the seller is about how to pack the painting for transport and send it in good condition to the buyer. Though many of us are aware that different types of packaging systems are available only those with water proof and hard packing will do for paintings.
The artist many times is not aware of all these methods and is at a tight spot to send paintings by air or ship. There are various techniques in which a painting can be wrapped and delivered to the buyer in safe conditions. Many courier and postal agencies have specialized paper packages for this purpose. These packets are water proof and also cannot be torn with handling. For paper works and art pieces such packets are very good and they also take less space as they look similar to a letter or any other postal package.
For canvas paintings special care has to be taken for transport. Even more so for works of collages and mixed media as they can get damaged by rough handling. Bubble wrap are available which is the most safe and reliable packing system as they absorb the shock and abuse during transport of the paintings.
Canvas cardboard rolls also are very easy and reliable sources for packing art works. It is advisable to roll the canvas from the opposite side to avoid crack in paints. Covering this with paper, tissue or oil sketch paper will give it extra protection. Then they can be put in the roll which is later packed with another plastic and water proof packing.
Artists and Art Dealers have to take utmost care during the transport of paintings since the buyer agrees to buy certain works because of its appearance and it would not be in good reputation for any artist to send a painting which on receiving the buyer is dissatisfied. This will create a negative impression both for the artist  as well as the art dealer.

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